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May 3, 2013 Bold Medias Publishing B&D Publishing

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Outdoor Resin Wicker Loveseat, 2 Club Chairs and Coffee Table, complete with 8 Cushions Monday-Saturday 9:00am-5:00pm Sunday 12:00-5:00pm

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Kamloops Factory Outlet 103-1366 Hugh Allan Drive (250)434-2337

753 Bobcat Skid Steer Kubota engine, exc cond. Reg $12,500


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We Service All Equipment Labour Rate $78/hr CENTRAL EQUIPMENT Repairs, Replacements & New/

Next Workshop: Self Treatment for Sciatic Pain Monday May 27th. Call 250-319-7292 to pre register. Roots Therapeutic Pain Management Centre 316-141 Victoria Street. 250-319-7292

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One Hour Pedicures $45


#103, 5170 Dallas Drive

• The earth’s orbit also changes our view of the stars at night even though the stars are in fixed patterns. Astronomers who named many of the stars and constellations (named patterns of stars) years ago gave them Greek and Roman names that are still used today.

• The most well-known constellations are the “Big Dipper” and “Little Dipper.” The “dippers” are part of Ursa Major and Ursa Minor, which mean Greater Bear and Smaller Bear. turn the page for more!

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Spaghetti with meat sauce, Sorriso salad, italian bread with balsamic vinegar & olive oil dip

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Trigger Point Therapy and Advanced Reflexology

• The moon at night shining in the dark is not actually a light source since it does not produce its own light. The moon is visible because of the sun’s light that bounces off of it back to earth. When we see different phases (or sizes) of the moon it is because the earth revolves around the sun and the moon orbits the earth. The part of the moon that is reflecting depends on the angles or relative positions of the earth, moon and sun.


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with Paul Laviolette, HHP, CCP, RCRT

Children who are afraid of the dark often need a small night light to help them overcome their fear. This Tidbits is about small and large lights in the dark as well as neon lights that shine in some pretty fancy ways! • Even on very dark nights, if you let your eyes adjust it is possible for most people to see well enough to walk around.


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Pain Management Workshops and Therapy Treatments

by Patricia L. Cook



October 26, 2012 University Hall 8 pm

Don’t Let Pain Control Your Life...Visit us for


German Butter Cheese

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Desert Hills Realty

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Selling New & Consignment Sports Equipment HOURS: Mon-Sat 10am-6pm

101-1103 12th Street (corner of 12th st & Lethbridge) 778-470-2828 •

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Tidbits of Kamloops

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NIGHT LIGHTS (continued):

• Many children the world over hear a song about the night sky long before they learn to talk. Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star was published by Jane Taylor and her sister, Ann, in England in 1806. Their second book of children’s poems, Rhymes for the Nursery, includes the poem, The Star, written with five verses. Only the first verse is widely sung, with an occasional addition of verse two.

• The tune for Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star is actually older than the poem. It originated in France, first seen in print in Paris in 1761. The tune was first associated with a French song, Ah! Vous dirai-je, Maman, which is translated Ah! Will I tell you Mommy. It is still popular with French children. • Another “tune” that came from Paris was the quiet buzz of neon lights. Georges Claude, a chemist, engineer, and inventor was a pioneer in the development of neon lighting. • Neon gas was first discovered in 1898. The word neon was chosen for the gas from the Greek word “neos” which means “new gas.”

• Two predecessors to neon lights were the Geissler Moore tubes that used pressurized gas in tubes with electric volts to make colorful lights. When neon was discovered it proved to be a more lasting gas for tube lights. Neon was in short supply until Georges Claude’s company, “Air Liquide,” began producing large quantities. Claude made his first neon light in 1902 and first displayed his invention at the Paris Motor Show in December, 1910,

For Advertising Call (250) 434-1888

Community Events Hamlets at Westsyde Recreation Volunteer – The Hamlets provides assisted living and complex care services for Seniors and young adults with acquired brain injuries. Volunteers are needed for One-to-One visits, program support, walk and roll visits, helping staff with outings, and the buddy program. 250579-9061 Old Time Fiddle Show & Contest MAY 4, 2013: B.C. Old Time Fiddlers’ Association, Kamloops Branch #12 29th Annual Old Time Fiddle Contest at St. John Vianney Church Hall, 2826 Bank Road (Westsyde) in Kamloops all day Saturday May 4, 2013. Preliminaries beginning at 11:00 A.M., $ 5.00. Evening finals (beginning approximately 6:00 P.M.) and dance following presentation of awards, $ 10.00. Children 12 and under accompanied by an adult are free. Tickets can be purchased (CASH ONLY) at Coopers Foods (locally owned) - Lansdowne Village location only at 200-450 Lansdowne Street in Kamloops or at Bookland, in Fortune Shopping Centre, 750 Fortune Drive on the north shore, or at the door. For further information call (250) 372-2809 or (250) 376-2330. The United Church Women, Community Kitchens and Sensational Soups are hosting a Strawberry Tea & Plant Sale at Mount Paul United Church, 140 Laburnum Street, North Kamloops on Saturday May 11th – 2:00 to 3:30 pm, Free Admission. For sale will be plants, home baking, white elephant and crafts Strawberry Shortcake & Tea for $5.00. This is a scent free event “Let’s Dance” sponsored by TVASC. Saturday May 11th at the Ukrainian Hall in Kamloops 725 York St., 8pm to midnight, music by “Mcivor in Motion DJ Services”. Tickets $10. for tickets contact Zonia @ 250-3720091, Ed @ 250-374-2774 or Francoise @ 250-3723782 KAMLOOPS PLAYERS SOCIETY is presenting a 2009 “Best Play” Tony Award winning play by Yasmina Reza at the Stage House, 422 Tranquille Rd. “The God of Carnage” has been described as “a comedy of manners without manners” it is an adult themed play with language that some may find offensive. “The God of Carnage” is entered in the Theatre BC Okanagan Zone Festival in Vernon on May 17th. Local Dates: Friday, May 3, 8:00 pm – Saturday, May 4, 2:00 pm Matinee and 8:00 pm evening. Thursday, May 9, 8:00 pm – Friday, May 10, 8:00 pm – Saturday May 11, 8:00 pm. Tickets: $15.00 available at: Kamloops United Church, 8:30 – 4:30 weekdays (3:00 pm Fridays) Andrena’s Book Co. - # 1- 910 Columbia (down behind Super Store) Enchanted Tea Cup – 410 Tranquille Rd. Tickets available at the door or phone. For more information call 250-682-2164. ABSOLUTE AMAZING RACE Sponsored sponsored by Westsyde Community Development Society invites every one to activities following the Race at the Dunes Golf Course May 5th at 6:00 pm. There will be an all you can eat pasta buffet, cash bar, door prizes, 50/50 draw, silent auction, awards to top teams. Tickets are $15.00 each and are available at Cedar Dental Clinic, McGavins Breadbasket or call Corinna at 250-5795568 for delivery. Kamloops Travel Club An informal group who get together regularly to talk about travel. Get to know other travellers, share travel experiences, photos, trip ideas and advice. Upcoming travel social: May 18th. Contact James 250-879-0873.

Do you have a local event that you would like added to our listings? Send it to:

Tidbits of Kamloops NIGHT LIGHTS (continued):

with two 39 foot long (12 m) bright red tubes of neon light. • Claude received his first patent for neon lighting in Paris in 1911 and another in the United States in 1915.

• (There is some historical evidence that Perley G. Nutting, a physicist who started the Optical Society of America, displayed the first neon light at the Louisiana Purchase Exposition in 1904.) • The first commercial neon sign was sold to a barber shop in Paris in 1912, by Jaques Fonseque, an associate of Claude. • When red and blue tubes of neon lights were installed decorating the Paris Opera House in 1919, the colors became known as “Opera Colors.”

• Claude sold the first neon sign in America, actually two, to a Packard Car dealership in Los Angeles in 1923. The price: $24,000! Neon quickly caught on in the advertising world.

• The “liquid fire” signs began dominating outdoor advertising displays in American cities from Times Square in New York to Los Angeles. Las Vegas quickly became a city filled with neon on the borders of signs and buildings, architectural accents and even neon animations. • Today, many of the first neon signs and displays in Las Vegas have become part of the Neon Museum. The Museum has three components: the Downtown Gallery, the Neon Boneyard, and the Las Vegas Signs project.

• By the way, Georges Claude was imprisoned from 1945-1949 by the French government for collaborating with the Germans in World War II.

• Claude’s patents were good but they did not stop others from “taking off” from his work. Charles J. Wamser created his sign company with neon technology that was slightly different from Claude’s patents.

• Wamser’s company, Sheet Metal Products, Inc., was started in a rented garage in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and started mass producing signs in the late 1920s. His company, now named Everbrite, is still a worldwide leader in the

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ARIES (March 21-April 19): Risky business is not show business. Sometimes you like to walk on the wild side and push your limits - but in the week to come, you would be wise to avoid strenuous escapades like rock-climbing. TAURUS (April 20-May 20): Party animals on the prowl sometimes growl. With fun-loving Venus in your sign, you may have numerous opportunities to socialize in the week ahead but a heavy work load could cramp your style. GEMINI (May 21-June 20): Strive to be a voice, not an echo. You might have a tendency to adopt other people’s opinions as your own in the week to come. You can’t take it for granted that those opinions are based on due diligence. CANCER (June 21-July 22): A satisfying job and financial security might be your priority in the week ahead. Family and social life could take a back seat to career, as you focus on realizing your ambitions. LEO (July 23-Aug. 22): Focus on achieving ambitions, not on group consensus. Interpersonal relationships could be a bit challenging early in the week. Be as straightforward as possible to avoid alienating those you value the most. VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22): Pay attention to what is going on in the outside world. In the upcoming week, tune into the news, the radio or TV, and you will find guidance for your job and career problems right there in plain sight. LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 22): You won’t be able to make permanent plans with temporary people. You may be frustrated in attempts to stand up for yourself. The week ahead isn’t a good time to invest your money or your emotions. SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 21): Buck up. The more you talk about the drama and demands in your life, the more you reinforce them. In the upcoming week, simply get on with your jobs and refuse to dwell on the nagging negatives. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21): Beautify your surroundings. Harmony around you will reflect the harmony within during the week ahead. You might take a few minutes to make a difference by improving work conditions. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19): The secret to success in the week ahead is to focus your energy on building up something new rather than tearing down something old. You may feel that your private space is threatened by others. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18): Having a few adventures may be good for you. Remain cautious, however, and don’t neglect duties. If you are thinking of beginning anything longlasting or important, hold off until this week is over. PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20): The love of your life may be difficult to find, but once found, will be impossible to forget. During the upcoming week, you may experience a few trials and tribulations but will be rewarded for your efforts.

Tidbits of Kamloops

October 26, 2012 University Hall 8 pm

For Advertising Call (250) 434-1888 Lorem ipsum dolor. Fusce urna magna neque vita.

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1140-50th St. NE • Salmon Arm

Ipsum in consectetuer Proin in sapien. Proin in sapien. Fusce urna magna neque egeuat vita consectetuer Proin in sapien. Proin in sapien. Fusce urna magna egeuat.

Family Owned & Operated Since 1972

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School Buses for Rent * Birthday Parties * Weddings * Schools * Sports Teams * Camps * Youth Groups * Vancouver/Alberta Trips * Airport & Conference Shuttles & more


1 BDRM Condo in Brockhurst Area - Washer • Dryer • Dishwasher • Fridge & Stove / Elevator in Bldg - Near Coopers, Timmies, Gym, Senior Housing & Activity Centre

Multiple buses of various sizes, available throughout the BC Interior including the Okanagan Valley, Shuswap, Thompson Valley and the Kootenays. Our buses will travel to just about anywhere!

Office: 250-377-3030

661 Pinewynd Pl.

• Drivers Provided or Provide Your Own • Drivers are fun & professional • Ultra-flexible to meet your needs • On-board flat screen TVs

MLS# 114282

1276 Pine St.

NIGHT LIGHTS (continued):

lighting and branding of companies.

• As in fashion, many things of old come back to be popular again. In 1999, the Route 66 Corridor Restoration Act, helped to put neon signs of old back in the public eye. Many of the monuments to the past, including the neon signs that dotted Route 66 were restored and reinstalled.

$699,900 Fabulous half-acre waterfront property in town with spectacular views of the North thompson River and superb privacy. Over 3,400 sq ft executive home and 900 sq ft garage with loads of extras. Priced to sell!

For more information or for a quote, contact Trevor 1.888.550.4272 or

Call: 250-376-4194 / $775 p/month

• Neon signs were most popular in the 1950s. By the 1960s neon lights were being replaced with cheaper lighting.


Desert Hills Realty

New Floor and Paint. One year lease. Quick possesion possible. References required.

• Many of the “neon” signs that dotted the landscapes in North America were not all neon. People use the name “neon” for lights of all colors but actually neon lights are red. Other gases used with neon produce different colors. Argon is most widely used, along with mercury and phosphor. There are now over 150 colors that can be produced.

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Doren Quinton


DVD Reviews

$449,000 top to bottom reno in a quiet and desired area of downtown. Gorgeous chef kitchen w/ high end appliances. Newer roof, windows, insulation, electrical, flooring, doors, trim, kitchen, bathrooms, and much more. this home delivers in every aspect and is well priced for downtown living.

MLS# 114953

“JACK REACHER’’: The driving force behind one action franchise with “Mission: Impossible,’’ Tom Cruise aimed to launch another with this enjoyably tough melodrama centered around novelist Lee Child’s title character, an ex-military man trying to determine whether a former Army sniper is at the heart of several Pittsburgh murders. Rosamund Pike (“Die Another Day’’), Richard Jenkins, Robert Duvall and filmmaker Werner Herzog also star for director-screenwriter Christopher McQuarrie, who won an Oscar for his script for “The Usual Suspects’’ and also co-wrote “Valkyrie’’ for Cruise. ***

“MAMA’’: While she was making the award-season rounds for “Zero Dark Thirty,’’ Jessica Chastain projected a much different screen image as the rather Goth heroine of this horror tale from executive producer Guillermo del Toro (“Pan’s Labyrinth’’). She plays the girlfriend of the uncle (Nikolaj CosterWaldau, “Game of Thrones’’) of two children who vanished after their father killed their mother, and when they’re located several years later, very spooky doings accompany their return. Megan Charpentier and Isabelle Nelisse are effectively eerie as the youngsters. DVD extras: “making-of ’’ documentary; audio commentary by director and cowriter Andres Muschietti and producer and co-writer Barbara Muschietti; deleted scenes. *** “SAFE HAVEN’’: Sincere performances, lovely scenery and other familiar elements of other Nicholas Sparks-based films - and a few new twists - factor into this drama, another trademark Sparks tale of a complicated romance. A woman (Julianne Hough) on the run has to face her past and consider her future when she is drawn to a North Carolina widower (Josh Duhamel). Her new neighbor (Cobie Smulders, “How I Met Your Mother’’) tries to help her work through her maze of emotions. Lasse Hallstrom, who also guided the Sparks-inspired “Dear John,’’ directed the film. *** “ROOKIE BLUE: THE COMPLETE THIRD SEASON’’: The Canadian cops - including Andy McNally (Missy Peregrym), who ended the previous season on suspension for her romance with colleague Sam Swarek (Ben Bass) - get back to business in this round of the drama, coming to home video just before Season 4 of the series begins May 23 on ABC. William Shatner guest stars in the first episode, which finds the rookies greeting a new war veteran peer (Peter Mooney) who has a past with Officer Gail Peck (Charlotte Sullivan). Gregory Smith, alias the show’s Dov Epstein, also directed one of the stories. ***


$350,000 - $450,000 Go to to request your




Kamloops Realty 322 Seymour Street

Tidbits of Kamloops

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of Kamloops

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Drivers reminded to adjust headrests

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Drought Tolerant Interior Seed Blends Homeowners •Contractors •Landscapers

By Glenn Cooper

(NC)—While buckling seatbelts is second nature when getting into a car, how many of us think to adjust the headrest? Reports show that headrests are one of the most overlooked safety features in motor vehicles today and many don’t realize the important role they play in preventing neck, brain and spinal cord related injuries.

• Sand-Based Turf • Drought Tolerant • • Environmentally Friendly Turf • Fresh Turf Delivery • • Low Maintenance • Direct from the Grower • • Professional Installation Available •


“Headrests are designed to work alongside the seatbelt so that when an accident occurs it prevents the head from twisting backwards, which subsequently results in whiplash,” explains Mauro Convertini, an insurance and claims expert at Aviva Canada. “Drivers can sustain an injury from an incorrectly adjusted headrest even at speeds as low as 15 kilometres per hour – the same speed as the average bicycle.” According to an Insurance Bureau of Canada study, only 14 per cent of drivers on the road have their headrest in the proper position. And whiplash being the most common soft tissue injury incurred during auto collisions underlines the importance for all passengers to ensure their headrest is adjusted properly. Aviva recommends that drivers follow three simple steps in order to prevent injuries associated with improper headrest position: 1. The top of the headrest should be in a straight line with the top of your head. 2. Position the centre of your headrest so that it is slightly above the top of the ear. 3. Ensure that the distance between the headrest and the back of the head is between five and ten centimetres. Especially for families with multiple drivers: be sure to assess and adjust the headrest every time you get into your vehicle. More information is available from your insurance broker or online at Say You Saw It In...

Wamaco Distributors Ltd.

#4-962 Laval Crescent, Kamloops BC V2C 5P5

Ph. 250-374-3810 Fax. 250-374-9414

NOW OPEN SATURDAYS! • Clothing Racks • Hangers • Retail Bags & Boxes • Wedding Decor • Favour Bags & Boxes • Pallet/Boltless/Ez-Rect Shelving • Warehouse Equipment

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Tidbits of Kamloops

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Pet Bits

Q: My 4-year-old Red-boned Coonhound has been obedience trained; we’ve done everything we can to train him off-leash. However, he still breaks free from his lead, leaves the yard and runs off, returning half an hour later. We’ve never had a dog behave this way before. What’s your solution? A: Pet writer Kim Campbell Thornton suggests: “Work with a good trainer on teaching a reliable ‘come.’” Thornton, author of “Careers with Dogs” (BowTie Press,

Irvine, CA, 2010; $24.94), adds, “Perhaps this dog isn’t returning, or you’re not there to call the dog. It doesn’t really matter. You have a hound dog that is ruled by his nose.” Charlene LaBelle, author of “A Guide to Backpacking with Your Dog” (Apline/Blue Ribbon, Crawford, CO, 2004; $12.95), agrees. “A hound’s instinct is to run, and you know that’s the case with your dog,” she notes. “So, be sure that your dog is wearing an ID tag and is microchipped. The reality, which you may not like, is that leash equals love.” Also, make sure that in addition to a dog tag and microchipping, you register with the microchip provider. You indicated that your dog breaks free from his lead. If you literally mean he regularly breaks from his leash or harness, you need to fit him with another. This problem shouldn’t happen repeatedly.



By Bryan Devonshire

Adoptables Jackson, 292208, is a 1 year old neutered male American Fuzzy Lop rabbit cross who came to the shelter because her owner could not care for him properly. Jackson is a very friendly rabbit; however he does not like to be picked up. He loves to spend time out of his cage and rabbits do need at least 2 hours out to be able to stretch and play. Jackson can be a little shy to start but once he gets to know you he will hop right up for pets and affection. He will also eat from your hand. Rabbits do require a lot of hay throughout the day and should have about 2 cups of fresh lefty greens. They also enjoy bok choy, parley, dandelion leaves and broccoli stems. They can live up to 12 years. Pixie, 294176, is a 4 year old spayed female American Staffordshire Terrier and Mastiff cross who was brought to the SPCA because her owner had too many dogs. Pixie can by shy and uncomfortable when meeting new people, places and objects. She’ll need to be introduced to these things slowly. Pixie will need an owner to give her continual encouragement and gentle handling. Once given the chance to warm up to people she is very friendly and affectionate. She may want to chase moving things like bikes, animals or children. Good obedience and a confident guardian is important as she’s still learning. Pixie can be nervous around other dogs and would be best suited to a home with no other dogs. She should be introduced slowly to dogs and rewarded for relaxed behaviour and play. A behaviour counselling session with our Adoption Staff is necessary before adopting any animal to ensure success in the new home.

BC SPCA Kamloops & District Branch

1211 8th St 250-376-7722 or

It was Day Three of the World Poker Tour’s L.A. Poker Classic main event earlier this year. I’d been short for much of the tournament but had built my stack to 125,000, just behind the average stack of 140,000. About 110 players remained, and blinds were 1,000-2,000 with an ante of 300. A player with 200,000 opened under the gun to 4,600. The next player had 50,000 and called. My turn, and I looked down at Q♥ Q♠. The standard play is to raise, but here’s the problem: I wouldn’t be raising as a bluff, and I wouldn’t be expected to bluff in this spot. Raising would make it easy for my opponents to put me on a premium hand and easy for them to play against my narrow range. Bryan Devonshire’s The key to making the correct decision is to first make a hand: plan, anticipating potential pitfalls. Let’s consider our options. First, we could raise. If we do, our opponents should assign us a range that’s something like pocket 10s or better, A-K and maybe A-Q. If they all fold, cool — we win the pot, albeit a small one. If we’re called and see a flop, fine — we have position and a strong hand. If someFlop: body four-bets, we’re unhappy. What would we do if somebody four-bet behind us? Go with it? Fold? What if the initial raiser or the guy in between decided to four-bet? You should have answers to these questions before raising. Sometimes, folding to a four-bet is fine, but even if our opponent’s range is A-K Turn: to pocket queens or better, we still have a 40.2 percent chance. Second, we could just call. This alters our perceived range to a wide selection of decent hands, discounting A-K and pocket jacks or better. (Opponents don’t expect you to overcall with premium hands.) This will invite action behind us, encouraging players to call with a wider range, as they’ll see a cheap opportunity to win a big pot. Opponents will also be more likely to reraise with a wider range, seeing so much River: dead money in the pot. Allowing more hands to see the flop cheaply isn’t ideal. But raising would mark us for a premium hand, and if someone reraises, it would be unwise for us to continue with a hand that’s at the bottom of our perceived range. If we merely call and someone raises behind us, we’d feel much better about going all in preflop, since our perceived range wouldn’t be as high, and our hand exceeds that range. It seems that in most cases I’d be happier with the road less traveled. I simply called. Action folded to a player behind me, who barely resisted raising and just called. Then both blinds called. Now there was 30,300 in the pot, with six players seeing the flop — not optimal, but not that bad. The flop came J♣ 9♥ 5♣. Check, check, check, all in. I had to decide whether to call 45,100. Despite my efforts to avoid a tough decision, I now had one. Fortunately, my hand beat his range, since he’d usually have one pair or a draw in this spot. Unfortunately, I had lots of opponents behind me. After I judged that they were disinterested, I called, not liking my plan of folding to a shove from one of them but liking it better than folding now. Everybody else folded, and my opponent turned up the A♣ 2♣. He hit the flush on the turn with the 9♣, and a 3♥ on the river secured him the pot. Make a plan before you put chips into any pot. Your plan won’t always work, but the results are usually better than if you wing it.

J ♣

Q ♥

Q ♠

9 ♥

5 ♣

9 ♣ 3 ♥

(Bryan Devonshire is a professional poker player from Las Vegas. Known as “Devo” on the tournament circuit, he has amassed more than $2 million in career earnings. Follow him on Twitter: @devopoker.) (C) 2013 Tribune Media Services, Inc.

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Tidbits of Kamloops


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Cat found around the end of Dec 2012. Large, black, long-haired cat found around the Broadview Place area in Westbank. Claim your pet by calling (250)-768-4026 (Westbank).

Purchasing old Canadian & American coin collections & accumulations. Old gold & sterling! Private, Prompt & Confidential. Shuswap 250-548-3670 shop or barn space in Vernon/Armstrong area large enough to get a school bus in. Needs to have a min 10 foot high door, and must be at least 36 feet in length. 250 550 4272 Unwanted Firearms Do you have unwanted firearms? Safe and secure removal. Have proper license to handle firearms. Will pickup at your convenience. Kelowna Call 250-870-6672 Looking to Purchase Vintage Costume Jewelry, Watches & Pocket Watches, War Medals & Buttons, Coins, Sterling Silver Cutlery & Tea Services, Silver & Scrap Gold! CASH DOLLARS PAID! Call Mick 250 307-8486 Part Time Salespeople Wanted. Tidbits Shuswap and Kamloops papers call 250-8034664 or 250-434-1888. Tidbits Vernon and Kelowna papers call 250-550-4272.

Renovation CRYSTAL CLASSIC EXTERIORS --Replace leaking gutters with 5” gutters, downpipes -Leaf Guard- never clean again -Soffit, Gable fasica -Siding, all types Stan: (250) 317-4437 (Kelowna)

Auzzy Kelpie cross collie stock pups - 3 left. $350 each. Call John or Susan 250 540 2475 (Vernon)

For Sale

For Sale

250 gallon fish tank, all accessories, on stand, 2 canister filters, and approx. 14 fish. Must sell! $650 obo. Call 250838-0153 (enderby)

800’ of 2” Irrigation Pipe c/w sprinklers. $500. 2” Irrigation pump, 3 phase $200. Call 250675-4477 (shuswap)

Cut-off saw for trim, 9-step fruit-picking ladder, R-20 pink insulation still in bag, Magnavox DVD player still in box. Best offer on each. Salmon Arm 250832-4831


Blind Bay Farmers Market invites ‘Make, Bake or Grow’ vendors to get their applications for 2013 season. Thursdays May 16-Aug 29. Contact Deb Gibson gibsonda2012@gmail. Raspberry planting time com. ‘Your Source for for berries this summer! Local Produce, Crafts & 3 varieties, bundles of Fun!’ 10 good canes $10 / bundle. 6 good-sized Black Berry canes $61998 Dodge Ram $10 each. 16 1/2 foot Quad cab, 1500 SLT Trihull Boat with 85 HP 5.9 liter automatic, full motor, $1900 obo. trailer package with box Call (250) 503-0781 liner and toolbox and (Vernon). two tailgates. Asking 8 piece dining rm set $5500.00 Plus 1990 $225, Green Velvet Terry Resort 5th wheel love seat $50, Pull out with hitch, new tires, trundle bed $50, 2 Rose well maintained and fully colored Cocktail swivel equipped. $4500.00 rockers $30 each, Bistro Will sell as a unit or set $50, Canon Laser single. Printer combination Phone 250-545-3858 (almost new) $150, drop ‘77 Ford Laundau (4 leaf table with 2 swivel dr), mint, $5000 obo. chairs $125, (Vernon). ’75 Mercury (4 dr), new (250) 260-4912 paint, $5000 obo. ’73 3200 yards of 30lb test GMC 3/4 ton, rebuilt fishing line. Call 250- 454 motor, lots of new parts, $6400 obo. ’72 838-5552 (shuswap) NEW Small Faux Winnebago, new tires, Leather or Microfiber clean, $3200 obo. Call Sectional Sofa w/ Ron (250) 765-0112, ottoman. 5 colors (Kelowna).


Animals lost, found, or just in need of a good home are free to place in the Tidbits Classifieds

For Sale

Portable a/c with remote control, like new! pd $589 asking $300. Queen size bed c/w headboard & five sets of sheets. $400. Call 250838-9808 (shuswap) New Jim Bowie hunting knife $70. New Pellet rifle $70. New Red Rider BB rifle $70. Rifle scope for either rifle $25. 3 Way Stereo $70. Various country western LP’s and 8 Tracks. Belt buckles best offer everything must go! WANTED: Old wooden alarm or other clocks working or not. Bob (250) 549-7015 (Vernon).

available. $469 only! (250) 434-2337 (Kam)

Farm Raised Beef. Grain fed, no additives, CWF by the side. $3.25 lb. Call 250 307 3430 OR 250-546-6494 (Armstrong)

NEW Queen Bedroom Set. Queen bed, 9 drawer dresser, n/s, landscape mirror. Solid Wood. $679! Garden swing, contry (Kamloops) rose dinner plates, 250.434.2337 preserving jars, hot Antique claw foot tub. tub chemicals, hot tub Needs refinishing. $100 ($100) beam scale, Call 778-220-5101 perrenials, raspberries. 250-860-8833(kelowna) (Kamloops)

Canadian Tid-bits

▶ Alert, on the tip of Ellesmere Island, is the northernmost permanent settlement in the world. It has a population of about five, centered around a weather station located there. It’s 817 km (508) miles from the North Pole, and 2,092 km (1,300 mi) from the nearest city of Iqaluit. ▶ North America’s lowest recorded temperature was -81.4 degrees Fahrenheit (-63 C) at Snag,

Ship Shape Shelter Indoor Boat & RV Storage

Call Gary or Michele at 250-835-4224 or

email for rates



2005 Hornet 5th wheel w/winter skirting. Call 250-832-7321 or 8040113 (shuswap)

Flatdeck trailer w/ loading ramp. 11’6” x 7’8” asking $1900. Arctic Cat ATV Prowler XLT 700 Brand New (2010) asking $13,000. Good boat loader $500. Call 250-554-1309 (Kamloops)

2006 33’ Colorado 5th Wheel Dry weight 8756 lbsclass 5 license only, alum. frame, 3 slide outs, 15’ awning, islandqueen full bed, dining table & 4 chairs, hidea-bed in living room, heated fireplace, a/c, 35,000 BTU furnace no pilot lights, gas fridge, power-cpu table, DVD/ CD/MP3 player and TV, ext. shower, elec. front jacks, 2 propane tanks, winterized, 3 holding tanks in heated section, removable 5’ x 2’ rear aluminum storage ($1500) ASKING $20,900. Call Paul at 250-832-6333 (shuswap)

2003 Chevy Cavalier std, w/165,000 km. Needs work on rear lights but overall great condition. New Tires! $1000. 1993 GMC 4x4 diesel pickup selling for parts. Includes Primus brake system for trailers and box liner. $600. Call 250-547-6747 (Cherryville) Used Electric Yamaha golf cart. Good cond., 2008 Chev truck tow complete enclosure. 2 mirrors $25, 2008 yr old batteries with new Chev Uplander Van tow charger. Asking $1400. mirrors $25, 2007 GMC Will deliver, call 250- truck tow mirrors $25, 554-2631 or 376-3627 2007 Tonneau Cover for (kamloops) GMC truck $500. Call Cliff at 2006 Buick Lucerne CX 250-542-1449 only 35,000 km, as new


2009 Yamaha Virago 250cc

Asking $3900 OBO Only 1400 km’s. Exc cond. Great starter bike. Call Brenda at 250-836-2997 2010 Ford F350 4x4 Turbo Diesel 15,000 miles 6 passenger cab, remote start, tow/haul switch Ford Tailgate step reverse sensing, adj. gas & brake pedal, sprayed cargo box FREE Maintenance until Aug/2015 lots of extras Asking $40,000 obo. Paul 250-832-6333 (shuswap)

1987 VW Westfalia. Exc cond throughout, 183k, c/w maintenance records. One family owned, $14,000 obo.

condition, not driven in winter. Smooth quiet luxury. $11,300 or best offer. 250-832-8352 (shuswap)

Yukon Territory, on February 3, 1947.

Moosehead Brewery in Saint John, New Brunswick, turns out 1,642 bottles of beer per ▶ Charles Fenerty of Halifax, Nova Scotia, was minute. the first person to use wood fibers to make paper. His father owned a lumber mill, and ▶ When Michael J. Fox appeared as a guest when he toured a paper mill where paper was on “The Tonight Show” he told Jay Leno that made from rags, he noticed many similarities he found American beers too watery and in the two mills. He started experimenting in preferred Moosehead Ale. This boosted the 1839 and produced paper from wood pulp in popularity of the brew. Shortly afterwards, the 1841. company gifted the actor with a large truckload of the brew in appreciation. ▶ Canada’s oldest independent brewery, the

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For Advertising Call (250) 434-1888 50 – 3rd Street N.W. Salmon Arm (BEHIND SUPER SAVE GAS)

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