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12.10.16 12:09

Welcome to the Winterkurier Once upon a time – in the winter of 1967. Unknown vehicles with foreign license plates were seen quite regularly. The secret was disclosed fast: it was the German car manufacturer OPEL who tested engines of its new prototypes in the cold conditions in Swedish Lapland! In the early 70s, Volvo, Saab and the German company Teldix (Bosch) started the development of the antilock braking system (ABS). The spacious frozen surface offered optimal testing conditions. Back then, it took creativity and pure physical strength to prepare the test tracks. Today, it is the most important branch of industry within the region. The exhibition WINTER CAR TESTING – through the years at the Arvidsjaur Airport gives an insight into 50 years of winter car testing within our region. You are welcome to visit the information booths of the car manufactures and providers and watch new and old movies in the media room. And, of course, the region offers a big variety of activities for a great winter vacation. Dog sledding and snowmobile tours, cross-country and downhill skiing, cardriving on ice and much more. Just check out the many suppliers. And don’t forget to stop by in Arjeplog at the IGLOOTEL and the Silvermuseum – it’s worth it.

Kirsten Stelling Lappland Infoservice

Impressum: Lappland Infoservice Sommerkurier/Winterkurier Auktsjaur 26, SE 93391 Arvidsjaur Tel. 0046 (0)73 034 33 09 All information was given to the best of our knowledge. We can, however, provide no guarantee of the accuracy or completeness of any given information. Titelfoto: Häjla + Atilla / Cold Nose Huskys ©Lars Hoffmann

What is this? Did you notice these green and

has to be at least 16 years old and

white signs saying “Övningskör”

needs a learner’s permit for vehi-

(Driving exercise) on some of

cles. The adult next to the student

the cars that you were passing

has to be at least 24 years old and

by? It means that someone is

needs to own a valid Swedish or

learning how to drive a car. If

European driving license with a

you are 17 in Germany and you

minimum of 5 years’ experience

passed your driving test, you

behind the wheels. Both have to

are allowed to drive a car, if you

complete a theoretical driving

have an experienced adult sitting

education at the local driving

next to you. This condition lapses

school. The attendant is during

with the age of 18. In Sweden, on

the driving lessons fully respon-

the other hand, you can already

sible for the student’s driving

drive a vehicle accompanied by

behavior and will get charged for

an experienced adult before you

all actions done while driving.

passed your driving test. Getting

Eventually, the car needs to be la-

your driver’s licence is expen-

beled with the driving lesson sign

sive. It is approximately 2.000 €

and then you are free to drive.

all together and 52 € (490 SEK)

And with a bit of luck, a family

per driving lesson. It makes sense and it is legal to train in advance. There are certain conditions to these driving lessons: The student

The green and white sign indicates private driving lessons. Official driving schools are using a red and white sign. Both signs display the word „Övningskör“.

can save a lof of money if junior passes the driving test quickly.


4 Winterkurier

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Winterkurier 5

Scania‘s head of winter testing Mikael Rosvall

On test drives with Gösta, Obelix and Pippi

The family name of Gösta, Obelix, and Pippi is Scania, and they are three out of 60 freight vehicles that are tested by the southern Swedish truck and bus manufacturer in Arvidsjaur.


ho can remember 60 multi-digit numbers? Almost no one. That is why

burg. As all good things come in threes: VW also bought into the Munich-ba-

all the trucks have additional names. „We come up with names,“ says

sed truck manufacturer MAN (Maschinenfabrik Augsburg-Nürnberg) in 2013.

Mikael Rosvall, who is the head of Scania’s winter testing. „It is first names,

Together under one roof, Volkswagen Truck & Bus GmbH will emphasize the

places or actors. We try to find names that fit to the character of the trucks.“

collaboration between Scania, MAN and VW commercial vehicles. Synergy

Scania started winter testing in Arvidsjaur with three trucks in 1987. Today,

potentials shall be used efficiently, but every brand stands for its own.

60 vehicles are checked, tested and probed during the winter. Many of them

Nothing has changed for Scania when it comes to the direct winter testing.

stay for the rest of the year and are tested on several aspects. They have to

They just work together with MAN while VW leads them. „Everyone works

prove their stamina. „We drive on public streets. Our focus lies on climate and

on his own, but the methods are developed together“, says Mikael.

function tests. We test, e.g. the heating performance and its distribution within

A good collaboration is exceptionally important to us. 100 years of competiti-

the driver’s cab.“

on are not easily wiped from the table. Collaboration needs time to grow. And

In the winter season, about 200 of Scania’s employees are on the road testing

that is why Sweden was the right choice. Here the focus is more personal, on

their vehicles in this region. They even enjoy coming here from the southern

the people. It is important that all employees feel comfortable. They need to

part. It seems exotic with its cold temperatures, piles of snow and the beauti-

enjoy their job. Decisions are made as a team. Effectiveness and harmony are

ful Northern Lights. It is also a way of work variation due to the intense and

the goal.

effective cooperation with everyone that is involved. „We did winter tests at

Mikael has been working hard to encourage personal relationships. „There is a

our company’s headquarters in Södertälje until the 80s, but then it became too

lot of beer in Munich. It helps to get to know each other“, says Mikael with a

warm.“, remembers Mikael. „This area was already familiar to us as our sup-

wink in his eye. „It is important to me that all get along with each other. Ever-

pliers were located here. They started their testing during the 70s.“

yone needs to feel comfortable and trust one another. And that is important for

Scania has produced trucks and busses for over 100 years. Does it surprise

the well-being at the job – even here in Arvidsjaur. It is people that meet, not

anyone that other manufacturers have casted an eye on this Swedish Quality


Text: Kirsten Stelling Fotos S. 6: Scania Fotos S. 8: Sven-Eric Johansson / Scania

label? In 2008, the Volkswagen Group managed to gain a foothold in the company, and in January 2015, Scania became part of the VW concern in Wolfs-




vehicle & tyre testing

winter all year round VITBERGET PG



November to March

January to December



Booking and more information: Phone +46 929 47 47 00, E-mail,

Winterkurier 7


Harald Ludanek VOLKSWAGEN-Konzern

Harald Ludanek was chairman for research and technical development of the SCANIA CV AB in Sweden from 2012 to 2016. He was born, grew up and studied in Germany and started working for Volkswagen in 1992. Since April 2016, he has been back in Germany as head of the development department for Volkswagen’s commercial vehicles. Harald Ludanek also worked in China in China, Brazil and the Czech Republic. He was also head of the concern’s development controlling and coordinated tasks within the 25 company locations worldwide. A cosmopolitan with intercultural experience! You worked in many different countries and experienced many different cultures. How do you handle these impressions? To begin with, it is important to be open-minded and look for the positive aspects that help you to develop your own personality further and help you to do your job. This was also a topic during my time at Skoda in the Czech Republic. The cleverness of the Czech engineers encouraged many of the „Simply-Clever“solutions within the Skoda-vehicles. Which kind of differences did you notice in Sweden? What I really liked about Sweden was its flat hierarchy that included fast results. I liked especially the open handling of mistakes and weaknesses, and the support within the team. But particularly the flat hierarchy looking after the needs of employees and the importance of getting a common consensus was unfamiliar to me at the beginning. Every person within the team should feel comfortable with our decisions. That was somehow uncommon to me. It was an intense time. Eventually, all potential delays were caught up within the realization process which resulted in a quality improvement. The Kungliga Tekniska högskolan (KTH) in Stockholm conferred a honorary doctorate on you in 2015. Congratulations to this nice honor! Yes, I was very pleased. I really like the contacts between industry and the university. The close connection between research entities and industry is the fundament for a brisk implementation of good ideas.

What do all your foreign experiences mean to you personally? Due to my work in so many different countries, I met many friends – also in Sweden. By now, it is hard for me to define my home. Nowadays, we are much more mobile, thanks to the internet, and foreign experiences are a benefit. It is a big advantage to be connected internationally. The future will teach us to work together more often in international teams. Many questions will be solved quicker and more efficiently.

Are you coming back to Sweden? I will be in Sweden every now and then. Winter testing is an important part for the development of vehicles. I enjoy being in Lapland. I remember, in particular, a trip with the snow mobile along the Arctic circletogether with my wife and our godson in January 2014. It was unforgettable, because we met so many friendly people and the landscape was just stunning. A part of my heart will always stay here in Sweden and I am so grateful for the friendly reception I experienced over all the years.

The Winterkurier thanks for the interview and wishes Harald Ludanek all the best! 8 Winterkurier


Sielken & Zeller / Malin Strid & Lars Hoffmann Cold-Nose-Huskys

Fourty-two Cold Noses Malin Strid comes from Sweden and Lars Hoffmann from Germany. Together with 40 Alaskan Huskies, they are the „Cold-Nose-Huskies“, a Husky kennel that breeds its own sled dogs.


n 2015, Malin, Lars and their four-legged friends settled in a small place

river, the people and the filming“, remembers Lars. Flicka accompanied him

a little bit outside of Gargnäs which is close to Sorsele. Malin and Lars

on the trip sitting in the canoe while they paddled. But during filming sessions

met several years earlier, of course, through their common interest in dog

within the cities, he needed a dog sitter. That is how Malin came into the pic-

sledding. „I did an internship at a Husky kennel here in Lapland“, says Malin,

ture who was by then an educated animal attendant and a mountain guide. She

„Lars was there as well. We worked together.“ It was nothing romantic back

was working in Italy at the time and when Lars called, she agreed instantly.

then. This came later.

„I paddled the whole distance with a kayak. It was a big challenge and a great

Lars is a professional photographer. While he was on a trip to Alaska, he came

experience. “ It became even more remarkable as their relationship got serious

into contact with one particular sled dog. „I always wanted a dog, but it never

on this trip.

seemed to fit time-wise. But when I came to this one Husky kennel in Alaska

They speak a mix of Swedish and German at home – it started out that way

and looked at their puppies, I fell in love. “ That is how Flicka came into his

and they keep doing it like this. Both know the other language well. „I did not

life followed by a new fascination for dog sledding. It did not take long for

learn German in school, because I thought that I would never need it“, says

him to participate in his first long distance race – together with Flicka and

Malin and smiles. Malin and Lars stayed in Germany and Malin learned the

other young dogs and friends.

language - and got to know the cultural differences. „Most people were really

Lars spent most of his time in the Northern hemisphere as he is specialized

nice and easy to get in contact with. Germans are more direct and upfront.

in photographing nature. He published several stories and illustrated books

When you grew up in northern Sweden, it comes as a surprise to you, but I

on nature and traveling. He says that it seems always like an adventureto be

like this direct way.“

out in nature and the wilderness. In 2010, Lars started a really big adventure

Since 2013, both have been living together in Sweden and realized their big

together with his brother: paddling 2.500 kilometers with a canoe on the Da-

dream: their own Husky Camp. They started with a lot of love, commitment

nube. A film crew accompanied both of them. The film „Die Donauten“ was

and know-how in Jämtland at Malin’s grandfather’s ground. Since 2015, they

aired in 6 episodes on German television. Lars also published an illustrated

have been living at Gargnäs. „We have countless opportunities to use trails

book about this trip together with his brother. „It was a great moment – the

and do our training up here. The standalone location is perfect.“, says Malin.

10 Winterkurier

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s Winterkurier 11

Bratt wants to join the team

Malin on wilderness tour

The younger dogs are already getting in on the act. „We are so proud of our own dogs and their development. I had my first race with them last winter and this energy can even be seen on the tours with our guests“, says Lars. The Cold-Nose-Huskies are not just trained to do races, Malin and Lars offer sledding tours for tourists. Their offer varies from short trips to mountain expeditions that last several days. „We are also specialized in tours outside of Gar-

The passion for dogs and common goals brought Malin and Lars together. Challenges and adventures are their daily life. And they have one big goal for 2019: They want to participate in the world’s longest dog-sled race in Alaska – racing together with 16 cold noses along the 1.850 kilometer long Iditarod track - a beautiful path through the wilderness of Alaska.

gnäs, for example, in Arjeplog or Arvidsjaur“, says Lars. „We offer everything from private tours to big events. We set high quality standards. The wellbeing

Text Kirsten Stelling Photos: Lars Hoffmann

of our dogs and the customer‘s satisfaction have our first priority.“








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Enjoy local specialties in our restaurant (we open 2.2.2017, call us for earlier reservations) • Join us in a snowmobile safari along the mountains • Discover the snowy wilderness from above • We offer accommodation Please contact us before your visit. Some activities are not bookable every day. INFO@VUOGGATJALME.SE

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Snowmobiles - Skoter These names will make almost every Swedes‘ eyes sparkle with joy: Yamaha, Lynx, Skidoo, Arctic Cat and Polaris. These companies have one thing in common; they produce snowmobiles (snöskoter). If you are looking for a good Swedish conversation, just ask for the best snowmobile, because riding your snowmobile is the bee’s knees in Northern Sweden. As soon as the first snow falls, the first daredevils will take their vehicles and chase through Sweden’s forest and its frozen lakes. Others will wait until the ice is safe and special snowmobile tracks are prepared by the municipality or other entities. Tourists can book organized snow mobile safaris through the snowy landscape – an exotic experience! The typical Sunday trip will not lead to the beach during summer - at least not in Northern Sweden. Here, they take their snowmobiles and set the kids into the Pulka (carriage) and go for a ride. During winter spring time most people like to do some Pimpeln (Ice fishing). If you did not catch a fish, it is no shame. The campfire is suitable for all kinds of meat, for example sausage on a stick. Be careful! During March and April you might even get a sun burn. Please note: Only those who have a valid car and tractor driving license that was issued before January 2000 or those who have a snowmobile driving license (legal minimum age is 16 years ) are allowed to drive a snowmobile. Tourists that do not meet the previous mentioned conditions need to join a guided group. The guide has to have a driving license that was issued before January 2000 or has to have a driving license for a snowmobile. The maximum permitted speed is 70 km/h. The driver has to take the shortest distance between two points and a maximum speed of 20 km/h has to be applied on actual streets. Only single driving without passengers and dimmed headlights are allowed. Wearing a helmet is compulsory.

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Sebastian Hepp (Winter Testing Organization) & Thomas Eichhorn

Bosch proving ground Vaitoudden

30 Years Winter Car Testing The first time Thomas Eichhorn of Bosch CC in Abstatt came to Arjeplog was in March 1986. If adding up all of his trips since his first visit, he has spent almost four years in Arjeplog over the past 30 years.


e gladly remembers his first year of winter testing. „I was 29 and had

took the airplane there. Including two stops in Copenhagen and Stockholm.

just started at Bosch. I covered for a colleague. It was a new world for

After we landed, we drove the cars for 250 kilometer from Luleå to Arjeplog.

me in Northern Sweden.“ Already in the next season, Thomas came back as

Arvidsjaur did not have an airport back then. It seemed like an expedition,

deputy workshop leader. He worked on the organization and coordination of

because most prototypes did not have ABS and we were facing degrees of mi-

the winter testing. „I made good contacts and even became friends with the

nus 30 and lower.“ The testing in Arjeplog also required a lot of improvisation

locals. These friendships just deepened over the years.“

until the 90s. Until then, Bosch employees worked in various hired workshops

Thomas likes the Northern winter with the pure white snow and wide open

and offices. In 1987, offices and a workshop were built in the industrial area,

space of the landscape. „If you come from Germany, you are used to having

while the land-based tracks were on the one side and the ice tracks on the other

just a few kilometers from one place to the next. Driving in Sweden means

side of the town.

almost exclusively uninhabited landscape. It is exotic. You drive and drive and then, suddenly, a place pops up which is the world’s biggest center for winter

Space was always tight, but winter testing became bigger and bigger. In 1997,

car testing. Arjeplog is like a civilization island.“

the “moose test” hit us. The Swedish reporter Robert Collin tilted the new A-class of Mercedes on a test ride. As a reaction, all models of the A-class

Thomas changed his position within the department and works within the field

were equipped with the electronic stability program ESP®. Other car manu-

of application since 1994. He applies safety systems like ABS (Antilock bra-

factures followed. Daimlers had already been a long term partner for Bosch

king system) and TCS (traction control system) to the new prototypes. „The

and the new system brought a pile of work. Office containers were placed all

geometry and the communication within and with other systems are different

around the town and everyone was constantly searching or looking for the

for every prototype or version. The wishes of the customers vary also. A sports

other. After the millennium, Bosch decided to build a new modern test facility.

car is not supposed to activate all its security measures at a higher speed, while

The place was found quickly: a peninsular outside of Arjeplog. Its bay guaran-

a family car is supposed to do so at any time.“, explains Thomas. Due to his

teed a fast freezing and therefore an early ice driving on the lake.

job, he travels a lot. In Arjeplog, lower friction coefficients are measured, but

In 2004, it happened. The winter test facility Vaitoudden was inaugurated.

Italy and Spain provide test tracks and measurements as well. With such a job,

Workshops, offices and test tracks – all in one facility: 420 hectares land, 300

family members need to be very patient and tolerant. „My wife and kids did

hectares water surface, streets that are in total 11 kilometers long, and almost

great throughout all these years“, says the father of three. „We were lucky. My

20 different test tracks and mounds. Even the Swedish King Carl XVI. Gustaf

wife’s parents lived in the same house and supported her a lot while the kids

came to the opening and drove an extra round with a Porsche on the lake.

were younger.“

The adventure of winter testing is organized in the most professional way. A

The working environment changed over the years.. „Back then, winter testing

service-provider takes care of the daily operating business like facility ma-

was a big adventure. We sent the cars by train to Luleå. We on the other hand

nagement, the track preparation, reception, booking and events. „It is our goal

16 Winterkurier

to offer our very best service to our customers so that they can concentrate on their actual tasks. It does not matter if it is a classic driving test, an event or a driving lesson“, says Sebastian Hepp, Site Manager Vaitoudden. „It is a totally different working experience in Arjeplog compared to the one at home in Abstatt“, says Thomas. „More intense and concentrated. There are no distractions; you work to your limit, also on Saturdays. The custumers are also present and the collaboration is much closer.“ After two weeks, everyone is happy to go home – even Thomas who could not imagine a winter without being in Arjeplog. „Once, every winter, I will make a snow mobile trip through the mountains with my friend from Arjeplog. It is always a great experience. It would be wonderful to celebrate Christmas with my family up here. Preferably, in a log cabin surrounded by snow.“

The sub department Chassis Systems Control belongs to the department of Mobility Solutions of Bosch. It develops and produces innovative components, systems and functions with the goal of a safe, agile and automatized driving. Products of the department include electrical brake regulation systems, electronics for the safety of passengers and pedestrians, assisting systems and connected system solutions for safety and agility. The Robert Bosch AB runs the Vaitoudden proving ground in Arjeplog. Every company within the Bosch Group and even external companies can book the facility for cold tests on ice and snow. Are you interested? Get in contact with: More information on Vaitoudden and the other globally located proving grounds of Bosch are available under .

Text Kirsten Stelling Photos: Bosch

Inspection and reparation with Bosch Car Service for all vehicle brands. We are an authorized Volvo workshop. Inspection, reparation, vehicle diagnostic, coupling, air conditioning, gearing, heating, brakes, tires, exhaust system, electronics, light settings, petrol injection, diesel injection, exhaust gas analysis, liquefied petroleum gas, antishock, wheel alignment. Storgatan 81, ARVIDSJAUR

TEL. +46 960-65 45 50


I N FO @ CO L D - N O S E . S E · CO L D - N O S E . S E + 4 6 7 3 8 27 76 97 L A R S · + 4 6 70 2 8 7 8 5 0 2 M A L I N (D EU T S C H , S V E N S K A , E N G L I S H) Winterkurier 17

Cabins with sauna and bath tub

Michael Fischer/Myrkulla

Civilization Refugee Michael Fischer’s plan for life was set: He would work until his 55th birthday and then move to southern France. There, he would buy a small vineyard and grow old. This plan changed after his vacation in Lapland.


t was a friend who had the idea to book a snowmobile safari in Arvidsjaur.

at a later date. She is a non-medical practitioner for animals and had her own

Michael, who was already a passionate biker, did not hesitate to participate.

practice. But after being here for a while, I saw so many possibilities. How we

That‘s how he came to Lapland for the first time in 2006. „I thought, „why

could offer something to stressed-out Central Europeans that Germany simply

not“. It is something different like a once in a lifetime experience. You do it

could not offer: it is rest and composure – followed by a wide range of out-

and you move on“. Back then, Michael was 42 and his vacation destinations

door-activities. My entrepreneurial spirit was activated again.“ He developed

had always been to the south of the Alps. The north had never occurred to

a concept for accommodation and activities. He inspired his wife with sport

him. But when he came here, he was hit pretty hard by its beauty and this

activities and got the show on the road. Four new cabins with constant hot

fascination still lingers on. „It was love at first sight; privacy, silence and the

water, toilet and a shower and a service house were built. Michael‘s wife Si-

endless white surface. It was good for the soul”. His group had such a good

grid became an educated fitness coach and nutritionist. „We want to offer our

time that they came back for another tour in 2010. It was Michael’s second

guests an individual plan that fits their personal needs.

time in Arvidsjaur and once again he stayed overnight in Myrkulla. Myrkulla is basically a small house that lies completely isolated. It is surrounded by two lakes and it takes a seven kilometer drive to see the next neighbor. It lies 50 kilometers away from Arvidsjaur. He remembers: „It was a hard time for me. At some stage it became too much in Germany; the people and work itself. Everything needed to go faster and faster. Even the customers were expecting ad hoc delivery. It became unbearable and I was close to a burnout; so I had to call a halt before it was too late”. Michael is an educated policeman and dog handler and he ran three companies simultaneously in Germany: a logistics company, a tire trade business and a vintage car workshop. It was lined with stress. „And we came back to Myrkulla and the owner told us that he wanted to

First of all, they shall rally and recover within this fantastic landscape and if they then want activities, we will offer these as well. Most important is personal care and the familiarity. Things that we liked so much while we were on vacation.” Myrkulla offers a broad range of activities. Winter season: snow mobile safaris, driving on Ice, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing and ice fishing. Summer season: fishing, walking and trips with mountain bikes, quads and kayaks. No matter what time of the year, the program includes rest and rest and relaxation in the nature to recover from a stressed-out life at home. This even includes sauna and hot tub. A good place to calm down and get some peace and quiet.

move back to southern Sweden and sell his property. I didn’t hesitate and gave him my business card and told him that he should contact me“, remembers Michael. For a while nothing happened, until the following summer, when Michael made a stop in Myrkulla while he was on a caravan tour with a friend. The owner had lost Michael’s business card, but was ready to sell now. It went really fast. Michael took a close look at the property during the summer and in 2013 the purchase agreement was signed. 196 hectares including a house and four vacation cabins changed owners. Michael left his employees in charge of his companies. He pulled back in his hideaway and learned Swedish – on a do-it-yourself base. „Back then, I just wanted to enjoy the days with all their quietness. My wife wanted to follow me 18 Winterkurier

Text & photos: Kirsten Stelling

First choice for a safe and relaxed drive Automated mobility by Bosch

Driver assistance and safety systems plus vehicle connectivity make Bosch a pioneer in automated mo bility. Where assistance features have already made driving safer and more relaxing, system technologies for partially and highly automated driving now go one step further, even taking over vehicle guidance for some of the way. Bosch has already created the technological

basis for fully automated driving. Together with the systems Bosch has developed for automated parking, these technologies help eliminate accidents caused by human error. To make it happen, Bosch combines hardware, software, and services to create top-tobottom automated mobility solutions.

50 years winter testing

Once upon a time – in the winter of 1967. Unknown vehicles with foreign license plates were seen quite regularly. The secret was disclosed fast: it was the German car manufacturer OPEL who tested engines of its new prototypes in the cold conditions in Swedish Lapland!

Piteå-Tidningen 26 februari 1969

Starting in 1967, car testers came every winter – two years later the first local newspaper article came out.

New German Car models are tested in Arvidsjaur

The article was provided by D. I. from Arvidsjaur. It is assumed that her father-in-law Alex Isaksson wrote the arcticle in 1969.

For about two weeks, the German GM vehicle producer had tested different OPEL models in Arvidsjaur and kept it a secret. Nonetheless, the German license plates that occurred quite frequently were recognizable by many. As no one knew what they were up to, it could have been tourists as well. None of the test drivers or their interpreters would tell what they were actually testing. The car testers rented a hotel room and a workshop. There, they disconnected, tested and reinstalled several car pieces, but if you came too close, they would cover up their work really fast. No chance for peeking. Among others, the Opel GT 1900 was tested vigorously here in Arvidsjaur. After their test rides, the cars did not look as nice as before, which did not matter as much, as it was important how they worked from inside. They would eventually give one hint about their testing. They worked, among other things, constantly on heat tests. They were lucky, as they were working in temperatures between minus 30 and 39 degrees at that time. The testing results will be evaluated. They will most likely help to improve cars and make them more adaptable to our cold winter climate. It was not only GM that tested its cars. Several Mercedes could be seen while they were tested.

The one stop shop for winter testing in Arjeplog, Swedish Lapland

True Testing Since 1973

After more than 40 years in the business, we know for sure what all the globally leading companies require for their winter testing. Otherwise they wouldn’t be coming back, year after year. It’s a question of presenting perfect test conditions and prime security standards. But just as well about the personal treatment, making every stay memorable at Icemakers.

Michael Lindeman CEO Icemakers Test AB Lars Sundström CEO Icemakers AB

Experience that makes real difference • Ultimate service • With a personal touch • • Phone +46 961 32900


WINTER CAR TESTING – through the years

WINTER CAR TESTING – through the years

UTSTÄLLNING EXHIBITION AUSTELLUNG You will get an insight into the history and development of winter car testing gratis inträde free entrance gratis Eintritt from 1967 until today. Get firsthand information from local and international testing flygplats ARVIDSJAUR Airport ARVIDSJAUR Flughafen ARVIDSJAUR related companies. The media room offers old and new material for you to look at. Opening Hours from January 15th, 2015 until April 2015 Mo - Fr 5:30 h – 21:00 h, Saturday 11:30 h – 14:00 h, Sunday 11:00 h - 21:00 h

Exhibition Place Arvidsjaur Airport – the exhibition rooms are reachable through the arrival area. Entrance is free Guided tours Sundays. Starting January 18th, 2015 until March 29th, 2015 or by arrangement (according to requirements in German, Swedish or English). 12:00 h and 13:30 h (minimum of 5 participants). 100 kr adults/ 50 kr children under six yearsW including Smörgåstårta, coffee & cake. On cash terms in SEK!

Sonnta gs Führun gen mit Kaffeek latsch! Anmeld ung erforde rlich bis freitag s 18 h

Sönda Guidnin gar g med fika! Anmäla n senaWinterkurier 21 st fredag kl. 18:0 0

Uta’s Polar Circle Jewelry Leif Öhlund, Uta Fransson & Kent Holmkvist

Top right.: Kent works with silver jewelry The circle is a symbol for the Arctic Circle. Reindeers and sledding dogs are typical for the Polar region and the Samish culture which is represented by the tent.

New jewelry partners

Over 70 years ago, Sigurd Åhman founded a silver forge in Jokkmokk – the Jokkmokks Tenn.


ami silver jewelry has a long tradition. In the old days, the Sami people

Jokkmokk Tenn moves with the times and has a collaboration with other artists

travelled to the coast cities Luleå and Piteå, where silversmiths produced

and designers. Ideas will be carefully crafted into real products. The newest

jewelry, spoons or cups from prefabricated wood or horn patterns.

cooperation is with Uta Fransson of Arctic Glas from Arvidsjaur. Besides refining glass, Uta designs jewelry. „At some point, jewelry has to be crafted

“Custumers give us their patterns and we will fabricate, for example, belt

individually, because it is an expression of what is important to its carrier. Born

buckles or a brooch”, says Leif Öhlund who is partner and manager of Jokk-

in Germany, Uta gets inspired by Lapland – her home of choice. Moose, rein-

mokk Tenn. Four experts are working within the company and work up tin, sil-

deer, bear and Sami motives give her design the Laplandic touch. Regardless,

ver and gold after traditional craftsmanship to jewelry and bins. Their products

if it is glass or jewelry. „Jokkmokk Tenn’s products are well known to me. It

are marked by traditional or modern patters. „All four of us have Sami roots

is the small amount and the carefully executed handmade article that suites

and together we have 120 years of practical experience in the workmanship of

my conception of a good cooperation. Jokkmokk Tenn also appreciates Uta’s

tin and silver”, says Leif. „It is important to us to include the Sami culture into

products. „We are looking forward to working together and hope to produce

our designs, because it is still a vivid developing culture“.

many ideas,” says Leif. Text Kirsten Stelling Fotos: Kirsten Stelling, Uta Fransson

Anna-Lisas Souvenirbutik Stationsgatan 3, Arvidsjaur Tel. 0960 - 10633

Arts and Crafts

Opening hours: Monday-Friday 09.30 - 17.30 Saturday 09.30 - 14.00

Tin bracelets

Our shop at Arvidsjaur Airport is always opened during a charter flight check-in.

22 Winterkurier


Reindeer-skin Dried Reindeer Meat Leather Bags Caps

Tant Sveas Kafé

@ Stationsgatan 20, ARVIDSJAUR


wa ake a

also t

+46(0)70-589 80 41 Welcome!

LUNCH BUFFET Monday - Friday 11-14 h Cakes & pies, quiches, salads, sandwiches, ... Alcohol serving and free WLAN for our guests Also take away You are welcome to order catering and cakes

We offer delicious Thai Food, prepared with loving care. Sushi menu Saturdays & Sundays

Storgatan 34, Arvidsjaur, Tel. 070 678 6921 Wednesday - Saturday 11 - 20 h, Sunday 12 - 19 h

SILVERMUSEET ARJEPLOG Exhibitions Gift shop Café Tourist information SILVERMUSEET Your key to the rich cultural history of our mountains

Silvermuseet, Torget +46 (0)961 145 00

OPENINGHOURS Weekdays 10 AM - 1 PM, 2 PM - 5 PM Saturday: 10 AM - 2 PM Sunday: (22.01 - 26.03) 4 PM - 6 PM

Glass Jewelry Souvenirs


333 rrrAAAiddjjjj eee lss GGGmmm nn Ennniii!

Renvallen 104 - 93391 Arvidsjaur Tel . +46(0)73-800 44 80 www. arc�cglas . se Online-Shop www. lappland-shop . se

glass art from Lapland


You can also book a dog sled tour through the snow-covered woods with us.

Nymånen Hundspann

Info & bookings of husky safaris: Tel 0046 (0) 70 625 40 32

Birgitta & Mikael Sandin



Winterkurier 23

© Silvermuseet.


Silvermuseet Arjeplog The Silvermuseum gives an impression on life and culture in Arjeplog from prehistoric times to the 20th century. It includes aspects of fishing, hunting, agriculture and reindeer breeding. The museum has its own treasury. The Silversalen shows the Sami people’s jewelry. It is the biggest collection of its kind. Furthermore, the exhibition presents typical commodity and traditional costumes. The museum was founded by Dr. Einar Wallquist. In autumn 1922, he started his duty as country doctor. He wanted to archive Arjeplog’s cultural history and started from early on to collect historical documents and objects. Within his 40-year period of service, he collected a lot of things and in the year 1962, when he went into retirement, he began to build a museum. Dr. Wallquist opened the Silvermuseet in 1965. The building is the former Kronskolan (Kronor School) right at the marketplace which was built in 1850 and served as boarding school for nomadic Sami children in the 1940s. At the same time he gave his collection to the municipality of Arjeplog. He became head of the museum being 69 years old and continued as such until his death on December 21st, 1985. How to get there: The Silvermuseet lies directly in Arjeplog at the marketplace (Torget) close to the church. The tourist information is located in the same building. Opening hours: Monday till Friday: 10.00 – 13.00, 14.00 – 16.00 Saturday: 10.00 – 14.00 Summer opening hours (June 5th – August 6th): Every day: 09.00 – 17.00 Thursday: 09.00 – 20.00 Entrance: 80 SEK, under 18 years it is free. Information: The exhibition language is Swedish. You will find an English and German flyer with information on the museum and its exhibition at the reception. Tips: Watch „Arjeplog – Pictures of Us“ (a 17-minute slideshow – also in English and German). The museum shop offers many quality products like local handcraft, books and genuine silver.

Text: Kirsten Stelling Fotos: Silvermuseet Arjeplog

24 Winterkurier

Gold, silver and tin presents

New silver jewelry

for every taste for example Flower of life

Järnvägsgatan 19 96232 Jokkmokk +46 (0)971-55420 Monday - Thursday 6.30-16.00 h Webshop Friday 6.30-13.00 h webbutik

290:- SEK 925 silver

Gunters Optik, Ur & Smycken AB Storgatan 1E 938 31 Arjeplog 0961-31040


Spuren im

Huskycamp Gasa

+46 73 091 32 65 Winterkurier 25

Wanna Cook?

Königsberger Klopse Ingredients: for 4 people

Meatballs: 500 g mixed minced meat (3 anchovies) 1 stale bread roll or bread crumbs 1 onion 2 small eggs Salt Pepper 1 liter meat broth 1 bay leaf 3 - 4 black peppercorns Sauce: 3 tablespoons (ts) butter or margarine 2 ts flour Meat broth 1-2 ts capers 125 ml cream Nutmeg 1 - 2 ts lemon juice Preparation: Water the bread. Peel the onions and dice them into small pieces. Add small pieces of anchovies if you like. Fill the minced meat and the squeezed bread into a bowl. Add salt, pepper, two eggs and onions and mix it. Boil the meat broth together with one bay leaf and three to four peppercorns. Knead meatballs with wet hands and put these into the broth. Simmer it for 20 minutes at low temperature. Sauce: Melt butter or margarine in a pan. Put the pan aside and blend in flour. Smooth it with cold water or broth. Add broth until it becomes a thick sauce. Stir it constantly and let it cook for five minutes. Spice it with cream, lemon juice and nutmeg. Take out the warm meatballs from the broth and put them into the sauce. Let it brew for a couple of minutes. Before serving the dish, warm up one to two tablespoons of capers in the sauce. We recommend serving Königsberger Klopse together with beetroot and potatoes or rice.

Enjoy your meal!


önigsberger Klopse are boiled meatballs in a white sauce with capers. It is said that the recipe came from a woman who cooked for a Königsberger tradesman two hundred years ago.

Originally, anchovies were part of the ingredients, but nowadays even the meatballs are meatless. Königsberger Klopse are a traditional German dish and popular in the whole country. The city Königsberg once belonged to Prussia as part of Germany until the end of the Second World War. In 1946 Königsberg was renamed into Kaliningrad and is nowadays a Russian exclave which is located between Poland and Lithuania.

26 Winterkurier

Photos: Shutterstock

Wanna Cook?

Renskav – Reindeer Ragout 400 – 500 g renskav 1 Garlic clove 1 Onion (as desired) 3 dl Cream Salt Pepper (Tipp: Santa Maria Pepparblandning) Heat up some oil or butter in a pan. Cut the garlic into small pieces and fry it shortly in the pan. Set the minced meat into a frying pan and pull it apart with two forks. Fry it until no water is left. You might add small diced onions to the meat. Fry them until they are a little brownish. Add cream to it. Spice the meat and let it cook by itself for a bit. We recommend mashed potatoes, traditional lingonberries and salad.

Smaklig måltid!


he dish renskav has a long tradition and has probably been around since the Sami, the indigenous people of Lapland, started hunting and later on herding reindeer. Back then, cream might not have been an extra ingredient, but even plain fried pieces

of meat are delicious. Even today, a piece of reindeer meat is a good food for the journey. For those who are out on a longer trip with their vehicles, a warm meal is truly appreciated. The meat can be cut into strips easily. The temperatures outside keep it frozen, which comes in handy. Use a simple pan to fry the meat on a campfire. By the way, if the reindeer meat is smoked, it is called „Souvas“.

Did you know that deciliters are the common measuring unit in Sweden? 1 dl = 90 g sugar 1 dl= 60 g flour more at :

Winterkurier 27

Arvidsjaur Airport

the gateway to Swedish Lapland

From November till April non-stop flights from Stuttgart, Munich, Hannover, Frankfurt/Hahn and Birmingham (via Germany) to Arvidsjaur And, of course, every day you are welcome to fly to Stockholm. (

50 years of winter testing in Lapland! Stockholm Arlanda

1967 - 2017 Arvidsjaur Airport would like to thank all of you who are traveling with us.

Tel. +46 (0)960 17380


Winterkurier (English) 2016/2017  

The Winter Magazine for Arvidsjaur, Arjeplog, Sorsele and Älvsbyn in Sweden Lapland

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