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Has A diet Ever Worked For You For Good? How many times have you been on a diet?

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That’s not a strange question. Most people have dieted at least once. Many do it on a regular basis. Lots of people visit the gym several times a week to speed up a weight loss. Diets and weight loss have been part of our lives for the past forty years. That’s enough time to tell us that diets don’t work. If they did, most people would be slim by now, just as they were forty years ago. Instead most people are fat and the numbers increase by the day.

The reason we start a diet is to get a weight loss. Not to punish ourselves with rules, meal plans calorie counters, body fat scales and restrictions. We just want to lose some weight. We hope it is a quick weight loss. We are less concerned about how long the weight loss will last. We simply want the weight gone NOW. What happens later? We’ll worry about it then! What I want to tell you about is a weight loss that you don’t have to worry about later. It doesn’t require you to diet. You will be discouraged from counting calories. It is a weight loss that your own body will help you achieve. Believe it or not; your body doesn’t want the weight any more than you do. That’s one of the reasons it will be the fastest weight loss you have ever had. If you keep your body happy, it will be a permanent weight loss.


Imagine! You will never have to diet again as long as you remain friends with your own body.

Surely that’s not an unreasonable goal. Looking after your own body, keeping it happy making sure it is healthy. From around age 12, we do that every day, for our external body. Yet it is our internal body that keeps us slim, healthy, beautiful and happy. If we don’t feel good on the inside, we don’t look good on the outside. Don’t you think it’s time to give it a bit of attention?

But be warned; the only people who want you to lose your weight for good, apart from you, are the people who love you. If everyone else was to follow my advice, the government, the grain growers, the processed food industry, the low fat industry and the entire diet industry would be out for blood. Our economy is built on the statistical expectation that almost everyone will be obese by 2030. If that does not happen, a lot of people will lose a lot of money.


Remember that, next time you reach for those sweet, irresistible processed carbohydrates. Who is going to stop you, if not you? How Man Related articles

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Has A diet Ever Worked For You For Good?