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June 14, 2013 Bold Medias Publishing B&D Publishing

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2013 160 Fisherman 40 hp Mercury 4 stroke, fish finder, 2 fishing seats, boat cover, trailer included!

We sell Clean, Mechanically inspected vehicles. Every vehicle purchased from our main lot, comes with a FREE 12 month UNLIMITED Distance Powertrain WARRANTY.



We’re Driven By You.

630 Ross Street N.E. Salmon Arm, BC 250.803.0058 (across the tracks) 1060 Hwy. 97B NE • Salmon Arm • 250.804.8817


1701 10th AVE. SW Salmon Arm BC


The Biggest Mattress Truckload Sale Ever! Friday June 14 to Monday June 17 Up to 60% Off ALL Mattress Sets over $799

Help the Kids On Friday June 21st. Salmon Arm A&W will donate $1 for each burger sold to support the North Canoe Playground Fundraiser This ad space was donated by Tidbits. North Canoe Elementary has been raising funds for the past 2 years and thanks all involved



POTATOES by Janet Spencer

The potato is a member of the deadly nightshade family and its leaves are indeed poisonous. The tuber is not poisonous in the least, but it took a lot to overcome cultural fears surrounding the plant. Come along with Tidbits as we consider the humble but miraculous potato. • Potatoes originated in the Peruvian Andes. The Incas called them batatas. They were eating potatoes 2,000 years before Columbus set sail. There are over 5,000 kinds of potatoes growing in the Andes— so many types that the local language has 1,000 different words for potato. The Incas even measured time by how long it took a potato to cook. When the Spanish Conquistadors overran the land, they had never seen anything like the potato. They were forced to eat the strange new food when their own food supplies ran low. The potatoes they introduced to Europe turned out to be far more valuable than the gold that they killed for, but it took some doing to convince the European populace to try them out. • In 1744 Prussia was at war and Frederick the Great was distressed to see his people starving to death. He had earlier been introduced to the potato as a food crop, and he encouraged the peasants to grow the new food as well. The peasants did grow them— but they only fed them to their livestock.

DEAL OF THE WEEK 2006 Chevy Silverado LS 4.8L, V8, Automatic 4x4 with only 80,773 km’s. Hard Tonneau cover included!

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Want to run your own business? Publish a paper in your area, and become a part of the family. Make a difference in your community today.




2350 Trans Canada Hwy NE Salmon Arm B.C. DL#30465 250-832-9433

Salmon Arm


Pedro Gonzales Farm Fresh Produce and Garden Trans Canada Highway, Salmon Arm, BC (250) 832-4919 8 am - 6 pm 7 days a Week


Tidbits of The Shuswap

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‘05 Chrysler Pacifica Touring SUV

For Advertising Call (250) 803-4664

‘13 Ford Edge SUV

06 Dodge Ram 1500 Laramie Super Crew

2013 Ford Escape S 2.5L

2013 Ford Fiesta SE 5 Door Hatchback P6140A







• 6 Speed Auto • Cruise Control • 16” Aluminum Wheels • Sport Appearance

‘08 Ford Escape SUV

• 6 Speed Auto • Advance TracOP6185 • Value Leader • A/C •Privacy Glass • Keyless Remote


MSRP $19,999 NOW

$ 16,499

‘10 Ford Escape SUV w/Costco Card



$ 22,299

‘12 Ford Fusion SUV w/Costco Card

2013 Ford F-150 XLT Super Cab 4X4

2013 Ford Fusion SE


• My Ford Touch • 6 Speed Auto • Advance Trac • 17” Painted Alloys • 10-way p/Driver Seat Not Exactly As •Shown Keyless Entry • Sirius Radio


Not Exactly As Shown



MSRP $27,049




MSRP $40,099 NOW


‘07 Ford Taurus

Lease for $363 for 36 mths @0% LAPR




‘07 Chaparral Lite

Lease for $407 for 36 mths @2.99% LAPR w/Costco Card



3,443 • Only 9800 km’s • 47 MPG • My Ford Touch • 6 Speed Auto • Panoramic Moonroof

$ 7,987

MSRP $31,899




• 3.5L V6 EcoBoost • 6 Speed Auto • Rear View Camera • Boxliner • 3.55 Locking Diff.

DT226A MSRP $46,749 NOW


Lease for $381 for 36 mths @.99% LAPR w/Costco Card


$ 36,196

Lease for $505 for 36 mths @2.99% LAPR w/Costco Card


APPOINTMENTS/INFO HOTLINE: 1-877-603-FORD (3673) REVELSTOKE - 250-837-5284 DL#5172 SALMON ARM - 250-832-2101 DL#5171

POTATOES (continued): • So the ruler had his cooks invent recipes using the potato, and passed copies of the recipes out to everybody. Still the people would not eat the potato. Finally Frederic resorted to the threat of violence: he issued an edict that anyone who did not eat potatoes would have their ears cut off. Potatoes quickly became the most important part of the Prussian diet. • When French pharmacist Augustine

Parmentier was captured during the Seven Year War in the mid-1700s, he was thrown into prison where his Prussian captors fed him little besides potatoes. He remained in good health in spite of the limited diet. When he was released, he returned home and encouraged all French families to start eating potatoes. He went to the King of France with a plan to grow potatoes and feed them to the hungry. The King was not impressed, but he consented to give Parmentier a few acres of the worst

possible land near Paris. Nothing would grow there— nothing, that is, except potatoes, which thrived. Like the Prussians, the French people thought of potatoes as simply a food for livestock, so Parmentier devised scheme to change the tide of public opinion. • Operating under the principle that people only want what they can’t have, he stationed soldiers around the potato field in order to “protect” this valuable crop from theft. However, he instructed the soldiers

7 days a week • $11.99 reg. or $9.99 seniors

$ 2 OFF 1 PIECE HALIBUT DINNER (Salmon Arm location only)

Expires June 30th • Limit 1 Coupon Per Customer

Serving Great Customers from our Two Locations 2401 Trans Canada Hwy. BC’s BEST Salmon Arm, BC 250.833.0950 FISH & CHIPS

125 George Street Enderby, BC 250.838.5951


1294 TCH, Salmon Arm


Daily Specials Eat in or Take out! New owner Sabine and Chef Billy welcome you to Thai On The Fly. Located in the Blind Bay Market Place, we offer an authentic taste of Thailand. Chef Billy is an experienced five star chef and prepares all of his meals in-house with only the freshest ingredients. Bring your friends & enjoy!


LIVE ENTERTAINMENT Marty Edwards from Nashville.

2676 fairway hills road

To book a group lunch or special event contact Sabine

Blind Bay Marketplace

Reservations for groups of 5 or more are recommended HRS: Tues - Thur. 11:30 - 8:00 • Fri. 11:30-8:30 • Saturday 4:00 - 8:30 • Sunday 4:30 - 8:00

Receive a



to take bribes and allow peasants to steal potatoes. The plan worked, and soon potatoes were growing all over the countryside. Next, Parmentier threw a huge feast, inviting all the most prominent names of the day. Everything served at the feast was made from potatoes - from soup to dessert. The Queen even wore potato flowers in her hair. This was all that was needed to make the potato a socially acceptable food. • Potatoes didn’t gain popularity in

Fisherman Direct Seafood Ltd.

ALL YOU CAN EAT fish & chips


2013 Ford F-150 XLT 4WD SuperCrew

$ 28,456



$ 29,444

2013 Ford Escape SE FWD - DEMO BLOWOUT $


• 3.7L V6 • 6 Speed Auto • 6900lb GVW OP6187 • Tailgate Step

$ 25,890

‘04 Ford E-350 Motorhome


Reward Card*

Locally Owned & Operated by:

after purchase of a professionally installed Valvoline Automatic Transmission Flush and Fill Service.

*Reward card is made payable to the store location where you purchased your service, to use on your net visit toward any service.

Wade & Heather

Tidbits of The Shuswap Hold on Hold on to summer. DAVE STRLE Hold on to summer. to summer.

For Advertising Call (250) 803-4664

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-3 Bedroom, 2 Bath -Plus Bonus Room -Quick Possession -New Roof, HWT, Furnace, A/C

MLS# 10060298

#20, 3350 10th Ave NE Salmon Arm (Evergreen MHP)

-2 Master Bedrooms -2 Ensuite Bathrooms -55+ Adult Community

$74,900 MLS# 10060506

#15, 537 Begbie Rd. Sunnybrae (Bastian MHP)


250-675-3677 Sorrento Shoppers Plaza (across from Petro Can)

Casual Dining Eat in or Take out!

Sterling silver charms from $30 Sterling silver charms from $30

Outstanding Food & Hospitality

• Souvlaki • Lamb • Pizza • Steak & Seafood

Sterling silver charms from $30 Sterling silver charms from $30

The Stratikopoulos Family welcomes you to Stratis Mediterranean Grill located in Sorrento, the heart of the Shuswap. Made daily with the freshest ingredients using recipes handed down over generations, the cuisine at Stratis is as authentic as our name.

Reservations Appreciated!

380 Alexander Street NE • Salmon Arm 380 Alexander Street250.832.8040 NE • Salmon •Arm 250.832.8040 • 380 Alexander Street NE • Salmon Arm 380 Alexander Street NE • Salmon Arm 250.832.8040 • 250.832.8040 •

100’s of d name branen, m r fo s e sho women, & kids

l professiona g in rc ie Body p ays Services 7 D k a Wee Hop & BoArDS o g STuDi pierCin mim T -eS

SW anada Hwy, 444 Trans C C B , Salmon Arm



yson St, 314D Findla C B u Sicamo s,

Open 7 Days a Week For Dinner at 4pm.

Personal Assista

250 • 675 • 4010 nt For Seniors. 250 • 803 • 2554 N o jo b iS t oo SmAll!


Grocery Shopping Appointments Doctor & Hair Appts laundry Gardening House Cleaning Airport Shuttle minor Home Re pairs


Pearl Creek Lawncare

25-50% n r Ya g off all n i D ebbie Bliss, Noro an d More! Spr E Warehouse hrs/location L A S

M o w in g & M a in te n ance of B o b & C a ro l D re y e La w n s r 250-836-2229 or 2 50-803-1229

call: 250-832-7



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For that “Mother

-In-Law Clean”

Call (250) 8031175 or email: thom pson.pam3@gm

Tidbits of The Shuswap For Advertising Call (250) 803-4664 Did You Know?.... Community Events This Crossword is sponsored by

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Tim Giandomenico, Associate Broker for Bayfield Mortgage

This Crossword is sponsored by Tim Giandomenico, Associate Broker for Bayfield Mortgage

That many people put money into RRSP’s although they will likely pay higher tax in their retirement then they do now. Although a great retirement vehicle for some, RRSP’s do not make sense for everyone. Sign up for a free financial review and find out if a RRSP should be part of your comprehensive financial plan. Rick Jackson

250-372-2955 • 800-897-9559

Red Sky


Hair Studio Studio and and Spa Spa Hair inspired, uplifted and transformed to reveal the Beauty of your Spirit... Open Tuesday - Saturday 10 - 4

2.89 % 5 Year Fixed

see our new offices downtown at the corner of Hudson & Alexander Tim Giandomenico Associate Broker 250-803-0101

181 Hudson Ave C 250-515-3938 Toll Free 855-803-0101

2.84 % Equity Lending...We can

5 Year Fixed Busy? I can come to your home!

Tim Giandomenico Associate Broker 250-803-0101

help when the banks can’t. 181 Hudson Ave

C 250-515-3838 Toll Free 855-803-0101

Equity Lending...We can help when the banks can’t.

Scotch Creek

POTATOES (continued): America until Thomas Jefferson began serving them regularly at the White House. Then the potato caught on fast, with good reason. The potato is one of the most perfect natural sources of nutrition found so far. The average potato has 100 calories and provides 50% of the U.S. Recommended Daily Allowance of vitamin C; 20% of vitamin B6; 15% of iodine; 10% of niacin, iron and copper; and smaller amounts of other vitamins and minerals. Potatoes are high in potassium and fiber but have no fat and are almost salt free. • No other food matches the potato in food energy per acre. Potatoes produce 75% more food energy per acre than wheat and 58% more than rice. The Soviet Union grows the most potatoes, followed by Poland, the US, and Canada. Only corn grows in more countries than potatoes. It’s the fourth most important food worldwide, after wheat, rice, and corn. It’s also is the only vegetable that grows in the desert and in mountains above 14,000 feet. The value of the potato worldwide exceeds $100 billion a year. • Potatoes have many uses. They are used in the production of many kinds of foods. They are added to soups, sauces, pasta, baked goods and dairy products in order to help foods stick together, stop ice crystals from forming, and make food creamier. When used to make ethyl alcohol (ethanol), one acre of potatoes can produce enough gas to fill up 25 station wagons. A product made from potatoes is used by oil well drillers in order to keep their drills dry enough to keep the friction high. Potato starch was used in the early days of color photography, and vodka is made from distilled potatoes. Potato starch is now being made into “plastic” bags which decompose when buried. Potatoes are also used in manufacturing of plastics, medicines, paper, cloth, glue, and candy. THE POTATO FAMINE • Growing potatoes in Ireland became very popular because they were handy to have around during times of war. The edible underground tubers were likely to escape the notice of invading troops. The growing green tops could not be set afire as could fields of wheat or barley. Even if a potato field were trampled by soldiers, the tubers would be undamaged. Armies and outlaws were not likely to take the time to dig them up. After being dug up, the potatoes could be taken directly to the kitchen to be cooked and eaten without having to be ground at a mill first. They could be stored in a root cellar for months, to be eaten in leaner times. People with very little land could still grow lots of potatoes, which was not the case with grains. Potatoes thrived on Ireland’s very poor soil, and all that was needed to plant them was a spade rather than a horse and plow. It is thought that the nickname “spud” came from “spade.”

It’s Back!

The $10 a week colour ad Call 250-803-4664 for more info

June 1st is Health and Fitness day. Curves in Sorrento is inviting all woman to a FREE workout that day. Laughing Gas Improv Troupe ‘Get Mooned’ Sat. June 15 7:30pm, at Shuswap Theatre, 41 Hudson Ave NW, Salmon Arm - Tickets $7 at the door, doors open 6:30pm, Cash bar. Details at or call Monica at 250-8336100 FIRST ANNUAL NOTCH HILL DOG SHOW June 30, 2013 11AM - 4 PM Vendors wishing to participate should contact: Sheila at 250675-4174, Erika at 250-675-3786 or Lynn at 250-675-5404 You can pre-register at the Sorrento Farmer’s Market on June 8th and June 15th or at your favourite dog groomers. Registration at the hall starts at 10 AM and the events begin at 11 AM. Events: Best in Show, Costume, Look Alike, Best Trick and Peoples’ Choice - $ 5.00 per event or $20 for all five RCMP K-9 Unit Demonstration, Agility Demonstrations,Doggie Portraits, Refreshments The second annual Rotary Fundraising Garden Party will be held this year at the R.J Haney Heritage Park on a very sunny Sat afternoon this July 6th from 1: 00 pm until 5pm. The fundraiser is again to raise funds for our Ecuador Dental project and the Kenyan Barani School program. Last year we had a very successful party at the Granite Creek Winery and this year we are hoping to surpass that event with an even better one at the R.J. Heritage Park. Tickets are only $25 each (those well behaved children are no charge) and this includes a ticket for a glass of local wine ($5 value). We will also have a stand serving a variety of flavours of ice cream plus a selection of speciality teas as well. Tickets will be available at the may 11th meeting or at Dr Gene Tymkiw’s office. Tickets will be available at RJ Haney the day of the event, but don’t miss out on having a table, reserve and there is sure to be a table available for you and your friends John Hansen for the Garden Party Committee (Shuswap Rotary Club) Tel: 250-835-0044

Do you have a local event? Send it to:

Tidbits of The Shuswap

For Advertising Call (250) 803-4664

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GUARANTEED! al i c e Sp ctory ! e Fa chas r u P

ial c e p S on SalmGM Armrice! P

2013 GMC Sierra or Chevrolet Silverado • 5300 vortec V8 Engine • 6 spd auto • 4 WD • Air • Cruise • Tilt • Power Windows/Locks/Mirrors 24 hr roadside assistance

2007 Pontiac G6 GT Hardtop Convertible

Original MRSP $44,900 Market Value $30,997



or $159*




or $209*



17 w$


or $149*





25 w$


2012 VW Beetle

2011 Dodge Charger SXT

2009 Dodge Challenger R/T


16 w$

or $199


21 w$



or $159*


Fully Loaded, heated leather interior, power hard top convertible, “one owner” only P2925 Was $17,480 31,000 kms.

“Big V8 power” 6 speed std, sunroof, heated leather interior, finished in radical orange with R/T graphics P2873A Was $29,988

Completely redesigned for 2011 and looks fantastic, over $30,000 new, save over $13,000 P2882 from new price, just 29,000 kms

Ready for a fun summer, drive this classic VW retro Beetle home and everywhere else P2913 this summer and turn heads.

2012 Nissan Pathfinder

2008 Jeep Wrangler 4Dr 4x4

2011 Chevy Traverse 8 Pass Sport Utility

2009 Cadillac Escalade Luxury Sport Utility


,8 $25


,2 $21



,8 $23

,8 $32

Nowor $189* BW

Nowor $198* BW

Nowor $199* BW

Nowor $299* BW

Fully Loaded, and ready to go anywhere this summer. Drive this incredible sport ute P2894 Was $27,888 home today.

Summer fun...this Jeep will get you there with a smile. Incl. all tops, hard, soft and bimini. P2884A Was $21,995

Yes, This one does fit adults in the thrid row, ride in comfort with your crew, fully loaded. P2893 Was $26,495

Diamond white with heated leather seats, sunroof, power seats, all the comforts you would 13083A Was $37,997 expect in a Cadillac.

250-832-6066 • 1-888-970-9781 3901 11 Ave NE, Salmon Arm



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Tidbits of The Shuswap

For Advertising Call (250) 803-4664

Pet Bits Q: My daughter adopted a young puppy. He’s a great little dog except that he mounts every animal he gets near. This isn’t a constant thing, but it happens often enough. Is there something we can do to curtail this behavior? A: “Of course, this could be the start of sexual behavior if the puppy is not neutered,” says Landsberg. “If the dog is neutered, it is still what normal dogs sometimes do, and young dogs particularly because it feels good, and they haven’t perhaps yet learned appropriate play protocol. Try allowing your dog to play, but with a leash on. When your puppy seems to be having ‘too much fun’ (with other dogs), if you get my drift, calmly walk away with him. Over time, the dog will learn that mounting means play must stop.” Of course, if the behavior really gets obnoxious, an adult dog may put your pup in his place - and that will be that.

Say You Saw It In...


With 4 locations to serve you •Revelstoke •Kamloops •Salmon Arm •Kelowna

doggy day spa & nutrition centre

250.675.4401 Blind Bay Market Place

Unit 5 2676 Fairway Hills Road Blind Bay B.C. SALMON ARM

BOOKKEEPING & business Owner: Kim Wiensservices

We offer a full variety of Bookeeping services including payroll, sales invoicing, HST reporting, WCB and financial statements. We can pick up your mail, do your banking, keep track of and prepare your Accounts Payable cheques. Monday - Friday 9:00am - 4:30pm

PH: 250-832-3510 FAX: 250-832-3592 141 Hudson Ave. NW Salmon Arm, B.C.

#5-1050 10th Ave. SW (opposite piccadilly mall)

Ask about our club card! Earn Points Get Money Back!



250.832.8414 • 50 3rd Street NE

Now Selling

AND Ranger Rider CANOPIES!


For Advertising Call (250) 803-4664

Tidbits of The Shuswap

Classifieds Classifieds go in Shuswap & Kamloops

To Place A Classified Ad: (250) 803-4664

1 week $10 4 weeks $30 Up to 30 words.



Purchasing old Canadian & American coin collections & accumulations. Old gold & sterling! Private, Prompt & Confidential. Shuswap 250-548-3670 Part Time Salespeople Wanted. Tidbits Shuswap and Kamloops papers call 250-803-4664 or 250434-1888.


Free to good homebeautiful black female cat. She’s spayed and litter trained and good with kids. Her owner has gone into care and she needs a loving home. Call 250-306-9861 FREE pasture for 2 horses in south canoe area. Call 832-6197


GREEN Fuel Tabs for Gas/Diesel Vehicles: Savings 10-20% per tank, Increases mileage, Lowers emissions, Boosts Horse Power, EcoFRIENDLY- 1 tab per 20 gal (76 liter) buy here: www.greenergascash. or call 250-314-6675 Distributers needed (Kamloops)

For Sale

Mobility Scooters New & Used small & medium in stock! Medical supplies, electric wheelchairs for inside and out, electric bikes, walkers ($100 & up), and rent wheelchairs. 1500 watt 2 wheel scooters. For more info Call 250-832-7321 or 804-0113 (shuswap) NEW Queen Bedroom Set. Queen bed, 9 drawer dresser, n/s, landscape mirror. Solid Wood. $679! (Kamloops) 250.434.2337 NEW Small Faux Leather or Microfiber Sectional Sofa w/ ottoman. 5 colors available. $469 only! (250) 434-2337 (Kamloops) 1 3/8” steel frame for a 20x10 portable storage shed. Asking $50 Call 250-573-4524 (kamloops) MUST SELL! mobile ice-cream concession. 12’ x 8’ trailer w/ ice cream freezer, refrigerator and hot water tank. Painted Red/White. $4500 obo Call 250-955-0499 Scotch Creek Farm Raised Beef. Grain fed, no additives, CWF by the side. $3.25 lb. Call 250 307 3430 OR 250-546-6494 (Armstrong) New Flat Screen computer monitor 14x11 (still in box but no receipt) $25 (Kamloops) 250-314-6675 14” tv, speakers, printers, excercise equip, misc lumber pieces, patio set, paperback books and more. (sicamous) Call 250-836-2789

▶ The Frog Follies featuring the National Frog Jumping Championship have been held annually in the Manitoba town of St. PierreJolys for more than 40 years. Events include a parade, entertainers, and contests. ▶ The Icelandic Festival called Islendingadagurinn is thought to be the second oldest continuous ethnic festival in North America, being held annually since 1874. Only an Irish Festival in Montreal is older. The festival started out in Milwaukee, moved to Winnipeg

Ship Shape Shelter Indoor Boat & RV Storage

Call Gary or Michele at 250-835-4224 or

email for rates

For Sale


14’ Fiberglass boat (no motor or trailer) $400, 18’ boat trailer $800, New whitewall tire 15” $150, Antique wood cash drawer $250, Jacuzzi water pump with 8” hole $600. Call 250-547-2210 (Enderby/Lumby)

2010 Ford F350 4x4 Turbo Diesel 15,000 miles 6 passenger cab, remote start, tow/haul switch Ford Tailgate step reverse sensing, adj. gas & brake pedal, sprayed cargo box FREE Maintenance until Aug/2015 lots of extras. NEW PRICE $36,900 obo. Call Paul 250-832-6333 (shuswap)

Automotive 2005 Hornet fifth wheel w/winter skirting. Call for more info and pricing. New deluxe shop rider w/electric seat $3500. call 250-832-7321 (shuswap) 2006 Jeep Liberty Diesel. Set up for flat towing, with 78000km. Demco ex caliber tow bar, Brake Buddy for tow vehicle. Call 250-838-9603 2008 Harley Davidson Super Glide. Saddle bags, custom hand grips & foot pegs, 19,000 km’s. Asking $12,600 Call 250-803-4646 or email (shuswap) 2008 Chev truck tow mirrors $25, 2008 Chev Uplander Van tow mirrors $25, 2007 GMC truck tow mirrors $25, 2007 Tonneau Cover for GMC truck $500. Call Cliff at 250-542-1449 1994 GMC Sierra 4x4. 4sp w/hitch and electrical setup for towing. Asking $2300 obo. Call 778-220-7880 (kamloops)


2009 Yamaha Virago 250cc Virago 250cc Asking $3400 $3900

Page 7 Quality Turf At Wholesale Prices Call for a FREE Estimate

As Low as $.23 sq/ft

+ delivery

Drought Tolerant Interior Seed Blends Homeowners •Contractors •Landscapers

• Sand-Based Turf • Drought Tolerant • • Environmentally Friendly Turf • Fresh Turf Delivery • • Low Maintenance • Direct from the Grower • • Professional Installation Available •


Sherry’s Fine Art Studio Proudly presents our 6th annual Art Show and Sale Saturday June 22nd,

9:30 to 3:00

Sorrento Memorial Hall Admission by Donation 1150 Passchendale Road, Sorrento

This year’s show includes other local Artisans, such as jewelers, fabric baskets, pottery & more. Hot Dogs, Squares & Sweets, Coffee, Tea, Water & Soda we be available for Sale.

Vendors include Frigid Hair, Beauty Control and Norwex. Come out see what local Artisans are creating!

AskingOnly $3900 OBO 1400 km’s. Exc cond. OBO Only 1400 km’s. cond. Great Exc starter bike. Call Brenda Great starter bike. Call Brenda at 250-836-2997 2006 33’ Colorado 5th at 250-836-2997

Wheel. Dry weight 8756 lbs- class 5 license only, alum. frame, 3 slide outs, 15’ awning, islandqueen full bed, dining table & 4 chairs, hidea-bed in living room, heated fireplace, a/c, 35,000 BTU furnace no pilot lights, gas fridge, power-cpu table, DVD/ CD/MP3 player and TV, ext. shower, elec. front jacks, 2 propane tanks, winterized, 3 holding tanks in heated section, c/w removable 5’ x 2’ rear aluminum storage (worth $1500) ASKING $20,900. Call Paul 250-832-6333 (shuswap)

Canadian Tid-bits in 1890, and has been held in Gimli, Manitoba since 1932.

▶ At the Welland Canal at Niagara, ships climb about 110 m (330 ft) through eight locks, making it the tallest water staircase in the world. ▶ In 2007, the Royal Canadian Mint celebrated its centennial year by producing what was at the

Long Lasting Lipstick

Toll Free: 1-877-220-2288

conkers Fine British Imports The Shuswap’s source for British Groceries and Sweets OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK!


Waffle Cone

Ice Cream!

mention this ad for a free waffle cone on your next Chapman’s Ice Cream cone order. $1 value expires July 31st 2013

250-675-3786 1298 Trans Can. Hwy time the largest coin in the world. Made of some of the purest gold in the world, it measured more than 20 inches wide and weighed more than 220 pounds. It was worth $1 million and featured a maple leaf on one side and Queen Elizabeth II on the other side. ▶ In 2004, the Royal Canadian Mint issued the smallest pure gold coin (99.99% fine gold) it had ever minted. The coin weighed 1/25 Troy ounce, equal to 1.244 grams or 0.044 ounce.

Tidbits of The Shuswap

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For Advertising Call (250) 803-4664

Pedro Gonzales Farm Fresh Produce and Garden

Trans Canada Highway, Salmon Arm, BC (250) 832-4919 8 am - 6 pm 7 Days Each Week


40% OFF





Call To Order

Sciatic Pain? Visit us for

Pain Management Workshops and Therapy Treatments

Pre Register Today!

Next Workshop June 24th

with Paul Laviolette, HHP, CCP, RCRT

Therapy Sessions Available by Appointment

Roots Therapeutic Pain Management Centre 316-141 Victoria St. Kamloops 250-319-7292

Gort’s Gouda




Pedros’ Premium Y AN ity ant u Q

Regular $2.49



PEDROS OWN SWEET CORN Growing Tall - Coming Soon Acres of Our Finest - For You!

White Massage Therapy Treatment, Lake Remedial  Assessment,

Excercise, Ergonomics, Prevention  Myofascial Mobilization  Trigger Point Therapy

Harriet Hall RMT 250-835-2290

Assesment, Treatment, Remedial Exercise Harriet Hall, RMT


Barber Shop 250.675.2664


Deli Meats - Lasagna Cabbage Rolls Serve Something Special For Dinner Tonight!



Come check out our great selection of


Say You Saw It In...

Jocelyn’s Place



2809 CAEN RD.

Sorrento BC

Recycle & Win your product. Check instore for details. Competitive pricing, Special Ordering, & 10% Seniors Discounts (55 plus) everyday on regular priced Vitamins & Supplements.

1257 TCH, Sorrento BC | 250.675.4323

Shuswap 171 june 14