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The simple definition of genius is someone with “exception intellectual or creative ability.” That can certainly be said of the individuals Tidbits examines this week. • What constitutes a genius IQ level? Intelligence tests are based on one devised by French psychologist Alfred Binet in the 1950s. Average intelligence falls between a score of 85 and 114. It’s estimated that about half of the world’s population has an IQ between 90 and 110. A score of about 160 is considered to be a genius. About 1% of all the people in the world are above 136. It’s believed that Einstein’s IQ was 160, whileGordon Mozart’s is estimated at 165. Ballantyne

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BEFORE YOU SELL, BEFORE YOU SELL, for a REALTOR Call GORDON forCall a GORDON ® first real child prodigy, • Considered the world’s


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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart began studying Kamloops B.C. 250.299.9944 violin and harpsichord at Cell age 3. At 5, he was performing at the University of Salzburg and Gordon Ballantyne 25 years at Vienna’s Imperial Court the followingCelebrating asyear. a REALTOR® REALTOR 24 Hour Emergency Service He was 6 when he began composing minuets Royal Lepage Westwin Realty Gordon Ballantyne Gordon Ballantyne Gordon Ballantyne and other short pieces. His first symphony REALTOR Kamloops Door & Gate Systems REALTOR ® B.C. REALTOR Gordon Ballantyne came along at age 8 and an opera at 12. Mozart Royal Lepage Westwin Realty Realty Royal Lepage Westwin 250.299.9944 Cell REALTOR 971 - H Laval Cres, Kamloops ® Westwin Realty Royal Lepage Kamloops B.C. received all of his education from his father Kamloops B.C.Westwin Royal Lepage Realty 250.299.9944 Cell Kamloops B.C. Cell Ph: 250-374-5655 250.299.9944 and never attended a school. He frequently Kamloops B.C. 250.299.9944 Cell experienced anxiety, loneliness, and sadness, 250.299.9944 Cell Toll Free: 1-855-374-5655 Celebrating 25 years and occasionally exhibited the symptoms of Celebrating 25 years Celebrating 25 years as a REALTOR asaaREALTOR REALTOR® as Tourette’s Syndrome and bipolarism. Although ® Celebrating 25 years Celebratinghe 25 only yearslived to age 35, he composed more as a REALTOR® as a REALTOR than 600 pieces, including 68 symphonies, 27 piano concertos, horn concertos, violin sonatas, and many volumes of string quartet music.



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of Kamloops





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GENIUSES (continued): • Albert Einstein was responsible for “the world’s most famous equation,” E=mc2, the formula for mass-energy equivalence. Yet this German-born physicist failed his first college entrance exam, passing only the math and science sections, forcing him to attend a secondary school before retaking and passing the test a year later. Einstein’s 1921 Nobel Prize in Physics was awarded for his discovery of the law of the photoelectric effect. He came to America on a visit in 1933, and made the decision to stay when new German laws prohibited him from teaching at any university there. He renounced his German citizenship, took a teaching position at Princeton, and became a U.S. citizen in 1940. Regarding the topic of genius, he once said, “The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits.” • Regarded as one of the greatest scientists of all times, Isaac Newton almost became a farmer. His mother urged him to follow in his late father’s footsteps on the family farm, but this genius disliked the profession intensely. He attended Cambridge University, studying mathematics, physics, and astronomy. We’re most familiar with his theory of gravitation, developed after watching an apple fall from a tree. Most folks have also heard of his law of inertia that states that an object at rest tends to stay at rest and an object in motion tends to stay in motion. Another familiar Newton law is that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Newton was also responsible for the first practical reflecting telescope. Modern-day psychologists believe it’s quite possible that this genius had Asperger Syndrome, an autism disorder characterized by severe difficulties in social situations. • Although we think of Alexander Graham Bell as the inventor of the telephone, he had 17 other patents, including hydrofoil boats, aerial vehicles, and selenium cells. Bell was 29 years old and working on an improvement to the telegraph when he invented the telephone. As a young boy, he had come up with a talking doll that said, “Mama,” and at age 12, built a device for the process of dehusking wheat. Following the shooting of President James Garfield in 1881, Bell quickly devised an electromagnetic apparatus to try to locate the bullet lodged in Garfield’s abdomen. In 1906, this genius with a vision said, “The day will come when the man at

Across 1 Manages (for oneself) 6 Snuck 11 __ Moines, Iowa 14 Native Alaskan 15 Cowboy singer Gene 16 “That’s nasty!” 17 Criticize gas and electric companies? 19 The Beatles’ “__ Loves You” 20 Sunrise direction 21 One of a D.C. 100 22 Russian capital 24 Roy G __: rainbow mnemonic 26 Piebald horse 27 Criticize a modeling shoot array? 30 It replaced the French franc 33 Pass out 35 Mudville number 36 Complete, as a scene 37 Tropicana and Minute Maid, briefly 38 Cheesy sandwiches 39 Grounded jet 40 Sworn statement 42 Isaac’s eldest 43 Wranglers with wheels 45 Folk music’s Kingston __ 46 Criticize stage shows? 48 Former Bears head coach Smith

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50 Be in debt 51 Sea near Stockholm 53 Prefix with pass 55 Become enraged 59 World Cup cheer 60 Criticize awards? 63 Gen-__: boomer’s kid, probably 64 Invalidate 65 On one’s toes 66 Fist pumper’s word 67 Trotsky and Uris 68 Pack animals

26 Kept in, as hostility 27 Criticize farmers? 28 Bodysuit for a tiny tot 29 “__ Marner”: Eliot work 31 Speak with a grating voice 32 Chooses 33 12 inches 34 Open a bit 38 Doctor’s profession 41 Owl’s cry 43 A boxer may have a glass one 44 They’re attractive to look at

47 “Footloose” co-star Singer 49 “Myra Breckinridge” author Gore 51 Like the Honda Element 52 Away from the wind 53 Really surprise 54 Web addresses, briefly 56 Beehive State natives 57 Little more than 58 Repair co. proposals 61 __-cone 62 Sheep’s call

Down 1 Lose color in the wash 2 “On the Waterfront” director Kazan 3 Loch with a monster 4 Brit’s trash can 5 Sault __ Marie 6 Batman’s hideout 7 Wreck completely 8 And so on: Abbr. 9 Vacate the __: eviction notice phrase 10 Big name in chicken 11 Criticize college subjects? 12 Bounce in a 6-Down 13 Depict unfairly 18 Invitation letters 23 Bouillabaisse, e.g. 25 Practitioner: Suff.

FOR- YOU! These facts are for our Tidbits readers, meaning they all begin with for-! • Back in 1917, B.C. Forbes was a financial columnist for the Hearst newspaper franchise. Along with Walter Drey, the general manager of the Magazine of Wall Street, he founded Forbes magazine, a financial publication containing investing and market topics. Today his grandson Malcolm Forbes, Jr. is CEO and Editor-in Chief of Forbes. This periodical is famous for its miscellaneous lists, such as the 400 Richest Americans, the World’s Billionaires, and America’s Most Trustworthy Companies. According to Forbes, Bill Gates has been the richest American for the past 20 consecutive years, with a current estimated worth of $72 billion. • On April 14, 1865, Actor John Wilkes Booth entered a private box at Ford’s Theater in Washington, D.C. and shot President Abraham Lincoln with a .44-caliber single shot derringer as Lincoln watched a performance of Our American Cousin. Booth was a familiar face around the theater and a personal friend of the owner John T. Ford. The structure was used as an office after the assassination for 28 years until the interior collapsed, killing 22 clerks and injuring 68 others. The damage was repaired and the building remodeled into a government warehouse, used until 1931, when it became a Lincoln museum. In 1968, a complete restoration of the historic theater was finished, and it reopened as a live performance venue. The site receives about a million visitors annually. • The old English word “forsooth” simply means “indeed,” “in truth,” “certainly.” • The colorless, flammable, odorous chemical known as formaldehyde is used in building materials, including pressed-wood products, along with many household products. It’s also found in cigarette smoke, some glues, permanent press fabrics, fungicides, and disinfectants, and is a common medical lab preservative and widely

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Community Events International Potluck - Jan. 22 at 6pm The Kamloops Travel Club invites you to join us for a social evening. Bring a dish or snack with an international flavor, meet other travelers, enjoy good conversation, travel stories, photos and a presentation. G-Adventures will talk about the tours that they offer including Africa and South & Central America. Drop-in at one of our weekly meetings, 7pm @ the Art We Are: Jan. 9 or 16. Call James 250879-0873 or e-mail for more information. Language Conversation Group Are you interested in joining a casual French or Spanish conversation group? Practice speaking and learn from each other in a laid back informal setting. Details are still being worked out. If you are interested please contact James at 250-879-0873 or e-mail The Kamloops Family History Society meeting takes place the 4th Thursday of each month except June, July, August & December, 7-9 pm at Heritage House, Riverside Park. All are welcome. For more info call 250-372-5679. Indoor farmers market at the Sahali Centre Mall, which runs from 10:00 to 2:00 p.m., every 1st & 3rd Saturday (twice a month) in Jan., Feb., Mar., & Apr. 2014. Features meat products, farm produce, baking, arts, crafts and more. New vendors welcome, if you “Bake It, Make It, Grow It�. For info: Andy at 250-577-3810, or Visions Farmers Market Society (non-profit).

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GENIUSES (continued): the telephone will be able to see the distant person to whom he is speaking.” • Robert “Bobby” Fischer was an American chess master, who at age 14, won the World Chess Championship, the youngest winner of the title. At 15, he was the youngest international grandmaster of all time. This son of a biophysicist father and a teacher, then nurse, then physician mother, Bobby learned chess when he was six years old, using the instructions from a chess set bought at a candy store. As a genius with an IQ of 187, he dropped out of high school at age 16 to dedicate himself to the game. His famous 1972 world championship match against the USSR’s Boris Spassky put Fischer in the public eye. After that match, he became a recluse and didn’t play a competitive game in public for nearly 20 years.

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• A modern-day genius, 30-year-old Michael Kearney received his first bachelor’s degree at age 10, and had earned three more by age 21, followed by a doctorate in chemistry at 22. Kearney spoke his first words at four months, and at six months, surprised his pediatrician by saying, “I have a left ear infection.” By 10 months, he was reading, and graduated from high school at age six.

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• When Edison was developing the phonograph, it wasn’t as a form of entertainment. He was more interested in its educational and business possibilities – teaching elocution and diction, recordings for the blind, dictation, and recording a teacher’s instructions. During the 1880s, this brilliant individual filed for a new patent on the average of every five days, more than 1,300 items over the course of his creative life. Because he had dyslexia, Edison

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te Av U 2th t o n n z @ 17 in 5 1 H a l s s i g .92 et et 4 29 o n d e G w (a t # c 1 w 1 r 5 tre ) l u s. n ces k9 i v 5 - C h a n . c a | 0.5 e w.k oss fr 05 h S n Ave @ t e 7 t 0 u 12 a l s t o g n z 921 s 9des om Ch - 12 t #1 s from signz : 2U5ni a . 95 n H e s i ca ignz.canceUs 9no 5i (1a2cros.k9deGiv ll awtw w (acrots #10 12 c e s o k 9 d .554 ll a n a s 5 tw . 5 - han a | a t: 2 | k9deHwalwstonh Sutsr a c e us k9desfrom Ch - 12 t #1s0s from Csignz.c : 250 a ig a 9 i o e t 5 c 0. Gsiigvnez Ave) eet al nz.c anceUs non5 (1a2crtw.k9d all a 5 @ l 5 a 4.9 telus t: | k9deHwalwstonh Sutsr a c . 2 2 5 17 net 0.5 Gsiigvnez@Ave) eet 5 4. telus 9 . 2 17 net

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Unit #105 - 1295 12th Street

it # 105 -

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w w (acro w. s s f r o k9 de m Ch sig anc nz es o .ca n H | k alst 9d on A es ign ve) z@ te lu

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cal tre l at et : 25 0.5 54. l u s . n e 921 t 7

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Give us a call at: 250.554.9217 Unit #105 - 1295 12th Street w



ac z.c on th a l l at a | k 9 dHea l s to n ASvtree si : e) t 2 5 0.5 g n z @ te l u 5 4 . 921 s. n e t 7

(across from Chances on Halston Ave) |


it #

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FOR- YOU (continued):

used at mortuaries. The International Agency for Research on Cancer has classified formaldehyde as a known human carcinogen, and studies suggest there is a connection between exposure and leukemia. Exposure can be especially irritating to the eyes, nose, and throat, causing coughing and inflammation of the respiratory tract. • When gold was discovered in California at Sutter’s Mill in 1848, thousands flocked to the area seeking treasure. Most people headed there in 1849, giving them the nickname the Forty-Niners. That year, San Francisco’s population jumped from 800 to more than 50,000. California’s head count increased by 86,000 people in two years. The folks who struck it rich weren’t the miners, but rather those who created businesses to serve the prospectors. Two well-known companies that came out of the era are Wells Fargo and Levi Strauss. • Back in 1912, Westinghouse employees Daniel O’Conor and Herbert Faber teamed up on an


55 @te 4.9 lus 21 .net 7


-Residential & Commercial-


invention to be used in electrical insulation. It was made of wrapped woven fabric coated with a thermosetting resin, which was flattened and cured in a press. They intended their product to replace mica in the insulation, and dubbed their invention Formica, because it was a substitute for mica. Today we most often think of Formica as a heat-resistant laminate with melamine resin for use on kitchen countertops.

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Mens or Women Haircut & Style.

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GENIUSES (continued): spent just three months in public school before his mother chose to deal with his learning disability by homeschooling him. Although we mainly remember his “big” inventions, such as the stock ticker, voting machine, motion picture camera and projector, phonograph, and incandescent light bulbs, Edison was also the inventor of waxed paper! As to being a genius, Edison had this to say, “Genius is one percent inspiration and 99% perspiration.” • Kim Ung-Yong’s IQ is approximately 210, perhaps the highest in the world. By his third birthday, he was reading Japanese, Korean, German, and English, and was enrolled as a physics student at South Korea’s Hanyang University. At 8, he was invited by NASA to study in the U.S. and work for the organization. After 10 years with NASA, he returned to Korea and obtained his doctorate in civil engineering.

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Canadian Tid-bits

▶ The Bay of Fundy on the coast of New Brunswick is known for having the highest tidal range in the world with an average spring range of about 14.5 meters (47.5 feet) and an extreme range of 16.3 meters (53.5 feet). ▶ London, Ontario, is the thunderstorm capital of Canada, averaging 36 storms per year.

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▶ There are actually 1,793 islands in the “Thousand Islands” of the St. Lawrence River. ▶ Niagara Falls erodes its way backwards at the steady rate of about 1.2 meters per year. ▶ At the Scottish Festival & Highland Games in Fergus, Ontario, a highlight is the caber toss in which competitors attempt to throw a wooden pole end-over-end. The poles, being 15 feet long (4.5 meters) and weighing 55 lbs (25 kg), must flip once and land with the small end facing away from the person who threw it, pointing between 9:00 and 3:00 on an imaginary clock face. Accuracy is more important than distance. In 2013, they tried to set a world record for the greatest number of simultaneous cable tossers when 60 men heaved their cables at the same moment. Unfortunately, they missed the record by one because not all of the tosses qualified for the criteria.

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WILLIAM SHATNER Tidbits beams up the facts on this famous Canadian, most widely remembered as Captain James T. Kirk.


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Reduced from $74,800 to $66,800! 55 & Older. Best trailer park in Kamloops. Over 1300 sq ft. Lg kitchen, 25 cupboards, 5 appliances, step in bath w/door, lg master bdrm w/ensuite, lg recroom & sunroom. 20x12 carpeted patio w/10x10 Gazebo. 10x10 metal shed, new vinyl windows & new laminated floors. Pet okay, great neighbours. 21 rose bushes! Check out $1000 Cash Referral! Call 778-472-0199 or 250-320-3533

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• Born in Montreal, Quebec in 1931, William Shatner got his start as a child performer on Canadian Broadcasting’s radio programs. While earning his Bachelor of Commerce degree from Montreal’s McGill University, Shatner spent his summers performing with the Royal Mount Theater Company, training as a Shakespearean actor. After graduation, he joined the Canadian National Repertory Theatre in Ottawa, acting regularly in the Shakespearean Stratford Festival of Canada in Stratford, Ontario. • A far cry from his Shakespearean roots, Shatner was cast as Ranger Bob on the Canadian Howdy Doody Show in 1954. Although his first movie role was the part of “a crook” in the 1951 Canadian film, The Butler’s Night Off, Shatner’s first big role was at age 26 in 1958’s The Brothers Karamazov, along with Yul Brynner. The early ‘60s were filled with lower-budget movies and TV guest spots for Shatner. • It was Shatner’s casting as Captain James Tiberius Kirk, commander of the starship U.S.S. Enterprise in 1966 that sealed his fame. Even though Star Trek was cancelled after just 79 episodes over three seasons due to low Nielsen ratings, the series became a cult classic with thousands of followers. The short-lived program generated five additional TV series, 12 movies, and books, video games, toys, and action figures. • After Star Trek’s cancellation, life became tough for Shatner. He had been typecast as Captain Kirk and offers for roles were few. His wife divorced him, taking much of his money with her, and Shatner lost his home. He lived in a pickup truck camper, hoping for better roles to come along. He gueststarred on a number of game shows and did some TV commercials to make ends meet. • In 1979, Paramount Pictures chose to produce a Star Trek movie, reuniting the original cast. The sequel, The Wrath of Khan, came along in 1982, followed by six more films, ending with 1994’s Star Trek Generations with the death of Kirk. • In the midst of filming the Star Trek movies, Shatner landed the role of police sergeant T. J. Hooker, a popular television series from 1982 to 1986. The reality show Rescue 911 followed in 1989, a seven-year stint. At age 73, he joined the cast of the legal drama The Practice in 1997, a series that spun off into Boston Legal, starring as the eccentric attorney Denny Crane, winning two Emmys for the role. Shatner has also been the spokesman for Priceline for 15 years, as well as writing several Star Trek novels, including The Ashes of Eden and Avenger. • Shatner and his co-star Leonard “Spock” Nimoy both suffer from tinnitus, which is a ringing in the ears. The hearing of both men was damaged while filming a 1967 episode of Star Trek when they stood too close to a special effects explosion. • Although he retains his Canadian citizenship, the 82-year-old Shatner, an avid horseman, and his wife own a 360-acre horse farm near Lexington, Kentucky. He has been honored with both a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and a maple leaf on the Canadian Walk of Fame.

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Learn. Build. Improve.

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FIT Fundamental Foundation Fitness

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Roots Therapeutic Pain Management Centre 316-141 Victoria Street.





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Daycare | Preschool | Montessori | Junior Kindergarten

Go to work in your PAJAMAS - Work from home using your computer & phone - Work your own hours - No cold calls, demo parties or direct sales

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teachers celebrate the unique qualities of each child and help kids recognize their God-given potential.


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Kindergarten–Grade 12


• 3 Licensed Technicians •

FREE ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE PROGRAM Weekdays 8am-5pm Saturday 8am-1pm (778)-470-4506

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• Clothing Racks • Hangers Christmas • Retail Bags & Boxes shoppers, • Wedding Decor ribbon, bows • Favour Bags & Boxes & sizzle • Pallet/Boltless/Ez-Rect Shelving packs! • Warehouse Equipment

Wamaco Distributors Ltd.

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