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Fan Enthusiasm Fills Convo September 28, 2008 •  By Kirsten Robinson, The Breeze  Print This Post


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Email This Post Fall Convo performer was ‘Boys Like Girls’… and the girls loved the Boys When Boys Like Girls burst onto the stage at 10:30 p.m. Friday, the voluminous response from the audience sounded more like a packed stadium than the two-thirds full Convocation Center. What was lacking in the size of the audience was made up for by its energy. During the band’s first song, “Hero/Heroine,” the whole crowd was standing, dancing and singing along with every word. Twice during the first 15 minutes of the band’s set, frontman Martin Johnson threw the water bottles he’d just chugged from into the floor section of the crowd, causing the mass of girls to scream and scramble over the souvenirs. Johnson also elicited more excitement from the female sector of the audience by addressing “all of the sexy, sweaty ladies,” telling them that the band was getting seriously turned-on up on stage.

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Sexual feelings aside, on stage Boys Like Girls was also expressing a clear love for music and performing, evident in the aggressive way they played their guitars and drums, and the emotion that came through Johnson’s vocals — the Boston-based band also includes John Keefe (drums), Bryan Donahue (bass) and Paul DiGiovanni (lead guitar). The band stayed constantly in motion, banging their heads and jumping around the stage — imaginably a feat for guys wearing such tight pants — and even standing on top of the large speakers at the very front of the stage. Colored lights flashed continuously, at one point sending patterns in green out across the audience and ceiling, changing to red and blue lights and to white. Another type of lighting present was the glowing of digital camera LCD screens and cell phones waving around in the air. Other songs from the band’s set included “Dance Hall Drug” and “Broken Man.” Senior geology major Blair Benson has been a Boys Like Girls fan for about two years, and they were the main reason she came to the concert.

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“My roommate and I were out at the doors at, like, 7:30 in the morning [the day] when tickets were being sold,” the Centreville native said. Benson wasn’t alone in waiting. “There was a group of girls sitting outside waiting to get in because they were so excited for the concert… they were really looking forward to it,” UPB Creative Director Erik Bowen said.


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June 1 2010

Despite audible and visible fan appreciation, there were others in the audience who were not as interested.


April 29 2010

“I got a free ticket,” junior Thomas Leahy said. “They’re OK… they’re not my favorite band in the world.”


April 26 2010

However, the media arts and design major appreciates the organizations at JMU that arrange for such concerts.


April 22 2010

“I think it’s really cool that JMU has organizations like UPB that organize stuff like this,” Leahy said. “I know certain schools do it but usually we get bigger and better bands than other people in other colleges. I was really impressed when we had Ben Folds.”


April 19 2010

With more than 18,000 students, not every person will be a fan of the performers at JMU’s concerts, but for many in the smaller crowd, Boys Like Girls fit the bill. “I think it’s nice because they had whatever it was, T-Pain, come last year and they had the rap thing, but this is an alternative band, a more poppy-rock band,” Benson said. “So it’s a nice change. I was really getting tired of the rap scene.” Filed Under Life[6/22/2010 10:58:38 AM]

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Fan Enthusiasm Fills Convo : The Breeze

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