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A Real Choice In Soft Water

IT’S TEA TIME! by Kathy Wolfe

Even a child can feel the difference. Culligan® Soft Water: • Reduces hard water spots on glass, shower doors, and bathroom fixtures. • Reduces corrosive build up on pipes and appliances. • Saves on cleaning costs and makes both skin and laundry feel softer.

270 Caribou St. W. 306-693-0606

It’s the world’s second most popular and cheapest beverage (after water), so shouldn’t you know a little more about tea? Tidbits has the goods on this drink, so listen up and learn! • Every day about three billion cups of tea are consumed around the world. In America, it can be found in 80% of households, and an estimated 127 million Americans are drinking it on any given day. Most of that tea comes from India, the world’s largest tea producer, processing about 850,000 tons each year.

• Tea as we know it is about 5,000 years old. Legend has it that a Chinese emperor discovered a good cup of tea in 2737 B.C. when some tea leaves off the tree into his pot of boiling water, producing a pleasant aroma. Tea became popular in Europe during the 1600s and was brought to North America by the colonists. Britain’s Duchess of Bedford is said to have created the traditional afternoon tea around 1840, when she needed a pick-me-up to combat what she called “that sinking feeling.”

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Spring Fling Sale

33 high St W | Moose Jaw SK | 306.692.2578

Steak Night

New Apparel Arriving Daily!!

•New Era •Gong Show •Sauce •Majestic Have you got a favourite team! We have you covered! Built by fans, for fans!

306.693.3267 37 Main Street North Moose Jaw, SK

This property has a newer vinyl fence around the whole back yard & a radiant heated garage with overhead door.

This beautiful homes shows well & has plenty of updates! This property must be seen to be appreciated.

Great starter home on south hill, with new carpet, fresh paint, newer water heater & new shingles. Move in ready!

Great family home with 4 bedrooms, a den and 2 baths! Yard is perfect for both pets and children.

Derek McRitchie 306.631.1161

Lori Benson 306.681.8151

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Norton Antivirus 2013

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Contemporary Ladies Wear & Bridal Shoppe 33 High St. 306.692.2578


Amber Tangjerd 306.681.9424


“For wedding, work or play, all life’s main events”

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• When the British government heavily taxed the tea shipped to the American colonies, in 1773, a group of 116 men dressed as Native Americans boarded British ships and tossed 342 chests of tea overboard, about 90,000 lbs. (40,823 kg) worth. In today’s currency, that was equal to nearly a million dollars! Turn the page for more!

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Ribs & Ceasar Wing Night

July 4th - 6th, 2013 Loads of entertainment for the whole family & remarkable sales from our local stores. Be sure to get your vendor & food vendor applications at:


Applications available at:

Happy Hour Mon-Fri from 2pm-6pm

Open at 6am Mon-Fri Open at 10am Sat & Sun

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– CANADA PageQ42– DECEMBER Say– 2012 You Saw

It In Tidbits

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1711-Main St North Insert sale dates 306-692-8181 Insert store location Moose Jaw All trademarks owned or licensed by Am. D.Q. Corp. ©2013

IT’S TEA TIME (continued):

• CThere are all kinds of tea – white, green, oolong, lient: International Dairy Queen – Grill & Chill Space/Size: 2 col x 5-1/4” Pand roduct: Holiday Cakes P u b s : Newsame spaper black – but they all come from the For use by NMF participating locations only. Issue: 2012 plant, the Carnelia Sinensis. The end product Note: Please delete this information before placement. is determined by the processing of the tea leaves.

• While white tea skips the steps of processing (the leaves are just steamed and dried), green, black, and oolong teas all go through a series of steps. It starts with withering, when the tea leaves are spread out and dried in a warm environment, which makes them pliable. A rolling machine is next, twisting the leaves in order to release the flavorful natural oils. Some more expensive grades of teas are rolled by hand, resulting in a higher quality. The leaves then undergo an oxidation process, when they are spread out in a cool room. At this point, the tea leaves are still green, but as they take in oxygen they gradually turn darker. The darkening can be stopped by heating. Green tea is not oxidized, oolong tea is oxidized for a short time, and the dark black tea oxidation process, which takes about three hours, is uninterrupted. The chemical reactions that take place during oxidation are what alters the leaves’ color and flavor.

• While a cup of tea does contain caffeine, it doesn’t compare to the amount found in coffee. A cup of tea has about 40 mg. of caffeine compared to coffee’s 110 mg per cup. The lesser-processed green tea has even less caffeine than black leaves. But if you want a higher caffeine level in your tea, sip yerba maté, which has about the same amount as coffee. It’s made from the leaves of a South American rain forest holly tree, and contains 24 vitamins and Continued on page 6

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Issue #21


ARIES (March 21-April 19): There is no reason to be mean if someone thinks the ends justify the means. Group interactions and politics can be challenging in the week ahead, but a trusted partner will be there to add moral support. TAURUS (April 20-May 20): Be steadfast and true to your goals in the week ahead. Don’t be sidetracked by small temptations. Even the most awkward situation can’t dampen your enthusiasm for those things close to the heart. GEMINI (May 21-June 20): Don’t let excuses put limits on your success. You may be able to talk your way out of any box, but you must be sincere about your promises and resolutions to make it to the big leagues in the week to come. CANCER (June 21-July 22): Grab hold of a situation by the scruff of the neck. Like a mother cat with a kitten, it may be a case of mother knows best. Earn respect from others by being gentle, but firm, in the upcoming week. LEO (July 23-Aug. 22): Practice what you preach. If you follow your heart and remember to take your own advice, everything will work out for the best this week. Upsets at the workplace could suddenly alter your prospects. VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22): If you really love ‘em, you can’t leave ‘em. Close intimate relationships can grow closer in the week ahead. This may be an excellent day to talk over long-term plans and define joint objectives. LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 22): Learn to grin and bear it. World opinion may go against the grain in the week ahead. Focus on personal romance instead. An ill-informed consensus is still wrong - no matter how many people share it. SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 21): Know your boundaries and stay within them. The week to come may show you that true love means you must do your duty. You may learn that security in relationships is more valuable than excitement. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21): You deserve a break today. Plans will move along like clockwork during the upcoming week if you pay extra attention to a special someone. Frankly discuss problems to nip troubles before they bud. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19): You might not be a very good cook, but even you can manage to bake some humble pie. Situations outside your control might force you to take a back seat or to accept your limits in the week ahead. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18): Opportunity only knocks once, so listen closely. In the week ahead be on the lookout for a chance to make some extra cash, buy something of beauty, improve your health, or make everyday tasks easier. PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20): Romance might be on your mind in the week to come. Hold off on vows of commitment and everlasting love until at least the middle of the week. Right now, your impulsive actions might backfire.



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Our Premium Services • 100% Transmission Fluid Change • 100% Radiator Coolant Change •100% Differential & Transfer Case Change • Power Steering Fluid Flush • Premium Automotive Additives

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Our Premium Vehicle Inspections

• Air Filter •Brake Fluid Level • Winshield Washer Fluid • Tire Pressure (upon request) • Wiper Blades • Fluid Leaks • Power Steering Fluid • Fuel Filters (when available for • Engine Coolant Level inspection) • Exhaust • Serpentine Belt • U-Joints • Cabin Air Filter • PVC Valve + Filter • Axle Boots • Lights (upon request) • Transfer Case Fluid Level • Transmission Fluid/ • Clutch Fluid Transaxle Fluid Level •Differential Fluid Level - Front/Rear

409-Thatcher Drive East 692-4440

Open 7 Days A Week

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Issue #21

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Say You Saw It In Tidbits

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Moose Jaw’s largest - Over $1 Million in stock to choose from 2008 PJ 30ft

2009 Exiss STK 20’

2012 Cjay 14k

2012 Gatormade 6x12

2013 Cjay Toybox

2013 Trailtech H270

24ft deck, beavertail, 3 7000lb axles, 16” tires, spare, double jacks

2 7000lb axles, 16” tires, center gate, 7ft tall

20ft deck, dovetail, 2 7000lb axles, 16” tires, treated deck

3500lb axle, 15” tires, ramp gate, powder coated

28ft, 2 6000lb axles, LED load lights, digital clock, drive in/out, car hauler

20ft deck, 2 7000lb axles, 16” tires, beavertail and ramps, pop up center

$15,500 + taxes

$6,995 + taxes

$1,795 + taxes

$15,995 + taxes

$8,995 + taxes

$6,888 + taxes

306-694-1355 “just click” see entire inventory at

d e Us rs Ca ore l a G

All trades welcome. Paid for or not!!

2008 Toyota Corolla CE


Reg: $11,900 NOW

Bad credit? Slow Credit? No Credit?... Don’t sweat it!!! All credit applications accepted.


2012 Toyota Prius C

2008 Kia Rio Ex

Hybrid, Auto, Loaded

Sedan, Auto, Loaded





2009 Toyota Venza

Sunroof, Loaded, Leather




2009 Toyota Corolla CE 5 spd, Loaded , Manual Now:



2010 Lincoln MKZ LTD

AWD, Loaded, Leather, Sunroof



2008 Honda Accord EX-L Loaded, Leather, Sunroof Now:




2010 Toyota Corolla CE

2009 Toyota Matrix XRS

2012 Toyota Prius C

Auto, Loaded, Low kms

Sunroof, Loaded, Auto

Hybrid, Auto, Loaded


2009 Nissan Titan SE C.Cab

2011 Toyota Venza Wagon

8 Cyl, 4X4, Loaded

Touring, Loaded, Leather, Sunroof


2008 Honda Civic SI

Remote Start, 6 spd, Sunroof












2006 Honda Pilot EXL SUV, Leather, Sunroof, V6 Now:


2010 Toyota Tundra V8, 4X4, Loaded, Double Cab Now:




2007 Dodge Ram 1500 Larmie 4X4, Loaded, Leather, 8 Cyl Now:



2008 Ford F-350 Lariat

SANDY SAX, financing specialist will get you PRE-APPROVED! 100% Credit Applications Accepted

2010 Toyota Tundra

V8, Loaded, 4X4 Let Sandys 25 years of banking experience get you the car YOU WANT! Now: $34,900 Now: $22,888 Take A Closer View Our Entire Inventory On-Line Now!

Leather, 4X4, Loaded, Diesel

MOOSE JAW TOYOTA 306.694.1355 1743 Main Street N, Moose Jaw SK

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Say You Saw It In Tidbits

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Issue #21

News from the Shelter Be a Humane Hero The Moose Jaw Humane Society’s Annual Dog Jog is June 9th this year! The shelter’s 18th Annual Dog Jog Fundraiser is coming up; the event will be held on Sunday, June 9th. In an attempt to raise greater awareness for the shelter and its needs, the route has changed to a highly visible location; the walk will start at the south end of the Town ‘N’ Country Mall parking lot and proceed down Main Street. At the bottom of the hill, the Bad Intentions Bus will be waiting to shuttle those participants who do not wish to retrace the route back up to the parking lot. This year, the event will have a “Humane Heroes” theme, so participants (two and four-legged) are encouraged to come dressed in their favourite superhero costumes! Pledge forms (with our rules and regulations) are now available at the shelter or download one from our website ( We strongly encourage everyone to collect pledges this year – why not get a team together and challenge your friends, family, coworkers and neighbours to support you in this fun event! Please note our minimum entry fees (in lieu of pledges) are: $25 per person, $50 per couple, and $100 per team of 4+. Prior to collecting pledges, please call the shelter for an official registration number. There’ll be food and snacks available at the conclusion of the walk, as well as prizes for most pledges (youth/ adult/team), best costumes, and more! Registration begins at 1:30 and the walk starts promptly at 2PM. (Alternate bad weather date is June 16th - same time same place.) Let’s make this year’s Dog Jog the biggest and best one ever!


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909-High Street West


Auto Glass Specialists

» Winshield Replacements « » Rock Chip Repairs « » SGI Accredited « » 30 Years Experience «

Moose Jaw Glass «Locally Owned & Operated»


We would love to share the rest of our lives with just “YOU”

Call 692-1517 for more information

L u n a a d u l t female pitbull cross Look at my g o rg e o u s face! Who can resist a face like this? Not only am I beautiful but I am a very happy little girl too. I love to play! Male dogs are okay with me, but I would prefer to be the only girl in my house. I am kind of a princess that way. I would also prefer a cat free home.

Suri - adult female pitbull/ collie cross Everyone here at the shelter loves me! I get lots of attention from people who stop by too, but for some reason no one has decided to give me my forever home. I am a cheerful girl who is sure to put a smile on your face. If you like to dance I could be your partner, I can dance around on my back two legs for quite a long time. An added bonus is this makes it easier for me to stare lovingly into your eyes.

Rocky– adult male shar pei/ terrier cross Are you looking for a young friend to keep you company and keep you fit? I have mastered my basic manners and walk well on leash. I probably run well too, but we will have to wait until all this snow melts to find out! I have lived with children and love to spend time with them. I do have a severe “allergy” to cats though.

Pumpkina d u l t female DSH I am a r e c e n t surrender to the shelter. My family’s living situation changed and they were not able to take me along to their new home. I am so lonely for a place and family to call my own. I hope someone stops in to give me a second chance very soon.

Liamadult male DSH I am a very s o c i a l , loveable boy who likes to share my living space with other cats. If you are looking for a first time cat or another cat to add to your family I would be the perfect candidate – come meet me today!

Pharoha d u l t neutered male DMH Are you looking for a cat to love that will love you back? I am definitely the guy for you. I love people so much that the photographer had a dickens of a time getting a good shot of me. As soon as I see people I start rolling over for belly rubs and purring!

909-High Street West Bay #4 306.972.6909

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FIELD Plumbing & Heating

520 Fairford Street West Moose Jaw, SK



Issue #21

Say You Saw It In Tidbits

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HOTEL A division of


28 - Manitoba St. E.

$7.50 Daily lunch specials from 10 - 2pm

FrEE tIrE stOrAgE


spring service special


- Goodwrench maintenance inspection - Lube, oil & filter change - Brake inspection Most cars & trucks - Tire rotation - Battery test Offer Expires May 31, 2013 Diesel trucks

$ 99 95

WIN $ 500 KEON

Get a head start on SPRING Enter to win one of these great prizes:

Garden Centre


LyNbrOOK Golf Club

Wings $ 6.50

FrEE Exterior Wash

$139 95


HILLCrEst Golf Club



all day Friday

Steak Special $ 9.00

DEEr rIDgE Golf Course

Enter to win with our Service, Parts, or Body Shop.

Call 306.693.4605 1-888-544-2438 15-Chester Road, Moose Jaw w w

Say You Saw It In...

Life’s Like That...

Life is like wind. When it blows, it washes everything away, so clutch onto what you are holding.

You were such a great companion, constant, loyal and true. My heart will always wear, the pawprints left by you.

Answers on page 14

Moose Jaw Humane Society Pet Cremation Services Professional Pet Cremation, With Dignity And Compassion

Advance Planning Available • Affordable Payment Options 1755 Stadacona Street West


The only GRILL you need... It’s all about the wood Maximum Outdoor Versatility

◆ Grill ◆ Bake ◆ Roast

◆ Smoke Starting at ◆ Braise ◆ Barbeque


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◆ Grill Cover ◆ Front Shelf $150 Value

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*Free offer on purchase of selected models, see PJS for details

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Say You Saw It In Tidbits

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Continued from page 2

minerals, 15 amino acids, and an abundance of antioxidants.

• Herbal teas, also known as tisanes, aren’t really tea at all. They come from the roots, stems, and flowers of other plants. There are numerous types of tisanes, depending on what part of the plant they come from. Mint, verbena, and lemongrass varieties are leaf tisanes, while chamomile, hibiscus, and lavender are flower tisanes. Cinnamon is a considered a bark type, while ginger, Echinacea, and chicory are root tisanes.

Issue #21

Purely Pleasure Spa - Salon Fashion Boutique

www.purelypleasuresalon.c a


921-1st Avenue NW

Sc an Me

• The invention of the tea bag came about by accident. In 1904, a New York tea importer was looking for a cheaper way to send samples to customers. Thomas Sullivan had been using tin boxes, but as this proved expensive, he began wrapping the tea in small silk bags. His customers didn’t realize the bags were just packaging, and brewed their tea in them. Soon after, Sullivan was receiving orders for the new product. Today, 96% of the world brews its tea using a tea bag.

• More of tea’s many medicinal and health benefits are being uncovered every day. Green tea seems to be especially healthful. It is high in the amino acid theanine, which has been shown to reduce stress and improve mental concentration. It may also increase the body’s immune system and antioxidant powers. Lab testing indicates that catechins, a type of antioxidant, inhibit the growth of cancer cells and may help reduce the breakdown of cartilage. A recent university study indicated that tea has more potent antioxidants than 22 fruits and vegetables that were tested. Scientists say drinking green tea might also even help prevent tooth decay! And a study in the Netherlands has shown that those who drink catechin-rich tea are 50% less likely to die of heart disease.

Answers on page 14

Your Weekly Crossword Sponsored By:

All you can eat.... Fish & Chips On Tuesdays


On Fridays Dine In Only

306.692.8999 1711 Main St. N.

Answers on page 14 The Bebe Bump Maternity Boutique Your baby Harley-Davidson Supplier

We do custom maternity jeans! 305 Fairford ST. W (2 blocks west from safeway) 306-693-6632

• Tea is not just for drinking! On the outside, green tea can help with inflammation. Soothe your puffy eyes with a soaked, chilled green tea bag. The same will work for insect bites. Keep mosquitoes away by smoothing the skin with damp tea leaves. Black tea bags have been proven beneficial in removing plantar warts. It’s the acidic tannin present in tea that shrinks the wart, just by placing a cooled bag on the wart for 15 minutes three times a day. • Tisanes also have medicinal qualities. If you have an upset stomach, try sipping peppermint tea, since peppermint relaxes the muscles that give you stomach cramps. The antiinflammatory properties of licorice root can reduce the swelling of a sore throat. It’s also well known that chamomile tea is a relaxant and is a natural sleep aid.

• And it’s not just the human body that reaps the benefits of tea. It’s a great fertilizer for your roses! Watering both indoor and outdoor plants with cool leftover brewed tea gives them a boost of nutrients. You can also stir brewed tea leaves into your garden soil. • Tea experts warn not to use an aluminum teapot to prepare a tisane. Because aluminum is a reactive metal, they claim that it can react with certain plant types, and the result can actually be toxic.

Answers on page 14

Rainbow Bridge Claudette Durupt

Alternative Health Care Practitioner -Reiki Master/Teacher -Essential Oils -Reeexology -Physic Readings -Certiied Life Coach



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ADS FOR THE ATIDBITS@ MAGAZINE – NOV. 28/12: Issue #21 For Advertising Call (306) 693-1269 Say You Saw It In Tidbits

Page 7

Real estate Page

605A Main St. N., Moo

R THE ATIDBITS@ MAGAZINE – NOV. 28/12: of moose jaw

605A Main St. N., Moose Jaw, SK S6H 0W6


605A Main St. N., Moose Jaw, SK S6H 0W6

e-mail – landm e-mail – landmart@sasktel.netweb – www.royalle 694-8082


web – e-mail – web –

Outstanding!! This Fabulous 12.8 acre Situated a quiet and Popular northwest Investors take note! Great starter home location close to Ideal revenue great 1300 sq. ft. acreage just 15 or revenue propdesirable neighborschools. 3 bedroom property in a bungalow in Moose minutes South erty located close to hood on South Hill, California–style preferred down Jaw’s preferred of Moose Jaw on downtown Moose ew construction! Located on a new “Quality built” new Excellent family Very nice family Great starter homeThis home. Excellent town location. 3 bedroom bunconstruction! on a new “Quality built” new Excellent family Very nic North West is readyNew highway #2! Home, thisLocated Jaw. This home may Triple attached South Hill Crescent, construction! home in a new home Sunningdale! or rentalproperty property infeaproperty for great the perfect your outbuildings & acreolder, but it is in Sun attached SouthisHill Crescent, construction! home in be a new home rage”. This for greatyou & this quality“Triple built Attention to detailgalow South Hill 1300 sq ft 3 time +2 Mossbank!! of revenue, first tures one 2Lots bedroom family. Finished up age are fenced with ome is in Moose 1,548 sq. ft. and stylish development. This home bedroom kitchen cabinets, for a growing buyerhome or reunit and one good garage”. This greatfinishingsize this quality built Attention to detail South great Hill condition and 1300 sq plenty touches of trees. Jaw’s newest and down. bungalow is an ideal gives this 1481 sq. ft. loaded with many main floor laundry tirement no stairs! size 1 bedroom suite. is good and solid!!! family!sq. ft. home is in Moose 1,548 and stylish finishing development. This bedroom

evelopment has excellent value.

family home or for retirementJaw’s

home its great

newestappeal. development has excellent value.

bungalow has many

bungalow an ideal greatis features family home or for retirement

features and and shed for storage. touches updates. gives thisPaved drive. 1481

sq. ft. has many great features

FAMOUS OF THE WORLD: homeWOMEN its great bungalow


loaded w feature upda

Who hasn’t read the delightful Tale of Peter Rabbit and the many other stories of whimsical animals written and illustrated by Beatrix Potter? Let’s take a look at the life of this admired woman whose work is even more popular than it was during her lifetime. • Born in 1866 to a wealthy London family, Helen Beatrix Potter spent most of her time with nannies and governesses, rarely seeing her parents except at bedtime. Educated in a schoolroom in their home, Beatrix and her younger brother also didn’t have the opportunity to interact with other children. Instead, a wide variety of pets became their companions and the Potter children spent many hours a day observing and sketching the mice, frogs, lizards, snakes, rabbits, turtles, hedgehogs, and a bat that shared their schoolroom. Beatrix demonstrated a unique gift for drawing, and when she was 12, her parents hired a private art tutor to help further her abilities. • Beatrix’ first income from her work came in her 20’s when she sold six watercolor paintings of her pet rabbit to a greeting card firm, which led to a series of other illustrating jobs. About this time, she began writing illustrated letters to the children of a former governess. It was here that Peter Rabbit had his beginnings. Seven years after she had written to one young child, she asked to borrow the letters, copying the illustrations into a rough black-and-white version of a children’s book.

Answers on page 14

• Beatrix sent The Tale of Peter Rabbit to six publishers, all of whom rejected it. She paid to have the book privately published, ordering 250 copies which sold immediately. The little volume caught the attention of the publishing firm of Frederick Warne, a company of three brothers who agreed to publish it if Beatrix would re-draw the pictures in color. The firm released 8,000 copies of Peter in October, 1902, and by 1903 had sold over 50,000 copies. Cont’d on pg 10

Canadian Tid-bits

▶ Writing-on-Stone Park near Lethbridge contains the greatest concentration of rock art on the North American Great Plains, with over 50 petroglyph sites and thousands of works dating largest Ukrainian Easter egg. Created in 1974, it stands more than three stories tall, 9 m (31 ft) back some 3,000 years. long, and weighs about 2.5 t (5,512 lb), all while ▶ The speed of the elevator in the CN Tower is pivoting in the wind like a weather vane. The equal to the rate of ascent of a jet during take-off. software created to guide the lasers which cut Passengers rise 340 m (1,136 ft) in just 58 seconds. the egg’s 1,108 individual tiles was eventually purchased and used for the cutting the exterior ▶ In Vegreville, Alberta, you’ll find the world’s tiles of the space shuttle.

▶ Prairie dogs, which used to be found all over the Canadian prairie, are now found only in Grasslands National Park in Saskatchewan. ▶ At Dinosaur Provincial Park in Alberta, researchers have uncovered fossils of nearly 500 species of life, ranging from microscopic fern spores to large carnivorous dinosaurs. About 35 species of dinosaurs found there date back nearly

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Say You Saw It In Tidbits

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Locations in

Safety Bits EMS Week: Healthcare in Motion! May 26 to June 1, 2013

24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year…PARAMEDICS are there when you need them! EMS Week is a time to take a moment to acknowledge the dedication and commitment paramedic professionals deliver to the public as a part of the healthcare team; there when you need them and there to help! EMS professionals are well trained with specialized skills to bring healthcare outside the hospital to YOU were ever you might be! Local paramedics are dedicated to serving the city of Moose Jaw and surrounding communities in providing the best public safety and medical assistance anytime, anywhere! With over 25 paramedics on staff, 125+ volunteer first responders, support services of the Moose Jaw Fire Department and Police Services, and with over 4000 calls for service every year, Moose Jaw & District EMS strives to deliver the highest caliber of emergency medical service to the communities and residents it serves when called.

Take the time to say THANK-YOU to a PARAMEDIC today!

Issue #21

Moose Jaw • 1650 Stadacona St W 693-4334 Regina - 359-1964 • Warman - 934-3880




PRESSURE WASHERS 4930707/033011

Video View

DVD Reviews

“DARK SKIES”: There’s little in this family-plagued-by-otherworldly-forces tale that you haven’t seen before, but good acting by reliable stars goes a long way in selling the premise again. Keri Russell - who’s had a resurgence this year, thanks also to her FX series “The Americans” - and Josh Hamilton (“J. Edgar”) play spouses and parents who come to believe their house also contains unwelcome visitors. The always-welcome J.K. Simmons (“The Closer”) plays an authority on the paranormal who tries to help the couple. DVD extras: audio commentary by writer-director Scott Stewart, producer Jason Blum, executive producer Brian Kavanaugh-Jones and editor Peter Gvozdas; deleted and alternate scenes. ***

“LONGMIRE: THE COMPLETE FIRST SEASON”: In the week when the modern Western series - based on Craig Johnson novels - begins its second A&E Network round, this set of freshman episodes introduces Robert Taylor as Walt Longmire, a tight-lipped, troubled Wyoming sheriff. He has very close competition as he bids to keep his job while continuing his mission to solve crimes, which occur quite regularly in his jurisdiction. Katee Sackhoff (“Battlestar Galactica”), Cassidy Freeman (“Smallville”) and Lou Diamond Phillips also star. DVD extras: “making-of ” documentary; deleted scenes; photo gallery. *** “RED WIDOW: THE COMPLETE FIRST SEASON”: Recently aired on ABC, the melodrama about a sudden widow (Radha Mitchell, “Pitch Black”) forced into her slain husband’s mob life comes to DVD. She determines that continuing his activities is the only way she can ensure the safety of the rest of her family, though that turns out to be no guarantee, as she repeatedly finds out. Goran Visnjic (“ER”), Rade Serbedzija, Jaime Ray Newman and Lee Tergesen (“Oz”) also star. DVD extras: “making-of ” documentary; deleted scenes; outtakes. *** “LORE”: A recipient of several international awards, this drama features a notable performance by young Saskia Rosendahl as the title character, one of several children of a Nazi couple taken prisoner at the end of World War II. The siblings set out for their grandmother’s house, and en route, Lore comes to realize the meaning of what has happened to her family and her country. DVD extras: theatrical trailer; two “making-of ” documentaries; deleted scenes; alternate ending; panel discussion. ***

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attention moose jaw taxpayers

Farewell and thank you for your support over the last 12 years. We are saddened that Silver Star Salvage is no longer going to be able to serve the citizens of Moose Jaw in keeping our landfill free of waste metal. We thank the City of Moose Jaw Landfill staff for all of their hard work and dedication over the past 12 years. They helped us give birth to, and to grow the Landfill Recycle Program. It is a well functioning program we created, with significant local impact. In 2001 Silver Star Salvage approached the City of Moose Jaw Engineering Department and City Council with a proposal to recycle all the metal that was going to the landfill. It took a year of consultation with the city to put an agreement in place. Everyone ultimately agreed that it was a good idea to recycle metal that was being buried. It took a lot of hard work, dedication, and marketing to educate people to recycle metal, that doesn’t biodegrade. Since 2002 Silver Star Salvage has recovered several tons of scrap metal from the landfill that would have been buried. It was a win – win situation saving the landfill and its life expectance along with giving back to our community. As a dedicated local business, started and grown right here in our community, Silver Star Salvage donated proceeds from the Landfill Recycling Program back into community programs and charities on a monthly basis. This was over and above our contract to pay funds directly to the City of Moose Jaw in order to carry out the program. May 7, 2013 Silver Star Salvage received notification that we will NO LONGER be recycling your metal out of the landfill. A large company from Ontario has been awarded the contract until 2016. The company has no office in Moose Jaw, and does not seem to be directly taxable by the City, but was able to obtain a business license for $350/year to do business in our city. We recognize that this Ontario Company is just doing business. It followed all of the rules in submitting it’s tender. They overbid Silver Star Salvage by $10/ ton. The City will be able to collect an extra $1300 per year by contracting out to this transient business. We have placed two calls to the Mayors office, with NO REPLY!! We had hoped that the City would support local business in the way that we local businesses and citizens support Moose Jaw. Without all of us, who pays for infrastructure, road repair, the new hospital, Mosaic Place, the field house? How much does $350/ per year from a transient business help fund the needs of our city. And how much can we rely upon transient businesses employing people, making donations and support local charities and programs? Should you wish to support us in this, and express your opinion on this matter to the City of Moose Jaw, call 306-694-4400 or email from the City website we would be grateful. Cal, Mel and the staff at

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Super “B” Truck Wash Now Offering! 306-693-7733

POLISH AND DETAILING SERVICES Semi, Rims, Autos, Super B’s, Boats, Rv’s We offer both machine polish and hand polish services. Call for Appt:

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BEATRIX POTTER (continued from pg 7): • The youngest Warne brother, Norman, was assigned as Beatrix’ editor. It wasn’t long before a romance bloomed between the two. Her parents did not approve of the romance, and when Norman sent Beatrix a letter containing a marriage proposal, her parents forbade the union. Shortly afterward, Norman became very ill, and sadly, just one month after his proposal, he died of leukemia.

420 North Service Rd

Moose Jaw, Sk

• After the tragedy, Beatrix dedicated herself to her work, using her earnings to purchase farmland, where she raised sheep. A local solicitor, William Heelis, advised her on her land dealings as she continued to buy up local farms. Beatrix married Heelis when she was 47 years old, and the pair continued to purchase land, 15 farms in all. Answers on page 14

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• Beatrix Potter wrote and illustrated 23 books in all, including The Tale of Benjamin Bunny, The Tale of Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle, The Story of Miss Moppet, and The Tale of Tom Kitten. In 1921, the first Peter Rabbit books were published in Braille. Beatrix passed away in 1943, leaving a charming legacy that will entertain children for generations to come. Many of her childhood sketches, letters, and original watercolors are displayed in London’s Victoria and Albert Museum.

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TH I W S E COLLID Powerskate sessions are now a part of MJRD’s team training

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Trans Canada Location only

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Come visit our Zinc Team if you think adding Zinc to your phosphate or drill blend this spring might give your crop that early season advantage. P&H Moose Jaw has recently added the capability to impregnate Zinc directly on your fertilizer. Utilizing YaraVita Zintrac technology, P&H is able to provide the Zinc your crop needs in an efficient cost effective manner. Come on down and the Zinc Team will tell you all about it!

Parrish & Heimbecker Ltd. 40 - 5th Ave N.W. Moose Jaw, SK

Meet Our Zinc Team

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Talk to Kal Open: Mon - Fri 7:30am-6:00pm Saturday 8:00am-5:00pm

465 Fairford St. West 306-692-4745

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R.M. of Terrell No. 101 August 3-4, 2013

Saturday - parade, beer gardens, cowboy poetry, small airshow, clown, supper, dance with live band and fireworks! Sunday - pancake breakfast & church service. All are Please pre-register by July 15th R.M. of Terrell No. 101 Box 60, Spring Valley, SK S0H 3X0 email:

Soap Review ALL MY CHILDREN: Brooke made David an offer he couldn’t refuse. Later, David found satisfaction in seeing one of his many enemies in Pine Valley take a fall. Pete was reunited with someone from his past. After having an unforgettable vision, Celia confided her recent experiences to a friend. A desperate Cassandra took comfort from a voice of hope, but would she be freed from her abductors before it’s too late? Coming: David’s good deed has a lasting effect. BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL: After Alison warned Maya of what she would face if she doesn’t cut all ties to Rick, Carter offered to help Maya deal with Bill’s blackmail. When Steffy returned to work, she came face to face with Hope and told

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her to back off from Liam and stop messing with Over 180 Bays - All Sizes their marriage. Bill was caught off-guard when Convenient Donna revealed that she knows about his night Downtown Location. with Brooke. Coming: Bill intends to find out his Call “competition. ” 306-693-9949 DAYS306-631-4074 OF OUR LIVES: Presented by Marlena All Weather Access” with proof “Clean of Kristen’s deception, a furious Brady confronted Kristen and wanted nothing more to do with her. After being tempted in his misery by a drug dealer, Brady was comforted by Nicole. During a showdown with Marlena, Kristen shared shocking information about John that had lasting repercussions. JJ manipulated Jennifer, who unknowingly helped him get enough cash to start selling drugs. Coming: Kristen plans her next move.

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GENERAL HOSPITAL: Lulu remembered the trauma of Stavros and shared everything with Dante. The mystery man visited the Quartermaine crypt, as AJ and Monica discussed the meaning of the strange text message. When the party guests learned the identity of their host, chaos ensued. Nik was tormented over whether to tell Liz about AJ and Carly’s tryst. Luke was hospitalized with a condition that could be very serious, and only Tracy managed to get him to stay in his room and undergo more tests. Coming: Luke refuses to face the truth. ONE LIFE TO LIVE: Bo discovered shocking information about Dani’s overdose at the opening party for Shelter. Natalie was shocked when she was served with a subpoena, and later confronted Continued on pg 14

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IT’S TEE TIME! Fore! Look out as Tidbits presents a few facts about the tools necessary for a good golf game. • The ancient Romans played a game similar to golf as we know it, but the modern game of golf was developed in Scotland in the 1400s. The first written record is that of a ban of the sport by King James II in 1457, calling golf a distraction to learning archery, which was necessary for national defense. • The official rules of golf state that a golfer’s bag may contain 14 clubs. A typical player will carry a driver, two woods, seven irons, three wedges, and a putter. The putter has earned the nickname “the money club” because it is the one used to tap the ball into the hole. The first clubs were made entirely of wood, followed by wood shafts with iron heads. In the 1920s, steelshafted clubs came into play. Shafts made of fiberreinforced composite materials were introduced in the early 1970s.

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• The earliest golf balls were probably made of wood. Golf balls in the early 1800s consisted of thin leather pieces stuffed with feathers. Those that were very tightly packed flew the farthest. More than 5,000 patents have been granted for various forms of golf balls since 1900. Those little indentations on the ball are called dimples and were first used about 100 years ago. Players discovered that damaged balls flew farther than new ones, so companies began manufacturing balls in different shapes trying to increase the distances. One ingenious fellow studied the ball’s path, and came up with the current dimpled idea. Today’s regulation golf ball has 336 dimples. • An official golf ball should not weigh more than 1.62 oz., and must be at least 1.68 inches in diameter. • There are about 32,000 golf courses worldwide, with close to 20,000 of those in the United States. The country of Singapore has one course every 10 square miles, giving it the record for the highest

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per population density. England has one course every 27 square miles, and Scotland every 56. Yet some of the most populated areas of the world have no golf at all, for example, the Ukraine, whose population exceeds 47 million with nary a course in sight! • During a 1971 tournament in England, a 26-yearold golf pro named John Hudson achieved two consecutive holes-in-one at the 11th and 12th holes. Don’t expect to tie his record – the chances of repeating this are one in 67 million. • If you’d like to golf on the world’s longest course, you’ll have to travel to Australia. Some of the tees are 50 miles (80.5 km) apart on the 850-milelong (1368 km) Nullarbor Links course that spans two Australian states. Don’t be surprised if you encounter the occasional wild camel or wombat. Be sure to notch out enough time for your game – somewhere between three and four days! The cost seems reasonable, however at $46.

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ng i t n u o cc A h

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b Bo

rc u Ch

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~ Community Events ~ Monday May 27th

• Moose Jaw Band City Band rehearses from 7:15-8:45pm at the Moose Jaw Royal Canadian Legion. Anyone who plays a brass or reed instrument is welcome to join. For more information please call 306-693-6262. • Men’s Adult Floor Hockey Located at the 15 Wing base gym. The cost is 3 dollars, and you must use a plastic bladed stick. You can either bring your own stick or they are available at the gym. • Sea and Navy League Cadets Parade Night from 6:30-9pm. Located at 1215 Main St. N. Children aged 9-18 welcome. More information available by calling 306-692-6289 or 306-691-0384. • Teen Wellness Clinic Public Health Services located at 107-110 Ominica Street West, Moose Jaw. Open Monday 2:00-5:00pm.

Tuesday May 28th

• Cosmo Jam Session Come join the fun at the Cosmo Centre! Dance with your favourite partner or just listen to the great music! Every Tuesday from 9:30-11:00. Cost: $2. • Teen Wellness Clinic Public Health Services located at 107-110 Ominica Street West, Moose Jaw. Open Tuesday-Friday 2:00-4:00pm. • Moose Jaw Art Gallery Open from noon to 5pm in Crescent Park. • Postpartum Depression Support Group if you are a new mom who is overwhelmed with feelings of anxiety, anger, guilt, and sadness, join with others who are going through the same struggle and find a place of support, encouragement, and information to assist in your recovery. From 10:00-11:30am at the Strong Start Family Centre (679 Hall St. W.) Free child care is provided. • Grandmother’s Meeting Grandmothers 4 Grandmothers will meet at Rosewood Apartments (140 High St. E.) from 1:30pm-3pm. Please come to the side door facing High St. As part of the Stephen Lewis Foundation we are a charitable group and fundraise to help orphans in Africa. Many orphans are being raised by elderly grandparents for their parents have been killed. We welcome new members and you don’t have to be a parent or grandparent to join. • Moose Jaw Youth String Orchestra Registration is Tuesday evenings from 4:30-7:00 p.m. at 436 Langdon Crescent. No experience is necessary, ages 5 to 18 years. Instruments are available to rent. • Synchronized Swimming Synchro swims every Tuesday from 6:30-7:30pm. WE offer beginners classes as well as masters programs and are always

welcoming new swimmers. Please Contact Amanda at 306-6945658 for more information. • Central Collegiate High School Multicultural Day Central High School would like to invite the public to the school to experience the culture of many nations from around the world as represented by Central’s diverse student body. It will run from 6-7:30pm. For more information please call Cal Carter at 1-306-690-5832.

Wednesday May 29th

• Production of ‘The Mikado’ The Summer Stage in Caronport presents “The Mikado”, a musical comedy, directed by Ron De Jager. Performances take place at The Landing in Caronport each night at 7:30. Tickets are $10 for students and $15 for adults and are available at the Briercrest Bookstore and at the door. • Moose Jaw Art Gallery Open from noon to 5pm in Crescent Park. • DIY Magnets Join us at the Moose Jaw Public Library at 6:30pm to create your own unique word magnets that can be fashioned into poems on the fly! All materials will be supplied. For ages 10-18. No registration required. • Big Country Toastmasters Big Country Toastmasters is an organization dedicated developing public speaking skills in a safe, supportive environment. Meetings are run with a set schedule, and are generously peppered with encouragement, humour and information. Contact Lorna Arnold for more information at 306693-8739.

Thursday May 30th

• Production of ‘The Mikado’ The Summer Stage in Caronport presents “The Mikado”, a musical comedy, directed by Ron De Jager. Performances take place at The Landing in Caronport each night at 7:30. Tickets are $10 for students and $15 for adults and are available at the Briercrest Bookstore and at the door.

Friday May 31st

• The Production of ‘Anne of Green Gables’ The Summer Stage in Caronport presents Anne of Green Gables, directed by Ron De Jager. Performances take place at The Landing in Caronport each night at 7:30. Tickets are $10 for students and $15 for adults and are available at the Briercrest Bookstore and at the door. • Spring Fashion Show Spring Fashion Show from 1:30pm to 3:30pm Tickets are $5.00. For more information please call 306-694-4223 or buy tickets at front desk 510 Main Street North

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Pest Arrest Exterminating

• Bat Removal & Proofing • Unmarked Vehicles • Animal Control & Removal • Insect Control • Fumigation • Free Estimates • Bed Bug Specialist • 24 Hour Service (Quick Response) • Hanta Virus Clean-Up & Disenfecting

306- 631-7350 Fax: 693-6696


Saturday June 1st

• Not Your Grandmother’s Knitting Circle for Teens Whether you are new to knitting or are already a knitter, whatever your skill level – come down to the Library on Saturday mornings and join our Teen Knitting Group. For those who haven’t knit before, supplies will be available to get you started. If you’re already a knitter, bring along a project or two. Starts at 11am in the Young Adult Department of the Moose Jaw Public Library. • Rib Night & Silent Auction Rib Night & Silent Auction to raise money for the Canadian Cancer Society to support people battling the disease in Moose Jaw. Tickets are $12. Contact Crystal for more information at 306630-1000. • Wood Show & Sale Moose Jaw Wood Crafters Guild invites you to a Wood Show & Sale located at the Union Centre (1402 Caribou St. W.) from 9am4pm. • The Production of ‘Anne of Green Gables’ The Summer Stage in Caronport presents Anne of Green Gables, directed by Ron De Jager. Performances take place at The Landing in Caronport each night at 7:30. Tickets are $10 for students and $15 for adults and are available at the Briercrest Bookstore and at the door. • Bridge Tournament From 9:30-3:30p.m. Muffins & coffee in the a.m. & hot lunch at noon. Tickets are $12.50 per person. Please pre-register before Friday, May 31st @ 3:30p.m. For more information please call 306-694-4223. • Marie Donais Calder – Book Launch Calder will be reading from her latest book in the “Other Side” series. Copies of the book will be available for purchase and a signing will follow the reading. Everyone is welcome, admission is free. Join us at the Moose Jaw Public Library at 3:00 pm.

Sunday June 2nd

• Shifters Show & Shine Show and shine at the Western Development Museum from 11am-5pm. Everyone welcome! • Royal Canadian Legion Sunday fun at the Moose Jaw Legion. The Moose Jaw Legion, Branch 59, will be open Sunday afternoon’s until June 30. Hours will be from noon until about 5pm. Join in on the fun and entertainment. We’re inviting and encouraging local musicians and bands to come and play, jam and entertain. We’ve also got big TV screens to watch the NHL playoffs as well as a pool table and dart boards. or 693-1269

Soaps Continued from pg 11 Viki and Clint over the latest news about John. Todd decided to share the details of his plan with Blair. Matthew got advice from an extremely unlikely source and intended to take his relationship a step further. Blair and Tea collaborated to figure out where someone may be. Coming: Bo follows his new lead. SECRET LIFE OF THE AMERICAN TEENAGER: Suspecting that Amy is hiding her true feelings from him, Ricky confronted her about whether they will have a future together. It was Amy’s turn to erupt when she found out just how far Ben is willing to go in order to win her back. Everyone

gave Ethan some much-needed advice about his love life, and he came to a decision regarding whether he and Kathy should be together. Coming: Who stays together and who doesn’t is revealed on the series finale. VAMPIRE DIARIES: On a rebroadcast, Elena found it hard to cope with the extreme mood swings that were part of her transformation into a vampire. After arguing with his brother about what is best for Elena, Damon decided to help her in his own way without telling Stefan. Stefan realized that Connor Jordan, a stranger in Mystic Falls, is a dangerous vampire hunter. Coming: Connor’s presence in town sparks violence.

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y a d o T e l c y c e R r e t t e B A For orrow Tom



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•Lawn Mowers •Radiators •Aluminum •Pots & Pans •Machinery •Batteries •Taps & Sinks •Window Frames •Eavestroughing • ALL METAL PRODUCTS•

Supporting Our Community 1st Golf lesson

Died At the Course

The school teacher was taking her first golfing Fred got home from his Sunday round of golf later than normal and very tired. “Bad day at the lesson. course?” his wife asked. “Is the word spelt p-u-t or p-u-t-t?’’ she asked the “Everything was going fine,” he said. instructor. “P-u-t-t is correct,’’ he replied.

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Specializing In:

Breeding Stock Cattle • Purebreds • Horses Sheep/Goats • Farm Sales • Bred Cow & Bred Hefer Market • Machinery • Land • Hay

Upcoming Auctions: May 28 – Last Chance All-Breeds Bulls June 1 – Cow/Calf Pairs, Bred Cows / Hfrs June 2 – McDonald Farm Auction, Bethune June 3 – Mackow Farm Auction, Central Butte June 4 – Storry Farm Auction, Bethune Call 306-693-4715 -Wayne, Corey or Scott To view more, visit our website: Located: Trans Canada Hwy West of Moose Jaw

“Put means to place a thing where you want it. Putt means merely a vain attempt to do the same thing.”

“Then Harry had a heart attack and died on the 10th tee.” “Oh, that’s awful!” “You’re not kidding. For the whole back nine it was hit the ball, drag Harry, hit the ball, drag Harry.”

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“Experience the difference yourself”

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Jinelle Paul Pisio

Office Administrator

1-800-606-9111 or 306-692-9111

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