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this holiday season with an overstuffed adventure of good taste...

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Reconnecting You to Your Infinite Spark



by Kathy Wolfe At this time of year when we are bombarded with ads for a wide variety of toys, Tidbits looks at those toys that have been inducted into the National Toy Hall of Fame, as well as some of our other favorites. • America’s National Toy Hall of Fame, located in Rochester, New York, was established in 1998. It honors those toys and games that have maintained their popularity over many years. In order to qualify for admission, the toy must be “widely recognized, respected, and remembered,” and foster learning and creativity. In addition, it must be more than a passing fad and show innovation. Toys in the Hall are not necessarily brand-name items. For example, the kite, bike, jump rope, rocking horse, and jigsaw puzzles are included. Checkers, yo-yos, jacks, and doll houses are all inductees, along with an item nearly child has played with, the cardboard box, a source of endless creativity. • Originally designed as a cereal premium prize, Mr. Potato Head was the first toy to be advertised on network television. Introduced in 1952, he met the lovely Mrs. Potato Head in 1953. He sported a pipe for many years, but in 1987, it was abandoned when Mr. Potato Head became the official “spokespud” for the American Cancer Society’s Great American Smoke-Out. turn the page for more!

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Tidbits of Ridge Meadows

For Advertising Call (604) 638-7399 EGG NOG & FRUITCAKE

December is National Egg Nog Month as well as National Fruit Cake Month. Here we present some interesting and amusing facts about these two holiday treats! • There are disputing views as to the origins of egg not. Some historians say that the concoction came from a 1500s English beverage called “Pousset,” a mixture of eggs, wine, and milk. It was mostly consumed by those who were well-off, because a readily available supply of fresh milk and eggs was necessary. Other historians claim that the name comes from a Colonial drink made with rum called “egg and grog,” which was eventually shortened to “egg’n’grog,” and finally “egg nog.” Still others say that part of the name is from the old English word “noggin,” a germ used for a small wooden mug that was used to serve alcohol. • Egg nog can be enjoyed with or without alcohol. The traditional old English beverage contained wine or brandy. When the English settled in America, brandy and wine were heavily taxed by the mother country, and rum was substituted by the Colonists. Most Americans who add alcohol to their egg nog now use bourbon. Many Europeans typically mix egg nog with white wine. The Germans add beer to theirs and call it Biersuppe. Egg nog in Mexico is called Rompope and has grain alcohol added along with a large amount of cinnamon. CLASSIC TOYS (continued): • A French mechanic took his invention L’Ecran Magique, or “Magic Screen” to the International Toy Fair in Germany in 1959, hoping to find a company to buy it. There were no takers for his mechanical drawing toy at the fair, but he eventually convinced the Ohio Art Company to take a chance on it. They renamed it the Etch-A-Sketch, and by the next holiday season, it was one of the nation’s most-wanted toys. The red plastic frame housed a flat gray screen and two knobs connected to a stylus that “etched” lines in aluminum powder on the back of the screen. Turning the toy upside down and shaking it erased the image and recoated the screen. • The Kenner Easy-Bake Oven hit retailers’ shelves in 1963, the brainstorm of inventor Ronald Howes, who was inspired by New York City street vendors roasting chestnuts and cooking pretzels. Two 100-watt light bulbs heated the food in a trendy turquoise oven, after little girls had mixed up the packets of cake mix with water. The first year, 500,000 ovens were sold for $15.95 each. Thirty-five years later, more than 16 million Easy-Bakes had been sold, and today that number tops 23 million. The design has been upgraded 11 times over the years. The oven no longer uses light bulbs to cook, with current models containing a heating element. • A Portland, Oregon organ maker named William Gruber was responsible for the invention of the View-Master. He introduced his creation at the 1939 New York World’s Fair, where it was sold in photo shops and stationary stores as a souvenir. During World War II, millions of View-Master reels were produced for the U.S. government to assist the armed forces with airplane and ship identification. • The name Wham-O has become synonymous with good old-fashioned fun over the years. Although it’s believed that the hula hoop has been around since about 500 B.C., it wasn’t until 1958 that it took on a brand name when Wham-O introduced a plastic hoop. The company promoted the hoop with giveaways at local playgrounds. Four months after its debut, 25 million hula hoops had been sold. That same year, Wham-O’s Frisbee appeared in stores, and quickly became an American icon. In 1961, Wham-O had another hit with its introduction of the Slip ‘n Slide. Voted in the Top 100 toys of all time, this long sheet of plastic was a practical choice for those who

• The fruitcake dates back to ancient Roman times when pomegranate seeds, pine nuts, and raisins were mixed into a barley mash. During the Middle Ages, the recipe was expanded to include honey, spices, and preserved fruits. During the 1400s, when the exporting of dried fruits to Great Britain from the Mediterranean began, fruit cake became a very popular item. Queen Victoria was very fond of the delicacy and it was regularly served at tea time during her

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Tidbits of Ridge Meadows

CLASSIC TOYS (continued): didn’t have money or space for a pool. Yet another success story followed in 1965 with the Superball, invented by chemist Norman Stingley, who received the patent for a “highly resilient polybutadiene ball.” Wham-O produced more than 20 million Superballs during the 1960s. • You might not recognize the name “Thousand Wonder Builder,” the name given to a set of wooden sticks and spools. In 1914, Charles Pajeau and Robert Petit observed kids playing with pencils, sticks, and empty thread spools, and created an inspirational toy for children that sold for 60 cents. Renamed Tinker Toys, by 1918 the inventors had sold more than 2.5 million sets. That 2.5 million figure continued every year up until the 1960s. Originally the pieces were all unpainted natural wood, but in 1932, red was added, followed by green, blue, and yellow three years later.

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• Two of our favorite toys had the same inventor. Reyn Guyer came up with a game that required the players to use their bodies as playing pieces. He called the simple polka-dot vinyl sheet and accompanying spinner “Pretzel,” but when Milton Bradley bought the rights, the name was changed to “Twister.” “The Game that Ties You Up in Knots” sold more than three million units during the first year, and has been played by an estimated 65 million people to date. In 1968, another Guyer invention brought a reprieve to those kids who were in trouble for playing ball in the house. The four-inch NERF ball, which stood for Non-Expanding Recreational Foam, had sales of four million its first year. • As architect Frank Lloyd Wright was building Tokyo’s Imperial Hotel in 1916, his son John was building an idea of his own. As John observed workers using a construction technique of interlocking beams, he visualized a set of toy logs made of redwood. He named them after Abraham Lincoln with a slogan of “interesting playthings typifying the spirit of America.” More than 100 million sets of Lincoln Logs have been sold worldwide. • Play-Doh’s original use was that of wallpaper cleaner. At the request of his pre-school teaching sister-in-law, chemist Joseph McVicker tweaked the formula a bit to produce a soft modeling compound for her students. Joe premiered his clay at a 1955 national education convention, and by the next year, he had a hit. Not only have kids played with about 700 million pounds of Play-Doh, it even has its own national day of recognition, September 16th.

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ARIES (March 21 to April 19) An old adversary wants to make amends over the holidays. The decision is yours. But wouldn’t it be nice to share the upcoming new year with another friend? TAURUS (April 20 to May 20) As news of your work gets around, expect to receive a special holiday “gift” from influential contacts who could help you launch your new projects in the new year. GEMINI (May 21 to June 20) Instead of fussing over what you didn’t do to prepare for the holidays, relax and enjoy the kudos for a job truly well done. A happy surprise awaits you early next year. CANCER (June 21 to July 22) The best way to shake off lingering holiday blues is to join loved ones in the fun and festivities of this special time. A confusing situation starts to make sense in upcoming weeks. LEO (July 23 to August 22) Special emotional rewards mark this holiday time for Leos and Leonas who are able to open up to new relationships and the possibilities they offer in the upcoming year. VIRGO (August 23 to September 22) Your efforts to make the holidays especially memorable for some people will be rewarded in some unexpected (but very welcome) ways in the upcoming year. LIBRA (September 23 to October 22) Be assured that your efforts to make this holiday special for everyone won’t go unnoticed by those who could make some important changes in your life. SCORPIO (October 23 to November 21) Lots of folks want you to light up their holiday parties. But try to take some quiet time ‘twixt those glittering galas to spend with some very special people. SAGITTARIUS (November 22 to December 21) While the current round of holiday revels has your social life on the fast track, someone special might want to keep pace with you next year, as well. CAPRICORN (December 22 to January 19) Enjoy all the fun you deserve at this holiday time. However, don’t lose sight of the need to check out some of the changes the new year is expected to bring. AQUARIUS (January 20 to February 18) What happens during this holiday time can help clear up some of the confusion jeopardizing a once-stable relationship. Follow your instincts on what to do next. PISCES (February 19 to March 20) Your holidays are brightened by new friends eager to become part of your life. But don’t forget to spend time with that one special person. (You know who!)

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Tidbits of Ridge Meadows

For Advertising Call (604) 638-7399 57KM Bonaparte Lake East Kamloops District 250-706-9111

An Ideal Setting For A Relaxing Outdoor Vacation •Log Chalets, Cabins & Campsites •Unspoiled British Columbia, Canada •Located on Beautiful Bonaparte Lake •Snowmobiling, Cross-country Skiing •Incomparable Wildlife & Nature •Rainbow Trout Fishing •Swimming, Boating, Hiking & Biking Situated 80km north of Kamloops, at the east end of Bonaparte Lake on British Columbia’s beautiful Bonaparte Plateau.

EGG NOG & FRUITCAKE (continued): → On Dec. 30, 1853, the United States acquires 30,000 square miles of land in what is now southern New Mexico and Arizona for $15 million. The purchase settled the dispute over the location of the Mexican border west of El Paso, Texas, and established the final boundaries of the southern United States. → On Dec. 28, 1869, the Knights of Labor, a labor union of tailors in Philadelphia, holds the first Labor Day ceremonies in American history. In 1894, Congress designated the first Monday in September a legal holiday for all federal employees and the residents of the District of Columbia. → On Dec. 29, 1878, the first game is played between two teams of the first professional baseball league in Cuba. Baseball was introduced in Cuba around 1864, when some students returned home from studying in the United States and introduced their fellow islanders to the bat and ball. → On Dec. 25, 1880, Layne Hall is born in Mississippi. When he died in 1990, Hall was the oldest licensed driver in the United States. In his nearly 75 years on the road, Hall never got a speeding ticket or citation of any kind. → On Dec. 26, 1917, during World War I, President Woodrow Wilson announces the nationalization of many of the country’s railroads. The Railroad Control Act stated that within 21 months of a peace treaty, the railroads would be returned to their owners. In March 1920, the railroads became private property once again. → On Dec. 27, 1932, at the height of the Great Depression, thousands of people turn out for the opening of Radio City Music Hall in New York City. Radio City Music Hall was designed as a palace for the people -- a place of beauty where ordinary folks could see high-quality entertainment. It remains the largest indoor theater in the world. → On Dec. 24, 1979, the Soviet Union invades Afghanistan under the pretext of upholding the Soviet-Afghan Friendship Treaty of 1978. Within days, the Soviets had secured the capital of Kabul after overcoming fierce but brief resistance from the Afghan army.

reign. In the 1800s, it was the preferred cake at weddings and Christmas gatherings. • Traditional fruitcakes are soaked in brandy, whiskey, or liqueur, which helps to prevent mold. Storing the cake in brandy-soaked linens also increases its life. • Although some folks think that fruitcake gets better with age, it’s the subject of mockery to others, particularly late-night comedians. In a December, 1985 broadcast, Tonight Show host Johnny Carson joked, “There is only one fruitcake in the entire world, and people keep sending it to each other.” The fruitcake bashing continued after Carson’s death, countered with appearances by Marie Rudisill, known as “The Fruitcake Lady,” who had sent a copy of her book about fruitcake to the producer. Jay Leno continued the tradition by sampling a fruitcake on the show that was reportedly baked in 1878, and has been kept as an heirloom by a Michigan family. • Looking for a creative way to get rid of your unwanted fruitcake? Visit the community of Manitou Springs, Colorado each January, where you can participate in the Annual Great Fruitcake Toss. Any method of hurling the cakes is permissible – your outfielder’s arm, slingshot, golf club, or mechanical device. If you want to attend, but don’t have a cake, you can rent one for $1.00. Don’t expect big rewards for being the winner – there is no prize money! • An old English custom calls for unmarried guests at a wedding to put a slice of fruitcake under their pillow following the wedding. Legend has it they will dream of the person they will marry.

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Tidbits of Ridge Meadows

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Five post-Christmas clean-up tips (NC)—Post-holiday clean-up is not as fun as decorating, but it is important to properly store holiday decorations to ensure they are around for many years to come. If you’re not sure where to start, Canadian Tire offers the following postholiday organization tips to get you ready for next year: • Wrap ornaments individually to avoid breakage or use an ornament storage box available at Canadian Tire stores. • If you have to store an artificial tree, use a storage bag or bin that’s large enough to keep all the pieces together for easy assembly next year.

Pea and Pasta Salad During the hectic days leading up to the holidays, it’s nice to have side salads waiting in the refrigerator for last-minute meals. This great pasta salad is perfect alongside grilled burgers or baked chicken breasts.

• Clearly label boxes and storage bags with your holiday items so that you can find all your favourite decorations easily next year.

1/2 cup fat-free mayonnaise 1/4 cup sweet pickle relish 1 (2-ounce) jar chopped pimiento, drained 1 1/2 cups cold cooked rotini pasta, rinsed and drained 1 1/2 cups frozen peas, thawed 1 cup plus 2 tablespoons shredded reduced-fat Cheddar cheese

• Place leftover rolls of wrapping paper in a tall laundry hamper or garment bag. • Use a garden hose reel or Lights Kit Storage to keep lights from getting tangled or broken. Proper storage of holiday decor will make it that much easier the following year to trim the tree and deck the halls for the season.

Drum lessons

In a large bowl, combine mayonnaise, pickle relish and pimiento. Add rotini pasta and peas. Mix well to combine. Fold in Cheddar cheese. Cover and refrigerate for at least 15 minutes. Gently stir again just before serving. Makes 6 (2/3 cup) servings.

with Frank Dato

You name the location. Feel comfortable in your own home.

„ Each serving equals: 164 calories, 4g fat, 9g protein, 23g carb., 153mg sodium, 3g fiber; Diabetic Exchanges: 1 1/2 Starch, 1 Meat.


THE NORTH POLE We’ve all heard that Santa lives at the North Pole. But as you’ll soon learn, the Pole is not exactly the most conducive location for comfortable living quarters! • There are actually two North Poles – a geographic one and a magnetic one. The geographic Pole is the Earth’s northernmost point, also called “true north.” It’s the point where all lines of longitude converge, found at 90° North latitude. All points in the world are south of the Pole, since east and west have no bearing. The magnetic North Pole is hundreds of miles away from the geographic pole, at approximately 82.7° North latitude, but it’s always on the move. It’s the focus of the Earth’s magnetic field, the place where compasses point. This pole moves about 25 miles (40 km) each year. • There is no land at the North Pole, as it sits in the middle of the Arctic Ocean, about 450 miles (725 km) north of Greenland. It’s covered with a constantly-shifting field of ice, typically between 6.5 and 10 feet (2 to 3 meters) thick. Now and then on rare occasions, open water is visible at the exact Pole site. The sea has been measured at 13,980 feet (4,261 meters) deep. • It’s an international law that no country owns the North Pole or any of the Arctic Ocean surrounding it. • There are six months of darkness and six months of daylight at the Pole. The annual sunrise takes place on the equinox around March 19, taking three months to reach its highest point at the summer solstice, around June 21. During the summer, the sun is always above the horizon. It begins a slow descent after the solstice and the annual sunset occurs around September 24. The sky remains in twilight until early October, when it settles into full darkness. • January temperatures at the Pole average around -29° F (-34° C), and summer temps hover around the freezing point of 32° F (0° C). The warmest temperature recorded was 41° F (5° C). • Although Robert Peary and his assistant Matthew Henson are credited with being the first to reach the North Pole, many believed the team missed the Pole by a few miles. The Peary expedition reached the site in April of 1909, but Peary’s claims were disputed by his rival, Dr. Frederick Cook, who maintained that he had reached the Pole the year before. Cook did not provide detailed original navigational records to prove his achievement, claiming that the records had been left behind. Cook’s reputation was damaged beyond repair.

Tidbits of Ridge Meadows

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Happy Holidays!

Tidbits of Ridge Meadows and these local businesses want to wish you and your families a joyous holiday season, and a very happy new year! Mullen Bros landscaping & snow reMoval snow & ice Management contract or on-call Basis strata & commercial accounts

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Happy Holidays To All Readers!

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MARY SPANN Royal LePage Brookside Realty

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11933-224th St

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MLS® V964808

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Fantastic Home! Fantastic New Price! Win/Win! Cul-de-sac, large 4 bedroom and den home. With 1 bedroom suite. Large yard fully fenced. Newer flooring up and new kitchen. Home is move in ready! Close to schools, transit. Easy to show!

CUSTOM BUILT to MAXIMIZE the VIEW from 3 LEVELS. 4 decks & 400 sq ft patio by the swimming pool w/a 10 ft waterfall. 9’ ceilings, gourmet kitchen w/ gas cook top, & w/in pantry. Mstr Bdrm has its own deck, 2 other bdrms have shared en suite. Lower level in-law suite has its own door.



RBC Fremont Village Store 871 Village Drive, Port Coq 604-472-2868

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International Web Express Inc.

Real Estate...It’s What I Do!

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Ridge Meadows

SWITCH your mortgage for FREE. Great Rates! Call Branch Manager Laura Parko today.

604 465 2555

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MLS® V974165 FANTASTIC NEW PRICE! Highland Vistas. Permanent greenbelt in the rear yard. Fully fenced (custom) bbq deck and children’s play area. Spacious floor plan. Many oversized windows looking to greenbelt. Designer kitchen with stainless appliances. Quick possession possible. Partially finished bsmt with 1 bedroom an full bath.


MLS® F1216979 Curb appeal plus! Ideal location for this stylish 2 bdrm home. River & mtn views from deck, vaulted ceilings, bay window, oak kitchen with lots of space for entertaining. Well run family park. Manicured yard complete with water feature. Very easy to show. You will be impressed.


If you are reading this ad call me by Dec 7, 2012 for an entry to win a dinner for two!

It’s YOUR Home!


Tidbits of Ridge Meadows

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s Cl Milly’



11926 227 St, Maple Ridge

JR Huculak

To Help With It.

eaning Service

ercial m m o

• Residential

604 467 7829

Painting & Decorating

Carpet • Hardwood • window Coverings

Over 18 years’ experience Residential/commercial No job too small Free Estimates

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Eco-Friendly & Dependable

604 916 4309

An Independent ently Owned & Operated Corporations

Shelley Rosner, AMP

P. 604.530.1770 C. 604.323.3464 F. 604.530.1776

Professional and Courteous Service from Start to Finish! Need an extra bedroom or a new office? Want to turn your basement into a revenue-generating suite?


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Janet Maxwell


Pr New

“It’s All About You!”

MLS# V927738


RE/MAX results realty (MPLRDG)

20842 Lougheed Highway Maple Ridge

New Homes @ Balsam Creek on 236th! Amazing 2 storey c/w walkout bsmt (roughed in for suite). Main floor features the great room concept with an island & eating area, 2 pce bathroom & den. Upstairs has 3 bedrooms, a great laundry room & a 4 pce bathroom. To top it off the Master bedroom has a walk-in closet & and ensuite that will knock your socks off! Quality built by Scott Charlton Construction.

$535,500 +HST

V2X 2R3

Re/max Results Realty (MPLRDG)

MLS# V968304

MLS# V965374

Wildwood is one of the most desireable parks-well run & well maintained. Beautifully updated mobile home 1 bedroom & Den/Flex Room with a new roof, siding, windows, kitchen, flooring (laminate, vinyl & carpet), bathroom, lighting fixtures. Yard is fenced for your kids & a little dog. It also has a shed for your gardening tools. There is 2 parking spots as well. Another bonus is pad fees include the indoor pool, clubhouse, playground & tennis courts within the park. You truly have to see it to believe it! Call me for a private viewing... $59,800

A pristine 2 storey Cape Cod 4 bed/2bath on a quiet cul de sac in Pitt Meadows. This home has been well cared for and has had many updates including a new roof, high efficiency furnace, carpeting. Absolute large lovely fenced back yard with patio and pond.Don’t miss out on this one, it’s a beauty. Bonus—close to schools, transportation and shopping. $488,400

20842 Lougheed Highway

Maple Ridge

V2X 2R3


MLS# V4030503



Tanning Salon • • • •

Established for over 12 years Huge client base Busy strip mall location Training available

MLS# V4031200


Coffee Shop • • • •

Fish and Chips

Well known franchise coffee shop Large customer base Busy mall location Super outside patio area

Al & Brenda


• • • •

Established Seafood diner 28 seats plus outside patio Good lease rates Operating since 2003


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Pet Bits

Top 5 holiday treats for pets (NC)—The holidays are all about giving. If you have a pet in your life here are some fun ways to treat them— including a few gifts—courtesy of the animal lovers at PetSmart: • Picture perfect. Get your pet ready for holiday pictures at your local grooming salon. PetSmart salons even have a Look Great Guarantee and, for a limited time, dogs can smell as sweet as a Christmas cookie with the sugar cookie-scented spritz that comes when the Top Dog Package is added to the grooming service. Your pet can also pose for a picture with Santa in-store during the first three weekends of December.


Adoptables Some Cats at Katie’s Place – The Hidden Gem Edition The volunteers love all the cats that come into our care. We know each individual is special and deserving of a family of their very own even if they not are the prettiest or the youngest or the most out-going and we believe there is a home for each and every one. We do, however, understand that needs of the human and needs of the cat need to mesh to ensure a good match all around. We still find ourselves looking around the shelter at some of the amazing animals we are privileged to know and wonder “Why in the heck are you still here?” . Loretta Lynn is such a cat. She is a pretty little thing with velvety fur. She is young, healthy and friendly and she gets along well with other cats yet she gets overlooked. Perhaps it is because Loretta is a

little shy at first, but she readily soaks up the attention of a kind and gentle touch. She also enjoys curling up in your lap for a little nap and someone would be very lucky to add this wee girl to their family. Why Ravenpaw is with us may not be quite as mysterious as he came to us from another shelter without accommodations for FIV positive cats. Many people are still a little concerned about FIV but studies have proven these cats can live long, healthy lives. He is such a mellow, friendly sort who is often found in his room chillin`out with his buddies on the couch. If you`re looking for a calm fellow with few demands and simple wants, please come meet this sweet, affable gent.



Ring in the New Year with your pet (NC)— It’s the time of year where people make resolutions to be a better and healthier version of themselves. So why not make resolutions that will mutually benefit you and your pet? Here are some ideas to help you and yours have the best year yet. • Eat more fresh food: This may seem like an easy resolution, however it takes time and preparation. For humans this means incorporating more fruits and veggies in your diet and for pets this means ensuring that their pet food uses ingredients such as fresh turkey, salmon and duck, fresh omega 3 and 6 oils (from coconuts and canola), wholesome berries and fruits and vegetables like peas, spinach and carrots. Now Fresh premium petfood by

Petcurean is a great example. You can learn more about choosing a pet food with the freshest, healthiest ingredients at • Get more exercise: Did you know pets can decrease our blood pressure and cholesterol levels and increase our opportunities for exercise, outdoor activities and socialization? Exercising together will not only help optimize your health but also allow you to spend more time together. • Use that agenda: This doesn’t seem like a resolution, but sometimes making a plan is the only way resolutions will come to life. Most of us schedule time for other appointments and meetings, so why not set aside some priority time for pets too?

ortes, WA Anac

e Border! , South of th e p a c s mer E Financing Available Now Selling RV Sites! m u rS dian You Call Dave for more information Cana 360-920-6311 Call Now for

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to try out our park and ask us all about our RV Sites

Extra Roomy RV Super Sites Children’s Playground 50 & 100amp Full Hookup Sites Basketball Courts Wi-Fi Throughout the Resort Regulation Horseshoe Pit Spotless Laundry Facility Covered Picnic Areas Heated, Tiled Restrooms with Hot Showers

www.pione er trai

• Stay warm, dress up. To keep your dog cozy and stylish throughout the winter season, consider specially designed hoodies and coats like the Martha Stewart Pets Puffer Coat or give them their own special holiday outfit like the PetHoliday by Top Paw How the Grinch Stole Christmas Tee. • Treats from the heart. Nothing says holidays like the smell of warm cookies baking in the oven. Dog owners wanting to include their four-legged friend in the family baking tradition can make tasty homemade biscuits in minutes using ingredients commonly found at home, like peanut butter, with a gourmet dog treat maker from Sunbeam. • Give a gift that keeps on giving. Help save homeless pets and give a gift at the same time, when you purchase a Luv-A-Pet plush toy from PetSmart. When you purchase one or more of these toys, such as this year’s new Chance the Dog designed by Bret Michaels, 10 per cent of the proceeds go to PetSmart Charities of Canada to help save the lives of homeless pets. • Stuff a stocking for your four-legged friend. Include your loving pet in the family festive fun by hanging their very own stocking filled with treats and toys. There are a variety of options to keep your pet entertained and happy, such as Martha Stewart Pets Holiday Intelligence Dog Toys that will test your dogs’ problem solving skills. For dogs that like to choose their own gifts, PetSmart has over 8,000 toys making it easier for dogs to sniff out their favourite toy. More information is available online at

Tidbits of Ridge Meadows

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◆ It was beloved American film star Katharine Hepburn who made the following sage observation: “Love has nothing to do with what you are expecting to get, only with what you are expecting to give -- which is everything.” ◆ You might be surprised to learn that one out of every 18 people has a third nipple.

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◆ The epic 1939 film “Gone With the Wind” was awarded 10 Academy Awards and is a beloved classic to this day. Given the astounding success of the movie, it’s shocking that one of the stars, Vivien Leigh, was paid only $15,000 for her role as Scarlett O’Hara. ◆ The world’s smallest spider is about the size of the period at the end of this sentence. ◆ You may not realize it, but not all “light” beers have fewer calories than brews without that label. A beer simply has to be lighter in color to be called “light.” ◆ The African ostrich lays an egg that weighs a whopping 30 pounds. It’s so sturdy that a grown man can stand on it without causing it any harm. ◆ When the Titanic sank in 1912, many passengers perished in the frigid waters because no ship came to their aid until the Carpathia arrived more than two hours after the disaster. However, there was another ship nearby as the liner sank: a freighter, the California, was only 10 miles away. The crew even saw emergency flares fired from the liner, but they thought it was part of a celebration rather than a signal of distress. ◆ Although a normal human infant is born with 350 bones, the normal human adult has only 206 bones.

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Tidbits of Ridge Meadows

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Christmas, time to rejoice and celebrate! It is time to be with family and friends. Most, if not all celebrations are around food. Lately I have been sharing information on how to manage weight and obtain optimum health. Here are 3 essential tips to help you manage your weight during this holiday season. 1. Take ½ glass of warm water with 1 teaspoon of organic apple cider vinegar 20 minutes before a meal. This home-made remedy can help stimulate hydrochloric acid (HCl) in the stomach, which is responsible for breaking down foods. If you don’t produce enough HCl, you can be classified as having an underactive stomach. Symptoms of an underactive stomach – also called hypochlorhydria – can include excessive gas and belching after meals, as well as an over full feeling, abdominal pain and cramping. 2. If you are attending an evening gathering, have your regular meals during the day. Most people think that if they skip a meal during the day, then at evening time, they will be able to over eat and indulge themselves. This is not true; you are sending the wrong message to your body. By not nourishing your body regularly, your body will accumulate extra fat in your next meal thinking you are getting into starvation time. 3. Make salad your main dish. Most people think of meat as their main dish; there is more nutrients on leafy greens and vegetables that in meat. An excellent way to control your weight is by eating more high-nutrient dense food with low calorie content than low-nutrient dense food with high calorie content. For more information about weight loss and how to set up your 2013 New Year’s resolution to become healthier, and succeed call Patricia Dominguez, natural nutritionist, life coach and raw food consultant at 604355-5433. You will get a free session with

nutritious value for your nutrition goals.

Q: When will “Portlandia” return for another season? -- Susanna Y. in Florida A: The third season of the ingenious comedy premieres on IFC on Friday, Jan. 4, at 10 p.m. ET/PT with two back-to-back episodes. The 10-episode series stars Fred Armisen, Carrie Brownstein and Kyle MacLachlan. They’ll be joined by a slew of notable guest stars, including Chlo‘ Sevigny, Roseanne Barr, Rose Byrne, Bill Hader, Juliette Lewis and more. ***

Q: I can’t wait to see what’s next when “Revenge” returns from its winter break. Do you have any scoops? -- Bridget W., via e-mail A: Everyone involved with “Revenge” is either very good at keeping secrets, or they don’t know what’s going to happen from week to week. I spoke recently with series guest star Michael Nardelli (as Trey Chandler), and he wasn’t divulging much. “So far, I’ve done the three episodes, and it seems like it’s going to go on,” Nardelli said. “I have no idea what they have in store. ... They’re very secretive, but I am hopeful that Trey will return.” You can catch Michael on the big screen in “The Collection,” which comes from the people who did “Saw,” so you can bet that sucker is pretty scary. He also produced “The Giant Mechanical Man”

Community Events Wizard Of Oz On the maind stage at the ACT, Maple Ridge. Friday January 18 & Saturday January 17, 7pm. Accompanied by Jonathan Reichert and teh Ridge MEadows Orchestra. For tickets, phone 604-4762787. $12 advance; 4 packs $40; $15 at the door. Open Mic/Stage at Kanaka Creek Cafe Every week until January 30, 2013; 101-24155 102 Avenue, Maple Ridge. Do you sing or play an instrument? Come out every Wednesday from 5:30 – 7:30pm! An acoustic only evening, open to musicians and audience alike…a really good way to spend a couple of hours, perform or just come and have a good time. Ladies Coffee/Tea ‘N More get-together Every Thursday morning from 10:30-12noon at Grace Community Church, 12240 Harris Road, Pitt Meadows. All Ladies are invited and welcome for friendship, caring, sharing, snacks n’ more. The theme for Fall is ‘Various Themes, Topics and Conversation’. Look forward to seeing you - any questions call Jayne @ 465-6897

Do you have a community event? Send info to: -- starring Jenna Fischer (“The Office”) and Chris Messina (“The Mindy Project”) -- which is available on DVD. I watched it the other day, and I can say that it’s one of those breath-of-fresh-air indie movies that deserves more of an audience. *** Q: When will “Southland” return? -Jimmy U., Chicago A: The fifth season of TNT’s hit police drama returns Feb. 13 at 10 p.m. ET/ PT. Joining the show as a series regular is former guest star C. Thomas Howell. Also, “One Tree Hill” star Chad Michael MurrayÊis set to guest star in a twoepisode arc. *** Readers: I have had numerous inquiries as to when season three of “Downton Abbey” premieres on PBS, and I am happy

to say that the date has been set: Sunday, Jan. 6. According to the folks at PBS, “The Great War is over and the long-awaited engagement of Lady Mary and Matthew is on, but all is not tranquil at Downton Abbey as wrenching social changes, romantic intrigues and personal crises grip the majestic English countryside.” And one of the reasons I love my job is that I recently received my press screener of the series, and I can tell you that this season is one not to miss. Not only is guest star Shirley MacLaine -- portraying Martha Levinson, Cora’s mother -- a welcome addition, the rest of the cast is back and better than ever. So, it’s no wonder that the series has been renewed for a fourth season, which will begin shooting in a few months and will air in January 2014.

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Tidbits of Ridge Meadows

Art Classes For All Ages!

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Unleash Your Inner Artist

Hollywood FX

Learn skills in Special Effects. Ben Nye Products

Seniorz Art Teenz Art Ladies Nights

- Charcoal & Chocolate - Batick & Bon Bons - Vino & Van Gough

Kidz Classes

- Grades 1-3, 4-6, 7-9 - 3½ - 4½ years - 2 - 3½ with parent

Gift Certific 604-479-5505 ates Available !

◆ “Digital picture books are very easy to make these days, and they make great gifts. But here’s a way we use our digital photos to keep the kids engaged at family gatherings. Each family prints out a selection of photos. We let the kids make their own books using half sheets of paper, glue and markers. They design frames, etc. After they have several pages done, we tie them together and make a cover of heavy cardstock. It’s a great takehome craft, a special souvenir for visitors and it gets them talking about family moments.” -- R.E. in Alabama ◆ Want to mix it up a bit with your traditional chocolate chip cookies? Try rolling them in different types of chopped nuts or sprinkles. Even crushed pretzels are really good. Or change the flavor of the chip. Add minced dried fruit, quick oats or other seeds for a change of taste. Melt chocolate chips and dip one side in it, then let dry on waxed paper. Endless possibilities! ◆ At a loss for what to do with Christmas cards from years past? Why not make a wreath? Cut out a large ring from a cardboard box or other sturdy material. Arrange cards at different angles around the circle. Add decorative holiday picks or sprays, and ribbon or bow for depth. ◆ Having a holiday party? Put food and drinks in separate areas, as these are places that guests tend to linger. With different stops for each, guests will not bunch up in one place trying to do both, and it actually encourages mingling!

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Nothing is better than celebrating the holidays with a delicious panettone. The panettone originated in the city of Milan during the 15th century. It quickly grew to be an immensely popular dessert, spreading all over the world in countries such as France, Germany, Switzerland, Brazil, Argentina, and Uruguay. When you taste you can understand why many countries adopted it as a holiday treat. Its quick rise to fame can be attributed to its light fluffy texture and sweet taste. Today there are many variations of panettone that can be made with candied orange, raisins, or even chocolate. If reading this doesn’t have your mouth watering yet, stop by Delizie Italiane and pick a panettone up! We have a great selection of panettoni imported from Italy to make your holiday season that much sweeter!

Tel: 604-380-0999

Passport Photo Only $9.99


Christmas Family Portrait Package 20 Min. Photoshoot in Studio Two Poses One Background Family, Couple, or Children 20 Minutes Digital Photo Editing Custom Christmas Card Design 2 8x10's, 2 5x7's + Christmas Card

Only $89.95 Old Movies, Slides, Pictures To DVD


Saturday, Jan 5th, 2013 1:00 – 4:00 P.M.

“Take the time to encourage your wellness instead of treating your sickness” Beginners Basic Yoga Five Saturdays starting Jan 12th, 2013; 11a.m. – 12 p.m. Pre-registration required. Minimum 5 participants 48 hours prior

Mini Yoga Classes / Demonstrations

This course will teach you the basic yoga poses and alignment to give you a foundation to move forward with confidence in beginning the practice of yoga.

Cost $75.00

1:30, 2:30 & 3:30

Participate in a 30 minute mini yoga class and be eligible to win a one month unlimited yoga pass

Live Music By Local Musicians Thank you to Miles for his encouragement in pursuing my dream


- To be drawn at 4:00 pm, from all names of those who attended the open house! -

✴ 3 months unlimited yoga ✴ Yoga mat ✴ Yoga bolster ✴ Yoga strap and block ✴ ✴ Hypnotherapy session with Christine Brain ✴

Value $399

✴ Like us on

and receive a chance to win a two week unlimited pass. ✴


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