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May 27, 2013 Bold Medias Publishing Tidbits Media

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IT’S TEA TIME! by Kathy Wolfe

It’s the world’s second most popular and cheapest beverage (after water), so shouldn’t you know a little more about tea? Tidbits has the goods on this drink, so listen up and learn! • Every day about three billion cups of tea are consumed around the world. In America, it can be found in 80% of households, and an estimated 127 million Americans are drinking it on any given day. Most of that tea comes from India, the world’s largest tea producer, processing about 850,000 tons each year.

• Tea as we know it is about 5,000 years old. Legend has it that a Chinese emperor discovered a good cup of tea in 2737 B.C. when some tea leaves off the tree into his pot of boiling water, producing a pleasant aroma. Tea became popular in Europe during the 1600s and was brought to North America by the colonists. Britain’s Duchess of Bedford is said to have created the traditional afternoon tea around 1840, when she needed a pick-me-up to combat what she called “that sinking feeling.”

• When the British government heavily taxed the tea shipped to the American colonies, in 1773, a group of 116 men dressed as Native Americans boarded British ships and tossed 342 chests of tea overboard, about 90,000 lbs. (40,823 kg) worth. In today’s currency, that was equal to nearly a million dollars! Turn the page for more!

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Hours: Mon-Fri 7am-7pm Sat 8am-6pm Sun 9am-5pm

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CROSSWORD 26 1966 Michael Caine title

Daryl Aikin Advertising Consultant Tidbits of Ridge Meadows

778-895-7795 IT’S TEA TIME (continued):

• There are all kinds of tea – white, green, oolong, and black – but they all come from the same plant, the Carnelia Sinensis. The end product is determined by the processing of the tea leaves.

• While white tea skips the steps of processing (the leaves are just steamed and dried), green, black, and oolong teas all go through a series of steps. It starts with withering, when the tea leaves are spread out and dried in a warm environment, which makes them pliable. A rolling machine is next, twisting the leaves in order to release the flavorful natural oils. Some more expensive grades of teas are rolled by hand, resulting in a higher quality. The leaves then undergo an oxidation process, when they are spread out in a cool room. At this point, the tea leaves are still green, but as they take in oxygen they gradually turn darker. The darkening can be stopped by heating. Green tea is not oxidized, oolong tea is oxidized for a short time, and the dark black tea oxidation process, which takes about three hours, is uninterrupted. The chemical reactions that take place during oxidation are what alters the leaves’ color and flavor.

Across 1 Its “fleece was white as snow” 5 __ Sutra 9 Go with the flow 14 Pastoral verse 15 Pink-slipped 16 Ladies’ man 17 Nicolas of “Adaptation” 18 Got one’s uniform dirty, maybe 19 Mississippi, e.g. 20 Understand how things are done 23 Many frozen dinners are high in it 24 Taker of vows 25 Def Jam genre 28 Native American group 31 As plain as day, e.g. 33 Tax pro 36 Places to see links 38 Friend 40 Cancœn uncle 41 36-Across opening 42 Simple floral garlands 47 Fair-hiring initials 48 Forensic facility 49 Spy wear 51 S’ or oui 52 Do-favor link 54 Broadsided 58 Stage name of Ehrich Weiss,

For Advertising Call (604) 638-7399

for whom the ends of 20-, 36and 42-Across were props 61 Wife of Abraham 64 Long, long time 65 “__ Three Lives”: TV oldie 66 Michelangelo figure 67 Pear variety 68 Charity 69 Suisse peaks 70 Like an animated Pea? 71 Cold-cock

Down 1 The home team gets the last ones 2 Hersey’s “A Bell For __” 3 “Nearer, __, to Thee” 4 Messed up 5 Former Asian state known for goat wool 6 Wheel holder 7 Golda of Israel 8 Supplement 9 Poison in some whodunits 10 Kids’ book connectables 11 GP’s gp. 12 Gently stroke 13 Place for a ring 21 Racetrack surface 22 Door sign 25 Go through energetically, as drawers

role 27 Pasta topper 29 “Little Women” woman 30 Pioneering computer 32 Letters before nus 33 Tea leaves holder 34 Wood shaver 35 Fake name 37 Slinky’s shape 39 Fashion monogram 43 Steinway alternatives 44 Trucker with a handle 45 Never

46 “Elephant Boy” actor 50 Alaskan brown bear 53 Iraqis, usually 55 Nabisco brand named for its flavor 56 The Penguin, to Batman 57 Playground retort 58 Can’t stand 59 “Ouch!” 60 Fire truck item 61 Mineral spring 62 Feel sick 63 Workout unit

• While a cup of tea does contain caffeine,


June 8th, 2013



$125 per single golfer $500 per team of four $650 per team of four plus hole sponsorship Above fees includes: green fees, cart & catered dinner $30 per person – dinner only (starts at 5:30pm)


Registration Starts at 12:30pm DETAILS forms with full SHOTGUN Start - 1:30pm SHARP Entry payment can be dropped WHERE

Golden Eagle Golf Club 21770 Ladner Road, Pitt Meadows

FEATURING • Putting Contest • Closest to the Pin • Longest Drive • Silent Auction • 50/50 Draw • Door Prizes • And More!



off at the School Office Cheques are to be made Payable to: St Patrick’s School Payment Due: May 15, 2013


Jacki Tokaryk Tournament Co-Chair 604-312-0620 Frances Smart Tournament Co-Chair 778-866-5871

Step 2 Fix your Digestion: Have you suffered from any type of digestive disorder? It could be irritable bowel, bloating, constipation, diarrhea, heartburn, reflux, gas, etc. Digestion, absorption and assimilation of nutrients are critical for optimum health. Our digestive system must protect us from internal toxins, bugs, and potential allergens as well as elimination of waste material. A breakdown anywhere in this process can create illness. It has been proven that there is a connection between digestive system and allergies, arthritis, autoimmune disease, rashes, acne, chronic fatigue, mood disorders, autism, dementia, cancer and more. But, this connection is not well understood. Therefore, we must keep a healthy gut. a. Eat whole, unprocessed foods with plenty of fibre – vegetables, beans, nuts, seeds, and whole grains. b. If you have any sensitivity or allergies, heal your gut. c. Treat any infections or overgrowth of parasites, bacteria, or yeast. d. Take digestive enzymes with your food e. Take probiotics f. Take extra Omega as a supplement g. Use glutamine and zinc to heal the gut Healthy body starts with a healthy gut! Patricia Dominguez RHNN, LC

604 355 5433

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ARIES (March 21-April 19): There is no reason to be mean if someone thinks the ends justify the means. Group interactions and politics can be challenging in the week ahead, but a trusted partner will be there to add moral support. TAURUS (April 20-May 20): Be steadfast and true to your goals in the week ahead. Don’t be sidetracked by small temptations. Even the most awkward situation can’t dampen your enthusiasm for those things close to the heart. GEMINI (May 21-June 20): Don’t let excuses put limits on your success. You may be able to talk your way out of any box, but you must be sincere about your promises and resolutions to make it to the big leagues in the week to come. CANCER (June 21-July 22): Grab hold of a situation by the scruff of the neck. Like a mother cat with a kitten, it may be a case of mother knows best. Earn respect from others by being gentle, but firm, in the upcoming week. LEO (July 23-Aug. 22): Practice what you preach. If you follow your heart and remember to take your own advice, everything will work out for the best this week. Upsets at the workplace could suddenly alter your prospects. VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22): If you really love ‘em, you can’t leave ‘em. Close intimate relationships can grow closer in the week ahead. This may be an excellent day to talk over long-term plans and define joint objectives. LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 22): Learn to grin and bear it. World opinion may go against the grain in the week ahead. Focus on personal romance instead. An ill-informed consensus is still wrong - no matter how many people share it. SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 21): Know your boundaries and stay within them. The week to come may show you that true love means you must do your duty. You may learn that security in relationships is more valuable than excitement. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21): You deserve a break today. Plans will move along like clockwork during the upcoming week if you pay extra attention to a special someone. Frankly discuss problems to nip troubles before they bud. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19): You might not be a very good cook, but even you can manage to bake some humble pie. Situations outside your control might force you to take a back seat or to accept your limits in the week ahead. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18): Opportunity only knocks once, so listen closely. In the week ahead be on the lookout for a chance to make some extra cash, buy something of beauty, improve your health, or make everyday tasks easier. PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20): Romance might be on your mind in the week to come. Hold off on vows of commitment and everlasting love until at least the middle of the week. Right now, your impulsive actions might backfire.

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2- At the end of the month, go to our website, and fill out the “Bitty Beaver Entry Form” - telling us which ads he appeared in for the month. If you miss an issue, dont worry! we will have them posted on our website for you to read online! *excluding Bitty shown here, and on the front page Tidbits franchise ad.

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IT’S TEA TIME (continued):

it doesn’t compare to the amount found in coffee. A cup of tea has about 40 mg. of caffeine compared to coffee’s 110 mg per cup. The lesser-processed green tea has even less caffeine than black leaves. But if you want a higher caffeine level in your tea, sip yerba maté, which has about the same amount as coffee. It’s made from the leaves of a South American rain forest holly tree, and contains 24 vitamins and minerals, 15 amino acids, and an abundance of antioxidants.

• Herbal teas, also known as tisanes, aren’t really tea at all. They come from the roots, stems, and flowers of other plants. There are numerous types of tisanes, depending on what part of the plant they come from. Mint, verbena, and lemongrass varieties are leaf tisanes, while chamomile, hibiscus, and lavender are flower tisanes. Cinnamon is a considered a bark type, while ginger, Echinacea, and chicory are root tisanes.

• The invention of the tea bag came about by accident. In 1904, a New York tea importer was looking for a cheaper way to send samples to customers. Thomas Sullivan had been using tin boxes, but as this proved expensive, he began wrapping the tea in small silk bags. His customers didn’t realize the bags were just packaging, and brewed their tea in them. Soon after, Sullivan was receiving orders for the new product. Today, 96% of the world brews its tea using a tea bag.

• More of tea’s many medicinal and health benefits are being uncovered every day. Green tea seems to be especially healthful. It is high in the amino acid theanine, which has been shown to reduce stress and improve mental concentration. It may also increase the body’s immune system and antioxidant powers. Lab testing indicates that catechins, a type of antioxidant, inhibit the growth of cancer

Drum lessons

You name the location. Feel comfortable in your own home.

meadowtown Center


Current contest running May 6-31. (Issues #53-56)

Winning name will be drawn on June 14 and announced in the following weeks paper.

4TH ANNUAL MOTORCYCLE SAFTELY AWARENESS RIDE & BAR B Q PLEASE HELP SUPPORT A RIDE TO RAISE AWARENESS FOR OUR OWN. We would like to invite motorcycle riders from all communities to come and ride together in order to raise and promote motorcycle awareness. Most importantly, a message to us all that share the road, to look before changing lanes. All bikes are welcome! Ride leaves Trev Deeley’s Motorcycle @ 11am on June 1, 2013 heading to The Sasquatch Inn for a burger & smokie Bar B. Q. No registration fee, but please come early so you can fill out a waiver. Event By Baggers And Hawgs Ride To Live® Non Profit Organization. Event Details & rsvp @ http://www.

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with Frank Dato

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IT’S TEA TIME (continued): cells and may help reduce the breakdown of cartilage. A recent university study indicated that Seafood Express tea has more potent antioxidants than 22 fruits 604-476-6631 22282 Dewdney Trunk Road and vegetables that were tested. Scientists say A “Pollock Free” Restaurant! What’s on your plate? drinking green tea might also even help prevent tooth decay! And a study in the Netherlands has sh B C Ha l i b ut e r F shown that those who drink catechin-rich tea are Deep Fried or Grilled 50% less likely to die of heart disease. Add shrimp cocktail for only $2.99! • Tea is not just for drinking! On the outside, green tea can help with inflammation. Soothe Patio Now Open! your puffy eyes with a soaked, chilled green Monday to Saturday 11:30am to 7:30pm tea bag. The same will work for insect bites. Sundays 4:00pm to 7:00pm Keep mosquitoes away by smoothing the skin with damp tea leaves. Black tea bags have been sleep aid. proven beneficial in removing plantar warts. It’s • And it’s not just the human body that reaps the the acidic tannin present in tea that shrinks the benefits of tea. It’s a great fertilizer for your wart, just by placing a cooled bag on the wart for roses! Watering both indoor and outdoor plants or in person 15 minutes threeOn-line times a day. with cool leftover brewed tea gives them a boost Bill (Tutor1) McGuire • Tisanes also have medicinal qualities. If you have of nutrients. You can also stir brewed tea leaves an upset stomach, try 604 sipping peppermint tea, into your garden soil. 467 7829 since peppermint relaxes the muscles that give • Tea experts warn not to use an aluminum teapot to you stomach cramps. The anti-inflammatory prepare a tisane. Because aluminum is a reactive properties of licorice root can reduce the metal, they claim that it can react with certain swelling of a sore throat. It’s also well known plant types, and the result can actually be toxic. that chamomile tea is a relaxant and is a natural ON-SITE SERVICES

Joe Blows

Math Tutor

BCGeeks Computer BCGeeks Computer

s Cl Milly’

eaning Ser vice


dential i a l • R es i merc


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604-628-7905 2819 Shaughnessy St. Port Coquitlam 604-628-7905 Other Services:

604 467 7829 • Wire/Wireless Network Setup Data Backup & Restore 2819 Shaughnessy St.• Port Coquitlam • Tape Conversion from VHS (8mm or 6mm) to DVD •

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Know your rights at the door: Tips for homebuyers

heater tank.604-628-7905 And if you have any questions regarding your waterSt.heater, call your 2819 Shaughnessy Port Coquitlam current provider. To determine whether your current water heater requires replacing or service, EnerCare Inc., a leading provider of energy efficient products, including water heater rentals, shares the following advice: if you notice any of the following symptoms with your water heater tank, it is time to call your service provider:

(NC)—As you move into your new home, you may be welcomed by neighbours, friends //and of course, unwanted doorto-door water heater salespeople. The/ reality is that new homeowners are often targeted by these door-to-door salespeople • Rust colored hot water/ since many are unfamiliar with their rental agreement or status of their current water • Moisture around the base of the tank heaters. New homeowners can easily locate the name of their provider on the sticker that is located on the front of their water

• Insufficient hot water For additional advice and tips, visit

ALBiON TiRELAND New & Used Tires & Wheels, Sales & Service All Major Brands

604.467.6722 #5 23382 River Road (west of the albion ferry)

Auto Bits De-mystifying car insurance (NC)—If you were to ask Canadians what confuses them the most about the insurance industry, they likely would say car insurance. This can be blamed on the many half-truths and misconceptions that are floating around. To help clear up the air, the experts from Desjardins Insurance have answered some of the more common myths. Myth: If you’re under 25, shopping around for car insurance is a waste of time. While insurance rates are generally higher for younger drivers because they have a higher accident rate, shopping around can make a huge difference in your monthly payment, especially if you feel your premiums are too high. Your premium will depend on more factors than just your age. Myth: Your employer’s insurance covers you when you use your car for work. Not so. Your auto insurance policy covers your personal use of your car, not any commercial use. So if you drive your own car for your delivery or courier job, your employer’s insurance won’t cover you. You may be getting mileage costs back from your boss, but you don’t want to be surprised at the time of an accident that you don’t have coverage. Myth: Your rate will go up if you get into an accident. It depends. If the accident isn’t your fault – for example, if someone hits you from behind while you are at a stop sign – it won’t impact your rates. However, if you do cause an accident, it can directly affect your rates, unless you have accident forgiveness in your policy. Myth: If your friend borrows your car and wrecks it, his insurance covers it. Desjardins Insurance cautions its clients to be careful when lending their cars to friends or neighbours. The insurance goes with the car. So when you loan someone your car, you’re loaning your insurance with it. If they have an accident, it goes on your record. Cont’d Next Week .


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Robert Galvin

778-384-2590 RE/MAX results realty (MPLRDG) 20842 Lougheed Highway Maple Ridge

! sting

! sting

Dont miss this bright & spacious 1126sqft open floor plan located in Edgewood Manor. 490sqft private patio, partially covered, w/ patio door access off of the master bdrm. Generous walk through mirrored closet to large spacious 5 pce ensuite w/ soaker tub. Includes 5 appliances, fully rainscreened building, new roof!

Li New

Solid character rancher home with unfinished basement, situated on a huge 80x138 lot. Perfect for the first time buyer or investor. (City Hall will allow a duplex to be built).. Loads of upgrades include fully remodelled bath, new carpet, paint, laminate, windows kitchen, recent roof. Basement could be finished for a suite. Enough room to park an RV, or 8 cars. Act fast.




! sting

Li New

Li New

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“Prime Heritage Park” location situated close to all levels of schools. This spotless one owner 1800sq.ft. home shows pride thru-out.Totally finished separate mortgage helper down has never been lived in. Loads of upgrades, incl: 3 yr old roof, thermo windows, laminate flooring and tile. Fully enclosed glass sundeck. Large lot with RV and lane access, large garden, fruit trees and a gazebo.


”Making Dreams A Reality” (For 20 Years)

Al & Brenda Jenkins “For Service and Commitment, let us help guide you with your next purchase or sale.” 19340 Hammond Rd

11403 240A Street

Kanaka Business Park

LOTS FOR SALE Brenda’s Cell: 604.816.6961 Al’s Cell: 604.838.8872 Office: 604.467.3871

· 6 bedroom, 4 bath · Stainless steel appliances · Fully finished basement · Lots of storage $684,900


· 4 bedroom, 3 bath · Slate tile floors · New kitchen w/ granite counters · Huge backyard $559,000


· Unique Industrial Lots for Sale · work, live, play on the same lot · .5 - 4.5 acre lots available · M-2 zoning w/ accessory residential lots starting from $297,882

22718 Lougheed Highway Maple Ridge, BC V2X 2V6 CA


Dr. Cobi

More Avocado, please. Although they are fruits, avocados have a fat content of between 71 to 88% of their total calories - about 20 times the average for other fruits. A typical avocado contains 30 grams of fat, but 20 of these fat grams are health-promoting monounsaturated fats, the kind that doesn’t turn to fat in our bodies but rather helps to burn unwanted “bad fats”. This monounsaturated fat also helps to lower cholesterol. In one study of people with moderately high cholesterol levels, individuals who ate a diet high in avocados showed

clear health improvements. After seven days on the diet that included avocados, they had significant decreases in total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol, along with an 11% increase in health promoting HDL cholesterol. Enjoying a few slices of avocado in your tossed salad, or mixing some chopped avocado into your favorite salsa will not only add a rich, creamy flavor, but will greatly increase your body’s ability to absorb the healthencouraging carotenoids that your salad vegetables provide.

Dr. Cobi Slater of Essential Health Natural Wellness Clinic is a Doctor of Natural Medicine, Clinical Herbal Therapist, Registered Nutritionist and holds a PhD in Natural Health Sciences with a family practice in Maple Ridge, BC. For a consultation call 604 467 9554, email

Talk With These Local Businesses Who Are Dedicated To Your Health! 604-790-0777

Essential Health Natural Wellness Clinic Inc.

11841-224 Street

604 467 9554

Maple Ridge

19150 Lougheed Hwy Pitt Meadows (604) 459-4519 Corn & Wheat Tortilla Factory, Restaurant & Deli 121-1585 Broadway St. Port Coquitlam

778-285-9336 Mon - Fri 7am - 7pm Sat 8am - 3pm

“Take the time to encourage your wellness instead of treating your sickness”

2 Week Unlimited Pass FOR ONLY

$ 20 Try Your 1st Class Complimentary!

Become the Best Version of You.

(778) 846-5257

Do You Run A Health Conscious Business?

Advertise for as low as $6/week! 778-895-7795

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When Stranger first arrived at Katie’s Place she was very shy and apprehensive. It has taken a very long time but Stranger has finally come around. Slowly but surely Stranger stopped being a stranger and started to mingle with the volunteers and visitors. She is a beautiful girl with huge eyes that seem to be wise way beyond her years. When you look at her face you can’t help but think that this sweet cat has a story to tell. Over time Stranger has become a volunteer favorite as her gentle and calm demenour becomes more and more obvious. Unfortunately Stranger has tested positive for FIV and therefore can only be adopted out as an indoor cat who can share a home with other FIV positive cats. FIV is not contagious to people or dogs, only other cats. Because of her illness Stranger will also be adopted out as a permanent foster. Come meet this amazing girl and see if she is the stranger that will become a life long companion. Spencer is a cat with the patience of a saint. He gets along with all the cats in his pen and puts up with pretty much anything they can dish out. He ignores

Video View

DVD Reviews ***

For Advertising Call (604) 638-7399

from the snarls. Turns away from the hisses. Shrugs off the swats. Spencer is also the caregiver of the group. Whenever one of the cats in his pen is ill Spencer is right there offering his silent support. Spencer is not pushy and will wait on the sidelines for someone to notice him and give him some pets. He will sit and wait all day without so much as a meow. Once he does get your attention he will gladly lean into your hand. He is such a rough looking character and it’s obvious life on the streets has had it’s toll. He’s even blind in one eye. But once you get a chance to hang out with this cat you can’t help but notice his sweet, soft nature. His amazing heart and his acceptance of everyone around him. Like Stranger, Spencer is also FIV positive and can be adopted out to an indoor home with other FIV cats as a permanent foster. Spencer deserves a quiet home that will love him. He’s given so much of himself. Now it’s his turn to be taken care of.


“DARK SKIES”: There’s little in this family-plagued-by-otherworldlyforces tale that you haven’t seen before, but good acting by reliable stars goes a long way in selling the premise again. Keri Russell - who’s had a resurgence this year, thanks also to her FX series “The Americans” - and Josh Hamilton (“J. Edgar”) play spouses and parents who come to believe their house also contains unwelcome visitors. The always-welcome J.K. Simmons (“The Closer”) plays an authority on the paranormal who tries to help the couple. DVD extras: audio commentary by writerdirector Scott Stewart, producer Jason Blum, executive producer Brian Kavanaugh-Jones and editor Peter Gvozdas; deleted and alternate scenes.

Pet Bits

Q: I’ve begun to notice that our 10-year-old Shih Tzu’s leg quivers when she lifts it to go to the bathroom. Is this a warning that something is wrong? A: “Your observation is astute,” cheers Dr. Kate Knutson, AAHA President. “Anytime, there is a change in your pet’s behavior, contacting your veterinarian is the right thing to do. In this case, the leg quivering could be an indication of pain.” Since your dog isn’t likely to replicate this particular behavior at the veterinary clinic, try to capture it on video, suggests Knutson, of Bloomington, MN If indeed your dog is in pain, the next step, of course, is to determine why, which can only be done with a thorough examination.

“LONGMIRE: THE COMPLETE FIRST SEASON”: In the week when the modern Western series - based on Craig Johnson novels - begins its second A&E Network round, this set of freshman episodes introduces Robert Taylor as Walt Longmire, a tight-lipped, troubled Wyoming sheriff. He has very close competition as he bids to keep his job while continuing his mission to solve crimes, which occur quite regularly in his jurisdiction. Katee Sackhoff (“Battlestar Galactica”), Cassidy Freeman (“Smallville”) and Lou Diamond Phillips also star. DVD extras: “makingof ” documentary; deleted scenes; photo gallery. *** “RED WIDOW: THE COMPLETE FIRST SEASON”: Recently aired on ABC, the melodrama about a sudden widow (Radha Mitchell, “Pitch Black”) forced into her slain husband’s mob life comes to DVD. She determines that continuing his activities is the only way she can ensure the safety of the rest of her family, though that turns out to be no guarantee, as she repeatedly finds out. Goran Visnjic (“ER”), Rade Serbedzija, Jaime Ray Newman and Lee Tergesen (“Oz”) also star. DVD extras: “making-of ” documentary; deleted scenes; outtakes. *** “LORE”: A recipient of several international awards, this drama features a notable performance by young Saskia Rosendahl as the title character, one of several children of a Nazi couple taken prisoner at the end of World War II. The siblings set out for their grandmother’s house, and en route, Lore comes to realize the meaning of what has happened to her family and her country. DVD extras: theatrical trailer; two “making-of ” documentaries; deleted scenes; alternate ending; panel discussion. *** “NOVA: MIND OF A RAMPAGE KILLER”: Given recent tragedies caused by a lone individual that ended in multiple deaths, it probably was inevitable that the PBS science series would attempt a clinical explanation for such occurrences. Former CNN anchor-reporter Miles O’Brien seeks such information in this episode, examining social influences and functions of the brain - or the failure of such - that can factor into actions resulting in such devastation. *** “ATTACK OF THE JURASSIC SHARK”: Steven Spielberg must be so proud. We can’t deny we’re amused by the notion of blending “Jurassic Park” and “Jaws” and getting ... this. An oil company’s plans set loose a prehistoric terror that threatens college students and art thieves who happen to be at the same remote location. Christine Emes and Emanuelle Carriere are among the bait - er, stars - and we’re also sort of tickled that a writer is credited here for “additional dialogue.” Such as? “Look out, it’s the Jurassic shark!”? **

57KM Bonaparte Lake East Kamloops District 250-706-9111

An Ideal Setting For A Relaxing Outdoor Vacation •Log Chalets, Cabins & Campsites •Unspoiled British Columbia, Canada •Located on Beautiful Bonaparte Lake •Snowmobiling, Cross-country Skiing •Incomparable Wildlife & Nature •Rainbow Trout Fishing •Swimming, Boating, Hiking & Biking Situated 80km north of Kamloops, at the east end of Bonaparte Lake on British Columbia’s beautiful Bonaparte Plateau.

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Tidbits of Ridge Meadows

Canadian Tid-bits ▶ Writing-on-Stone Park near Lethbridge contains the greatest concentration of rock art on the North American Great Plains, with over 50 petroglyph sites and thousands of works dating back some 3,000 years.

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▶ The speed of the elevator in the CN Tower is equal to the rate of ascent of a jet during take-off. Passengers rise 340 m (1,136 ft) in just 58 seconds. ▶ In Vegreville, Alberta, you’ll find the world’s largest Ukrainian Easter egg. Created in 1974, it stands more than three stories tall, 9 m (31 ft) long, and weighs about 2.5 t (5,512 lb), all while pivoting in the wind like a weather vane. The software created to guide the lasers which cut the egg’s 1,108 individual tiles was eventually purchased and used for the cutting the exterior tiles of the space shuttle. ▶ Prairie dogs, which used to be found all over the Canadian prairie, are now found only in Grasslands National Park in Saskatchewan. ▶ At Dinosaur Provincial Park in Alberta, researchers have uncovered fossils of nearly 500 species of life, ranging from microscopic fern spores to large carnivorous dinosaurs. About 35 species of dinosaurs found there date back nearly 75 million years.

Mission Raceway Park Drag Racing Schedule


• 1/2 Sat/Sun B-2 NHRA Summit ET Racing Series, Jr’s, Hot Rod, Super Combo, 2013 ET Challenge (3/4 Sat & 4/4 Sun) NHRDA (Sun only). • 8 SAT night Mopac Performance Street Legal #6. • 13 Thursday Test & Tune (for LODRS Racers only). • 14 – 16 Fri, Sat, Sun LORDCO NHRA BC Nationals Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series featuring Top Alcohol Funny Cars & Dragsters, NHRA Sportsman classes, Super Pro & Pro. • 17 Rain Date LORDCO BC Nationals. • 22 SAT night Mopac Performance Street Legal #7. • 27 Thursday High School Career Day. • 29 SAT night Mopac Performance Street Legal #8.


Premier Franchise Opportunity Canada

Starting at $8,500

• 5 Friday Test & Tune • 5 Fri afternoon/eve Qualifying Pro Mod/Pro Street, Outlaw 10.5, Top Sportsman, Drag Radial, Open Comp. & CWDA. • 6/7 Sat/Sun NORTHWEST DOORWARZ featuring Pro Mod/ Pro Street, Outlaw 10.5, Top Sportsman, Drag Radial, & Open Comp.B-1 NHRA Summit ET Racing Series, Jr’s, Hot Rod, CWDA, Super/Combo, (2012 National Dragster ET Challenge Sun. • 8 Raindate – DOORWARS.

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• 13 SAT night Mopac Performance Street Legal #9.

For more info call: 1-866-859-0609

• 22 Mon Rain date for National Open

• 19 Friday Test & Tune for National Open Racers only. • 20/21 Sat/Sun LUCAS OIL NHRA CANADIAN NATIONAL OPEN along with Heritage Series Nostalgia Fuel Funny Cars, BB/F/C, Rocky Mnt. F/C Assoc., All NHRA Class Cars, CPSA, B-1 NHRA Summit ET Racing Series, Jr’s, & on Saturday only RAD Eliminator Series & Super Comp Association. • 27/28 Sat/Sun LANGLEY LOAFERS OLD TIME DRAGS featuring the Supercharged AA Gasser Association (1970 & older vehicles only).

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Tidbits of Ridge Meadows

Results Realty速

s e m o H l l e S We

Tom Thiessen 604-418-4902

MLS# V990623

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Rob Poole



MLS# V1002406


Melissa Kubek

MLS# V1000779



Liz Whittingham



MLS# V998253

23375 114A AVE


22902 136th, Maple Ridge

- Greenbelt home - 5 bedroom, 3 bath - Fenced yard with covered deck - Heat pump - Cul-de-sac - 2 car garage

- In-Ground POOl - all the extras you would want - stamped Concrete / Covered Patio - air-Conditioned / Granite - View to Golden ears

- 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom - Private fully fenced backyard - Kitchen opens to eating area - Oversized master w/ ensuite - laundry room upstairs - Quick possession possible!

- 6 bedroom, 4 bath - Falcon Ridge subdivision - Open floor plan - Gourmet sized kitchen - Fenced yard - Vaulted ceilings

Vern Haskell

Mark Stevens

Nazir Abdulla 604-351-3870

Mark Stevens


$ 424,900 - updated kitchen w/ island & pantry - 4 bedrooms, 1 and 1/2 baths - Huge deck with sunken hot-tub - Room for a detached garden suite


MLS# V1006378

70x167 foot lot-Over 1/4 acre

#8 23575 119TH AVE


#909 12148 224TH ST

MLS# V982145


10352 240TH ST NEW Homes from $489,900

- 55+ building, pets allowed - 1 bedroom - Freshly painted - amazing views of mountains - In-suite laundry - Gas fireplace

- 6 bedroom, 4 bath - Open floor plan - upstairs laundry - Jetted tub, walk-in closet - Fully finished basement



MLS# V1002911

#208 22514 116TH AV - 55+ building, pets allowed - 2nd floor 1 bed + den corner unit - River view - Freshly painted - In suite laundry - spacious rooms

Outstanding Loreen Ritz Tomozer Outstanding Manager, Residential Mortgages Call for... Agents... Results! 604-351-5845

24 Years Experience Also Available Evenings & Weekends

Nazir Abdulla

Mark Cardas

Matthew Hayes

Paul Hayes

Peter Hayes

Donna Hetherington

Kim Hunter

Sonja Jones

Melissa Kubek

Janet Maxwell

Julianne Maxwell

Shannon McComb

Darlene Miller

Shari Morrison

Rob Poole

Debbie Stevens

Mark Stevens

Bjorn Soolsma

Kris Mugridge

Tom Thiessen

Joan Warn

Liz Whittingham

Robert Galvin

Rick Clements

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20842 Lougheed Highway Maple Ridge V2X 2R3

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