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Quality May 10, 2013 Turf

• Proven Seed Blends for the Lower Mainland at Work Publishing Words For Advertising Please Call 250-462-2049 • Homeowners •LTD Contractors • Landscapers Wholesale Prices • Sand-based Turf • Drought Tolerant • We Grow the Most Environmentally Friendly Turf “500 Acres & Growing” • Fresh Turf Delivered Daily • Low Maintenance • No ‘Middle Man’ - Direct from the Grower • Professional Installation Available

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a Beautiful Lawn Proven seed blends forHave interior b.C. as well PROVENas SEED BLENDS FOR THE LOWER MAINLAND drought tolerant grasses


Estimates Sand-Based turf • Drought Tolerant • Environmentally Friendly Turf Fresh Turf Delivery Daily • Low Maintenance • No Middle Man Direct from the grower • Professional Installation Available

by Kathy Wolfe And they’re off! Every year, the first Saturday in May marks “The Most Exciting Two Minutes in Sports,” the annual Kentucky Derby. Tidbits offers some fascinating facts about the “Run for the Roses,” a contest for three-year-old thoroughbred horses held every year since 1875.

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• Construction on the racetrack now known as Churchill Downs was begun in Louisville, Kentucky in 1874. It was the brainstorm of Meriwether Lewis Clark Jr., the grandson of William Clark of the Lewis and Clark expedition. Clark leased 80 acres of land from his uncles John and Henry Churchill, and raised $32,000 for constructions costs by selling membership subscriptions to the track for $100 each.

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• The first Kentucky Derby was held in May of 1875 before a crowd of 10,000 spectators. Fifteen three-year-old thoroughbreds pounded around the track and the contest was won by a chestnut named Aristides. The original race was 1.5 miles (2.41 km), compared to today’s 1.25 miles (2.01 km). Aristides accomplished the distance in just under 2:38. In 1896 it was determined that 1.5 miles was too long a distance for threeyear-old horses so early in the spring, and the race length was shortened.

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Dreaming up the ideal retirement is your job. Helping you get there is ours. Call today for a free retirement review!

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Tidbits Of Penticton-Summerland

• Lawn Mowing and Trimming • • Best Prices and Best service • • Discounts for monthly service •

Quick tips for a backyard – and a furniture – revival (NC) —The on-set of mild weather expands our living space to the deck and patio throughout the summer months with backyard entertaining, relaxing weekends and sunset evenings. This is the time when flocks of people venture into their sheds to pull out lawn furniture for another season, only to find that winter dust, mildew and debris has left it looking less than pristine. Don’t let dingy lawn furniture shadow your patio entertaining. A thorough spring cleaning at the start of the season will make your outdoor space as beautiful as your indoor living space.

A thorough cleaning, however, doesn’t necessarily mean an all-day job. Innovative products to brighten up tired outdoor furniture are a homeowner’s best friend, say specialists in this field. One of those is a brand line called Thompson’s WaterSeal Oxy powered multi-surface cleaner. It is mild and safe to use, but effective. The biodegradable formula is a breeze for cleaning furniture, wood and composite decks, siding, vinyl awnings, concrete and tirement is your job. Jacinta masonry. Take a look at a few more tips to Jay here isspruce ours. up your outdoor space: Financial Advisor

Across 1 Party leader 5 ___ Sea, off Siberia 9 Short-necked European fruit 14 Neutralizer of a sort 16 Theater name 17 Ben Franklin, e.g. 18 City on the Aar 19 Solutions for unfair situations? 20 Not so tough 21 Modern address 22 “1-2-3” singer Barry 23 Tracker or Canyon 24 Fifth-century date 25 Haberdashery item 27 Brand for which Garfield was once spokescat 28 Patricia Neal’s Oscar film 29 Fountain output 30 They fall in war films 33 One may go over your head 35 Space-saving display 38 Brothers 42 Lucy of “Kill Bill” 43 Body protector 44 Worn out 46 Gives a thumbs-up

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47 Antiquity, quaintly 48 Old televangelism letters 49 Burden 50 Adjust at the garage, perhaps 52 Composer for whom an annual violin competition is named 54 Nonreactive 55 Deadpan features 56 Suit material 57 Woman in a tree? 58 Suit material 59 Give away 60 Tablets from docs

This article is brought to you by Jacinta Jay of Edward Jones

Springtime is almost here. If you’re like many people, the arrival of spring means it’s time to spruce up your home. But why stop there? This year, consider applying some of those same spring-cleaning techniques to your investment portfolio.

Investor Protection Fund •Member-Canadian Till and add fresh mulch to flower beds and walkways to instantly increase your home’s curb appeal.

• Restore your outdoor deck. The Thompson’s line includes a foaming-action oxy cleaner for this purpose and afterwards it suggests protecting the deck with the Advanced WaterSeal. Protect fabrics from water damage, stains and colour fading with this brand’s outdoor Fabric Seal. • Add some life to your outdoor space with hanging plants and floor planters for a pop of colour.

Canadian Tid-bits

37 Stark 39 Attendants 40 Done 41 Many Suffragette opponents 45 Half a legendary bluegrass duo 48 Advisory group 51 Press 52 Minute opening 53 First name in linguistics 55 Co. heads

Down 1 Shows nerve 2 London’s setting 3 Conked out 4 One of the Jacksons 5 Carnegie Deli offering 6 Dismissive sorts? 7 Narrow inlets 8 “Barbara __”: Beach Boys hit 9 White meat source 10 Rejections 11 Bible’s City of Palm Trees 12 Confessed

250.492.3370 • Rake out walkways, ditches and small etirement review! 3048leaves, Skaha Lake spaces that have gathered old Road garbage and clear patios and overhangs of Penticton, BC Give Your Portfolio a “Spring Cleaning” cobwebs and winter nests.

• Clean windows, doors and outdoor coach lights to brighten up your home inside and out.

13 They get you in 15 Magnetic induction unit 20 Hockey game clincher 23 Driving problem 26 Currency with King Mongkut on the fifty 27 “As You Like It” forest 31 Secret rival 32 “O Fortuna” composer 34 Agreed 35 Wedding arranger? 36 Perfectly restored

Here are some ideas you may want to put to work: • Get rid of clutter. You probably don’t have to look too far around your home to find things that are broken or simply no longer useful to you. If you poke around your portfolio, you might make similar discoveries: an investment that has chronically underperformed, duplicates another investment or met your needs in the past but is less relevant to your current situation and goals. Once you identify these types of investments, you may decide to sell them and use the proceeds to take advantage of opportunities that may prove more valuable to you. • Consolidate. Do you have one Registered Retirement

▶ Canada’s smallest jailhouse is located in ▶ Alberta has 50% of the world’s supply of Rodney, Ontario. It measures just 4.5 metres by bitumen, which is an oily substance used as 5.4 metres making it 24.3 square metres (about 270 square feet). It has only two jail cells. It’s asphalt or tar. currently used as a visitor’s center. ▶ At 41 square miles, Manitou Lake on Manitoulin Island in Lake Huron is the world’s ▶ Despite being the longest river in Canada at 1,738 km (1,080 mi), the elevation of the largest lake-within-a-lake.

Savings Plan (RRSP) with one financial services provider and a second RRSP with another? Have you scattered investments here, there and everywhere? By consolidating all these accounts in one place, you can cut down on paperwork, reduce fees and, most importantly, unite your investment dollars so that it’s easier for you to see what you have and then follow a single, coherent investment strategy. • Prepare for turbulent weather. As you know, springtime can bring heavy rains, hail, strong winds and other threats to your home. And just as you need to safeguard your home, you’ll want to protect the lifestyles of those who live in that home — namely, your family. You can help accomplish this by reviewing your life and disability insurance to make sure it’s still sufficient for your needs. • Get professional help. You may find that you can’t do all your spring cleaning by yourself. Similarly, when you decide to “tidy up” your portfolio, you’ll need some assistance from a financial professional — someone who can study your current mix of investments and recommend changes, as needed, to help ensure your holdings are suitable for your risk tolerance, time horizon and short- and long-term goals. To arrange for your financial “spring cleaning” review, call Jacinta at 250-492-3370

Mackensie River drops just 156 metres (512 ft) from source to mouth. ▶ The International World Championship Bathtub Race is the main attraction of the Marine Festival in Nanaimo, BC each July. The challenging course attracts contestants from all over the world who turn their bathtubs into high performance boats.

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Tidbits Of Penticton-Summerland

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• B/W & Colour Laser Tidbits Penticton-Summerland ARIES (March 21-April 19): Concentrate Copying & Printing on aspirations rather than ambitions in the early part of the week. Hold off implementing • Laminating- Up to 24 in. wide investment strategies. You might be faced by an unexpected bill or added duties at an • Copies, Business Cards inconvenient time. and Resumes TAURUS (April 20-May 20): Frustrated desires • Invoices/ Work Orders may be a signal that you are heading down the wrong path. For the best results, steer clear of confrontations and keep your nose to the grindstone in the first half of the week. GEMINI (May 21-June 20): You can’t always fly by the seat of your pants. Accuracy could men’s women’s children’s consignments be essential in the week to come. Count on solid support and good advice, especially if caught up in a whirlwind of changes. CANCER (June 21-July 22): Mary had a little lamb whose fleece was white as snow. Avoid problems by not associating with people who Spring Arrivals Are Here! spread dirt. The early part of the week is not a good time to enter into agreements. 250-770-0707 KENTUCKY DERBY (continued): LEO (July 23-Aug. 22): Accept the good, the 120-564 Main St. Penticton • When race fans showed up for the 1895 event, they now accepting new spring consigners bad and even the ugly with good grace. Don’t were met by a brand-new grandstand featuring the make irrevocable judgments about people or Twin Spires. A 24-year-old draftsman designed the key decisions about financial matters early this Spires, which have become a familiar landmark to week. Logical thinking is your key to success. the Derby crowd. VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22): The first half of the week is not a good time to strike bargains, • At a party hosted by a socialite following the 1883 Derby, all the ladies were presented with roses. make major purchases or have machinery Track founder Meriwether Lewis Clark was in repaired. Hold off on decisions that could attendance and it’s believed he conceived the idea affect your financial condition. of declaring the rose the race’s official flower from LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 22): No one is hiding the that experience. But it wasn’t until 1896 that a truth under a rock. You suspect the worst of bouquet of pink and white roses was first presented someone when you don’t receive the answer to the winner, and it was 1932 before the garland of you want. Put major decisions on the back roses we see today was introduced. The term “Run burner, rather than putting your foot down for the Roses” was coined by a sports columnist this week. in 1925. The blanket of roses bestowed upon the SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 21): Be proud of owner of the winning horse is composed of more your accomplishments. Ignore that little than 500 red roses sewn onto a green satin backing. nagging voice that urges you to do something In addition, the jockey receives 60 long-stemmed selfish. Your stamina and ability to cope with roses wrapped in 10 yards of ribbon. Owners emergencies could be tested for a few days this frequently have the garland of roses freeze-dried to week. preserve it, and some even have a flower dipped in SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21): Thank silver in commemoration of the win. your lucky stars for an understanding mate or a helpful friend. Some situations might be • The two-minute mark has only been broken three exasperating in the early part of the week. times in Derby history, the first time in 1973 by Don’t count your chickens before they hatch. the famed Secretariat. Nicknamed “Big Red,” the CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19): Unexpected policy changes could cause setbacks. You may hear of an opportunity to increase your net worth, but hold off on making your move until things settle down later in the week. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18): Tiptoe through Your HOME and AUTO Sound Specialists! the tulips. Don’t stir up resentment by taking control without permission. Get plenty of ◆ Car Stereos ◆ Remote Starters rest so that you can tackle a heavy load of ◆ Car Alarms ◆ Home Theatre responsibilities in the early part of the week. ◆ Immobilizers ◆ Multi-Room Sound PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20): If you can’t trust your eyes and ears, trust your instincts. Some InduSTRIAl PlAzA people may surprise you by being cranky #140-48 Industrial Ave W. or difficult to deal with this week. Employ your powers of understanding Fully to bypass 250-493-6611 Licensed - Freshly Made Sushi Daily - Free Delivery to Penticton HdTV controversy.

Polka Dot Purse Purses




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Tidbits Of Penticton-Summerland

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Pet Bits

Q: My Sheltie has been shaking her head and scratching her ears. I’ve cleaned out her ears, but the shaking continues. Any advice? - C.B., Cyberspace A: “All dogs occasionally scratch their ears or shake their heads,” suggests Dr. Mike Cavanaugh, executive director of the American Animal Hospital Association. “Most dogs have a nice pale pink color inside their ears. If you see red, moist skin around the ear canal opening and on the pinnae or flap of the ear, there may be an infection which veterinarians typically call otitis externa. “Another clue: There may be an infection if there’s a strong, foul odor emanating from the ears. In veterinary school, we take microbiology to learn about the various bacteria and yeast organisms that can cause such infections. There’s a book called ‘Bergey’s Manual of Determinative Bacteriology’ that lists all of these organisms. I remember a professor telling us, ‘Ear canals are the perfect place for these bugs to grow....dark, warm and moist.’ Heck, you could grow ‘Bergey’s Manual of Determinative Bacteriology’ in there!” Since you’ve already cleaned your dog’s ears and that hasn’t solved the problem, it seems pretty clear that it won’t. Cavanaugh strongly suggests seeing your veterinarian to pinpoint what’s going on. The most common problem, overall, is allergies. Cavanaugh adds that once the problem is rectified, “the veterinary team may also discuss ongoing maintenance for the ears, including how to keep them clean and dry, and that’s the best (form of ) prevention for recurring or chronic infections.” By the way, it’s important to know that shaking and scratching may be associated with mild discomfort, but is just as likely to be associated with significant pain.

KENTUCKY DERBY (continued):

chestnut finished the course in 1:59.40, a record that still holds today as the fastest time ever. The second horse to finish in under two minutes was just a length and a half behind Secretariat. Sham, who was Secretariat’s dark brown half-cousin, had hit his face on the starting gate and knocked out a tooth. Although he bled severely throughout the race, Sham came in about one-fifth of a second behind the winner. The Derby was without an under-two-minute winner until 2001 when Monarchos finished in 1:59.97.

• During the early 1900’s, owners of Derby-winning horses began sending their thoroughbreds to Maryland’s Preakness Stakes and the Belmont Stakes in New York. Although it wasn’t officially called the “Triple Crown” until 1930, the first winner of all three races was in 1919, a chestnut named Sir Barton. There have only been 11 Triple Crown winners, including Secretariat, who took the prize after a 25-year drought, setting records in all three races. There were back-to-back Triple Crown winners in 1977 (Seattle Slew) and Affirmed in 1978. There hasn’t been one since.

• On those occasions when two or more horses are in a dead heat and it’s impossible to see which crossed the line first, a “photo finish” is needed to determine the winner. The first time this was used at the Kentucky Derby was in 1947, when a photo at the finish line concluded that Jet Pilot was the winning horse. • For almost 100 years, the mint julep has been the traditional beverage of the Derby. Each year,

- Most Pledges - 1st-2nd-3rd - Look Alike - Judge’s Choice - Best Costume - Most Unusual Pet - Youngest Pet - Oldest Pet

Goodie Bags for Every Pre-Registered Strutting Dog

Last Weeks:

Box 235, 113-437 Martin Street, Penticton, BC, V2A 5L1 Ph: 250-494-5057 Fx: 250-493-0607 Email: Registered Charity No. 89308-0770-RR0001

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KENTUCKY DERBY (continued):

120,000 juleps are served on Derby Weekend at Churchill Downs, requiring more than 10,000 bottles of Early Times Kentucky Whiskey, 1,000 lbs. (454 kg) of fresh mint, and 60,000 lbs. (27,215 kg) of ice. Spectators can expect a price of $11 per glass. Along with the juleps, a thick stew called Burgoo is traditionally served, a concoction of a mixture of meats, including pork, beef, chicken, and mutton, along with vegetables and barbecue sauce.

• In 1932, an 18-year-old jockey named Eugene James rode Burgoo King to victory at both the Derby and the Preakness. Sadly, just a year later, the young athlete drowned in Lake Michigan. • The 1944 Derby winner was named Pensive and the victor in 1949 was Ponder. What was unusual about these two steeds? Pensive was the sire of Ponder and both horses won the Derby with the exact same time, 2:04.20. Ponder went on to sire the 1956 Derby winner, Needles.

• Until 2005, only the first four finishers received a share of the Derby’s purse money. The rules were then changed to award a potion to the fifth-place winner as well.

• The Derby has had a number of notable firsts. It was broadcast live on the radio for the first time in 1925, with the first national television coverage occurring in 1952. The size of the purse topped the $100,000 mark for the first time in 1954. (This year, the purse will be $2,180,000, with $1,240,000 of that amount awarded to the winner.) In 1968, Dancer’s Image became the first winner to be disqualified after traces of drugs were found in its system. The Derby’s first woman jockey was Diane Crump who rode Phantom in 1970. Diane came in 15th out of 17. Jockeys were allowed to wear advertising logos on their silks for the first time in 2004.

Tidbits Of Penticton-Summerland

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Tidbits Of Penticton-Summerland

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Community Events Summerland Shred-It Day! Saturday, May 11 Bring your documents for shredding to the Credit Union parking lot from 9-11 am. Please be prepared to stay with your papers until they are shredded. This FREE service is compliments of the Summerland Credit Union.

Auto Bits

Summer Arts Program Garage Sale Saturday, May 11th at the Summerland Arts Centre, 9533 Main St., 8am - 1:00pm. To donate or for more info call 250-494-4494

Proper car care will protect your hard earned investment

Mothers’ Day Fancy Tea & Social All moms and their families are invited to celebrate Mother’s Day. The event is on Saturday, May 11th at the Summerland branch of the Okanagan Library from 11am – 2pm, at 9525 Wharton St. There will be activities for the kids and a special gift for all moms. Call 250-4945591 for more info.

(NC)—As Canadians put away their snow blowers, hats and gloves, there is no better time to protect their vehicle, which for most people, is their second largest investment. The harsh winter weather can take its toll, so proper cleaning and maintenance are key to staying on the road and not in the repair shop.


Change in Temperature Means Change in Inflation – Proper tire inflation is essential for increased automotive safety, optimum driving performance and significant cost savings, including better fuel efficiency ( ca). Tires should be inflated to the vehicle manufacturer recommendations printed on the vehicle door placard or in the glove box and should be checked monthly. Improper inflation can lead to premature or irregular tire wear, and under-inflation reduces a vehicle’s fuel efficiency by an average of 3.3 percent.

burger n’ beverage in the ballroom You are invited to join in this annual fundraiser for GRANDMOTHERS FOR AFRICA, Friday, May 10th at 6-8:30 pm in the Penticton Lakeside Resort Hotel ballroom. One burger, one beverage plus silent and live auctions; bar service available, lucky draws, fun surprises. Tickets $15 @ Penticton Lakeside front desk or member grandmothers. Doors open 5:45 pm. Proceeds go to the Stephen Lewis Foundation’s Grandmothers to Grandmothers Campaign, supporting grandmothers and Aids orphans of Africa.

To help prepare for those spring showers and changing road conditions, here are simple tips drivers should perform to keep their vehicles running efficiently this road trip season:


Okanagan Spring Wine Festival Continuing May 10th -12th. It’s been called one of Canada’s best small festivals. The Spring Okanagan Wine Festival busts loose with over 100 events throughout the valley. Whether you come for a day, a weekend or a week, the Festival is a great way to taste what the Okanagan is truly all about. Great wine. Gourmet food. Gracious hospitality. Various Venues throughout the Okanagan Valley

Change Your Car’s Shoes – Now is the time to change tires from winter to summer or all-season, if you haven’t already. And for those in need of new tires for their vehicle, each tire in the Goodyear Assurance family meets the needs of drivers by offering confident all-season traction plus a relevant benefit that enhances the driving experience. This product lineup includes Assurance ComforTred Touring with refined handling and comfort, Assurance TripleTred All-Season with ultra-traction, and Assurance Fuel Max with fuel efficiency. Breathe Free – You may be deeply breathing in that fresh spring air, but your car could still be choking on the salt, dust and sand it sucked in over the winter. Replacing your air filter improves air flow to the engine and increases engine performance and fuel efficiency, especially during warmer months. For more helpful car care advice or information on tires for cars, minivans, trucks, SUVs and more, take charge of the road this spring and visit your local Goodyear store or go online to

Cassabella Pricess Scenic Mothers’ Day Cruise Join the crew of the Casabella Princess on Sunday, May 12 for their Mothers’ Day cruise. All moms get a surprise! Adults $20, Family package $45 (includes 2 adults and up to 3 kids under 12) Departure is at 2:00pm from the Penticton Marina for this beautiful 1 hour cruise. Call: 250 492 4090 or Do you have a local event? Send it to:



2-DAY PASS $20 ($25 at the door)

TICKETS: TICKETS $10-SENIORS & UNDER 18 ($15 at the door)

2-DAY PASS $20 ($25 at the door) $10-SENIORS & UNDER 18 ($15 at the door) 12 and under admitted FREE BUDDY RATE $30 ($40 at door-any couple) 1 DAY PASS - SAT. $15 - SUN. $10

Tickets are available at:

760 Main St, Penticton, BC V2A 5E2 E-mail: Phone: 250-770-7668

2-DAY PASS ($25 at the door) 12 and$20 under admitted FREE ($15 at the door) $10-SENIORS & UNDER TICKETS: BUDDY RATE $3018 ($40 at door-any couple) 12 and under admitted FREE 1 DAY PASS - SAT. $15 $20 - SUN. 2-DAY PASS ($25 $10 at the door) BUDDY RATE $30$10-SENIORS ($40 at door-any couple) & UNDER 18 ($15 at the door) Tickets are available 1 DAY PASS - SAT. $15 -under SUN. admitted $10 at: FREE 12 and 760 Main St, Penticton, BC V2A 5E2 Tickets are available at: $30 ($40 at door-any couple) BUDDY RATE E-mail:

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Tidbits Of Penticton-Summerland

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Tidbits Penticton-Summerland

Happy Mother’s Day to all moms! from,

Tidbits Penticton-Summerland

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Tidbits Of Penticton-Summerland

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Premier Franchise Opportunity Canada

Starting at $8,500

This is your chance to work for yourself, doing something you enjoy. Improve your quality of life, income and freedom. Publish a Tidbits in your city or town instead of just reading one.

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