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May 6, 2013 Bold Medias Publishing Tidbits Media

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bil o m g n i Is Go

Take the time to encourage your wellness instead of treating your sickness

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604.477.1971 604.477.1971 Hours: Mon-Fri 7am-7pm Sat 8am-6pm Sun 9am-5pm 604.477.1971

Hours: Mon-Fri 7am-7pm Sat 8am-6pm Sun 9am-5pm

Now opeN

Monday-Friday 9am-6pm Saturday 9am-2pm


100-20528 Lougheed Hwy, Maple Ridge Fax: 604-465-3375 Manager: Sayed Atthari

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NIGHT LIGHTS by Patricia L. Cook

Children who are afraid of the dark often need a small night light to help them overcome their fear. This Tidbits is about small and large lights in the dark as well as neon lights that shine in some pretty fancy ways! • Even on very dark nights, if you let your eyes adjust it is possible for most people to see well enough to walk around.

• The moon at night shining in the dark is not actually a light source since it does not produce its own light. The moon is visible because of the sun’s light that bounces off of it back to earth. When we see different phases (or sizes) of the moon it is because the earth revolves around the sun and the moon orbits the earth. The part of the moon that is reflecting depends on the angles or relative positions of the earth, moon and sun.

• The earth’s orbit also changes our view of the stars at night even though the stars are in fixed patterns. Astronomers who named many of the stars and constellations (named patterns of stars) years ago gave them Greek and Roman names that are still used today.

• The most well-known constellations are the “Big Dipper” and “Little Dipper.” The “dippers” are part of Ursa Major and Ursa Minor, which mean Greater Bear and Smaller Bear. turn the page for more!

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May 14th Elect

Dr. Doug Bing Maple Ridge - Pitt Meadows Proven Leadership and a man you can Trust.

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Leasing A

2013 CR-V LX



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20611 Lougheed Hwy. Maple Ridge BC V2X 2P9 Proudly Serving the Community Since 1973

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Daryl Aikin Advertising Consultant Tidbits of Ridge Meadows

778-895-7795 NIGHT LIGHTS (continued):

• Many children the world over hear a song about the night sky long before they learn to talk. Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star was published by Jane Taylor and her sister, Ann, in England in 1806. Their second book of children’s poems, Rhymes for the Nursery, includes the poem, The Star, written with five verses. Only the first verse is widely sung, with an occasional addition of verse two.

• The tune for Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star is actually older than the poem. It originated in France, first seen in print in Paris in 1761. The tune was first associated with a French song, Ah! Vous dirai-je, Maman, which is translated Ah! Will I tell you Mommy. It is still popular with French children.

• Another “tune” that came from Paris was the quiet buzz of neon lights. Georges Claude, a chemist, engineer, and inventor was a pioneer in the development of neon lighting.

Across 1 Shoots the breeze 6 1940s-’50s Israeli U.N. ambassador 10 Game __ 14 “The Wolf and the Crane” author 15 Cross off 16 Piece of one’s mind? 17 Halloween tricksters’ route? 19 Awestruck 20 Roy Halladay stat 21 Sister of Calliope 22 It may be icy 23 Best place to watch “Animal House”? 25 Close, for instance 28 Unburden 29 Kate of “Ironclad” 30 Soften by soaking 35 How most reading is done, and this puzzle’s title 39 Sherry alternatives 40 Albany’s father-in-law 41 “Piers Morgan Tonight” channel 42 Eisenhower library site 45 Feathers? 50 Nigerian seaport 51 Noted Beethoven interpreter 52 CIA’s ancestor

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55 Cancel 56 Work the late shift at the diner? 58 “__ no kick from Champagne”: song lyric 59 Steady 60 Response to a skeptic 61 Gets into 62 Employee IDs 63 Third shift hr.

Down 1 Champs ƒlysŽes feature 2 Bach title? 3 Land east of the Urals 4 Dress finely, with “out” 5 Field of influence 6 Americans in Paris, maybe 7 Tug and junk 8 Overlord 9 Ultimate 10 Home at the park? 11 Airport whose code is BOS 12 Decide not to finish 13 Desert bordering the Sinai Peninsula 18 Choral syllables 22 Feast in the month of Nisan 23 Position in a viewfinder 24 Moneyed, in Monterrey 25 Like some switches 26 Word spoken with amore

27 Put one’s foot down 30 Summer escapes: Abbr. 31 Little streams 32 “The African Queen” coscreenwriter 33 Instead of 34 Raison d’__ 36 Trounces 37 Cube creator Rubik 38 Royal introductions 42 France-based jet maker 43 Sound from Eeyore 44 “Beats me!”

45 Not fixed 46 Title chameleon voiced by Johnny Depp in a 2011 animated film 47 Osmonds’ hometown 48 Codgers 49 Two-time loser to McKinley 52 Look like a creep? 53 Branch of Islam 54 Check 56 NFL ball carriers 57 Fluoride, for one

• Neon gas was first discovered in 1898. The word neon was chosen for the gas from the Greek word “neos” which means “new gas.” • Two predecessors to neon lights were the Geissler Moore tubes that used pressurized gas in tubes with electric volts to make colorful lights. When neon was discovered it proved to


June 8th, 2013

NIGHT LIGHTS (continued):

be a more lasting gas for tube lights. Neon was in short supply until Georges Claude’s company, “Air Liquide,” began producing large quantities. Claude made his first neon light in 1902 and first displayed his invention at the Paris Motor Show in December, 1910, with two 39 foot long (12 m) bright red tubes of neon light.


$125 per single golfer $500 per team of four $650 per team of four plus hole sponsorship Above fees includes: green fees, cart & catered dinner $30 per person – dinner only (starts at 5:30pm)


Registration Starts at 12:30pm DETAILS forms with full SHOTGUN Start - 1:30pm SHARP Entry payment can be dropped WHERE

Golden Eagle Golf Club 21770 Ladner Road, Pitt Meadows

FEATURING • Putting Contest • Closest to the Pin • Longest Drive • Silent Auction • 50/50 Draw • Door Prizes • And More!



off at the School Office Cheques are to be made Payable to: St Patrick’s School Payment Due: May 15, 2013


Jacki Tokaryk Tournament Co-Chair 604-312-0620 Frances Smart Tournament Co-Chair 778-866-5871

• Claude received his first patent for neon lighting in Paris in 1911 and another in the United States in 1915.

• (There is some historical evidence that Perley G. Nutting, a physicist who started the Optical Society of America, displayed the first neon light at the Louisiana Purchase Exposition in 1904.) • The first commercial neon sign was sold to a barber shop in Paris in 1912, by Jaques Fonseque, an associate of Claude.

• When red and blue tubes of neon lights were installed decorating the Paris Opera House in 1919, the colors became known as “Opera Colors.”

• Claude sold the first neon sign in America, actually two, to a Packard Car dealership in Los Angeles in 1923. The price: $24,000! Neon quickly caught on in the advertising world.

• The “liquid fire” signs began dominating outdoor advertising displays in American cities from Times Square in New York to Los Angeles. Las Vegas quickly became a city filled with neon on the borders of signs and buildings, architectural accents and even neon animations.

• Today, many of the first neon signs and displays in Las Vegas have become part of the Neon Museum. The Museum has three components: the Downtown Gallery, the Neon Boneyard, and the Las Vegas Signs project. • By the way, Georges Claude was imprisoned from 19451949 by the French government for collaborating with the Germans in World War II.

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ARIES (March 21-April 19): Risky business is not show business. Sometimes you like to walk on the wild side and push your limits - but in the week to come, you would be wise to avoid strenuous escapades like rock-climbing. TAURUS (April 20-May 20): Party animals on the prowl sometimes growl. With fun-loving Venus in your sign, you may have numerous opportunities to socialize in the week ahead but a heavy work load could cramp your style. GEMINI (May 21-June 20): Strive to be a voice, not an echo. You might have a tendency to adopt other people’s opinions as your own in the week to come. You can’t take it for granted that those opinions are based on due diligence. CANCER (June 21-July 22): A satisfying job and financial security might be your priority in the week ahead. Family and social life could take a back seat to career, as you focus on realizing your ambitions. LEO (July 23-Aug. 22): Focus on achieving ambitions, not on group consensus. Interpersonal relationships could be a bit challenging early in the week. Be as straightforward as possible to avoid alienating those you value the most. VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22): Pay attention to what is going on in the outside world. In the upcoming week, tune into the news, the radio or TV, and you will find guidance for your job and career problems right there in plain sight. LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 22): You won’t be able to make permanent plans with temporary people. You may be frustrated in attempts to stand up for yourself. The week ahead isn’t a good time to invest your money or your emotions. SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 21): Buck up. The more you talk about the drama and demands in your life, the more you reinforce them. In the upcoming week, simply get on with your jobs and refuse to dwell on the nagging negatives. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21): Beautify your surroundings. Harmony around you will reflect the harmony within during the week ahead. You might take a few minutes to make a difference by improving work conditions. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19): The secret to success in the week ahead is to focus your energy on building up something new rather than tearing down something old. You may feel that your private space is threatened by others. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18): Having a few adventures may be good for you. Remain cautious, however, and don’t neglect duties. If you are thinking of beginning anything longlasting or important, hold off until this week is over. PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20): The love of your life may be difficult to find, but once found, will be impossible to forget. During the upcoming week, you may experience a few trials and tribulations but will be rewarded for your efforts.

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CONTRAILS The long white trails of clouds that are formed when airplanes fly across the sky are called contrails. When the “friendly skies” are busy there are many crisscrossing lines. • The word contrail is short for “condensation trail.” Webster’s Dictionary defines contrails as “streaks of condensed water vapor created in the air by an airplane or rocket at high altitudes.” • Contrails are considered “man-made” clouds since they are formed by airplane exhausts. Water vapor condenses and freezes when air around planes and particles (aerosols) from the exhausts hits the cold temperatures present at high altitudes where airplanes fly. • Contrails are formed above 30,000 feet, which is approximately 5-6 miles (9-10 km) above the earth where the air is extremely cold; less than -40° F (-40° C). • An interesting way to think of contrails is to compare when you exhale warm moist air in cold winter temperatures and “see your breath.” The damp, warm air coming from your lungs adds moisture to the air forming condensation. Usually the condensation from your breath evaporates in less than a second. Condensation from jet airplanes, in the form of contrails, can last quite a while, sometimes even for hours if the conditions are right.

Boston Pizza Pitt Meadows


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• Just like natural clouds, contrails are made of water and ice crystals. Depending on air conditions, contrails can last only a few minutes and be fairly small or they can grow miles long and remain visible for hours. The tiny moisture droplets in contrails freeze instantly and can’t evaporate or melt. They eventually fade away in what is called “sublimation,” when the solid particles turn to gas. It is the same situation as when dry ice ‘dissolves’ back into the air.

Drum lessons

You name the location. Feel comfortable in your own home.

meadowtown Center Current contest running May 6-31. (Issues #53-56)

Winning name will be drawn on June 14 and announced in the following weeks paper.

NIGHT LIGHTS (continued):

• Claude’s patents were good but they did not stop others from “taking off” from his work. Charles J. Wamser created his sign company with neon technology that was slightly different from Claude’s patents.

• Wamser’s company, Sheet Metal Products, Inc., was started in a rented garage in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and started mass producing signs in the late 1920s. His company, now named Everbrite, is still a worldwide leader in the lighting and branding of companies.

• Many of the “neon” signs that dotted the landscapes in North America were not all neon. People use the name “neon” for lights of all colors but actually neon lights are red. Other gases used with neon produce different colors. Argon is most widely used, along with mercury and phosphor. There are now over 150 colors that can be produced.

• Neon signs were most popular in the 1950s. By the 1960s neon lights were being replaced with cheaper lighting.


with Frank Dato

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Breathe Free – You may be deeply breathing in that fresh spring air, but your car could still be choking on the salt, dust and sand it sucked in over the winter. Replacing your air filter improves air flow to the engine and increases engine performance and fuel efficiency, especially during warmer months.

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Dr. Cobi

Ask Dr Cobi

Question: I have been experiencing •Thyroid disease increased hair loss. What are the •Connective tissue diseases such as Lupus underlying causes? •Nutritional – crash diets, bulimia, protein/calorie deficiency, essential fatty Answer: Common or “hereditary” acid or zinc deficiency, malabsorbtion, baldness in women, also called female hypervitaminosis A pattern alopecia, is genetic and can •Stress – surgical procedures, general come either the mother’s or father’s side anesthesia, and severe emotional problems of the family. It is caused by the actions of two enzymes; aromatase (which is Drugs that can cause diffuse hair loss in found predominantly in women) and 5-a women: reductase (which is found in both women •Blood thinners (anti-coagulants), such as and men). warfarin and heparin •Seizure medication, most commonly Medical conditions that can cause diffuse dilantin hair loss in women: •Medication for gout, colchicines and •Obstetric and gynecologic conditions alopurinol (Xyloprim) such as post-partum and post-menopausal •Blood pressure medication, particularly states or ovarian tumors the b-blockers (such as Inderal) or diuretics •Anemia – iron deficiency •Anti-inflammatory drugs (eg. prednisone) Dr. Cobi Slater of Essential Health Natural Wellness Clinic is a Doctor of Natural Medicine, Clinical Herbal Therapist, Registered Nutritionist and holds a PhD in Natural Health Sciences with a family practice in Maple Ridge, BC. For a consultation call 604 467 9554, email

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Essential Health Natural Wellness Clinic Inc.

11841-224 Street

604 467 9554

Maple Ridge

19150 Lougheed Hwy Pitt Meadows (604) 459-4519 Corn & Wheat Tortilla Factory, Restaurant & Deli 121-1585 Broadway St. Port Coquitlam

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Li New

Solid character rancher home with unfinished basement, situated on a huge 80x138 lot. Perfect for the first time buyer or investor. (City Hall will allow a duplex to be built).. Loads of upgrades include fully remodelled bath, new carpet, paint, laminate, windows kitchen, recent roof. Basement could be finished for a suite. Enough room to park an RV, or 8 cars. Act fast.




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Seafood Express

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“Prime Heritage Park” location situated close to all levels of schools. This spotless one owner 1800sq.ft. home shows pride thru-out.Totally finished separate mortgage helper down has never been lived in. Loads of upgrades, incl: 3 yr old roof, thermo windows, laminate flooring and tile. Fully enclosed glass sundeck. Large lot with RV and lane access, large garden, fruit trees and a gazebo.


”Making Dreams A Reality” (For 20 Years)

Al & Brenda Jenkins “For Service and Commitment, let us help guide you with your next purchase or sale.” 19340 Hammond Rd

11403 240A Street

Fish and Chips

Math Tutor Brenda’s Cell: 604.816.6961 Al’s Cell: 604.838.8872 Office: 604.467.3871

· 6 bedroom, 4 bath · Stainless steel appliances · Fully finished basement · Lots of storage V999832


· 4 bedroom, 3 bath · Slate tile floors · New kitchen w/ granite counters · Huge backyard V999832


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2819 Shaughnessy St. Port Coquitlam 604-628-7905 Other Services: • Wire/Wireless Network Setup Data Backup & Restore 2819 Shaughnessy St.• Port Coquitlam • Tape Conversion from VHS (8mm or 6mm) to DVD •


2819 Shaughnessy St. Port Coquitlam

How to make the most of a small outdoor space (cont’d from last week)

Water Plants that are not rooted directly in the ground and are exposed to direct sun and wind usually need water more often. Invest in the Self-Watering Patio Planter - designed for growing plants in tight spaces, this planter will ensure your plants remain hydrated even when you are away. Another spacesaving option that will help keep your garden healthy is the Mark’s Choice Self-Draining Clear Hose, which shrinks to a third of its width after use and is freeze proof and kink resistant. More information is available online at www.

s Cl Milly’

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TD Drain Cleaning 1 9 8 6 • Main Sewer Lines • Bathroom Sinks • Kitchen Sinks

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Terry Donovan

Tidbits of Ridge Meadows

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Bandit is a large black and white girl who could stand to lose a pound or two. She came to Katie’s Place because a large, energetic puppy arrived in her home. Bandit was overwhelmed, and although she had lived in peace with a calm, elderly German Shepherd previously, the new young dog was simply too much for poor Bandit. For two years she tried to accept the new dog, but showed her displeasure with him by not using the litterbox. Her family decided it would be best if she found a new home. Bandit is a bit unsettled by all the other cats at Katie’s Place and spends a lot of her time in our hallway hiding behind a chair. She does enjoy attention and chin scratches from the human visitors. Bandit would be best suited for a home with no other animals. She’s a sad girl who desperately needs love and some peace and quiet. Peanut is a wonderful, calm orange and white boy. He spends a lot of his time snoozing on a perch in our

Video View

DVD Reviews

For Advertising Call (604) 638-7399

from hallway, but the minute something interesting happens Peanut is the first on the scene. If you really want to see this guy zooming around just turn on a laser pointer. Peanut is a handsome boy with perky, inquisitive eyes that are always on the look out for fun. He came to us as a stray and quickly became a volunteer favorite. We cannot imagine why anyone would abandon this friendly, funloving cat. Peanut is a diabetic and requires insulin injections twice a day. He is extremely easy to medicate and because of his condition he can be adopted out as a permanent foster. We will pay for his medication and you get to spend your days with a happy little cat that will bring life into any home.


“JACK REACHER’’: The driving force behind one action franchise with “Mission: Impossible,’’ Tom Cruise aimed to launch another with this enjoyably tough melodrama centered around novelist Lee Child’s title character, an ex-military man trying to determine whether a former Army sniper is at the heart of several Pittsburgh murders. Rosamund Pike (“Die Another Day’’), Richard Jenkins, Robert Duvall and filmmaker Werner Herzog also star for director-screenwriter Christopher McQuarrie, who won an Oscar for his script for “The Usual Suspects’’ and also co-wrote “Valkyrie’’ for Cruise. ***

“MAMA’’: While she was making the award-season rounds for “Zero Dark Thirty,’’ Jessica Chastain projected a much different screen image as the rather Goth heroine of this horror tale from executive producer Guillermo del Toro (“Pan’s Labyrinth’’). She plays the girlfriend of the uncle (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, “Game of Thrones’’) of two children who vanished after their father killed their mother, and when they’re located several years later, very spooky doings accompany their return. Megan Charpentier and Isabelle Nelisse are effectively eerie as the youngsters. DVD extras: “making-of ’’ documentary; audio commentary by director and co-writer Andres Muschietti and producer and co-writer Barbara Muschietti; deleted scenes. ***

Pet Bits Q: My 4-year-old Red-boned Coonhound has been obedience trained; we’ve done everything we can to train him off-leash. However, he still breaks free from his lead, leaves the yard and runs off, returning half an hour later. We’ve never had a dog behave this way before. What’s your solution? A: Pet writer Kim Campbell Thornton suggests: “Work with a good trainer on teaching a reliable ‘come.’” Thornton, author of “Careers with Dogs” (BowTie Press, Irvine, CA, 2010; $24.94), adds, “Perhaps this dog isn’t returning, or you’re not there to call the dog. It doesn’t really matter. You have a hound dog that is ruled by his nose.” Charlene LaBelle, author of “A Guide to Backpacking with Your Dog” (Apline/Blue Ribbon, Crawford, CO, 2004; $12.95), agrees. “A hound’s instinct is to run, and you know that’s the case with your dog,” she notes. “So, be sure that your dog is wearing an ID tag and is microchipped. The reality, which you may not like, is that leash equals love.” Also, make sure that in addition to a dog tag and microchipping, you register with the microchip provider. You indicated that your dog breaks free from his lead. If you literally mean he regularly breaks from his leash or harness, you need to fit him with another. This problem shouldn’t happen repeatedly.

“SAFE HAVEN’’: Sincere performances, lovely scenery and other familiar elements of other Nicholas Sparksbased films - and a few new twists - factor into this drama, another trademark Sparks tale of a complicated romance. A woman (Julianne Hough) on the run has to face her past and consider her future when she is drawn to a North Carolina widower (Josh Duhamel). Her new neighbor (Cobie Smulders, “How I Met Your Mother’’) tries to help her work through her maze of emotions. Lasse Hallstrom, who also guided the Sparks-inspired “Dear John,’’ directed the film. *** “ROOKIE BLUE: THE COMPLETE THIRD SEASON’’: The Canadian cops - including Andy McNally (Missy Peregrym), who ended the previous season on suspension for her romance with colleague Sam Swarek (Ben Bass) - get back to business in this round of the drama, coming to home video just before Season 4 of the series begins May 23 on ABC. William Shatner guest stars in the first episode, which finds the rookies greeting a new war veteran peer (Peter Mooney) who has a past with Officer Gail Peck (Charlotte Sullivan). Gregory Smith, alias the show’s Dov Epstein, also directed one of the stories. *** “STEEL MAGNOLIAS’’: The Robert Harling play fueled a movie version that has remained much-loved, thanks in large part to its all-star gathering of actresses, and it also fuels this Lifetime remake that unites many AfricanAmerican performers. A Louisiana beauty shop remains the prime meeting place for the characters played by Queen Latifah (also an executive producer of the film), Phylicia Rashad (“The Cosby Show’’), Alfre Woodard and actress-musician Jill Scott. ***

“THE ORANGES’’: Two New Jersey families are brought closer together in a way they never anticipated in this comedy about a May-December romance, with Leighton Meester (“Gossip Girl’’) and Hugh Laurie (“House’’) playing the couple. The news does not go over well when others eventually learn of the affair. Catherine Keener, Oliver Platt, Allison Janney, Adam Brody and Alia Shawkat (“Arrested Development’’) also star. ***

57KM Bonaparte Lake East Kamloops District 250-706-9111

An Ideal Setting For A Relaxing Outdoor Vacation •Log Chalets, Cabins & Campsites •Unspoiled British Columbia, Canada •Located on Beautiful Bonaparte Lake •Snowmobiling, Cross-country Skiing •Incomparable Wildlife & Nature •Rainbow Trout Fishing •Swimming, Boating, Hiking & Biking Situated 80km north of Kamloops, at the east end of Bonaparte Lake on British Columbia’s beautiful Bonaparte Plateau.

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Tidbits of Ridge Meadows

Canadian Tid-bits

▶ Alert, on the tip of Ellesmere Island, is the northernmost permanent settlement in the world. It has a population of about five, centered around a weather station located there. It’s 817 km (508) miles from the North Pole, and 2,092 km (1,300 mi) from the nearest city of Iqaluit.

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▶ North America’s lowest recorded temperature was -81.4 degrees Fahrenheit (-63 C) at Snag, Yukon Territory, on February 3, 1947. ▶ Charles Fenerty of Halifax, Nova Scotia, was the first person to use wood fibers to make paper. His father owned a lumber mill, and when he toured a paper mill where paper was made from rags, he noticed many similarities in the two mills. He started experimenting in 1839 and produced paper from wood pulp in 1841. ▶ Canada’s oldest independent brewery, the Moosehead Brewery in Saint John, New Brunswick, turns out 1,642 bottles of beer per minute. ▶ When Michael J. Fox appeared as a guest on “The Tonight Show” he told Jay Leno that he found American beers too watery and preferred Moosehead Ale. This boosted the popularity of the brew. Shortly afterwards, the company gifted the actor with a large truckload of the brew in appreciation.

The Garfield Hotel cat boarding, is located in central Maple Ridge on 5 peaceful acres. Our goal is to ensure, that people have peace of mind when leaving their fury little loved ones. Our cat boarding hotel is beautifully done, safe and extremely clean.

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This is your chance to work for yourself, doing something you enjoy. Improve your quality of life, income and freedom. Publish a Tidbits in your city or town instead of just reading one.

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We have 5 super large rooms, great for families with one or more cats. Each room has a window over looking a pasture, 2 beds, scratching post, litter box and full maid service. With one on one play time each day and movie nights, your cat won’t want to leave. Visit us @ or call Kim @6049968350

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Tidbits of Ridge Meadows

Results Realty速

s e m o H l l e S We

Tom Thiessen 604-418-4902

MLS# V990623

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Rob Poole



MLS# V1002406


Julianne Maxwell

MLS# V1001815



Liz Whittingham



MLS# V1002599

22902 136th, Maple Ridge

# 2 19274 FORD RD

- Greenbelt home - 5 bedroom, 3 bath - Fenced yard with covered deck - Heat pump - Cul-de-sac - 2 car garage

- In-Ground POOl - all the extras you would want - Covered Patio - air-Conditioned / Granite - View to Golden ears

- 3 bedroom + den, 3 bath - Recently updated kitchen - Gas fireplace - Bamboo flooring upstairs - single car garage - large fenced yard

- 4 bedroom, 2 bath - 2000 sq Ft - Huge Corner lot - Fully Fenced - updated - Flexible possession

Vern Haskell

Tom Thiessen 604-418-4902

Nazir Abdulla 604-351-3870

Kris Mugridge 604-612-7819



$ 424,900

MLS# V1001763


70x167 foot lot-Over 1/4 acre

26280 127TH AVE

- updated kitchen w/ island & pantry - 4 bedrooms, 1 and 1/2 baths - Huge deck with sunken hot-tub - Room for a detached garden suite

- 4 bedroom, 3 bath - acre property backing on greenbelt! - Bright country kitchen w/ island - Master suite w/ balcony & walk in closet.

MLS# V982145

12209 221ST ST


10352 240TH ST NEW Homes from $489,900 - 6 bedroom, 4 bath - Open floor plan - upstairs laundry - Jetted tub, walk-in closet - Fully finished basement


MLS# V987341

26123 126TH AV - 4 Bedroom, 4 bath - upscale estate home - 1 acre lot - triple car garage - Huge master with jacuzzi - three fireplaces

Outstanding Loreen Ritz Tomozer Outstanding Manager, Residential Mortgages Call for... Agents... Results! 604-351-5845

24 Years Experience Also Available Evenings & Weekends

Nazir Abdulla

Mark Cardas

Matthew Hayes

Paul Hayes

Peter Hayes

Donna Hetherington

Kim Hunter

Sonja Jones

Melissa Kubek

Janet Maxwell

Julianne Maxwell

Shannon McComb

Darlene Miller

Shari Morrison

Rob Poole

Debbie Stevens

Mark Stevens

Bjorn Soolsma

Kris Mugridge

Tom Thiessen

Joan Warn

Liz Whittingham

Robert Galvin

Rick Clements

RE/MAX results realty (MPLRDG)




20842 Lougheed Highway Maple Ridge V2X 2R3

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