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In winter most areas of North America are dealing with cold weather. Some people love it; some hate it. In this Tidbits we will look at ice fishing and icebergs, as well as how you can be left “out in the cold,” and that has nothing to do with the weather! • Cold is defined as “having a relatively low temperature; having little or no warmth.” Also, in regards to behavior or personality it can be: “lacking in passion, emotion, enthusiasm” or “not affectionate, cordial, or friendly.”

m i ly P a c k F a12pc chicken,

by Patricia L. Cook

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• If you’ve ever been in a situation where you were ignored, neglected or forgotten, you probably felt like you were “left out in the cold.” In this situation, the term is used as an idiom. This idiom originated in the 1800s in reference to someone who was left outdoors without shelter. Hopefully this doesn’t happen often! • Many fishermen (mostly men, but there are women enthusiasts as well) love to drill through deep ice and wait for fish to bite! Ice fishing is a major winter past-time in Canada and northern states in the U.S. that are cold enough for thick ice. Some great advantages of ice fishing: not as many anglers trying to get your spot, fewer insects “bugging” you, and you’re not likely to perspire! turn the page for more!

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Tidbits of Ridge Meadows

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Across 1 Wasn’t renewed 7 Fiend’s tail? 10 Biographical datum 13 World Cup chant 14 They’re “high” but not dry 16 Little shaver 17 *”The Music Man” number 19 Ginormous 20 Early computer 21 *Sweet stocking stuffer 23 Not quite a compulsion 25 W-2 info: Abbr. 26 Perceptive 30 Predecessor of 33-Down 34 *Lead singer in No Doubt’s hit “Don’t Speak” 37 Bee fore? 38 Plate in a park 39 Took by the hand 40 Aptly named movie channel 41 Ernst contemporary 42 *Instrument using rolls 46 Grab ahold of, as an idea 48 Cross to bear 49 Trivial amount 50 Sandbox sight 52 *Seven-time Grammywinning jazz singer 56 Tibetan capital 61 Showy wrap 62 Words in a classic game show that can be followed by the ends of the answers to starred clues 64 Lumber tree 65 Geological time division 66 Fare-minded one? 67 Family pooch 68 Command to a 67-Across 69 WWII fleet Down 1 Prime seating 2 Rickman of Harry Potter films

3 Prefix with meter 4 Miso bean 5 Extracts 6 Place to relax 7 Hoops legend Thomas 8 Penn of “Milk” 9 Like computer lab learning 10 Goya’s “Duchess of __” 11 Put on a spare tire? 12 Upper hand 15 Greets someone with more than a nod 18 LXX x X 22 MSNBC rival 24 Vietnamese holiday marking the arrival of spring 26 Ottoman big shots 27 Talked a blue streak? 28 Musical speeds 29 French article 30 Shade of green 31 Leaves for lunch? 32 Speak one’s mind 33 Successor to 30-Across 35 Pizazz 36 Tina of “30 Rock” 40 Tree often brought into the house 42 Illinois River port 43 French pilgrimage site 44 DH’s stat 45 Can opener 47 When doubled, sister of Eva 50 A stripper takes it off 51 Arctic diver 52 Genesis shepherd 53 1970 Kinks classic 54 It’s perpendicular to a threshold 55 “The Time Machine” race 57 Vagabond 58 “Take a Chance on Me” quartet 59 Dressy duds 60 Thumbs-up votes 63 Former French coin

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Tidbits of Tri-Cities

778-895-7795 IN THE COLD! (continued): • Because Canada has long winters, it is no wonder that they have a lot of people who like to ice fish. It is home to the greatest number of participants in the sport. In the year 2000, Canadian anglers spent a combined total of 4,489,296 days ice fishing! • A small fishing village on the south shore of Nova Scotia, West Pubnico, was named for the native Mi’kmaq word, Pombcoup, which means: “a hole that has been cut in the ice for fishing.” • More than 60% of the fish Canadians catch beneath the ice are caught and released. They eat less than one third of their catch. They practice CPR: “catch, photograph, release!” • Minnesota is nicknamed the “Land of 10,000 Lakes.” There are actually 11,842 lakes in the state that are 10 acres or larger (4 ha). With so many lakes and cold winters it is no wonder that ice fishing is a popular sport. • Minnesota is known for its abundance of ice shelters set up on the state’s lakes. If you’ve ever flown into or out of the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport you have probably noticed all of the dots on the lakes! Each year it is estimated that around 150,000 ice fishing shelters are set up. The state’s Department of Natural Resources estimates that about 30% of the fish caught in the state are caught when the lakes are frozen. • Ice fishing is a risky sport and the depth of the ice is something to be taken very seriously. In 2009, over 100 people were stranded on the Great Lakes. They became stranded when ice broke away where they were fishing. The Coast Guard rescued all, however, one died in route to the hospital due to hypothermia. This life threatening condition occurs when body temperature falls below 95° F (35° C). • It is imperative when ice fishing to get expert advice. Knowing the area and the ice conditions can make the sport fun; not knowing can lead to disaster. It is recommended that ice thickness for someone fishing alone (not really advisable) be almost four inches (10 cm). For groups, where more are standing on the ice, the ice should be about 7.5 inches (18 cm). When vehicles are taken on the ice, which does happen in some cold climates, the ice should be 11-12 inches (28 cm). • Icebergs are much thicker than the ice that freezes over lakes in the winter. Icebergs are chunks of ice that developed on land, then break off and float in a lake or ocean. The word “iceberg” originates from the Dutch “ijsberg”,


ARIES (March 21-April 19): Start your engines. You don’t have to be great to get started, but you have to get started to be great. This is a great week to begin any enterprise that depends upon networking or widespread publicity. TAURUS (April 20-May 20): Cooperation makes the good times better and the hard times easier. An upfront forgiving nature and sincere approach makes you the go-to person to mend social situations in the upcoming week. GEMINI (May 21-June 20): Develop a dialog. Make a point of talking to people directly, rather than talking about people. This is a week in which you will find that your capacity for sympathy and imagination is greater than usual. CANCER (June 21-July 22): Help yourself by helping others. Although you may be focused on your ambitions in the week to come, you may be called upon to help others achieve theirs, as well. All parties will benefit. LEO (July 23-Aug. 22): Drive and ambition fuel your workweek. You won’t need caffeine-laced power drinks for energy if you concentrate on doing the things that pique your passions. Accept spur-of-the-moment invitations. VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22): In the coming week, you are often reminded that knowledge shouldn’t be mistaken for wisdom. Money may be judiciously spent for what you’ve already determined to be a good cause. LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 22): Don’t settle for being someone’s part-time, downtime or sometime love. In the week ahead, you might find that you have mistaken a true friendship for true love - or that someone wants more freedom. SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 21): Peace returns when you choose to not allow other people and outside circumstances to control your emotions. In the week ahead, achieve your fondest ambitions by playing to your strengths. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21): Generosity begets generosity. Even if you are riveted on moneymaking projects in the week ahead, never forget to share with others. People are willing to support you and help you. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19): When you are pleased by achievements, you are often rewarded by pleasing others, too. In the upcoming week, you may be immersed in material success, but won’t lose sight of spiritual goals. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18): Treat people well and you’ll help them become what they are capable of becoming. When you are the center of attention in the week ahead, remember to be grateful for the admirers who put you there. PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20): What you perceive as things falling apart might actually be things falling in place. Follow through on promises in the week to come. Focus on following wise advice obtained from partners and friends.

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IN THE COLD! (continued): which means ice mountain.


World of the

• Icebergs are found in all shapes and sizes, from very small pieces to ice islands that can be the size of a small country. The term “iceberg” actually refers to ice larger than 16 feet (5 m) in diameter. Smaller icebergs are known as growlers and bergy bits. Even though they are smaller, they are harder to spot and therefore very dangerous for ships.

• Even though most icebergs are found floating in oceans of salt water they are made of pure fresh water. Most of the icebergs on earth are found in the frigid waters surrounding Antarctica and in the northern Atlantic Ocean. Jan. 28: in 1915, the U.S. Coast Guard was created from Most icebergs originate near the west coast of the Life Saving and Revenue Cutter services. In 1986, Greenland. the space shuttle Challenger exploded 73 seconds after liftoff from Cape Canaveral, killing all seven of • “Iceberg Alley” is the name given to an its crewmembers, including schoolteacher Christa area from Baffin Bay, off the west coast of McAuliffe. Greenland where many massive icebergs break

into the water, to the coast of Newfoundland Jan. 29: in 1845, Edgar Allan Poe’s poem “The Raven” and Labrador on the east coast of Canada. The was first published in the New York Evening Mirror. Newfoundland and Labrador area is known as In 1936, the first members of the Baseball Hall of the Iceberg Capital of the World. Fame - Ty Cobb, Walter Johnson, Christy Mathewson, Babe Ruth and Honus Wagner - were named in • Approximately 90% of the icebergs that Cooperstown, N.Y. are in the waters near Newfoundland and Labrador originated from the glaciers of Jan. 30: in 1933, Adolf Hitler was named chancellor western Greenland. They are among the fastest of Germany by President Paul von Hindenburg moving icebergs in the world. Even so, by even though the Nazis held a minority of seats in most standards, the four miles (7 km) per year the Reichstag. In 1948, Indian political and spiritual that they tend to move seems slow. It takes an leader Mohandas Gandhi was murdered by a Hindu estimated two to three years for the massive extremist. icebergs to cover the 1600 nautical miles (2963 Jan. 31: in 1606, Guy Fawkes was executed for his km) and reach the coast of Newfoundland and part in the “Gunpowder Plot” against the English Parliament and King James I. In 1949, the first daytime television soap opera, “These Are My Children,” was broadcast by the NBC station in Chicago.

orm, ts® Entertains!

Feb. 1: in 1893, Thomas A. Edison completed work on the world’s first motion-picture studio in West Orange, N.J. In 2003, space shuttle Columbia broke apart over Texas during its approach for landing in Florida, killing all seven astronauts aboard. Feb. 2: in 1653, New Amsterdam - now New York City - was incorporated. In 1876, the National League of Professional Base Ball Clubs was formed in New York. Feb. 3: in 1690, the first paper money in America was issued by the colony of Massachusetts. The currency was used to pay soldiers fighting Quebec. In 1865, President Lincoln and Confederate Vice President Alexander H. Stephens held a shipboard peace conference off the Virginia coast. Answer to last week’s question: This week in 1976, former congressman and ambassador to China George H.W. Bush became director of the Central Intelligence Agency. He would be elected president in 1988. This week’s question: In 1997, what Fox Network cartoon became the longest-running animated series in TV history?

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Dr. Cobi 10 Tips for Healthy Nutrition for the Whole Family 1. Avoid the “health robbers” such as preservatives, food dyes, chemicals and “funny fats” that steal nutrients from our bodies. Common robbers are boxed cereals, processed breads, crackers, muffins, ketchup, margarine and luncheon meats. 2. Eat a rotation diet. In addition to eating the wrong foods, most people eat the same foods all the time. Rotate foods so that you are not eating any one food more than 4 days per week. 3. Approach food changes in a positive manner rather than begrudgingly. Kids will pick up on your attitude and mimic it. Healthy foods can be delicious and fun. 4. Become a label reader. Take note of the shelf life of products you are purchasing and the number of unpronounceable ingredients on the label. If you cannot pronounce it then do not eat it! 5. Shop the perimeter of the grocery store. All of the nutritious foods are located along the outside aisles. The aisles in the middle commonly contain packaged and processed foods. If you avoid this area you will not be tempted.

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Dr. Cobi Slater of Essential Health Natural Wellness Clinic is a Doctor of Natural Medicine, Clinical Herbal Therapist, Registered Nutritionist and holds a PhD in Natural Health Sciences with a family practice in Maple Ridge, BC. For a consultation call 604 467 9554, email

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body’s requirements of fibre and how to increase fibre intake, note that most fruits, vegetables and whole grains have at least 2-4 grams of fibre per serving. Whole grains such as brown rice and barley, vegetables like sweet potatoes, snow peas, and fruits like apples and pears with skin are a high source of fibre with 4-6 grams of it per serving. Cooked legumes, most nuts and seeds, berries, and dried fruit, are very high sources of fibre with more than 6 grams per serving. Make sure you are having the appropriate intake of fiber if you are looking to lose weight. For more information on how start losing weight or how to increase your intake of good fibre, give me a call at 604-355-5433. You will have your free consultation if you are motivated to lose weight!

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Queen Victoria holds the title of the longest reigning monarch in the United Kingdom. She ruled from 1837-1901; for 63 years and 7 months. The current queen, Queen Elizabeth II, has been in power for almost 61 years. • Born on May 24, 1819, at Kensington Palace in London, Victoria was the only child of Prince Edward (Duke of Kent) and Princess Victoria Mary Louisa of Saxe-Coburg-Saalfeld. Christened “Alexandrina Victoria” and called “Drina” by her family, the future queen’s formal name from birth was Her Royal Highness Princess Victoria of Kent. • Queen Victoria’s father died when she was only eight months old. Her mother was very protective and she was taught at home. Her first language was German but she was taught to speak French and English when she was only three years old. (Later in life she also learned to speak Hindustani since she became ruler of India.) She studied history, geography and the Bible and was taught to play the piano and to paint. • Victoria was the granddaughter of George III and inherited the throne from her uncle William IV. Her father was one of four sons of George III but since none of his brothers had legitimate children in line for the throne, she became William IV’s successor. Victoria was elevated to the throne at the young age of 18, with her coronation held a year later on June 28, 1838.

• When Queen Victoria was 21 years old she married German Prince Albert, who was her cousin. In her first years as queen her main advisers were her Prime Minister Lord Melbourne and her uncle, King Leopold of Belgium. •

After marrying Prince Albert, he became her major confidant and advisor. He helped her learn to rule in the constitutional role where the monarchy had much influence but the powers were mostly with Parliament. • The British Empire became very powerful during Queen Victoria’s reign. She ruled about one quarter of the world’s landmass and approximately one quarter of the world’s population; about 450 million people. The land under British rule was so large that many said “the sun never set on the British Empire.” It stretched around the globe from Canada to the Caribbean, Australia, New Zealand, Africa and India. India was considered the “Jewel in the Crown” and Queen Victoria was given the title of Empress of India in 1876.

• Queen Victoria’s long reign became known as the Victorian era: a time of great industrial, scientific, political, military, and trade advancement for Great Britain. • The Queen and Prince Albert had 9 children and 42 grandchildren. The queen was called “Grandmother of Europe,” by managing the marriages of her children and grandchildren into other European royal families.

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Shelley is a gentle, calm little cat who lost her first home at the age of seven months because she had trouble coping with children. She was then adopted into an adult home where she lived happily for the next six years. She lost that home when her people moved. At Katie’s Place she is a quiet resident who never makes any trouble. She never pesters us but if we visit with her, she’s delighted. Shelley has settled into her communal room serenely enough -- she’s serene by nature! Yet she doesn’t seem to be happy. She stays out of everyone’s way but she seems resigned rather than contented. No doubt she’s lonely for a bond with a human family like she once enjoyed. She’s a tenderhearted but undemanding little soul who deserves more than life has given her. This endearing little cat with the plush, soft coat will be a joy to someone in a reasonably quiet home. Sweet Shaylynn was brought to the shelter by a kind human who found her hanging around without any obvious home. This outgoing and

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from affectionate girl tried to adopt this person as her own but unfortunately they were unable to have a cat so she was brought to us. Shaylynn is a dominant girl, so she is good with most laid back cats and seems to do well with children who can respect cat body-language and boundaries. She is proving to be an amusing and quirky little girl! She will use the cat doors to enter her communal room from the porch, but she may just choose to paw repeatedly at the window and LOCK her green EYES with you as she waits for you to open the door! Her slight attitude and amusing demeanour make us suspect she has some Siamese or Oriental short-hair background. If you’re the kind of person who likes quirky, silly, pretty cats, come check out our Shaylynn -she’s quite the character!


“END OF WATCH”: Writer-director David Ayer knows how to do a gritty police drama, as he proved with his “Training Day” script, and he shows it again with this effective tale that draws one of Jake Gyllenhaal’s standout performances to date. That actor and Michael Pena (“Crash”) play patrol partners who suddenly find themselves in dire danger after running afoul of a drug cartel. Ayer smartly uses a variety of unusual angles to tell the story, which also sets this apart from - and above - many other entries in the genre; Anna Kendrick and America Ferrera also star. DVD extras: five “makingof ” documentaries; audio commentary by Ayer; deleted scenes. ***

“FOR A GOOD TIME, CALL ...”: Lauren Miller, who also co-wrote the movie, and Ari Graynor (“Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist”) star in this expectedly edgy comedy as former college mates who aren’t any better matched years after graduation. Nevertheless, they try to put their differences aside to make a go of a phone-sex business. The venture’s success leads them to form a friendship - but inevitably, something arises to threaten their smooth sailing. Co-stars include Seth Rogen (Miller’s husband), Justin Long, Nia Vardalos and filmmaker Kevin Smith. *** “THE PAPERBOY”: An impressive cast gives life to a sinister story, as director Lee Daniels (“Precious: Based on the Novel `Push’ by Sapphire”) brings novelist Pete Dexter’s backwoods Florida 1960s crime tale to film. Matthew McConaughey and David Oyewolo play reporters determined to prove that a less-thanupstanding resident (John Cusack) is innocent of a sheriff ’s murder; Nicole Kidman and Zac Efron also star as others who assist them. Scott Glenn and singer Macy Gray appear as well. *** (R: AS, P, V) (Also on Blu-ray) “SEARCHING FOR SUGAR MAN”: The recipient of much acclaim at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival - to the tune of two awards - this documentary traces the literal search for Rodriguez, a musician whose meantto-be-huge album barely caused a ripple in the 1970s. Its reputation grew over the following years, though, thanks to a bootleg that got play in South Africa ... and inspired two of the artist’s devotees to determine what became of him, despite suicide rumors. DVD extras: “making-of ” documentary; audio commentary by Rodriguez and director Malik Bendjelloul; Q&A session. *** “DEATH RACE 3: INFERNO”: The literally hard-driving action franchise continues with this made-forvideo adventure, casting Luke Goss as a convict - known as “Frankenstein” (as was David Carradine in the original “Death Race 2000”) - who has to win one more race to earn his freedom. Since the “course” is the Kalahari Desert, the challenges awaiting him are many, especially since others are eager to see him lose his life as well as the competition. Ving Rhames, Danny Trejo (“Machete”), Dougray Scott and series regular Robin Shou also star. DVD extras: “making-of ” documentary; audio commentary by director Roel Reine; deleted scenes. **

Pet Bits

Q: What’s a Munchkin?

A: Aside from characters in the “Wizard of Oz,” the kind of Munchkin I suspect you’re referring to is a cat breed, referred to as the Dachshund of the cat world. According to the International Cat Association (TICA), the breed descended from a spontaneous mutation in a stray. This isn’t a particularly new mutation; it’s been documented many times over decades. Still, this breed with a long backbone and short legs remains controversial for its awkward appearance and potential medical problems as a result. TICA accepted the Munchkin into its New Breed development program in September 1994, and nine years later into TICA Championship status. Munchkins are surprisingly active and agile, given their body shape, and quite sociable.

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TEA CUPS While many China cabinets and hutches contain tea cup collections in the homes of wealthy and not-so-wealthy North Americans, these fine breakables are not just for special occasions. Many homes around the world use their tea sets on a regular basis. • The reason most tea cups are considered “China,” is that they originated in that country. The first tea cups did not have handles and were called tea bowls. Some of the early tea bowls used in Europe were more like deep saucers and were used so that the tea cooled quicker. • Saucers, as we know them, to accompany tea cups did not appear until 1700. Tea cups with handles were not seen until Robert Adams came up with the idea in about 1750.

Labrador. If icebergs reach the Atlantic Ocean before melting, they melt rather quickly in the warm waters. • After the sinking of the Titanic in 1912, near Newfoundland, the United States, Canada, and eleven other countries formed the International Ice Patrol. The patrol uses airplanes and radar to track icebergs that make their way into the major shipping lanes. The U.S. National Ice Center monitors icebergs larger than 5,400 square feet (500 sq/m) near Antarctica using satellite data. Icebergs are not just studied and watched to protect ships, scientists use them as tools for studying ocean processes and climate.

• The English embraced Mr. Adams designs. They thought tea bowls were messy and people often burned their hands on them. Robert Adams designed cups that were taller and wider than the base and the saucers he introduced, more flat like small plates, were welcomed as a place to let a hot cup rest. His designs quickly became the standard for what became known • A way that some inventive Canadians have chosen to use the abundance of icebergs as the “English Tea Service Set.” floating in their waters is in creating vodka • Since the English started the tradition of putting and other alcoholic spirits. The Iceberg cream and sugar in their tea, Mr. Adams also Vodka Corporation, based in St. John’s started designing tea pots, sugar holders, Newfoundland, produces spirits “made from cream/milk containers, and even matching tea naturally pure 12,000-year-old icebergs spoons. His sets were made from porcelain that harvested off the coast of Newfoundland.” was strong but looked beautiful and delicate. They use Ontario-grown sweet corn in making English porcelain tea cups have a translucent their beverages as well. They also make look when held up to a light. Iceberg Rum and Iceberg Gin. • The Chinese still prefer to drink tea from • The largest iceberg ever recorded was found pottery-ware. They use what is known as near Baffin Island in 1882. Eight miles long “purple clay” from the Yixing, Jianqsu, and and three miles wide (13 km long/6 km wide), Jinqdezhen regions of China. its height above water was 65 feet (20 m).

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Drum lessons

You name the location. Feel comfortable in your own home.


with Frank Dato

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Al & Brenda Jenkins

Strip Mall In Maple Ridge Local Strip Mall For Sale

22899 Dewdney Trunk Road MLS #V4033940 Rare strip mall available in Maple Ridge. Approximately 7500 sq.ft. building on a 31,625 sq.ft. lot. Three solid tenants. C-2 zoning. 34 parking stalls. Built in 1992. For more details, please contact Brenda at (604)816-6961. Asking $2,250,000

Brenda’s Cell: 604.816.6961 Al’s Cell: 604.838.8872 Office: 604.467.3871

22718 Lougheed Highway Maple Ridge, BC V2X 2V6 CA

Art Classes For All Ages!

Say You Saw It In...

Unleash Your Inner Artist

Fe a t u r e d S p r i n g C a m p s A g e s 6 - 1 2 : Around The World

Starting February 23rd!

March 18-22, 9am-12pm or 1:30-4:30pm

Every Saturday for four consecutive

Students spend five exciting days exploring other countries and cultures through their art. At each stop, they create unique art as a souvenir. In the beginning of the week, each student is issued a blank “passport” in which they recieve a stamp after their succesful completion of each countries artwork.

weekends from 2:30pm

Join Leonel as he guides a workshop series on the 7 most commonly known Chakras.

P a i n t , D r a w & D e s i g n L i k e A Fa m o u s A r t i s t March 25-28, 9am-12pm or 1:30-4:30pm

From clay to painting on canvas and even creating yummy looking models of cake and candy - all developed around aspiring artists. All this and more while

We also offer:

Come learn, explore, and expand!

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by Leonel Franco

100-22722 Dewdney Trunk Rd Maple Ridge, BC V2X 3K2

Dewdney Trunk Rd Lougheed Auction

The cool thing about Art Innovators is that we guide our students to think “outside the box” influencing them to use the right side of their brain for higher achievements.


Fletcher St

Bosleys Pet Food Plus

Haney Builders` Supplies

You will have the opportunity to ask questions in a open discussion environment and receive insight from Leonel Franco.

» Birthday Parties » Squiggles & Grins » And many more!

» Kidz Classes (grades 1-3, 4-6, 7-9) » Hollywood FX » Teenz Art » Seniorz Art » Ladies Nights



Gift Certific ates Available !

This workshop is intended to be an introduction and guide into the intimately connected Chakras of our bodies. Gathering once a week focusing on the 7 most commonly known Chakra’s, beginning with the root, Mooladhara, and ending with the crown, Sahasrara. Each class will be lead by Leonel, covering the following: Asanas(postures) that open and stimulate our chakra’s(energy centers), cleansing techniques for our physical and energetic bodies, sound healing, visualizations, and much more. The cost of the series (Four Classes) is: $89.00 Drop in classes are also welcomed and are $25.00 ea. If you are interested in participating, please register at Believe Yoga Studio or by calling 604-460-0095. 5 minimum registered participants and 12 maximum. Book your spot now! 109 - 19070 Lougheed Hwy Pitt Meadows 604-460-0095

Janet Maxwell


Pr New

“It’s All About You!”

MLS# V927738

604-308-3883 RE/MAX results realty (MPLRDG)


New Homes @ Balsam Creek on 236th! Amazing 2 storey c/w walkout bsmt (roughed in for suite). Main floor features the great room concept with an island & eating area, 2 pce bathroom & den. Upstairs has 3 bedrooms, a great laundry room & a 4 pce bathroom. To top it off the Master bedroom has a walk-in closet & and ensuite that will knock your socks off! Quality built by Scott Charlton Construction.

$535,500 +HST RE/MAX results realty (MPLRDG)

MLS# V968304

MLS# V982145

Wildwood is one of the most desireable parks-well run & well maintained. Beautifully updated mobile home 1 bedroom & Den/Flex Room with a new roof, siding, windows, kitchen, flooring (laminate, vinyl & carpet), bathroom, lighting fixtures. Yard is fenced for your kids & a little dog. It also has a shed for your gardening tools. There is 2 parking spots as well. Another bonus is pad fees include the indoor pool, clubhouse, playground & tennis courts within the park. You truly have to see it to believe it! Call me for a private viewing... $57,800

Bright 2 storey with fully finished basement. Great open floor plan. Upstairs features 4 bedrooms and laundry, large master bd has a 5pc ensuite, jetted tub/separate shower and built in wardrobe in the walk in closet. Main floor features kitchen/plenty of cupboard space, pot lights under cabinets, island and a desk plus R/I gas for stove. Huge dining area, great rm has a fancy gas fireplace, office, a 2pc powder room and an outdoor covered deck. Bsmnt features a media room 2 bds, rec rm, 4 pc bathroom with separate entry. A must see.

20842 Lougheed Highway

Maple Ridge

V2X 2R3

$499,000 +HST

Ridge Meadows  

Tidbits Ridge Meadows

Ridge Meadows  

Tidbits Ridge Meadows