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Snow Mountain Market

Silver Grizzly native crafts

• Jewelery • Pendleton Blankets • • Mukluks • Mocassins • Gifts • 250.490.0686 Open 7:30am-8pm Green Mountain Road & Channel Pkwy

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June 28, 2013 Words Work Publishing LTD

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by Janet Spencer After Spanish explorers established regular trade routes with the Americas, a new industry was born: Pirating. Come along with Tidbits as we sail the high seas! • Pirating reached its height in the years storage between 1650 and 1730. Pirate ships didn’t & Packing supplies Family Owned & Operated roam around hoping to chance upon a victim; available in Penticton Since 1950 & summerland they patrolled known shipping routes. During Quality this time, many governments (particularly Mention rent Turf this ad for 1/2 Months • Proven Seed Blends for the Lower Mainland England) supported piracy, encouraging it as at250-492-3006 • Homeowners • Contractors • Pkwy) Landscapers a cheap way to get expensive goods into their Wholesale off the Channel 650 duncan ave W (Red Steel Roof, Prices country. Piracy became so prevalent that sea• Sand-based Turf • Drought Tolerant faring trade nearly ground to a complete halt. • We Grow the Most Environmentally Friendly Turf “500 Acres & Growing” At this point governments began working • Fresh Turf Delivered Daily • Low Maintenance • No ‘Middle Man’ - Direct from the Grower against the plunder, tracking down pirates and hanging them in public. The last pirate of • Professional Installation Available this era ever hanged in England was strung up in 1840, and in 1862 the last one was hung 604 in America. Mention • In the mid-1600s, there were about 50,000 this ad, and British sailors making an honest living on the we’ll Pay sea, and probably somewhere between 1,000 the P.s.t. and 5,000 British pirates making a dishonest for retail customers Call 1-888-888-7072 for a FREE Estimate living at the same time. During this period, about 80 pirates served on each pirate ship. You Don’t Have to Spend a Lot of Money toThe career of a pirate generally lasted only CALL Beautifulb.C. Lawn Proven seed blendsHave for ainterior PROVEN SEED BLENDS FOR THE LOWER MAINLAND a few years or so before they were drowned as well as drought tolerant grasses or killed or jailed. Although some made a Homeowners • Contractors • Landscapers w w w. fortune and retired, it was more common for Estimates Sand-Based turf • Drought Tolerant • Environmentally Friendly Turf the ones who made money to squander it in Fresh Turf Delivery Daily • Low Maintenance • No Middle Man short order, necessitating another trip. Direct from the grower • Professional Installation Available

June Parts sPecials Solar Panels From $109.95 Toilet Chemicals From $6.95 Sewer Hose Buddy $44.95 RV Drinking Water Hose 50’ $24.95



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Tidbits Of Penticton-Summerland

MUNTZ Stereo

Across 1 Prepare, as apples for pie 5 Dirt bike relatives, briefly 9 Dressed like a judge 14 “Jeopardy!” first name 15 Actress Perlman 16 Get the lead out? 17 Bossa __ 18 Blurted out 19 Full of attitude 20 “The sky is falling!” critter 23 Get the lead out 24 Visits, as a doctor 25 Cock and drake 28 Suffix with dextr29 Snapshot, for short 31 One who doesn’t have much laundry to do? 33 Seven-time winner of the Daytona 500 36 Modest skirt length 39 Have a life 40 Tennis great Arthur 41 Like Chopin’s “Funeral March,” keywise 46 Enjoyed the rink 47 Letters before xis 48 Neg.’s opposite 51 Air France flier until 2003 52 Election Day: Abbr. 55 Stymie, as plans 57 New Orleans daily, with

Your HOME and AUTO Sound Specialists! ◆ Car Stereos ◆ Car Alarms ◆ Immobilizers

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InduSTRIAl PlAzA #140-48 Industrial Ave W.




• The image of the typical pirate that’s been passed down through history is partly true and partly false. Pirates often wore a scarf tied around their head to keep their hair out of their face and to prevent sweat from running into their eyes. They frequently went barefoot which gave them better traction on slippery decks. Pirates wore earrings because they thought it would improve their vision. (Acupuncturists say this isn’t far from the truth.) Burying their treasure is not something that happened often, although there are a few cases on record. Leaving a treasure behind left it vulnerable. Most often plunder was carried to the nearest port and sold. Likewise, walking the plank was a rare occurrence. In fact, there are only two pirates known to have used that method. One was Major Stede Bonnet, who is credited with inventing it, and the other was a Dane called Captain Derdrake. More commonly, men were simply thrown overboard. • Contrary to popular belief, a pirate ship tended




(250) 494-0447

6 - 12 YRS

Welcome to another exciting summer of Day Camps! All programs run Monday through Friday, meeting daily in the Harold Simpson Memorial Youth Centre, 9111 Peach Orchard Drive, Summerland.

9 am - 4 pm - 6 - 12 years Each week, kids will enjoy games and sports, crafts, swimming, exploring outdoors, making new friends and reuniting with old ones! Please bring a healthy bag lunch each day, plenty to drink, hats and sunscreen (already applied, please!)

$90.00/5 days or *$72.00/4 day program - ( July 2 - 5 & August 6 - 9 ) DC #1

JULY 2 - 5*

DC #5

JULY 29 - AUG 2

DC #2

JULY 8 - 12

DC #6

AUG 6 - 9*

DC #3

JULY 15 - 19

DC #7

AUG 12 - 16

DC #4

JULY 22 - 26

DC #8

AUG 19 - 23

EARLY BIRDS - SUMMER Before and after care for children registered in day camp programs - must pre-register for early bird programs Before Care (am) 8 - 9 am and After Care (pm) 4 - 5 pm

$20.00/5 days or $16.00/4 day program - July 2 - 5 & August 6 - 9 REGISTRATION will be taken at the Recreation office at Aquatic Centre 13205 Kelly Ave., Summerland Monday - Friday 8 am - 4 pm PROGRAM PAYMENT WITH CASH OR CHEQUE PAYABLE TO YOUTH CENTRE ONLY

For Advertising Call (250) 462-2049

CROSSWORD 30 Casual talk

“The” 60 Kitchen strainer 62 “Love Songs” poet Teasdale 63 Alda or Arkin 64 Like flawed mdse. 65 Slices of history 66 Jackson 5 brother 67 Boss’s privilege 68 Hawaii’s state bird 69 Most affordable golf purchases Down 1 Mexican Villa 2 Hawaiian hello and goodbye 3 Edit 4 Not off by even a hair 5 “__ and Old Lace” 6 Comparative word 7 Bridal coverings 8 __ Hawkins Day 9 Gathers strength for a big day 10 Taken with a spoon 11 Singles, on a diamond 12 Tricky road bend 13 Susan of “L.A. Law” 21 Foreign Legion cap 22 Be inclined (to) 26 O.T. book named for a woman 27 Eyelid problem

32 Sugarpie 33 Break in friendship 34 Business end of a slot machine 35 Bridle strap 36 Be nostalgic for 37 Tattooist’s supplies 38 Common flashlight power source 42 “Hands off!” 43 For two voices together, in scores

44 One with a screw loose 45 Fed. workplace monitor 48 Talking parrot voiced by Jay Mohr 49 Showily decorated 50 Shorthand pros 53 Krupp Works city 54 Flat replacement 56 Lawman Earp 58 Folk singer Burl 59 Persian Gulf nation 60 Bro’s sib 61 Tax shelter initials

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Tidbits Of Penticton-Summerland

Serving 10 delicious flavours of frozen yogurt and 35+ toppings! 201 Martin Street, Penticton 778-476-0599

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2230 Barnes St. Penticton • Printing & Scanning Blueprints





ARIES (March 21-April 19): Don’t let weeds • B/W & Colour Laser spoil your garden. Use a discriminating eye to Copying & Printing maintain a high level of quality, as substandard • Laminating- Up to 24 in. materials or cutting corners could ruin your wide MYTHS & LEGENDS Cont’d whole project this week. Good times don’t cost • Copies, Business Cards anything. to be a fairly democratic workplace. A charter and Resumes TAURUS (April 20-May 20): Concentrate on establishing ship rules would be drawn up • Invoices/ Work Orders the here and now. You may yearn for a better at the start of each voyage with each sailor future, but it is a poor time for plotting a contributing to the list and expected to stick to course. Your insights may be slightly off the sprinGers Register for it. Disability pensions were awarded for pirates mark this week, so be a careful observer before taking action. wounded in battle. Usually, the captain was Summer Camps r na tu GEMINI (May 21-June 20): Accentuate the st elected by secret ballot and could be voted out n iC s a Dv e positive. Be honest with yourself; admit your of office. Likewise, ships’ officers were often Half or Full Day Camps for children 5 & up. shortcomings and focus all your energies on elected democratically. Many pirate captains Daily Gymnastics instruction on all Apparatus, tasks you can perform well. There is little to be Trampoline, Foam Pit, & Climbing Wall preferred to win their battles with a show of gained from confrontations this week. July 8-12th 15-19th 22nd-26th force rather than bloodthirsty slaughter. Booty CANCER (June 21-July 22): Stay on course. No Half Day 9:00am-12:00pm or 12:30pm-3:30pm was generally divided fairly, with the captain matter what advice people give you about how $95.00 child-week to rectify a situation, your best bet is to stick receiving a share and a half; officers receiving Full Day 9:00am-3:30pm with the original plan. Ground rules are likely $170.00 child-week a share and a quarter; and crew getting one to undergo an abrupt change this week. 250-486-0787 share each. Nobody on the pirate ship got paid LEO (July 23-Aug. 22): Let it go. What has anything at all unless they captured something worked for you in the past may not be quite as In the Cannery ~ #208-1475 Fairview Rd, Penticton of value. Most ships carried musicians on effective in the week to come. It may be time board to provide entertainment. for you to adopt a new approach and attack problems from a more educated perspective. VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22): Don’t let sluggishness curtail your progress this week. Once you’ve chosen a course, go full speed ahead or else you may be stuck in neutral. Don’t let misunderstandings fester; clear the air as soon as possible. LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 22): The tiniest thorn can be the most painful this week. Ease the burden by eliminating the source of your problem before it causes more stress. Be flexible with your plans as priorities are likely to change rapidly. SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 21): Nothing lasts For Advertising Call: forever. You may be perfectly content to keep things the way they are, but you must adapt to an ever-changing world to keep pace. In the week ahead, don’t let nostalgia prevent you from moving forward. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21): Get the word from the wise. Take responsibility for Tidbits Penticton-Summerland your own actions, but allow yourself to be guided by someone whose credentials are impeccable. This week, forgiveness helps the forgetting. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19): Sometimes, the best course of action is to take no action at all. Signals might be garbled, but misunderstandings can be straightened out with a sincere fence-mending session. Don’t shake the tree this week. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18): Get a grip. Making decisions without adequate and accurate information is a recipe for disaster this week. Take time to check the facts or ask an expert before making a choice. Patch up a quarrel with an apology. PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20): Take it as it comes this week. Meet challenges as they arise; don’t waste time worrying if pitfalls may lie around Fully before Licensed - Freshly Made Sushi Daily - Free Delivery to Penticton the next corner. Anticipating problems they exist is a problem in itself.


Words Work Publishing 250-462-2049

Jimmy’s Kitchen 250-492-2121

101 Westminster Ave West Penticton


NOW OPEN! Fully Licensed - Freshly Made Sushi Daily - Free Delivery to Penticton

Drop in & try the Freshest New Taste in Penticton!

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Tidbits Of Penticton-Summerland

For Advertising Call (250) 462-2049

Special pre-show guests:

The Hearts of the West

“Wild West Show”


SOUTH OKANAGAN EVENTS CENTRE 2 Shows • Saturday, July 20, 2013 • 2PM • 7PM

For more information:

Canadian Tid-bits

▶ The Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto displays over six million items in forty galleries. The museum attracts over a million visitors annually.

The Studio

Esthetics & Makeup

• European Facials • Acne Treatments • Full Face & Body Waxing

• Deluxe Manicures/Pedicures • Gel Nails • Shellac

Mobile Make-Up Services


Permanent Makeup 250-494-0882

13194 Henry Ave. Summerland, BC

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-The Publishers.

▶ Near Sudbury, Ontario there is a giant nickel measuring 9 m (29 ft) wide, which was placed there in 1964 to bring attention to the local nickel mines. It’s made of wood covered in sheet metal and depicts a 1951 5-cent piece. The reverse side shows a nickel refinery. It’s listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the world’s largest coin. ▶ Quebec City is the only walled city in North America. Its location on the St. Lawrence River made it a very strategic point and the scene of many battles. ▶ In winter, the Rideau Canal in Ottawa becomes the longest skating rink in the world. The Skateway is 7.8 km (4.8 mi) long, beginning near the Parliament Buildings and extending to Dow’s Lake. The surface of the Skateway is kept in top shape all winter long by use of brushes, plows, and pumps which flood the surface of the ice with water. ▶ A highlight of the Winterlude Festival in Ottawa each year is the bed race held on the frozen surface of Dow’s Lake. In 2011, forty beds entered the race, ultimately raising over $30,000 for charity. Prizes are given not only for the fastest bed, but also for the best decorated bed, best costumes, and best fundraising effort.


• In the late 1600s, when most of humanity was still illiterate, ships flew flags with pictures on them indicating their identity and intention. Flags might depict an hourglass (indicating time running out for surrender), or a sword (indicating willingness to fight), or a skull and crossbones, which was by far the most popular design. The color of a flag also sent messages: A black flag meant the pirates would give quarter, and would spare the lives of the captured crew if the treasure was handed over without a fight. If the victims refused to lay down their weapons, a red flag (preferably dipped in blood) would be run up. If a red flag was flying, it meant no quarter would be given and the crew could expect to die. Seeing the sight of a red flag with skull and crossbones was often all it took to convince the victims to give up and hand all their goods over. After all, the cargo on board usually didn’t even belong to them. A white flag indicated surrender. • The French phrase ‘joli rouge’ means ‘pretty red’ which is thought to be the reason the

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Tidbits Of Penticton-Summerland

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Polka Dot Purse

men’s women’s children’s consignments

• Lawn Mowing and Trimming • • Best Prices and Best service •

Ross D. Baker

(250) 494 9450 • (250) 328 5183 [C]

Open 7 Days A Week: 8:00am - 6:00pm 13810 HWY 97, Summerland

Under New Management!






Spring Arrivals Are Here!

Lawn Sprinkler Maintenance Tips

250-770-0707 120-564 Main St. Penticton

now accepting new spring consigners

Getting high quality sprinklers can be costly - especially if you’ve hooked up an automatic sprinkler system. Instead of letting your dollars waste away on unchecked equipment, it’s best to perform routine maintenance on your existing sprinklers. Not only will they last longer, but they can also give your lawn better, more accurate watering. First, you have to make sure that your sprinkler heads are free from dirt and glass clippings. These may affect your sprinkler head’s movement. Clean out the dirt from inside the sprinkler head as well. You can do this by removing the head and flushing it out with water from the tap or hose. Then, test your sprinklers during the day and watch out for any problems. One of the problems you may have is getting too much or too little water pressure. This can be because of the local water pressure in your area, or there may be problems with your sprinkler directly. Too much pressure may over-water your lawn and cause damage to your nozzles and sprinkler heads, and too little pressure can leave brown spots. Ideally, spray heads operate at 25 to 30 PSI, while rotor heads operate at 30 to 50 PSI. You can change the pressure on your sprinkler head through pressure-reducing valves, but it’s best to consult your sprinkler’s manual to see instructions on how to control pressure. Check for any leaks or breaks in your pipes. These can bring water to undesirable areas in your lawn, and they can also affect your sprinkler’s pressure. You can seal up small leaks, but big breaks may require you to replace pipe sections. The best thing you can do is to consult a plumber when major leaking occurs. If your sprinkler system is equipped with a timer, you should also check if it is in optimum working condition. If it doesn’t seem to be working, it may not be getting enough power, or it may not be plugged in properly. If it still doesn’t work after you check for power, there might be an internal electrical problem that can be taken care of when you call the manufacturer. uid29


pirate flag is called the Jolly Roger.

• Cannon shot was carefully aimed to destroy the sails and masts of the ships being captured without damaging the ship itself. Pirates needed to immobilize the ship but did not want to destroy it. Treasure didn’t do much good if it was sitting on the bottom of the ocean, and the boat itself was a prize worth keeping. Cannonballs were often made imperfectly on purpose because they would make more noise in flight if they were not perfectly round, and noisy cannonballs were more intimidating than silent cannonballs. • The fierce Gujarati pirates made captured merchants swallow an emetic called tamarindi mixed with salt sea water which would cause them to vomit, throwing up any gemstones they may have swallowed prior to being caught. TALK LIKE A PIRATE

• The word ‘pirate’ comes from the Greek ‘peiran’ meaning ‘to attack.’ • Booty comes from the German root ‘bute’ meaning ‘exchange.’

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Tidbits Of Penticton-Summerland

Community Events Summerland URBAN JOURNEYS: ABSTRACT PAINTINGS BY ROBERT DMYTRUK “Urban Journeys,” featuring abstract paintings by Robert Dmytruk, opens at the SummerlandArt Gallery with a reception from 7-9pm on Thursday, June 27. There will be an Artist’s Talk at 2pm on Friday, June 28. The paintings and drawings on exhibit at the Summerland Art Gallery represent part of the ‘urban’ series of work that Robert Dmytruk has been engaged in for the past several years. His interest is in exploring the numerous sensory overloads that bombard daily urban existence. The exhibit runs until August 10.The Summerland Art Gallery is at 9533 Main Street and Gallery & Gift Shop hours are: 10am-4pm Tuesday – Saturday.

For Advertising Call (250) 462-2049


Auto Bits

SUMMERLAND ART CLUB Summerland Art Club meets every Wednesday from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm in the ground floor of the library. Painters of all levels are welcome to join. Workshops are available throughout the 10 month session with an Art Show held annually in June. Feel free to drop in and see us at work. June 26, 2013 @ 9:00 am – 3:00 pm Weekly on Wednesdays, forever! Summerland Library, ground floor, 9525 Wharton Street. Call Barbara@250-494-3002 for more info. The Great Train Robbery & BBQ All Aboard! Jump on the Kettle Valley Steam Railway, the Okanagan’s Heritage Railway, for a special adventure of old-time travel and gun-totin’, horseback-riding train robbers! June 30th @ 1:30pm & 4:00pm. BBQ meal to follow each run. Tickets are $52 for Adults, Srs. & Teens. $23 for Children (3-12). The train also runs a regular Summer Schedule Thursdays through Mondays @10:30 am & 1:30 pm. Cost: Adults $22, Seniors (65+) $20, Teens $17 & Children (3-12) $13. Call 1-877-494-8424 for reservations; then watch out for your caboose, pardner!

Penticton 12th Annual Pacific Northwest Elvis Festival “A Tradition Of Rock & Roll Excellence...CONTINUES!” June 28th to 30th, 2013 - Penticton, British Columbia, Canada. The Penticton Elvis Society celebrates 12 YEARS of running the PENTICTON ELVIS FESTIVAL that brings Elvis Fans from far and wide to the perfect holiday haven - PENTICTON, BRITISH COLUMBIA to celebrate the KING OF ROCK AND ROLL - ELVIS PRESLEY! With dozens of tribute artists gracing the outdoor stages that are set around picturesque OKANAGAN LAKE along with special guests FRIENDS OF ELVIS - it is a wonderful weekend of remembering the ELVIS through his wonderful musical library and touching stories from those who knew him on how Elvis touched their lives! We invite you to join us on our anniversary - where the spirit of Elvis is guaranteed to rock this summer holiday town in a way that Penticton has never experienced before! Events take place at Okanagan Lake Park ($20 weekend wrist pass) & Penticton Trade and Convention Centre (tickets required) For information call: 2502762170. Art in the Vines on Naramata Bench On June 30th from noon to 4pm, Township 7’s annual Artisanal Fair is returning to the Okanagan! Join us this July long weekend on the Naramata Bench for unique local wares: crafts, jewelry, glass, pottery, paintings, recycled art, hand knitting, sculpture, handcrafted furniture, and more. Over 25 established and emerging artists will be on-hand to discuss their works. Admission is by donation in support of the local charity, OSNS Child Development Centre. Stay for the afternoon, pick up that one-of-a-kind gift and enjoy the delightful sounds of indie band Oceans & Lights with Township 7s wine and the delicious all natural cuisine of Walla Foods. A perfectly Canadian celebration for Canada Day weekend! Township 7 Vineyards & Winery, 1450 McMillan Ave., Penticton For more info call 250.770.1743 http:// Canada Day Celebrations 2013 July 1st, join us for our very favourite birthday party of all - celebrate Canada’s birthday this Canada Day! Thousands of happy people will be there - free cake and balloons and much, much more. Gyro Park, Downtown, Penticton. Canada Day Celebration Come down to the Royal Canadian Legion Branch #40, at 502 Martin Ave on Monday, July 1st between 11am to 2pm and celebrate! For your donation, there will be burgers, potato chips, beverages and Happy Birthday Canada cake. You’ll also enjoy a Flea Market, a Chinese Auction and music by Jerry’s Jam Session. Don’t miss out on this family friendly fun. For more info call 250-492-3074.

Do you have a local event? Send it to:

What to Do After You Buy Your Car

Pet Bits Q: It hasn’t stopped raining this spring, and somewhere along the way our dog decided she wouldn’t pee in the grass if it was raining outside. How do we deal with this? A: Dog owners are no more anxious than their pets to stand out in the rain on the other end of the leash, and sometimes we make matters worse by expressing our impatience. To solve this problem, act as if your dog is a puppy all over again, and offer praise and a treat the moment she goes, no matter what the weather. Simultaneously, learn the lyrics to “Singing in the Rain.” When it pours, take your dog outside and have a party! Convince your pet that jumping in puddles and dancing in the rain is tremendous fun. Once your dog feels comfortable in the rain and walking on wet grass becomes enjoyable, your problem will disappear. However, as you sing and dance in the rain, your neighbors may begin to wonder about you.

Smith and company Coffee House

Locally Roasted, organic fair Trade Coffee’s *under New Management*


215 Winnipeg St, Penticton

After weeks of looking at seemingly every vehicle in the Valley, and talking to all the car dealers, you’ve finally been able to find the car of your dreams. Congratulations! Now what? A lot of people know how to prepare for buying a car, but not too much about what you do with it once it’s in your possession. Aside from showing off your new car to your friends, there are some essential things that must be done when you purchase your vehicle. Get Insurance Car insurance is an essential part of being a car owner, and it’s mandatory for all drivers in the British Columbia to have car insurance. Once you buy your new car it’s time to get it insured under your policy, so you should call your insurance agency ASAP. If you traded in your old car it’s very important to let your insurance agent know so they can remove it from your policy. If not you could face legal repercussions or negatively impact your own insurability if the new owner does damage with your old car. Register Your Vehicle Now that you have your insurance taken care of, you register your vehicle. Go to your local DMV with your proof of insurance and your vehicle’s sales receipt. As long as you have that you’ll be able to purchase new license plates or transfer your existing one. One you have your registration make sure that you keep it in a safe place and not inside of your car. If your car is stolen, a thief could claim that you loaned them the vehicle and show law enforcement officials the registration as proof. Many people choose to keep their registration in the same wallet as their driver’s license. Learn About Your Car Many people only know about the most basic functions of their new vehicle because they didn’t take time to look at their owner’s manual. You’d be surprised at how many features newer cars have, but if you don’t take time to learn about them you won’t know that they exist! If your car is used and doesn’t come with an owner’s manual, go online and search for the make and model of your new car so you can find specific information about it. adapted from http://www.copyright-free-content. com ,Inez Santo

For Advertising Call (250) 462-2049

Tidbits Of Penticton-Summerland

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Kids’ Camp*

July 8 to August 30 9am - Noon ~ Mon to Fri Register: or call 250-494-4617

*7-11 years old only, please

$ 75 per week

(includes a T-shirt!)

Mulching Ruth Stout Style

Say You Saw It In...

Ruth Stout was all about mulch. Layers, piles, heaps, mounds, and more between each row of vegetables in her garden. Why weed when you can mulch?! She captured Organic Gardening readers’ attention with her passion for no-work gardening. What kind of mulch do you use? Hay, leaves, straw, seaweed, pine needles, sawdust, weeds, garbage—any vegetable matter which rots. Some people write me and complain the bales of “hay” they bought were all coarse stalks, weeds, etc. That is all good mulch. All kinds of leaves? Yes. Don’t some leaves decay too slowly? Then they remain mulch just that much longer. Don’t leaves mat down? Somewhat but that makes no difference, since they are between the rows of growing things, not on top of them. Can you use leaves without hay? Yes, but I prefer a combination of the two, if you can get it. How much mulch do you need? The answer to that is: more than you would think. You should start with a good 8 inches of it. How can tiny plants survive between 8-inch walls? And the answer to that is: the mulch is trampled on, rained on, and packed down by the time you are ready to plant; it doesn’t stay 8 inches high. How often do you put it on? Whenever you see a spot that needs it. If weeds begin to peep through, don’t bother to pull them; just toss an armful of hay on them. What time of year do you start to mulch? NOW, whatever the date may be. Would it be better to wait until the crop is up? No, for by that time the sun will have had a chance to bake the soil, and the weeds will be making progress. Also, use all your leaves. Clip your cornstalks into foot-length pieces and use them. Utilize your garbage, tops of perennials, everything. In many localities the utility companies chop up branches which they cut when they clear their wires; you can probably get these for nothing if you can haul them away. Now for the drawbacks. People have complained to me that mulching does not kill everything. I just got a letter from someone saying that it won’t kill cockleburs, morning glories, Johnson grass, nut grass. She left out witch grass. I know it won’t kill that and neither will it pick your peas or plant your seeds. I am just saying (in a friendly, sarcastic way) that just because it does 100 things for you, should it be expected to do 101? Excerpted from How to Grow Vegetables and Fruits by the Organic Method, edited by J.I. Rodale and Staff. Copyright 1961 by J.I. Rodale. Renewed 1999, Rodale Inc.

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Tidbits Of Penticton-Summerland

For Advertising Call (250) 462-2049

Join us for our 8-10am Kiwanis’ Pancake Breakfast $6

Come and see the progress and celebrate with us! Saturday, July 6, 2013 - 12:00 noon to 5:00 pm Look forward to exciting entertainment


3 Bring your own chairs 3 this is insect season

~ drummers ~ dancers ~ singers ~ face painting ~ and much more Food for sale by donation ~ hot dogs ~ hamburgers ~ cold drinks Look for signage from the KVR Train Station.

For more inFormation…

Phone: 250-809-7130 Email:

Agur LAkE CAmP SoCiEty The mandate of the Agur Lake Camp Society is to establish a barrier-free wilderness camp and recreational facility for children and adults with special needs and their families.

CANADA DAY ~ Sun. June 30th & Mon. July 1st, 2013 (4.5kms up Princeton Ave. from Highway 97 to 5380 Princeton Ave.)


8:30am 9:30am

~ Time Only’s @ $5/minute each ~ Arena Closed for Grooming

10:00am ~ Pee Wee Barrel Race #1 @ $25 added Sponsored by Chevallier’s ~ 4D OPEN BARRELS #1 @ $300 added Sponsored by BCBRA ~ 2D 5y/o Futurity #1 @ $50 added Sponsored by Carl Woods ~ 1D 7 y/o Derby #1 ~ 4D Junior Barrels #1 ~ 4D SENIOR BARRELS #1 “Larry Chevallier Memorial Race” @ $100 added Sponsored by GEO TECH INDUSTRIES

- Jackpot 10 & Under Dummy Roping #1


~ Pee Wee Barrel Race #2 @ $25 added Sponsored by Chevallier’s

~ 4D OPEN BARRELS #2 @ $500 added Sponsored by PRC ~ 2D 5y/o Futurity #2 $50 added Sponsored by Carl Woods ~ 1D 7 y/o Derby #2 ~ 4D Junior Barrels #2 ~ 4D SENIOR BARRELS #2 “Larry Chevallier Memorial Race” @ $100 added Sponsored by GEO TECH INDUSTRIES ~ Open Jackpot 4D Pole Bending #1



8:30am 9:30am

~ Time Only’s @ $5/minute each ~ Arena Closed for Grooming

10:00am ~ Pee Wee Barrels #3 @ $25 added Sponsored by Chevallier’s ~ 4D OPEN BARRELS #3, $300 added Sponsored by BCBRA ~ 2D Futurity #3 $50 added Sponsored by Carl Woods ~ 1D Derby #3 ~ 4D Junior Barrels #3 ~ 4D SR BARRELS #3 “Larry Chevallier Memorial Race” @ $100 added Sponsored by GEO TECH INDUSTRIES

- Jackpot 10 & Under Dummy Roping #2

- ROUND ROBIN TEAM ROPING #2 ~ Pee Wee Barrels #4 @ $25 added Sponsored by Chevallier’s

~ 4D OPEN BARRELS #4, $500 added Sponsored by PRC

~ 2D Futurity #4 $50 added Sponsored by Carl Woods ~ 1D Derby #4 ~ 4D Junior Barrels #4 ~ 4D SR BARRELS #4 “Larry Chevallier Memorial Race” @ $100 added Sponsored by GEO TECH INDUSTRIES ~ Open Jackpot 4D Pole Bending #2

~ STEAK DINNER FUNDRAISER Supplied by 

PRE ENTRIES CLOSE Wedneday June 26, 2013 TEAM ROPING Entry fees: $125/man per day (10 headers/10 heelers) Enter up to June 26th DUMMY ROPING: Entry Fees: $10/go, 10 & Under boys or girls may enter, BCLBRA rules. BARREL RACE Entry fees: Open @ $33/run, JR, SR, Futurity, Derby, Poles @ $13/run, PW @ $8/run Co-Approvals: CBR @ $2/run, BNR4D @ $2/run, NBHA WA02 @ $3/run Arena/Office fees: $10/day Entries may be emailed to anytime up to June 26th. Call-In entries are Wednesday June 26 from 7-9:30pm at 250-767-2761 ENTRY CUT-OFF Late Entries for Barrels will be accepted up to 9am race day with a $10.00 late fee/day STALLS & DINNER: Please email Darlene Pappas up to June 26th at to book stalls and dinner tickets Or Call-In for stalls and dinner tickets on Wednesday June 26 from 7-9:30pm at 250-767-3450 Limited Stalls available on first come basis @ $20/night + $20 refundable cleanout deposit Limited Pens available on first come basis @ $10/night + $20 refundable cleanout deposit Personal travel panels welcome in designated areas. PARKING IS TIGHT HERE! Please be considerate to your fellow competitors! STEAK DINNER: $20 each. Must be booked by June 26th. Special Note: There will be a Canada Day Parade on Beach Avenue in Peachland at 5pm on Monday. There will be Canada Day Fireworks at approximately 10pm on Monday FOR MORE INFORMATIONPLEASE CONTACT: Sandy at 250-718-2761 or

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