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Dorms Become Home For 3,850 New Freshmen Students adjust to campus life By Kirsten Robinson,Breeze Senior Writer Posted on August 25, 2008


During Wednesday’s move-in, freshman Brandon Banky, of Villanova, Pa., and Kyle Rogers of Long Island, N.Y., were alarmed to discover that the female-to-male ratio at JMU, 61 percent to 39 percent, does not apply to Dingledine Hall, where the two are roommates. “There’s no girls in our dorm!” Banky said.

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Rogers clarified: “There’s two floors of guys, and one floor of girls, but usually, JMU is obviously a lot more girls…so it sucks.” The two boys were among the 3,0 freshmen adjusting to life on campus after the two-day move-in on Tuesday and Wednesday. The move-in process divided each dorm area in half, which helped to alleviate congestion and parking problems, according to Jessica Naylor, a junior orientation program assistant. “Last year they started the two-day move-in process and it worked pretty well,” Naylor said. “Last year I was a FROG, and I’d say that this year was definitely less stressful.” The scene around campus Wednesday was reminiscent of a yard sale, with mounds of objects scattered on the grass near dorms — sneakers, pillows, a bag of golf clubs. Among the sea of cars parked on Hillside Field, freshman Stephanie Preece, a Virginia Beach native, stood with her parents and the last of her belongings to be moved into Hillside Hall, where she will live this year. Preece, an aspiring dietetics major, packed over multiple days, and had a strategy to make unpacking easier. “I packed everything how I wanted it [laid out] in the storage containers so I just had to put everything away,” Preece said. The 18-year-old was most excited about meeting new people, but did express concerns. “I’m kind of nervous about the actual schoolwork,” she said. Despite being sad over her daughter’s departure from home, Peggy Preece expressed faith in Stephanie’s capabilities. “Her roommate was very, very nice,” said the freshman’s mother, “I was nervous[8/31/2010 1:13:47 PM]

The Breeze - Arts & Entertainment about who she’d be with for the next couple of months.” Rommates Banky and Rogers didn’t know each other before becoming roommates, but took advantage of Facebook to check out who they would be living with. “It was a big help,” Rogers said of the online social network, “We met all our roommates on Facebook… You can really get a good example of what kind of kid they are just from their pictures and who they hang out with.” Banky was most impressed by how friendly everyone at JMU is, especially the upperclassmen. “How am I going to put this?” Banky said. “[They are] amazing, like, awesome. You walk in anywhere, they just treat you like their own. They don’t bash you for being a freshman.” Said Rogers: “There’s no separation between lowerclassmen and upperclassmen.” As the class of 2012 finished settling into its new environment, Mrs. Preece imparted some words of wisdom for her daughter. “Just watch out for the boys,” she said, “and don’t listen to everything they have to say – just study hard, make good friends, and be a good person.”

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