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6” Queen Memory Foam


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Gordon Ballantyne

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Monday-Saturday 9:00am-5:00pm Sunday 12:00-5:00pm

Furniture Factory Outlet 103-1366 Hugh Allan Drive (250) 434 - 2337

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Pontiac Vibe (Toyota Matrix)

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Air, 5 speed manual, 90,000kms


1006 8th Street Kamloops Next to 7-11 beside Canadian Tire



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by Janet Spencer Noted Italian operatic singer Enrico Caruso was born on February 25, 1873. In honor of that event, come along with Tidbits as we attend the opera! ENRICO CARUSO • Caruso was one of the first opera singers to have his voice professionally recorded. He made nearly 300 recordings between 1902 and 1920, which was just before he died. As a result, his recordings are available today on CD or digital download. His 1904 recording of “Vesti la giubba” (“put on the costumes”) from the opera Pagliacci was the first sound recording to sell a million copies. Because of the popularity of his recordings, he was one of the most famous celebrities of his day.

(250) 372-1711

201B-1150 Hillside Drive

“Across from Aberdeen Mall in Aberdeen Court.” The seal of a Notary ensures trust, confidence and knowledgeable service

• He also made history when he was broadcast live from the stage of the Metropolitan Opera House in 1910 in the first radio Discover yours today at at Discover yours today Discover yours today at Discover yours today at broadcast to be publicly transmitted in the Colin Willis, Banking Consultant Discover yours today at Colin Willis, Banking Consultant Colin Willis, Banking Consultant Colin Willis, Banking Consultant United States. Every homeowner has aa Every homeowner has Every homeowner has ahas Every homeowner Every homeowner has a a Manulife One number. Manulife One number. Manulife One number. Manulife One number. Manulife One number.

250-299-7532 250-299-7532 250-299-7532 250-299-7532

• In 1906, Caruso performed in San Francisco the night before the big earthquake shook Colin Willis, Banking Consultant the town to its roots. He was so unnerved 250-299-7532 • by10:44 theAMexperience that he feared the shock 91 Colin Willis_E.indd 1 14-01-23 1091 Colin Willis_E.indd 14-01-23 10:44 AM AM 91 Colin Willis_E.indd 1 1 1 14-01-23 10:44 AM WM1091 Colin Willis_E.indd 14-01-23 10:44 would damage his voice. Standing in the shattered ruins of his hotel, he stood by a broken window, singing at the top of his lungs in order to be sure his voice was unharmed. He swore he’d never return to San Francisco, and he kept his word.

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Sahali Mall next to Target


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CARMEN FACTS • Carmen by George Bizet is one of the most frequently performed operas, and the “Toreador Song” is one of the most widely recognized operatic tunes. • Enrico Caruso and Maria Jeritza starred in a production of Carmen in which real horses were used. One horse relieved himself, leaving a huge puddle. When the climactic death scene arrived, Caruso stabbed Maria, but she refused to fall down dead. “Die! Fall will you!” Caruso shouted, and she sang, “I’ll die if you can find me a clean place!” • The most tacky version of Carmen was probably the silent movie version that was made in 1915. • During one performance of Carmen a dog wandered on stage and became fascinated by the conductor’s waving baton. The dog enjoyed fetching sticks and couldn’t understand why the conductor wouldn’t throw the baton for him to retrieve. The dog began to bark and the barking became louder when the conductor used the baton to try to shoo the dog away. The curtain came down and the dog was removed. • Many cats reside in the outdoor arena in Verona and in one performance of Carmen, a kitty came out from behind the wings and started rubbing up against Don Jose’s legs, purring and meowing just as he was preparing to murder Carmen. • A performance of Carmen was being staged in Mexico City. The singer playing the part of Don José had a long wait back stage while Acts 3 and 4 progressed, so he decided to dash out to get a beer in a local tavern. No sooner had he entered one than he was arrested by a couple of cops who saw his scruffy clothing and dragged him off to jail. When he informed them he was a tenor singing opera, they informed him he was drunk. He could only convince them by singing his part in the opera. OPERATIC FACTS • When Princess Victoria, eldest daughter of Queen Victoria, wed Prince Frederick William of Prussia, she picked out music of her two favorite composers. One was the “Bridal Chorus” from Richard Wagner’s

Across 1 Clods 5 Got a chuckle out of 11 Roulette bet 14 Lawyer’s assistant, for short 15 Vox __: voice of the people 16 Architect I.M. 17 Ending from Ali 19 Plumbing pipe initials 20 Very long time 21 Ending from Nixon 23 Civil War soldier 25 Unhittable serve 27 Proverbial waste maker 28 Ship’s front 30 Dilbert creator Scott 34 Poet’s “at no time” 35 Abandon on an isle 37 Superman and Batman wear them 39 Ending from the Elephant Man 42 Parcels (out) 43 Car window adornments 46 Atlas pages 49 Boss’s nervousnessinducing note 51 Banjo support of song 52 “It’s __!”: warning shout 54 Humanities major 56 Archer’s wood 57 Ending from Lennon and McCartney

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61 Miss. neighbor 63 Salt, in Quebec 64 Ending from Beyonce 68 One: Pref. 69 Copenhagen’s __ Gardens 70 Hullabaloos 71 Beginning for this puzzle’s five endings 72 Annie, for one 73 Sibilant “Hey, you!” Down 1 Make a choice 2 Backrub response 3 Not a child of bondage 4 Pudding starch 5 King Kong, e.g. 6 Sounded ghostly 7 Until 8 Bird feeder filler 9 Movie lioness 10 Roadside depression 11 Go up against 12 Spend, as time 13 Haggle 18 Genetic letters 22 Plunder 23 Turntable no. 24 Time in history 26 Ear passages 29 Carpentry tool 31 __ of mistaken identity 32 “Oh, brother!” 33 “Itsy bitsy” waterspout

36 Plains native 38 Suffix with phon40 Born, in society pages 41 Refs’ whistle holders 44 Grant’s opponent 45 Put in stitches 46 2009 World Series MVP Hideki 47 Goddess who advised Odysseus 48 Bout before the main event, briefly

50 Garam __: Indian spice mixture 53 Meal, in Milan 55 Mai __: cocktail 58 Bear’s home 59 “We’d appreciate your answer,” on invitations 60 “This is bad!” 62 Vault 65 Half a sawbuck 66 Comedian Bill, informally 67 Repair quote: Abbr.

Famous Canadians Measha Brueggergosman

• Measha Gosman was born in New Brunswick in 1977. As a youngster, she sang in the choir of the Baptist church. She had an aptitude for music and began taking voice and piano lessons at the age of seven. As a teen, she spent summers on a scholarship at the Boston Conservatory, and she also studied with noted soprano Wendy Nielsen. She got a bachelor degree in music at the University of Toronto and then earned her masters degree in Germany. • When she married a Swiss man named Markus Bruegger, they combined their last names, and she became Measha Brueggergosman. • Measha was only 20 years old when she played the lead role in the premiere of the opera Beatrice Chancy. The opera tells the story of a slave girl in 19th century rural Nova Scotia who murders her abusive father, who is also her master. The opera was well received, as was her performance. In 2000 it was filmed for the CBC. • Since then, she has appeared throughout Canada, performing with the Toronto Symphony Orchestra, Montreal Symphony Orchestra, the Thunder Bay Symphony Orchestra, the National Arts Centre Orchestra, and at Roy Thomson Hall. She’s also performed internationally, in the U.S.,


Tidbits Of Kamloops

Page 3 ENJOY YOUR RETIREMENT YOUR WAY! Your beautiful new suite is waiting! Delicious meals, daily activities and events with friendly staff! Call or visit us online today to arrange your personal visit with complimentary lunch.

Liz and Frank never missed a beat… And now they’re ready for the next step. They took their first whirl around the dance floor over 50 years ago and have been kicking up their heels ever since. When they started looking for retirement living options, they were pleased to find out that Chartwell Retirement Residences offers active lifestyle programs like their signature Rhythm n’ Moves class.

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Our 4 and 5 stage reverse osmosis systems include a ceramic filter that will provide protection and peace of mind for your family by reducing harmful bacteria and cysts by >99.99%! The final result is ultra pure drinking water!

High pH (Alkaline) Antioxidant Water High pH water is 6 times more hydrating than tap water which helps to cleanse and detoxify your body!

Free Sterilizing & New Replacment Caps 2 Water Choices: HIGH PH ALKALINE ANTIOXIDANT Water or: 5 stage Reverse Osmosis Water Purchase BPA FREE Bottles 1 gallon - 5 gallon bottles


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Foot Care & Foot Reflexology Preventative foot care & reflexology improves • comfort • mobility • general health

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And while they are enjoying a busy lifestyle today, they appreciate the peace of mind in knowing that Chartwell offers flexibility and choice to help with changing care needs in the future. Until that time, they’ll continue to follow where the music leads in their new Chartwell home.

Measha Brueggergosman (cont’d) Germany, and elsewhere. She sang on William Bolcom’s album Songs of Innocence and Experience which won three Grammy awards, including Best Classical Album. • In 2012, Measha was a judge on the shortlived Canadian reality show Canada’s Got Talent. • In 2007, she appeared on the British show Who Do You Think You Are in which genealogy experts trace the family tree of famous celebrities. • On the show Who Do You Think You Are, Measha discovered that her great-greatgreat-great grandparents escaped from slavery during the Revolutionary War. The British granted freedom to all slaves who escaped from American rebels, which threw many plantations into chaos as slaves fled to freedom with the British. After the war, the British transported about 3,500 newly freed slaves to Nova Scotia where they were free to build new lives for themselves. Measha’s ancestors, John and Rose Gosman, and their baby daughter Fanny (who was born a free citizen because she was born behind British lines) traveled to Canada in 1783 on one of the last ships to leave New York for Nova Scotia. So Measha’s Canadian roots are deep and longstanding. • Measha nearly lost her life in 2009 when she suffered from a dissected aorta that was mis-diagnosed. “Essentially, I had ignored my blood pressure,” she admits. She felt

1789 Primrose Crt., Kamloops, BC 250-851-8800



pressure at the base of her neck and started experiencing numbness in her shoulders and extremities. When her legs gave out, she went to the emergency room, but was sent home the following day with blood pressure medication. Her doctor sent her to a different hospital, where an MRI showed the rupture in her aorta. She was in surgery four hours later. “I think the reason most people die of a dissected aorta is because it’s hard to detect and even more difficult to catch before you die of internal bleeding,” she says. • After she recovered from surgery, she enjoyed one of the highlights of her career when she performed the Olympic Hymn at the Opening Ceremonies of the 2010 Winter Games. “I would have sang that from the coffin, are you kidding?” she quipped. When told that 2.5 billion people were watching, she admits, “I almost threw up!”

Full service grocery store with In store bakery and deli Open 7am-9pm seven days a week

•Come see us for lunch! • •Fresh Subs Made Daily • •Soup made from Scratch • Join our lunch club to earn free lunch! 250 434 6446 • 1420A Hugh Allan Dr

Authentic Thai Restaurant

542 Tranquille Road • Kamloops • 250-554-5424 •

Ken & Ging, former owners of Thai on the Fly welcome you to their new restaurant

#1-177 Tranquille Road Authentic Italian 250.376.3421 Cuisine Dine In • Take Out • Fully Licensed

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Come Join The Fun At

Learn To Sew!

For Advertising 250-299-9944 Tranquille Road Turkey Breast Call #1-177

Findlay’s Vacuum and Sewing Machine World

◆ Beginners sewing for children & adults ◆ Beginners serging We offer monthly classes!

Sign up today!

250-376-1145 251 Tranquille Rd, Kamloops

Tattoos and Apparel


Mike Ward

Traditional Breakfast Special

Store Manager


Phone/Fax: 250.376.1716 Cell: 250.318.5559 Email Includes Coffee, Bacon or Ham, 204 Tranquille Road | Kamloops, BC V2B 2 Eggs, Hash Browns and3G1 Toast

Every day 7am- 10:30am with coupon 250.376.1716 204 Tranquille Rd, Kamloops

Check out our selection of Sullen, Ink Addict and Black Market Art clothing for men and women as well as purses, shoes, hats, belts, jewellery. etc!

Core Hours: Tuesday – Saturday 10am to 6pm

“That Norm Guy”

#7 – 177 Tranquille Road 250.376.TATZ (8289)

OPERATIC FACTS opera Lohengrin, and the other was the “Wedding March” from Mendelssohn’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Copy cat brides in England chose the same music, starting a tradition that continues today: “Here comes the bride, all dressed in white...” International Humanitarian Hope Society is giving Tax Deductible Receipts for Donations. We have almost completed a Medical Clinic in the Slums of Nairobi Africa. We need $6,000+ more to complete the build and to begin operation of this Free Clinic for the Poor of Nairobi.

In addition to accepting donations: We are selling Smart Living Coupon Books as a Fundraiser. Cost is $25 ~Thousands in Savings~ ~$247 in free items~ ~2 for 1 restaurant coupons~

Call IHHS President Evelyn Picklyk


• An opera called “The Prophet” written in 1849 by Giacomo Meyerbeer packed houses all over Europe because of the popularity of the rollerskating scene. Arm in arm, the diva and the baritone sang a duet while doing figure eights around the stage. • The original Engelbert Humperdinck was a German musician in the late 1800s. He wrote the opera Hansel and Gretel. • A age 2, William Gilbert was kidnapped from his home in Italy, and the ransom his parents paid was one pound of sterling silver for each pound of baby— 25 pounds in all. When Gilbert grew up and started working with Arthur Sullivan, he incorporated this incident into two of his operettas. • In the opera Othello, Othello is the only black actor. But in New Orleans in 1955, the actor playing the part became ill, and the understudy did too. Nowhere in town was there another black man who knew the part. However, there was a white man


1. 39

39 Breast Turkey/100g


$ Not Processed! /100g

Black Forest Extra Lean 250.376.3421 Capocolla Ham

1.29 1. 19 1. Dine In • Take Out • Fully Licensed

29 Extra$ Lean19 Black$ Forest Capocolla /100g /100gCUISINE HamITALIAN





19 19 .89

#1-177/100g Tranquille Road /100g 250.376.3421

99 DINNER $ Prosciutto Cotto Capocollo Roasted 99 DINNER $ (Cooked Ham) Extra Lean Honey Ham FOR TWO $ FOR TWO $ $ Not Processed!

.99/100G .99/100G

Expires Aug 30, 2013

Expires Aug 30, 2013

Spaghetti with meat sauce, Sorriso salad, italian bread with balsamic vinegar & salad, olive italian oil dipbread /100G Spaghetti with meat sauce, Sorriso with balsamic vinegar & olive oil dip

Bruno’s Bruno’s

cold beer cold beer && wine wine

Pilsner 24 24 Heineken 12 Canadian, Pilsner Heineken 12 Pack Cans PackBudweiser, Bottles Bud Pack Cans Pack Bottles $1.50 $5.00 Light & Pilsner $1.50 $5.00 OFF 6 OFF Pack Cans



$ 9.60 Expires Aug.30,2013

2-177 Tranquille Road • 778-470-5547 Expires Aug.30,2013

+ deposit 2-177 Tranquille Road • 778-470-5547

Come on in and Enter the Molson Draws:

Chance to WIN the New Beer Fridge OR Italian Dinner for 4.

#2-177 Tranquille Road • 778-470-5547

Tidbits Special


Mens or Women Haircut & Style.

Akram’s Hair Design Inside Sahali Mall 7 days a week 778-471-5840

who could sing and knew all the words. So the play was revised a bit, becoming the only all-black performance of Othello with a white star. • When the orchestra met for the dress rehearsal of The Magic Flute in London on April 1, 1948, conductor Karl Rankl began directing the music, only to be astonished when, instead of The Magic Flute, the players launched into the overture from Carmen. It was an April Fool’s Day joke. A TOAST TO AN OPERA SINGER • Helen Porter Mitchell was born in Melbourne, Australia, in 1861. She showed remarkable musical ability, with a voice spanning three octaves. As a young woman, she married and tried to settle

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• Two Home Inspectors for the Price of One • • $50,000 Limited Liability Insurance • • Applied Science, Technology & Technicians of BC Certified • • Cost $450, Includes GST •

Gordon Ballantyne REALTOR®

Air Miles with every inspection!

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Royal Lepage Westin Realty Kamloops B.C.


• 3 Licensed Technicians •

FREE ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE PROGRAM Weekdays 8am-5pm Saturday 8am-1pm (778)-470-4506

1121-12th Street, Bay 2 & 9



-Residential & Commercial-


Castle and CritterCare


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• Full House Checks when you are away from home •

(across from Chances on Halston Ave)

◆ Convertible & Vinyl Tops ◆ Antique Restorations ◆ RV Cushions & Foam ◆ Restaurant Seating ◆ Boat Tops, Frames & Interiors ◆

S e t Av Un 2th t o n n z @ 17 i t 5 1 H a l s s i g .92 ee 4 29 o n 9 d e G w (a t # c 1 w k 1 r ces i StrAve ) t v .55 5 - han a | e u w.k9doss from05 2th t o n n z @ 10 m C n z . c U50 o s r l n 1 # 2 g e f s C 12 ig s s : h t i s a 95 n H a e s i c ign anc 9n5i c ro s d eG awt (a t # 12 c e s o k 9 d 5 a ll a z.c a |eUs on Hw(1aaw2twh. k 9 icvaell w w.k9cross fr1o 05 5 - h a n a | 50.5 k a u l m 10 m C z . c d t : 25 9desi stoen ASuv tsree s a c esign Chan1c 29n5it #c ro s s f rod e s i g n at: 2 0 a .55 Gigvnz@te) t ll a z.c a |eUs on Hw(1aaw2twh. k 9 call k a l 4 t : .92 elus.n 25 9desi stoen ASuv tsree 1 0 7 et .55 Gigvnz@te) t .4 92 elus.n 17 et


Scale to Fit


250 682-3956

95 1

(across from Chances on Halston Ave) w w |

(Check your insurance policy)

• Care for your pets while you are away • • Mid-day “breaks” for dogs • • Pet Taxi • • Licensed & Insured •

- 12

it # 105

Unit #105 - 1295 12th Street


w w (acro w. s s f r o k9 de m Ch sig anc nz es o .ca n H | k alst 9d on e s Ave ig nz ) @t elu

- 12 95


w w (acro w. s s f r o k9 de m Ch sig anc nz es o .ca n H | k alst 9d on e s Ave ig nz ) @t elu

2th cal Str l at eet : 25 0.5 54. 921 s. n e t 7

295 West Victoria St. 250-374-5305

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Scale to Fit

Unit #105 - 1295 12th Street


Quality Care for Your Home and Pets Crop

2th www.k9d | k9design z@telus.n et cal Str l at eet : 25 Give us a call at: 250.554.9217 0.5 54. 921 s. n e t 7

“Where Old Cars Need Us & New Cars Deserve Us”

it # 105

Giv eu sa

#105 - 1295 12th Street Give us a call at: 250.554.9217 Unit (across from Chances on Halston Ave)

et tre e )


Giv eu sa



Give us a call at: 250.5 w w (acro

24 Hour Emergency Service Give us a call at: 250.554.9217 Un


Giv w. k 9 s f ro m - 12 Unit d C e 9 (ac u s esig hance 5 1 a www cal n z . c a |sko n H a2l stt h St r l o 9 a t : 2 d e s i g nn Ave ) eet Give us z

All Breed Cat & Dog Grooming

w w |

nit #

Giv w. k 9 s f ro m - 12 d C e 9 u s a e s i g n zh.a n ce s o5n 12th ca ca Ha S l l at: | k 9 d e sl sito n Avtereet ) g


e e .n #105-1295 12th us treve ) t e lStreet S h A t

Door & Gate Systems

w w | k9desig


t n n z @ Halston 7 Ave) Un (accross from Chances 12 H a l s t oe s ion g 971 - H Laval Cres, Kamloops 21 t i t 5 9 t n . 9 ( o d ee) l u s. n e 4 2 nces | k9 Giv w w w acros #10 r 1 5 t e S Av t e Ph: 250-374-5655 e u .k9d s from 5 - 1 105o m Ch a n z . c a U50.5 2tha l s t o n i g n z @ 217 1 s a esig Chan 29 it #ro s s f r e s i g t: 2 nit .9 Toll Free: 1-855-374-5655 95 n H e s ca nz.c ceUs no 5 (1a2c w. k 9 d Giv ll aw w w (acros #10 12a n c e s oa | k 9 d .554 ll a a | n Hwa wth cae s 5 . 5 h t: 2 k9de lston Sutsr a us k9desfrom Ch - 129 t #1s0s f ro m Cs i g n z . c : 250 i i 50 siigvneAve) eet a ca gnz. anceUs n5 (1a c ro . k 9 d e ll at .55 G z@t ll a c a | on Hwa w2twh ca 4.9 elus t: 2 k9de lston Sutsr a s A e 2 .n

#105 - 1295 12th S Give us a call at: 250.554.9217 Unit (across from Chances on Halston


ni t #1 s 05

w w (acro


(across from Chances on Halston Ave) w w |

Unit #105 - 1295 12th Street

25 nz 0 . 554 @ te l u s. . 9 217 n


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Joel Olson

Verico LendingMax 1.250.814.1627

Kamloops’ Only Specialty Toy Store!

Located In Sahali Mall beside Target

Your % OFF 10 Purchase! Bring in this ad and receive

Not valid with any other coupon or discount. Maximum of one coupon per person per day. Valid until March 15, 2014. Excludes all LEGO, Playmobil & Calico Critters. No photocopies will be accepted. Follow us on & for sales & specials!

Tidbits Of Kamloops

Page 6 HABLEMOSESPAÑOL Spanish immersion program in Mérida, Mexico

For Advertising Call 250-299-9944

Airfare from Kamloops 2 nights in Cancún 10 nights in Mérida 2 nights in Playa Del Carmen

James Gjaltema, Flight Centre Associate E: T: 250.879.0873 Toll-free: 1-888-204-1585


Canadian Tid-bits

▶ The schooner depicted on the Canadian dime is the Bluenose, a fishing and racing ship built in Nova Scotia in 1921 and wrecked on a coral reef off Haiti in 1946 while transporting a load of bananas.


teachers celebrate the unique qualities of each child and help kids recognize their God-given potential.


▶ Michael J. Fox’s real middle name is Andrew, but he chose the middle initial “J” as a tribute to actor Michael J. Pollard.

250.376.6900 750 Cottonwood Ave

Kindergarten–Grade 12

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Senior’s Cuts


Short Cuts Men’s Hairstyling & Barbering 250-374-0533 920-1210 Summit Drive Columbia Place Shopping Center - Licensed Barbers -

Go to work in your PAJAMAS - Work from home using your computer & phone - Work your own hours - No cold calls, demo parties or direct sales

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▶ The St. Elias Mountains in Kluane National Park are the youngest mountains in Canada and also the highest. There are more than 20 summits over 4,200 meters (14,000 ft.), the densest accumulation on the continent. ▶ The only true desert in Canada is in British Columbia near the town of Osoyoos. It’s about 24 km (15 mi) long. This is also where the country’s only banana plantation used to be, which sadly fell into obscurity when the owner died. ▶ What’s the sunniest city in Canada? Medicine Hat, with about 2,500 hours of sunshine each year. The foggiest is St. John’s, NL, with 119 days of fog per year. St. John’s is also the windiest, with an average daily windspeed of 24 km/hr (15 mi/hr). A TOAST TO AN OPERA SINGER CONT’D down, but she knew she was not destined for the life of a housewife; she was destined for the stage. • After receiving instruction as an opera singer, she knew this was the life for her. However, Australia did not have many opportunities for opera singers in the 1800s, so she left her family and traveled to Europe and England, where she was received enthusiastically, becoming the first Australian to achieve international recognition as an opera singer. • She had always gone by the nickname of Nellie, and she was persuaded to adopt a new stage name as her last name. She chose a contraction of her hometown of Melbourne. • During a newspaper interview, a reporter asked her how she stayed so slim. She said she enjoyed eating toast that was sliced very thin and toasted very crispy, a habit she had picked up when she’d been ill and could digest little else. The hotel chef at the Ritz served it to her whenever she visited, and other customers enjoyed it as well. Her fans, striving to emulate her, also started eating thin crispy toast, which was generally served with soups and salads or topped with spreads. Today we still eat the toast named after the Australian opera singer’s stage name. What is it? Melba toast.

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that nurtures


DAYCARE 250.376.4201 750 Cottonwood Ave

Daycare | Preschool | Montessori | Junior Kindergarten


Kamloops • Chase • Sorrento • Blind Bay • Salmon Arm • Enderby • Sicamous

For Sale

To Place A Classified Ad: (250) 299-9944

NEW Queen Faux Leather Platform Bed. 1 week $10 4 weeks $30 $199 (250)434-2337 Up to 30 words. Can deliver. 5 gallon Carboids w/ airlocks- $12. each. Mini Jet Wine/Beer filter To be in Kelowna/Vernon add $5 per week. w/pads $85. Keith 250-374-0486 PRI CPAP Machine & Wanted Humidifier. Purchased Buying April of 2013. Paid $2500 - Sell for $1250 Unwanted Guns o.b.o. Remstar CPAP 250 832-2982 - System One Heated Purchasing old Humidifier M Series Canadian & American Philips One Filters. coin collections & Purchased July 2011. accumulations. Old Ext. Warranty until July gold & sterling! Private, 2016. Pd $2400 Sell for Prompt & Confidential. $1100 o.b.o. Call 250250-548-3670 833-0107 (salmon arm)

For Sale

NEW Twin 6” Memory Foam Mattress. $149 Still in a box. (250) 434-2337 2000 600 Yamaha Vmax sled. Runs good and fast. Trade for smaller sled of similar year. (Shuswap) Call 250-547-2210

For Rent

Westside home 3 bdrm, 2 full baths & over 1700 sq. feet. Vaulted ceilings, wet bar, lg family room, gas stove & fireplace. Lg fenced & gated lot. Parking for your yacht and 4 cars. $1650 p/month. Call 778-472-0199

Ship Shape Shelter Indoor Boat & RV Storage

Call Gary or Michele at 250-835-4224 or

email for rates


NuCerity Open Opportunity Event Every Tuesday 7-8PM; 112 Sunset Court Super Saturday Opportunity Event Featuring Brad Bartch Saturday March 1, 9:30 AM – 3:30 PM Includes lunch $16 (2:45-3:30 PM panel Q & A)






Up to 5 litres semi synthetic. Fuel & Oil system cleaner. Jug of washer fluid. Valid until March 31st, 2014


1395 Battle Street

Mon-Fri 8-6pm ◆ Sat 9-5pm ◆ Sun Closed

Community Events FOEagles – Pre – St Patty’s Day Dinner & Dance Saturday, March 15, 2014; 755 Tranquille Road - 250-376-4633 - for tickets. Dinner – 5:30 pm / Dance – 7:00 pm; $15.00 /couple; $10.00 / single; $5.00 /Dance Only; Irish Beef Stew Dinner Dance: Hired Help EVERYONE WELCOME-You don’t need to be a member to attend. Kamloops’ World Kidney Day and Health Fair will be held on Thursday, March 13th at Northills Mall from 102:30 pm. The event will include various organizations that will share knowledge about health promotion and disease prevention. Thompson Rivers University School of Nursing students will be in attendance to teach community members about their blood pressure, blood glucose, and cholesterol health in partnership with Extra Foods pharmacy staff. A passport system can be used to ensure you get to see everything that is offered and chances to win door prizes donated from local businesses. The Canadian Bluemoon Ventures are presenting a Fundraiser Ladies Only semi-formal Gala, Saturday, March 29, 2014. at The Plaza Hotel Ballroom. This is in support of our two charities, The Canadian Hemophilia Society (B. C. Chapter and B. C. Childhood Cancer Parents Association. This is a Buffet Dinner with lots of prizes, raffles and fun. Men will serve us! We have an Elvis Tribute Artist and a surprise guest from the lower mainland entertaining us. TICKETS MUST BE PURCHASED IN ADVANCE. Tickets: $50.00 or table of 8 - $375.00 Time: cocktails 5:00 pm dinner 6:00 pm. Tickets available by calling 250-319-0402 or 778-257-2879 or at SalaJai Thai Restaurant 542 Tranquille or at The Plaza Hotel. Barnhartvale Coffee House Saturday 15 March 2014. “Open mic” for local musicians and small groups - sign up at the door. Doors open at 7:00 pm. Music starts at 7:30 pm. Admission $5.00. Free for open mic performers and children under 12. The Astronomical Society is raising money for a solar telescope for public exhibits. Leave your bottle deposit at any Kamloop’s outlet towards this purchase and see the sun with us at the Farmer’s Market this summer. Indoor farmers market at the Sahali Centre Mall, which runs from 10:00 to 2:00 p.m., every 1st & 3rd Saturday (twice a month) in Jan., Feb., Mar., & Apr. 2014. Features meat products, farm produce, baking, arts, crafts and more. New vendors welcome, if you “Bake It, Make It, Grow It”. For info: Andy at 250-577-3810, or Visions Farmers Market Society (non-profit). Kamloops Travel Club Meet other travelers, enjoy good conversation, share travel stories, photos and trip ideas. Drop-in at one of our weekly Thursday night meetings, 7pm @ the Art We Are. Call James 250-879-0873 or e-mail for more information. Language Conversation Group Are you interested in joining a casual French or Spanish conversation group? Practice speaking and learn from each other in a laid back informal setting. Details are still being worked out. If you are interested please contact James at 250-879-0873 or e-mail Tuesday night adult drop in Badminton Held at the OLPH gym (635 Tranquille Rd) 7:00 - 8:30 pm with a $5.00 drop in fee and we provide the birdies. Any further information at 250.579.0193. FUN LAUGHTER FRIENDS 2014, KAMLOOPS UPCOMING EVENTS Contact: - Please wear a nametag all the time - This is for adults only and children are not invited to participate Techi machines are asked to be turned off and put away as much as possible during socializing within the group and while attending these activities - There is no fee to “join” this group Meet & Greet - Coffee/Snack Sunday, March 2nd, 2014. TIME: 11:00am. WHERE: local coffee shop, please contact, COST: pay your own bill Wing Night – Meet & Greet Potluck Bring your own favourite wings; Saturday, March 8th 5:30pm

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FESTIVAL MARCH 6-15 Paramount theatre

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