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Sitting Down with Boys Like Girls September 28, 2008 •  By The Breeze,  Print This Post  Email This Post An Interview with John Keefe (drums) and Bryan Donahue (bass) I saw you guys playing with Cartel two years ago at Bamboozle, now you’re on the radio and headlining tours — How does that feel? J: Well we’re having a blast, it’s, like, what we’ve always wanted to do. B: It’s been a long, fun ride. J: Yeah, it’s been fun. We’ve been home for a couple of weeks now so it’s good to get back out there, to do some college shows.

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Where’s home? J: Boston. Are all of you from Boston? B: Yeah, in and around the area. How come you decided to do campus tours? J: Well we were just approached, you know, with the opportunity to do it and heard that Gym Class Heroes did it. B: All-American Rejects. J: And they all said it’s a really good time so we figured, hey, why not? Let’s do it. How did you guys come together as a band? J: Uh, we just all, like, played in different bands, and I met Bryan a couple years back, like eight years ago, when we were playing in a band. I met Martin [lead vocals, rhythm guitar] through our tour manager Brent, and then I was doing some stuff with this folk singer, and that’s how I met Paul [lead guitar].Bryan was playing with me as well, and then, you know, we just kind of formed Boys Like Girls thereafter and started.

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What’s the strangest thing that a fan’s ever done, for you or at a show? J: Well, we have this girl that’s come to our show, she’s here and she uh, she makes cakes. In the shape of penises. And I mean, that’s a little bizarre. And then she wants us to eat them. And it’s like… Maybe she thinks you’d like it. J: Yeah, I mean…I guess I like penis cake? Wait, so does she ask you to eat them in front of her? J: Yeah, it’s, like, really weird. She’s probably gonna read this, too, which is even weirder. So, why are you named Boys Like Girls? J: We just, you know, wrote a bunch of lists and names together and then e-mailed them back and forth and it was like, this one looks good and sounds good for us, so we decided to keep it. It was pretty easy. B: We used it for the first show we ever did and it kind of just stuck from thereon out. J: Yeah, one of those things. Did you guys ever think you were going to get to here? J: I guess we all had this dream to do this kind of stuff, the fact that it’s happening now is pretty awesome. We get to experience college without the…college.[8/31/2010 1:13:18 PM]

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Sitting Down with Boys Like Girls : The Breeze

B: Without the homework! Did any of you guys go to college? B: No. J: I went for, like, two weeks and I was, like ‘screw this.’ Where? J: It was, like, a community college. I was gonna go to music school and then I couldn’t decide what I wanted to do so I started taking a couple of classes, and I was, like, this sucks, this is not for me. B: We actually stole Paul fresh out of senior year in high school, so he never even had the option to go to college, we were just, like, “nope you’re going on the road. Come on.” Did you ever want to go to college? J: I still want to go, I think eventually, maybe once it’s all said and done, I think it’d be kind of cool to, you know, say I did that, too. B: I took two college tours my junior year of high school, and out of those two tours I was, like, nope, that doesn’t sound like too much fun. What are your favorite and least favorite aspects of touring? J: I think my favorite is that we get to, you know, play in front of kids every night, play music that we worked really hard on, and get to meet so many different people, and you get to do things like help people and stuff, which is really, really nice, and then I guess the worst aspect is you get homesick. You’re away from home for a long time, you miss your friends and family. What impact do you hope that listeners will take away from your music? J: I hope that we can maybe change a couple of lives, and if that happens that’s awesome. B: Inspire kids, J: Yeah, inspire kids. B: …to play instruments. What advice would you give to kids who are aspiring musicians? J: Work your ass off! B: Practice, and if you want it bad enough, it can happen. Can you guys give us a run-down of a typical day-in-the-life on tour? J: You wake up, you go shower, and then you go do your soundcheck, you do some press, you hang out for a little while you eat some dinner, and play the show. B: Do some more press. J: Do some more press, and you do the show, and take a shower, and either go to bed, or, you know, try to go out somewhere with some of your friends. When’s your next album coming out? J: In spring. B: In springtime sometime. We don’t have any studio time booked yet, but we’re thinking, J: There’s still a lot of stuff to do, a lot of stuff to put together, we still have, like, a lot more stuff to do, and you go through picking a producer. B: It’s a long process. J: Yeah, a long, long process. When you guys do produce your new album, do you want to do it back home in Boston? Or somewhere else? J: I don’t know, I mean we’ve talked about different options, we’ve talked about like doing it at home, and I think we’ve talked about doing it in L.A., just to get away from home, and not be distracted with, you know, that whole thing. B: Each city has its positives and negatives. Home would be great because it’s where we all grew up at the same time, but if we’re there we’re supposed to be writing a record, we’re supposed to be working, and there’s a chance that we might get a little distracted, you know, spend more time at home than actually in the studio, so, we still need to weigh all the options. Do you guys go on your fan Web sites? J: Yeah, yeah, yeah, we actually do all that stuff ourselves. We have a little bit of help with like graphics and stuff we don’t know how to do. We answer messages and we have our own MySpace and Facebooks and we try to answer as many as we can when time permits. What’s your favorite song on your album? J: Ah gee, I don’t know, they’re all like our children so I guess I don’t have a particular favorite one. So what can we expect from you guys tonight? J: I think you can expect a really good line-up of bands, we’re pretty excited for all the bands. We’re really good friends with Cute Is What We Aim For, and Lights, we just kind of heard of and were, like, ‘oh, they’re really good, so let’s take them,’ and then the local opener. B: Friday Night Boys. J: They’re very good, too. I think it’s gonna be a lot of fun, you know, we’re gonna play a lot of songs, hopefully no one gets bored, and then we’ll see what happens.[8/31/2010 1:13:18 PM]

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Sitting Down with Boys Like Girls : The Breeze Are you guys going to play any new songs? J: Probably not. No, I mean, we just, once we’re done recording them I think then we’ll start playing them live. I just don’t think it’s one of those things that’s like, you know, because they change so much. B: We wanna make sure that whatever new song that we’re playing is at where it’s supposed to be on our second record. Filed Under Life

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TheBreeze - Boys Like Girls Interview  

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