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The Atkins Diet Reviewed!

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The Atkins Diet takes a realistic approach to weight loss. There is no question that a high protein diet is the answer to obesity. But what the Atkins Diet does not explain is how we have managed to end up with an obesity epidemic. Why type2 diabetes is growing at such a rapid rate. And just where does carbohydrate addiction fit into this picture? It doesn’t! It should never have happened. The real question we should be asking is; why do we have to diet at all. Till forty years ago almost nobody would have thought to diet. It was normal NOT to diet. Why have diets become a normal part of our lifestyle? We have ourselves to thank for that. Only people could have done this to people. They took our traditional diet and reversed it. They called it the Pyramid Diet and said it would cure cholesterol problems. That was very fortunate, because we just happened to be in the middle of a media scare campaign about cholesterol. It was caused by an error that could have so easily been avoided. Cholesterol tests were incorrectly performed. Instead of producing the HDL LDL ratio, laboratory technicians simply added the numbers together. Incredibly, it took thirty years to expose the mistake and begin to produce the proper results.

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That was enough time for millions of people to panic and abandon the traditional diet. People were assured that only the Pyramid Diet could control their cholesterol. With the benefit of hindsight, it begs the question: How was it explained that generations of people, who never wavered from the traditional diet did not suffer premature death from high cholesterol. It was never explained.

What does that have to do with the Atkins Diet? It has to do with all diets. They don’t work. They can’t, our body won’t let them. Till forty years ago nobody had to diet. People still favoured the Traditional diet, which wasn’t a diet at all. It was just the food everybody ate because it was the normal food to eat. No diet can successfully produce a permanent weight loss. The weight will always sneak back. Changing and maintaining a new diet is not only extremely difficult to do. It is extremely bad for our body. We start from a point of hopelessness and doubt. It’s not enough to be convinced that the Atkins diet will help us lose weight. The real trick is to maintain the weight loss. That’s not possible when the weight has been lost though a sacrifice of food. To continue to maintain the enthusiasm it is essential to understand the cause of obesity and type2 diabetes. Until we do, we can never hope to get a permanent weight loss.

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Most people who start a diet are looking for signs that it won’t work. They have been down this road before and have always ended up with disappointment. Diets always lead to unanswered questions. How long must you stay on the diet? What happens when you stop? How long does the weight loss last? Can you ever go back to ‘normal eating’? That’s why the big picture is so important. We need to understand obesity; we need to learn why, right up till forty years ago, the majority of people were always slim. We need to


understand the circumstances that triggered the obesity epidemic. What we can do to stop it, even reverse it. We need to stop over thinking how our body works and what it needs. Our great grandparents understood their own body, why can’t we? Most people, when required to make sacrifices, need to know why? That’s how we set goals and achieve them. It’s how we sustain motivation when our resolve is weakened. If we don’t know and can’t find the words to justify the reason for our actions, how can we commit to them? This is about understanding your body.

Until you do that, you will never lose weight for very long – not even on the Atkins Diet. Learn more here: Related articles

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The Atkins Diet Reviewed!  
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