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July 19, 2013

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ICE CREAM INFO by Kathy Wolfe

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! Since July is National Ice Cream Month, it’s a good time for Tidbits to bring you the “scoop” about this confection and those who peddle it. • We’ve been celebrating National Ice Cream Month since 1984, when President Ronald Reagan proclaimed it as such in Senate Joint Resolution 298, calling upon “the people of the United States to observe these events with appropriate ceremonies and activities.” Reagan’s basis for the proclamation was that “ice cream is a nutritious and wholesome food, enjoyed by over 90% of the people,” and is “the perfect dessert and snack food.”

• It’s estimated that 98% of American households buy ice cream, over 1.5 billion gallons a year, totaling upwards of $10 billion. About 9% of all the milk produced by dairy farmers in the U.S. goes to the making of ice cream.

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• The origins of ice cream appear to date back to the second century B.C. Alexander the Great is documented as a being a fan of snow and ice flavored with honey and nectar. Emperor Nero Claudius Caesar dispatched runners into the mountains to obtain snow to be infused with fruits and juices. turn the page for more!

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Tidbits Of Tri Cities

Page 2 Across 1 Composes, as a telegram 8 Render harmless, in a way 14 Warranty contract fig. 15 Hold ‘em challenge 16 Sniveled, “But I don’t wanna!” 18 Flagrant felonies 19 Moxie 20 Puffin kin 21 Damon and others 22 Like runts 23 River in a 1957 film title 24 What much may follow 25 Indigo Girls song, e.g. 26 Fetches flies 27 Common starting word 28 Male mallards 29 Treated like royalty 33 Symbolic trees of Lebanon 34 Days in Durango 35 Loosely arrange 36 Like a souffle 37 Scrapple meat 41 Prefix with byte 42 Pantry lineup 43 Broadcast network 44 Like the Opry? 45 Brand of syrup 46 Beatles nonsense syllables 47 Take care of every last

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Down 1 Azadi Tower city 2 Barry Manilow’s longtime label 3 Some Cote-d’Or reds 4 Composer Saint-__ 5 Auto industry pioneer 6 __-ball pens 7 Flooring joint 8 Unsportsmanlike 9 Piccadilly Circus statue 10 Critter to 8-Across, perhaps 11 Stare at the ceiling, maybe 12 Eased 13 Sloppy greeting from a puppy 14 Guru 17 Give up the ball 22 Tawny predator 23 Kublai __ 25 A&W competitor 26 Hindu titles 27 __ mortals

29 TV roving reporter’s opening 30 Words of reluctance 31 County with grapes on its seal 32 Finds cool, man 33 Storage for jewel cases 36 British peer 37 Offer to a bunch of hitchhikers 38 Valencia, for one

For Advertising Call (604) 638-7399 39 Not as well-done 40 __ Kringle 42 Makes fun of 43 Picks the locks for, perhaps 45 “__ Fu Panda”: 2008 animated film 46 Greek high point 48 It was Genentech’s stock ticker symbol, aptly 49 20-volume ref.

• Ice cream’s first official mention in North America was in a letter from a guest of the governor of Maryland. The New York Gazette featured a confectioner’s advertisement for ice cream in 1777 informing readers that the treat was available “almost every day.” President George Washington was a great lover of ice cream, with records indicating that the chief executive spent $200 on ice cream during the summer of 1790. His personal effects at the time of his death included two pewter ice cream pots. James Madison was another president who was fond of the treat, having it served at his Inaugural Ball in 1813. • America’s first patent for an ice cream cone was issued in 1903 to Italo Marchiony, an Italian immigrant who invented his cone in New York City. The following year the St. Louis World’s Fair featured a vendor selling crisp waffle pastries, who just happened to have his booth next to an ice cream merchant. When the ice cream booth ran out of dishes, the pasty vendor stepped in, rolling his waffles into cone shapes. The rest, as they say, is history. Today’s machines are capable of producing about 150,000 cones every day. • There are a lot of items that are called ice cream, so what’s the difference? Under federal law, ice cream must contain at least 10% milkfat and weigh a minimum of 4.5 lbs. per gallon. “French” ice cream contains that 10% as well as at least 1.4% egg yolk solids.

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ICE CREAM INFO (continued): • In the 13th century when explorer Marco Polo returned to his native Italy from his travels in the Far East, he brought home a recipe very similar to our sherbet of today. “Cream Ice” was on the table of England’s King Charles I during the early 1600s. A Parisian café first offered ice cream to the public around 1600.

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Canadian Tid-bits ▶ Edouard Beaupre was born in Willow Bunch, Saskatchewan in 1881. By the age of 20, he stood over 8 ft tall and weighed about 400 lbs. He toured with Barnum & Bailey where his act included lifting horses. When he died of tuberculosis at age 23, he was 8 foot 3 inches tall and still growing. ▶ Canada is home to about 55,000 different species of insects. ▶ Neil ‘Piffles’ Taylor lost an eye during World War I but that didn’t keep him from playing for the Roughriders when he returned. He got a glass eye. Legend has it that during one particularly hard play, his eye popped out. The game was halted while members of both teams searched for the glass eye. Taylor Field in Regina is named after him.

Wilbur & Sebastian’s Smokehouse & Bistro


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▶ Toronto’s Rogers Centre (formerly known as the SkyDome) is home to the largest Sony big screen in the world, measuring 10 m x 33.6 m (33 ft x 111 ft). ▶ Canada’s largest national park is Wood Buffalo National Park at 44,807 square kilometers, which makes it the largest national park in North America and the second largest park in the world. (Only Northeast Greenland National Park in Greenland is bigger.) It was formed in 1922 to protect the last of Canada’s bison, and about 5,000 live there now. ▶ Nahanni National Park in the Northwest Territories is so secluded that it receives fewer than a thousand visitors annually.

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Tidbits Of Tri Cities

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Lazur Decor

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Home Bits Gardens love mushroom compost What helps your lawn, shrubs, garden and trees, offers environmentally friendly ways to recycle, and comes from the nearest mushroom farm? Mushroom Compost. (NC)—Every home owner strives to have the greenest lawn, with the brightest flowers and liveliest trees, while still being good to the environment. Mushroom compost offers a safe and natural way to supply a lawn and garden with the nutrients it needs. What is mushroom compost? Mushroom compost is derived from 100% organic materials such as straw, peat moss, horse manure, corn cobs, soybean meal and gypsum. Once pasteurized this material becomes a substrate on which mushrooms will be grown. Because the growing needs of mushrooms and green plants is very different, very little of the composts nutrients are used during the mushroom growing process. After the mushrooms are harvested the farmer is left with a nutrient filled compost that is an ideal soil conditioner for outdoor gardening. How does mushroom compost help the environment? - Using mushroom compost in the garden helps to recycle a product which would otherwise be disposed of as waste. As the compost itself is recycled byproducts from other industries, when mushroom compost is used on a garden double the recycling is taking place. - Mushroom compost stores up to 70 percent of its own weight in water. This uses less water in dry spring or summer months when a water ban might take place. How to use mushroom compost? Mushroom compost can be used as a mulch, soil conditioner, and potting mix additive. It is great for flowering gardens, trees and shrubs, vegetable and herb gardens, and established lawns. For more information visit

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Contemporary, slow-cooked food using local ingredients 203-2020 Oxford Connector, Port Coquitlam, BC 604-554-0139 Check out our menu online:

ICE CREAM INFO (continued): • The world’s first Dairy Queen opened in Joliet, Illinois in 1940, and within 15 years there were 2,600 locations. Estevan, Saskatchewan became home to the first Canadian store in 1953. Canada is also the site of the world’s business Dairy Queen, in Moncton, New Brunswick. Dairy Queen’s success is the result of developing the first formula for soft-serve ice cream, accomplished by John Fremont McCullough in 1938. • Friends since junior high school on Long Island, Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield have an enduring friendship. It was Jerry’s ambition to enter med school, but he couldn’t seem to get accepted into any. Ben was admitted to several colleges, but dropped out of all of them. The pair plunked down $5 to purchase a correspondence course on ice cream making from Penn State University. Between the two of them, they had $8,000 in savings, and with the addition of a $4,000 bank loan, they set out on a new business venture. They leased a vacant gas station in Burlington, Vermont, and opened their ice cream parlor in 1978. An old spool and bobbin mill was their next location, where they first began packing their ice cream in pints. Franchises began in 1981, and can now be found in 26 countries around the world. They achieved recognition in 1983 when Ben and Jerry’s ice cream was used to put together the world’s largest ice cream sundae, one weighing 27,102 lbs. (12,293 kg). • The first Coldstone Creamery opened its doors in 1988 in Tempe, Arizona. Just fifteen years later, the company marked the opening of its 500th store, and four years later there were more than 2,700 locations worldwide. They now operate in 20 countries, including Egypt, Brazil, Dubai, and Cyprus. In Japan, it’s ranked as the #1 place to work. • Reuben Mattus was a Polish-born New York businessman who created the Haagen Dazs


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COQUITLAM DENTURE CLINIC #3- 1471 Prairie Ave, Port Coquitlam

CHILDREN AND BACK PAIN “Is it normal for a four year old to have back pain?” the young father asked on a recent visit to our office. “No”, I replied. “If a child or anyone else has pain, it is a signal from their nervous system that something is wrong, and needs to be checked. Subluxations are present long before we feel them.” The subluxations that lead to loss of health occur long before the symptoms manifest. That is why wellness Chiropractic care for children is so important! More and more parents are seeking help from us for their children’s wellness than ever before. Frustrated with antibiotics and tubes for ear infections, Ritalin for ADHD, and Tylenol for fever (which is known to cause liver dysfunction), parents today want their children to enjoy childhood as healthfully as possible. Unfortunately, not everyone is aware of the role Chiropractic plays in children’s wellness. The question we all need to ask is “Am I doing everything I possibly can to ensure my children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews reach their innate potential?” When the brain’s messages cannot reach the tissue cells at 100%, we cannot reach our potential. THAT IS WHY SUBLUXATIONS ARE SO DAMAGING! Seventy trillion nerve fibres leave your brain and pass through your neck on the way to serve your body. A great percentage of the nerves in your neck also control your emotions, how you hear, concentrate, how you manage stress within your mind/body, and a million other functions that are below your level of awareness. A Chiropractic adjustment relieves pressure from the nervous system, and this is why people who are under regular Chiropractic care have experienced changes in mood, hearing, sense of wellbeing, balance, blood pressure and other things seemingly unrelated to the function of the back. People ask, “Well, how does a child get subluxated in the first place?” The day we are born can be one of the most traumatic days of our lives. Research from the Harvard Medical School found that 82% of all children have spinal trauma from the birth process. Events such as falling out of the crib, highchair or bed, or down stairs are known to cause nerve interference. Children learning to walk fall between 50 to 60 times a day which will create subluxations. Later as a child grows and encounters long periods of sitting in school, heavy backpacks, and sporting events, the opportunity of injuring the spine and delicate nerves increases. Thomas Edison said: “THE DOCTOR OF THE FUTURE WILL GIVE NO MEDICINE, BUT WILL INTEREST HIS PATIENTS IN THE CARE OF THE HUMAN FRAME, IN DIET AND IN THE CAUSE AND PREVENTION OF DISEASE.”

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Lifestyle Bits

Weight Management- not a new topic for our generation Have you ever been asked to watch your diet or control your body weight by health professionals? You are not alone! Metabolic diseases caused by being over-weight are on the rise, as our generation continues to feed on processed foods that are marketed for its taste and convenience rather than health factor. There are numerous ways to maintain a healthy weight, but remember to try and avoid short term diet plans. Short term diet plans tend to lead to short term results. Reasons why we don’t succeed in controlling our body weight: • We are influenced by advertisements and impulsively go out to buy certain trendy “diet foods”. • Most weight-loss products follow one of the four main ideas; food suppression, laxative, improvement of metabolic functions and increased fiber diets. All of those usually provide short term results but the return of the lost weight is almost guaranteed in those cases. • Our goals are unreasonable, and we usually want to achieve our desired weight in an unreasonable period of time. • Sudden changes in our diets can cause our bodies to stress and eventually result in long term weight gain instead. • Dieting can be a lonely process, especially for socially active adults. Workable Lifestyle Suggestions • Be reasonable and remember that for any weight management plan to work you have to be dedicated and start slowly, the targets will not be achieved overnight. • Losing one pound per week is very achievable, so try to plan out the next 6 months with that number in mind. • Advertised diets that seem too good to be true usually are, try to come up with your own plan that works with your own body. • Instead of lunch or dinner plans, try to plan other non-eating activities with friends. • Safe short term plans such as fruits or vegetable detox programs should be considered first if you really need to shed a few pounds in a short period of time. • A medium term program should be focused on improving and regulating your body’s ability to metabolize sugars. So eat meals at regular intervals during the day. • Be prepared for lifestyle changes, be aware of meal sizes and meal selections and also try to implement a steady exercise program.

Whole Food Supplements, Natural Skin Care!


253 Newport Drive, Port Moody (in Newport Village)

Tidbits Of Tri Cities

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luCaS oil Canadian national opEn FEaturing ovEr 32 nitro and alCohol Funny CarS Friday July 19 Saturday July 20 Sunday July 21 Entry $15

Time Trials 9am Elimanations Nitro Qualifying 6 & 8pm 12pm Nitro F/C BB/FC RMFC

Entry $25 Children 12 & under


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w w or war

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w w

Mission Raceway Park Drag Racing Schedule

JULY • 20/21 Sat/Sun LUCAS OIL NHRA CANADIAN NATIONAL OPEN along with Heritage Series Nostalgia Fuel Funny Cars, BB/F/C, Rocky Mnt. F/C Assoc., All NHRA Class Cars, CPSA, B-1 NHRA Summit ET Racing Series, Jr’s, & on Saturday only RAD Eliminator Series & Super Comp Association. • 22 Mon Rain date for National Open

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Auto Bits Stop wildlife collisions in their tracks

• Print Media • • Interior & Exterior Signage • • Fleet Grafixs • • Banners • • Tradeshow Signage • • Graphic Design •

B:604-463-8503 C: 604-729-9560

(NC)—From St. John’s to Victoria, Canada is certainly known for its unique and picturesque landscapes. We are one of a handful of countries where people and wild animals live side by side, usually quite peacefully. However, when those people are behind the wheel of a car, that relationship gets a bit trickier. Wildlife collisions are a real worry for Canadian drivers, particularly between April and June, when they are most frequent. The most costly result of these collisions is injury or even death of both the wildlife and the driver. They’re more common than you’d think – a report from Transport Canada found that between four to eight large animal vehicle collisions take place every hour in Canada. “Most people, especially those in regions with a mix of urban and rural areas, need to be more aware of animal collisions,” says insurance and claims expert Mauro Convertini from Aviva Canada. “It’s important that drivers know the risks and act responsibly behind the wheel to try to prevent these accidents.” Convertini offers these tips to reduce your chances of being involved in a wildlife collision:

Complete Automotive Repair Shop Over 40 years, same location 85 Moray street, Port Moody

• Read the signs and watch the road: Those yellow signs with the prancing deer are erected to warn drivers to slow down and be more aware, especially at night.



Open Mon.-Fri. 9:00-5:30 (Sat.- 9:00-4:00)


Oil Change with all Major Repair Jobs until the end of July 2013 Extra Charges Apply For Synthetic Oil and Cartridge Filter

Certified Technicians & Provincial/Safety Inspections Available


#101-1772 Broadway Street, Port Coquitlam

Audio/video installation and tuning Custom fabrication OEM systems integration Custom security solutions

• Stay in control: Never swerve abruptly – hitting a tree or moving into oncoming traffic can result in significantly more harm than hitting the animal. Brake firmly if an animal is standing on, or crossing, the road.

604 461 7856

visit our website for online quote:

• React: If you can’t avoid striking the large animal, be ready to duck inside your car. Big animals – well in access of 100 kilos-can come through your windshield and cause severe injuries. More information is available from your insurance broker or online at

Everything we do is sound.

(604) 961-8626 #3-910 Tupper Avenue, Coquitlam

4381 Dawson St, Burnaby (604) 676 8100

Tidbits Of Tri Cities

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Rigby is a calm, gentle, and affectionate boy. Black cats, especially medium or long-haired ones, have a harder time finding homes than other colours of cats. Unfortunately for Rigby, the poor fellow also has FIV, making him MUCH more difficult to find a home for. If Rigby understands this, he sure takes it in stride - he`s an easy-going, mellow, friendly cat. He’s not buddies with any of the other cats in his pen but he also does not pick on the others. He likes to keep to himself and enjoys human company a lot. If you have other cats with FIV, Rigby will most likely fit in just fine with them. If you don`t have any other cats, perhaps he will be the special one who captures your heart. Please come and visit him - and if you`re interested in taking him home, please ask us about taking him as `permanent foster`. As a permanent foster he would have all his vet bills covered by Katie’s Place. Rigby has tested positive for FIV so he MUST be an indoor-only kitty who only enjoys the companionship of other FIV cats. FIV is not transmissible to people or dogs - only to other cats. What Stumpy lacks in size, he certainly makes up for in character! His croaky meow and yellow eyes will definitely grab your attention. This little guy spent years living alone on the streets of the BC Interior, with no one to love him or look out for him – it’s hard to imagine how

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from he survived through those cold winters. We also suspect that he encountered some people who weren’t very nice to stray kitties. It’s not surprising that he was very afraid when he first came to us and growled when anyone came too close. It didn’t take long though for Stumpy to realize he was in a safe place and that the patient volunteers just wanted to love him. We quickly earned his trust and once Stumpy discovered how nice it felt to be petted, he couldn’t hold his emotions back and wanted attention and love all the time. He is now so eager to receive affection he is the first one to perk up when someone walks in the room and he is so happy to have a lap to sit on. He has come a long way in a very short time. Stumpy likes to play, is a wonderful boy, very affectionate, funny and quirky. Sometimes his manners can be a bit rough around the edges when it comes to interacting with the other cats, but he is trying very hard to please and fit in. If you give Stumpy a chance you will be rewarded with undying love and appreciation. Like Rigby, Stumpy came to Katie’s Place because he tested positive for FIV and can be adopted as a permanent foster.


“TRANCE”: Going in a much different direction from his Oscarwinning “Slumdog Millionaire,” director Danny Boyle weaves an intriguing tale with multiple mysteries. James McAvoy plays an auctioneer who conspires with a criminal (Vincent Cassel) to steal a highly valuable painting ... but an attempted betrayal sparks the crook to a violent act that erases the auctioneer’s memory, including the painting’s location. A hypnotherapist (Rosario Dawson) is then brought in. Screenwriter John Hodge also worked with Boyle on “Trainspotting” and “Shallow Grave.” DVD extras: theatrical trailer; four “making-of ” documentaries. ***

“GINGER & ROSA”: Writer-director Sally Potter (“Orlando”) earned good notices for her drama about two young friends whose lives are sent in different directions by events, both global and personal, in the early 1960s. Ginger (Elle Fanning) fears the world impact of the Cuban missile crisis, while Rosa (Alice Englert) has more immediate concerns, largely brought on by Ginger’s father (Alessandro Nivola). Annette Bening, Oliver Platt, Timothy Spall and Christina Hendricks (“Mad Men”) also are in the strong cast. *** “VEHICLE 19”: After his success with the “Fast and the Furious” franchise, Paul Walker is sure to get the green light on any project that puts him near or in a car. So it is with this Johannesburg-set action tale, casting him as a newly paroled man who finds his way back into trouble fast ... unwittingly, thanks to his rental car. It happens to be carrying a hidden passenger, a woman (Naima McLean) who’s intent on exposing local police corruption. The crooked cops don’t want that, so the chase is on. ** “WELCOME TO THE PUNCH”: A modern “Les Miserables” in certain ways, this British melodrama forces an ex-criminal (Mark Strong) back into the sights of a crime buster (James McAvoy) who long has been on his trail. The former crook wants to aid his son, also caught up in illegal doings, but soon finds he and his pursuer may have to work together to expose and vanquish a lethal conspiracy. Andrea Riseborough (“Oblivion”) also appears. *** “HOUSE PARTY: TONIGHT’S THE NIGHT”: The spirited series of comedies gets a direct-to-video fifth installment, with Tequan Richmond (“Everybody Hates Chris”) as a new high-school graduate who wants to take care of some unfinished business before moving onto college. Part of that involves a young woman (Tristin Mays) he’s adored for years, so he and his best pal (Zac Goodspeed) stage - you guessed it! - a house party to tie up those loose ends. Of special interest to fans of the franchise, the original movie’s Kid ‘N Play (aka Christopher Reed and Christopher Martin) turn up again here. DVD extras: “making-of ” documentary; deleted scenes. ** “LOVE AND HONOR”: Liam Hemsworth (“The Hunger Games”), also known as Miley Cyrus’ significant other, is featured in this fact-inspired drama as the pal of a Vietnam War-era soldier (Austin Stowell) with a very emotional reason for going AWOL and returning home. His girlfriend (Aimee Teegarden) has decided to end their relationship, and as he sets out to regain her love, both he and his buddy get some big surprises. Teresa Palmer (“Warm Bodies”) and Chris Lowell also star. **

Pet Bits

Q: Our dog, Molson, likes beer, especially the foam. I don’t see a thing wrong with that. He’ll sit in my lap and share a cold one. My wife thinks I’m sick. What do you think? A: As a guy, I’m in your camp. We share beers with our best buddies, at least according to TV beer commercials. Keep in mind, though, that two or three slurps is enough for most dogs, even less for a small dog. Not that you’re encouraging canine alcoholism, but truly a weekly tasting, or a couple of samples a month, is plenty. Better yet, check this out: Chicago veterinarian Dr. Sheldon Rubin told me about the Branding Villa Pub in the U.K. serving “Fido-friendly beer,” a non-alcoholic beverage made of malt, hops and meat extract. Yum. There’s also Bowser Beer, a non-alcoholic drink (chicken or beef ) with malt barley and “glucosamine for joint health.” Dogs can drink from the bottle, but many prefer it poured over their nightly meal. You can even put custom labels on the bottles with your dog’s picture (

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ARIES (March 21-April 19): Happiness is a warm puppy. Like that cute pup, your exuberance can get you into trouble once in awhile. In the week ahead, remember to be extra considerate of others. Endear yourself; lick a few faces. TAURUS (April 20-May 20): Learn to listen. Opportunity could knock on your door very gently and unless you are listening, you might miss it. This week you can make headway in achieving your dreams if you pay close attention., GEMINI (May 21-June 20): Jeepers, creepers, someone wants to know where you got those peepers. You may receive extra attention from admirers in the week ahead. It could be due to beneficial Venus and Jupiter in your sign. CANCER (June 21-July 22): Sensitive Cancers always look forward to the new moon. This week, you can look forward to a new moon in your sign - which gives you a chance to re-set your intentions and follow new visions. LEO (July 23-Aug. 22): Wisdom gives you a wink. In the first half of week ahead, it is best to remain open to receiving guidance and advice from others. In tense situations, your generous and forgiving attitude puts others at ease. VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22): Multitasking makes you merry. According to Horace Walpole, “The whole secret of life is to be interested in one thing profoundly and in a thousand things well.” This week you can enjoy that secret. LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 22): To err is human, to forgive divine. In the coming week, there could be collisions and cross currents that set tempers on edge. You are capable of displaying a kindhearted attitude of “forgive and forget.” SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 21): Play nice, children. This week, rivalries could be pushed into the spotlight. Your foresight and fairness will protect you from getting caught up in a campaign to choose sides. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21): Sincerity smoothes out the rough spots. A genuine belief in the goodness of your fellow humans will serve to compel others to treat you fairly. No one is willing to disappoint you in the week to come. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19): There is no clear winner in an argument. In the week ahead, even if you win a debate, you could lose ground by participating in a polarizing situation. Concentrate on maintaining harmony. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18): That “do unto others” catchphrase always works in a crisis. During the first half of the upcoming week, you will find others who will support your aims and who can offer sound and timely advice. PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20): Dream about tomorrow, but live for today. You have the stars in your corner this week whenever you try to give substance to thoughts. Grab ideas out of thin air; make something concrete from them.



ICE CREAM INFO (continued): ice cream formula in 1959. He devised the Danish-sounding name of the product at his kitchen table, reciting nonsensical words aloud until he found a unique and original name he liked. He wanted it to sound Danish as a tribute to Denmark’s admirable treatment of Jews during World War II. • Brothers-in-law Burt Baskin and Irv Robbins each owned ice cream parlors in Glendale, California, and following their service in World War II, made the decision to merge their two businesses. Baskin and Robbins was born in 1945 and has grown to more than 6,700 locations around the world. It was their idea that there should be a different flavor for every day of the month and devised their “31 flavors” slogan from this concept. Since 1945, the company has introduced more than 1,000 assorted flavors. The career of Sean “Diddy” Combs got its start in a BaskinRobbins commercial when he was just two years old. • Although thousands of creative flavors have been introduced by various vendors over the years, vanilla still takes the prize as the most popular flavor in America, followed closely by chocolate chip mint and cookies-and-cream.

Tidbits Of Tri Cities

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REsults REalty®

For Advertising Call (604) 638-7399

s e m o H l l e S We

Theresa Gold 604-551-3237

Rick Clements 604-715-6031

Theresa Gold 604-551-3237

Janet Maxwell 604-308-3883 New Price!

$ 619,900

MLS# V1016181

1265 Lynwood Ave - PoCo

- Central location, 4 bdrms + den - Immaculate home, - Harwood flrs and tile up, laminate in bdrms and bsmt. - Entertainment size patio with inground pool / sun room too!

Theresa Gold


Lori Blake


MLS# V1011765

2123 Penny Place (PoCo)

- 4 bedroom, 3 bath - super quiet street - Newer hardwood floors & appliances - View of mountains from large back deck


Dianna Sturhahn

Risa Bassetto

Brian Furman

RE/MAX results realty (POCO)

MLS# V1000802

#98 201 CAYER ST, Coquitlam

- Rockridge Estates - close to recreation and more. - 3 bdrms, 2 baths + room to grow. - Bsmt style entry, unfinished bsmt for your ideas. - Easy access to Golden Ears Bridge

- 2 Bedroom, 2 bathroom - Modern modular home - Ensuite with soaker tub - Outside entertaining area - 8x8 powered sher - 10x10 storage shed

Wendy Chan

Jenn Mancinelli


Brenda Mason

Jason Somerville


MLS# V992100

23711 Boulder

Leanne Drolet


$ 489,900

Rich Hanas

Loreen Ritz Tomozer Hughes 604.351.5845

105 1250 Dominion Ave, Port Coquitlam, V3B 8G7

Say You Saw It In... We are open 6 days a week

Tues-Sat 10:00am to 5:00pm Sun 12:00pm to 5:00pm.

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Proven Seed Blends For The Lower Mainland Homeowners •Contractors •Landscapers • Sand-Based Turf • Drought Tolerant • • Environmentally Friendly Turf • Fresh Turf Delivery • • Low Maintenance • Direct from the Grower • • Professional Installation Available •

500 Acres & Growing!

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Smell, sip and savour our unique selection of over 36 different varieties of organic, gluten free extra virgin olive oils and balsamic vinegars. Included in this are our “infused” as well as “fused olive oils”. Experience the gourmet pleasures of our white and black truffle oils, or Persian Lime Olive oil.

Come in and enjoy our “Passion for Taste”

#310-1194 Landsdowne Dr. Coquitlam

Janet Maxwell

Take the time to encourage your wellness instead of treating your sickness

1st Class Complimentary 604.460.0095

109-19070 Lougheed Hwy Pitt Meadows *one time only


(one block West of Coq. Centre)

“It’s All About You!”

s 2 Week e t d Unlimi $20*

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604-308-3883 RE/MAX results realty (MPLRDG)


RE/MAX results realty (MPLRDG)

! Price New

This is a lovely modern modular home! All you have to do is move in - bright & spacious with 2 bedroom & 2 bathrooms (ensuite has a oval soaker tub), lots of counter space in the kitchen with a breakfast bar to boot! The outside area is great for entertaining - bbq’ing with friends or just sitting having that morning cup of coffee. There is a 8x8 powered shed and a 10’x10’ shed (great storage). Wildwood Park is well run & well maintained with pad fees including the indoor pool, clubhouse, playground & tennis courts within the park.

MLS# V992100 20842 Lougheed Highway

$129,888 Maple Ridge

V2X 2R3

Tricities 136  
Tricities 136