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Panhellenic Fall 2018 Formal Recruitment

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Greek Life Staff Dr. Shawn Dowiak Assistant Dean of Students & Greek Life Advisor

Nick O'Neil Fraternity and Sorority Life Coordinator


Greek Alphabet


Greek Councils

Panhellenic Council

Students can choose from 10 sorority chapters at the University of Idaho. Â They are governed by the College Panhellenic Council which strives to promote leadership, diversity, scholastic achievement and service. Our Council has unique officer positions meant to emphasize philanthropy, scholarship, and more!

Interfraternity Council The IFC promotes the development of every fraternity man on our campus, providing leadership opportunities, lifelong friends and more. There are 16 IFC fraternities.

Multicultural Greek Council The Multicultural Greek Council is comprised of 7 nationally recognized, ethnically-based fraternity and sorority chapters. Its primary purpose is to unite member organizations to share ideas and provide a support network for students.


Letter from our Recruitment Team!         Welcome new Vandals and congratulations for making the best choice of your college career, GOING GREEK! Your new adventure at the University of Idaho has just begun and great things lie in front of you. We hope you have an amazing week meeting our extraordinary Panhellenic women. We can't wait to guide you and grow along side you throughout this awesome adventure. Remember to keep an open mind, open heart, and stay true to yourself. Go Vandals and Go Greek!

Panhellenic Love,

Kirsten Forster & Whitney Cornelia 5

Vice Presidents of External & Internal Recruitment

Kirst & Whit Picture


Life as a New Member

    During your time as a new member of a Greek Organization you will experience lots of laughter and great memories, but you will also have more responsibility and education. On Preference Day, you will get the chance to attend a Greek 101 Seminar to learn about the benefits of Sorority Membership. After  receiving a bid,  you  will  be  required  to  attend  regular  new  member  meetings  until  your initiation.  Each  chapter  has  a  different  program  specifically  designed  for  the  new  members.  The  meetings  will  educate  you  about  the  history,  tradition  and  rituals  of  the chapter.  The  meetings  will  be  lead  by  a  New  Member  Educator,  a  woman  in  the  chapter  whose  responsibility  is  to  guide  you  through  your  new  member  education  and  initiation.       Joining a sorority helps your transition into college life so much easier! Constant support and guidance will make you feel at home at the University of Idaho.

Campus Resources Counseling and Testing Center The Counseling & Testing Center's staff of psychologists offers students a wide range of counseling services and resources like individual counseling, stress/anxiety management, career guidance and counseling, and learning disabilities/ADHD assessment. Phone: (208) 885-6716 Email: Website:

Academic Support Services Explore advising, tutoring, disability support services, supplemental instruction and other programs that could help you reach your academic goals. Phone: (208) 885-6757 Email: Website:

Campus Security and Safety Campus Security provides complementary services like campus information, campus SAFEWALKs, car jumpstarts, loaner gas can, and assistance with after-hour building and office lockouts. Phone:  (208) 885-2254 Email: Website:


The Panhellenic Creed

We, the undergraduate members of women's fraternities, stand for good scholarship, for guarding of good health, for maintenance of fine standards, and for serving, to the best of our ability, our college community. Cooperation for furthering fraternity life, in harmony with its best possibilities, is the ideal that shall guide our fraternity activities. We, the fraternity women, stand for service through the development of character inspired by close contact and deep friendship of individual fraternity and Panhellenic life. The opportunity for wide and wise human service, through mutual respect and helpfulness, is the tenet by which we strive to live.

GPA Requirements Green Zone 3.0 + If you are in this category, you most likely won't have any problems.


Yellow Zone 2.7-2.9 If you are in this category, there is the possibility to be cut from a sorority chapter due to your GPA.

Red Zone 2.6 There is a large possibility to be cut from recruitment. However, concerns should be voiced to members and you should complete the process anyways.

Potential New Member Bill of Rights Potential New Members have the right to: The right to be treated as an individual The right to be fully informed about the recruitment process The right to ask questions and receive true and objective answers from recruitment counselors and members The right to be treated with respect The right to be treated as a capable and mature person without being patronized The right to ask how and why, and to receive straight answers The right to have and express opinions to recruitment counselors The right to have inviolable confidentiality when sharing information with recruitment counselors The right to make informed choices without undue pressure from others The right to be fully informed about the binding agreements implicit in the membership acceptance signing The right to make one’s own choice and decision and accept full responsibility for the results of that decision The right to have a positive, safe and enriching recruitment and new member experience 10

Greek Row Map


Check-in/Conversation Day August           8th     10AM-2PM:                    Check-in by the Tower Lawn and move in 2PM:        Get to know your Rho Gammas and tour Greek Row 2PM-5:30PM                      Parent's Reception 3:30PM:             Recruitment Orientation at the Admin Auditorium 5PM:         Dinner at the Hub 6PM:         Meet with Recruitment Group 6:15PM-9:35PM:                           Conversation Day Rounds 1-6 This day is about moving in and getting to know your Rho Gammas, recruitment group, and women from different chapters! Ask about women's role models, what they want to do when they graduate, aspirations, pets they have, etc.


Conversation Day August     9th     7AM-8AM:            Breakfast 9AM:  Meet with Recruitment Group 9:30AM-12:15PM:                       Conversation Day Rounds 7-11 12:30PM:          Lunch at the Hub 1PM:  Meet with Recruitment Group 1:30PM-4:15PM:                     Conversation Day Rounds 12-16 4:30PM:        Ranking in the TLC 123 5:30PM:       Dinner at the Hub 7PM:  Evening activity at the Admin Auditorium This day is all about meeting women from every chapter on campus! Ask about women's role models, what they want to do when they graduate, pets they have, etc. 13

Sisterhood Day  August           10th    7AM:          Breakfast    7:45AM:               Meet with Recruitment Group    8:15AM-12PM:                          Sisterhood Day Rounds 1-4    12:15PM:                Lunch at the Hub    1PM:          Meet with Recruitment Group    1:30PM-5:15PM:                            Sisterhood Day Rounds 5-8         5:30PM:              Dinner at the Hub    6:30PM-8:15PM:                             Sisterhood Day Rounds 9-10    8:30PM:                Ranking in TLC 123    9PM:         Evening activity at the Admin Auditorium This day is all about getting to know what makes each chapter unique.  Ask about their scholarship programs, sisterhood events, dining plans, and alumni programs.


Philanthropy Day August             11th  7AM:          Breakfast  7:45AM:              Meet with Recruitment Group  8:15AM-12PM:                          Philanthropy Day Rounds 1-4  12:15PM:                Lunch at the Hub  1PM:         Meet with Recruitment Group  1:30PM-5:15PM:                            Philanthropy Day Rounds 5-8         5:30PM:              Dinner at the Hub  6PM:         Meet with Recruitment Group  6:30PM-8:15PM:                            Philanthropy Day Rounds  8:30PM:               Ranking in TLC 123  9:00PM:               Evening activity at the Admin Auditorium This day is all about learning about chapter's philanthropies and the events they hold to raise money and awareness for the organization. Ask women why they love their philanthropy, how it makes a difference in our community, and what campus events are held. 15

Preference Night August             12th  7AM:          Breakfast  7:45AM-3PM:                        Greek 101  3PM:          Free Time  5PM:          Dinner at the Hub  6PM:         Meet   with Recruitment Group  6:30PM-11:15PM:                             Preference Night Rounds 1-4       10PM-12AM:                      Sign in MRABA's in the International Ballroom  This        day is about connecting with chapter women during a special ceremony.  It is very special what happens inside the ceremony, so please don't share your experiences with other PNM's. Ask women what they love about their sorority, what they values mean to them, and how they live their chapters values in their everyday life.


Bid Day August             13th  7AM:          Breakfast  8AM:          Move out of Residence Halls  10:30AM:                  Meet with Recruitment Group  11AM:           Closing remarks at the Admin Auditorium  12PM:           Open   Bid Cards!!  1PM-5PM:                   Receive items from storage units and move into chapter housing         This is the most exciting day of recruitment. Once you open your bid in the auditorium, you run out and meet your new sisters on the Admin Lawn.  After this, you need to receive your items in the storage unit and move into the chapter facility!


Rho Gammas

        A Rho Gamma is a "recruitment guide" assigned to you during recruitment They provide support and assistance throughout recruitment to help you find your home. They are active members of sororities on campus but they chose to be disaffiliated. They have no ties to their own chapters during this week in order to provide an unbiased opinion to you, so feel free to tell them how you feel!           Remember that they are still members of sororities, so don't say anything rude or mean. Its okay to be honest, but never disrespectful. 18

What to Wear

Conversation Day

Sisterhood Day

Cute casual; jeans, shorts, t-shirts, tanks, and sandals.

Casual dress; sundress, nice shorts, flats, sandals.

Philanthropy Day Semi-casual attire; sundress, skirt, pants, nice top, heels, nice sandals.

Preference Night

Formal attire; nice dress, skirt, slacks, nice top, comfy heels, flats.


Bid Day Casual attire; Shirts will be provided by chapters after bids are opened.

The University of Idaho and the city of Moscow form a vibrant urban oasis in the wide open spaces of the Palouse. Walking and bicycling get you where you need to go on campus and downtown. With over 2,500 bicycle parking spaces on campus, getting to class or the gym is quick and convenient. Need to grab groceries? The City of Moscow’s free SMART Transit service offers transportation Monday through Friday to key destinations all over Moscow with four stops on the U of I campus. Need to run an errand across town on the weekend? There are currently two Zipcars on campus available to rent by the hour by those 18 years old and over with a valid driver’s license. Insurance is included! Heading home for break? The Dean of Students Break Bus is a fun way to make the trip. The University of Idaho also participates in Zimride, a ride-sharing platform that matches University of Idaho and WSU riders with drivers. It’s a great way to get home with minimal expense. Northwestern Trailways also provides daily service to major cities in the Inland Northwest. If a vehicle is a must, however, we are here to help. Parking is limited and we encourage Greeks who do not plan on using their vehicle three or more times a week to purchase a Purple Economy parking permit. Park just west of the Kibbie Dome for only $35 for the whole year. For Greeks who need their vehicle almost daily, a Purple parking permit allows parking closer to the core of campus for $172 per year. Distribution of Purple parking permits is managed by each house. Questions? Please reach out to us at, 208-885-6424 or                                                                 Thank you and Go Vandals!


Frequently Asked Questions What does mutual selection mean? Our University utilizes a "mutual selection" process where chapter votes and your rankings are considered in creating your Recruitment schedule and, ultimately, your bid. Who does the matching? The University works with a program called Campus Director which matches women to chapters based on mutual selection. Panhellenic is also assigned an RFM Specialist (Release Figure Management) who volunteers to assist with Recruitment on behalf of her national organization. She is not affiliated with the University and coordinates the process behind the scenes helping to ensure that the largest number of women possible are matched with their preferences.

What does it mean to be "released from Recruitment"? When a PNM is "released from Recruitment" this means she has not been invited back to any chapters for the following round. If a PNM is released, a member of the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Affairs will contact the PNM directly to discuss options. 21

Are all women going through the formal Recruitment process guaranteed to receive a bid to a sorority?

Unfortunately, not all PNMs will receive a bid from a sorority. There are a few reasons that this might happen: A PNM did not receive a bid from the organization she preferred and she chose to leave the Recruitment process In an effort to receive a bid from a preferred organization, a PNM elected not to receive offers from other organizations. If a preferred organization chooses not to offer a bid, the PNM may have little to no other organizations left that may be willing to extend a bid. A PNM may not match with any chapter during formal Recruitment.

What can I expect recruitment to be like? Recruitment can definitely be tiring both physically and emotionally. However, it is really up to you to decide how positive a recruitment experience you will have. A good attitude and an open mind are vital. Remember that even though small talk may become tedious and repetitive, every chapter visit is a new experience. Approach even the last chapter of the day with an open mind and good attitude; it could be the right one for you! 22

What support resources are available during Recruitment? Each woman participating in the formal Recruitment process is assigned a group leader, known as a Rho Gamma. They assist in the logistics of the Recruitment process and serves as a guide and ally for the women in their group. The Panhellenic Executive Board and staff members from the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life are also available to assist. How does a PNM withdraw from Recruitment? If you want to withdraw from the Recruitment process, you must notify your Recruitment Guide or the Panhellenic Recruitment Chair. In addition, you must complete a short survey about the Recruitment process. This survey will help improve the process for future PNMs.

May I decide not to accept a bid that I receive? You do not have to accept a bid; however if you wish to join in the future, there are several guidelines. If you receive a bid from any National Panhellenic Conference (NPC) group and you choose not to accept it, you may not pledge any other NPC women's sorority until the next Formal Recruitment Period. This is in accordance with the NPC Unanimous Agreements, which expresses the fair play essential to interfraternity activity and sets forth the rights of women's fraternities as private, voluntary social organizations.

What happens if I am scheduled to visit a chapter that I am not interested in? You may be asked to return to a chapter that is not one of your favorites. The Recruitment process is designed to match women with chapters that are the best fit and most interested in them. Though you may not want to visit a particular chapter, you are highly encouraged to do soand should approach that chapter with an open mind. It is important for all PNMs to be respectful of each chapter.

What happens if I’m not asked to return to a chapter that I really wanted to join? Once a chapter has made their PNM selections for the next day that decision is final. There is nothing that can be done to alter your schedule or add you back onto the list of a chapter that has not asked you to return. It is important to focus on the chapters that are still on your schedule and to continue to have an open mind. I have a food allergy/other dietary restriction, are there food options for me in sorority housing? Yes! Every house caters to food allergies. Upon move in, find the facility director to help you relay that to the chef that prepares meals for your house. 24

I am worried that joining a sorority is too expensive, is there any assistance that I can receive? Dues and new member fees vary from chapter to chapter. Assistance in the form of scholarships and payment plans vary from chapter to chapter in their availability and should be discussed with chapters on an individual basis. Sisterhood Day is a great opportunity to ask this question!

I have an emotional support animal. Are there any chapters that let me move into the house with my animal? This is a chapter by chapter basis. It depends on the animal and the international facility rules that vary from house to house. This is also a great question on Sisterhood Day.

I have other plans for housing, do I have to live in the sorority house? Yes, most houses require you to live in 2-3 years. This also varies from house to house so make sure to express your concerns and ask questions! Some houses might even let you live out after one year, it just depends on your circumstances and the chapter houses current membership. 25

Conversation Tips! Be calm and confident Don't talk about the 5 B's (Boos, booze, bibles, beds, bank accounts, and politics) Don’t compare yourself to other PNM's! This is all about you, so try to highlight unique things about yourself Ask open ended questions You won't have something in common with every person you meet, but still get to know them because this is what makes our campus diverse Be kind to everyone, even if you don't think you are going to be joining their sisterhood


Membership Recruitment Acceptance Binding Agreement The MRABA is a document that you will sign after you attend Preference Night. Here are the main points of the document and an explanation in (parentheses): I am willing to accept an invitation to membership from any sorority that I list on this agreement. (This means that any chapter you write down on this agreement, you are willing to accept a bid from and move into the chapter house as a new member.) I may limit my choices to just one OR list any sorority whose preference-round event I attended, and from which I am willing to accept membership. I realize that by not listing the maximum number of events I attended, I may be limiting my potential to join any other NPC organization during recruitment. (If you choose to only write down one of the chapters you attended on Preference Night, you are severely decreasing your chance at receiving a bid into a chapter. The maximum number of preference ceremonies you will attend this night is 2. A lot of women might only attend 1 preference night ceremony.) 27

Once I submit this agreement to the College Panhellenic Association, I cannot change the order of my preferences or add or delete a preference. (Once you sign this form, there is no changing your preferences.) If I do not receive an invitation to membership from an organization that I have listed, I am eligible for continuous open bidding. (If you do not receive a bid from any of the chapters you have listed on this document, you are eligible to join a house at as soon as possible. However, this does not mean that you will automatically receive a bid. This decision is up to the chapter.) I have the option of not submitting an agreement at this time. (If you do not feel comfortable joining a house at this time, you have the option to not turn in a form. This means you will not receive a bid but you are eligible for continuous open bidding.) Once I submit this agreement, I am bound by the National Panhellenic Conference Unanimous Agreements, which state that if I receive an invitation to membership from a group that I have listed and then do not accept it, I am ineligible to be pledged until the beginning of the next primary membership recruitment period on the same campus. (If you write down a chapter on this contract and receive a bid from that chapter, but choose not to accept it, then you cannot join another sorority chapter until the next period of formal recruitment, which is August of 2019.) 28

Speak Greek Active:   A college undergraduate who has been initiated into fraternity or sorority membership and is enrolled in classes. Alumni/Alumnae:                      Any initiated member(s) of a sorority or fraternity who graduated or left college in good standing. Badge  (pin):          The insignia that displays your Greek organization. Bid Card:        A formal invitation to join a particular sorority. Big Sister:         An active member paired to be the mentor of a new member. Chapter:      A local group of the larger organization. Chapter      Advisor:              An alumnae/faculty member who serves in an advisory role to provide guidance to the organization. Panhellenic            Council             (CPC):            The governing body of sororities. Continuous            Open          Bidding              (COB):          A process that allows chapters to recruit new members outside of formal recruitment. Hazing:    Abuse    or harassment of a member. University policy, State law, and national sorority policies prohibit hazing. Initiation:       The ceremony that is the beginning of active membership. Intramural:          Athletic   activities in which members from different chapters participate in and compete with each other. 29

Legacy:   The sister, daughter, or granddaughter of a sorority member. While being a legacy does not mean automatic membership into that chapter, it is looked upon favorably. (sometimes step mothers and step sisters also count, but it is a chapter by chapter basis) New Member:                 Member of a sorority who has not been initiated. Philanthropy:                A charitable fundraiser or service project sponsored by a fraternity or sorority. Potential        New         Member:                 A college woman who is participating in Formal Sorority Recruitment. Also known as a PNM Preferencing               /"preffing":                   During the last day of recruitment, a PNM determines which particular sorority she wants to join by listing one or two sororities in her order of preference. Quota:    The specified number of Potential New Members to which each sorority may extend a bid. Recruitment:               (formerly known as rush) The process sororities use to recruit new members. Rho Gamma              (Recruitment                        Guide):            A sorority member who has disaffiliated herself from her chapter during Formal Membership Recruitment. She is specially trained to help Potential New Members and answer any questions they may have about sorority membership. 30

Ritual: The traditional beliefs and oaths of a sorority or fraternity usually used in reference to the ceremonies of initiation as well as weekly chapter meetings. These traditions do not include any forms of hazing, because hazing weakens the    bonds of brotherhood/sisterhood. Recruitment              Chair:          The person from each fraternity who leads each chapter's recruitment functions. Scholarship:             Our Greek community strives for high scholarship. A minimum grade point average is required by sororities and fraternities in order to stay an active member. Each chapter has a scholarship program to provide incentives, coordinate study hours, and to encourage members to achieve their highest academic goals. Sister: A term used by sorority members to refer to one another. Sisterhood:           Intangible, yet the most cherished of assets among all Greek members, sisterhood is the foundation of sorority and fraternity life. Snapping:         This term is used for when new members join a sorority outside of formal recruitment. Similar to continuous open bidding (COB).  Social:     A get-together with another group for a party, dinner, or other fun occasion.


Potential New Member Expectations Attend all events for which you receive an invitation. Remain respectful towards yourself, other PNM's, chapter members, and university staff at all times. Refrain from negative discussion pertaining to anyone mentioned above. This includes any messages via social media. Be polite and respectful when attending all events at all times including but not limited to meals, breaks, and inside or outside chapter facilities.  Consumption of alcohol or drugs and socializing with fraternity men during the recruitment period are not permitted. Recruitment is a time to focus on yourself. Avoid meeting with boyfriends or other friends until after the period is over. Dress appropriately for each party in accordance with the expectations specified for that round.  Refrain from communication with chapter members outside recruitment events. By joining a chapter, you understand you are committing not only to 4 years of sisterhood but a lifetime and understand the financial obligations that come along with it. Avoid using your cell phones or wearing watches during events, this is disrespectful to women you are trying to get to know. Do not talk about the  5 B's! (Boos, booze, beds, bibles, bank accounts, and politics) Understand that if you are matched with a chapter and receive a bid, you must accept the bid into that organization and are considered ineligible for membership from any other chapter until the next formal recruitment period in


ALPHA GAMMA DELTA "Live with purpose"

    May 30, 1904, at Syracuse University Founded:        Philanthropy:                          Fighting Hunger National       Philanthropy                            Event:          Mr. Idaho Campus         3.15 Spring    GPA:                    Hours:         422 Hours Spring    Volunteer

Flower: Red and Buff Rose Colors: Red, Buff, and Green      Squirrel Mascott:


Follow Them!   @UIAlphaGamm Twitter: Instagram:             @uialphagam National         Website:     Local  Website:     Facebook:        @uialphagam


"Union hand in hand"     September 18, 1872, at Syracuse University Founded:       Philanthropy:                           Alpha Phi Foundation National      Philanthropy                           Event:           Phi Ball and Red Dress Gala Campus

Flower: Lily-of the-Valley and Forget-Me-Not                   Hours:           1,242.5 Hours Spring   Volunteer         3.34 Spring   GPA:

Colors: Silver and Bordeaux     Ivy Leaf Symbol:     Phi Bear Mascott:


Follow Them!   @idahoalphaphi Twitter: Instagram:             @idahoalphaphi National         Website:     Local  Website:     Facebook:        @idahoalphaphi


"Let us steadfastly love one another"     November 27, 1888 at Boston University Founded:       Philanthropy:                           St. Jude's Children Hospital  National      Philanthropy                           Event:           TriHop Campus

Flower: Pansy                   Hours:           588 Hours Spring   Volunteer        3.46 Spring   GPA:

Colors: Silver, Gold and Cerulean Blue     Pine Tree Symbol:     Dolphin Mascott:


Follow Them!   @idahotridelta Twitter: Instagram:             @idahotridelta National         Website:     Local  Website:     Facebook:        @deltadeltadeltauniversityofidaho

DELTA GAMMA  "Do good"

           December 25, 1873 at The Lewis School for Girls Founded:               Philanthropy:                           Service for Sight National              Philanthropy                           Event:          Ancor Splash Campus          Cream Colored Rose Flower:            Volunteer                   Hours:          328 Hours Spring            GPA:        3.36 Spring         Bronze, Pink, and Blue Colors:             Anchor Symbol:            Hannah Doll Mascott:


Follow Them!   @deltagammauofi Twitter: Instagram:             @deltagammauofi National         Website:     Local  Website:     Facebook:        @deltagammanuchapteruniversityofidaho

DELTA ZETA               October 24, 1902  at Miami University Founded:               Philanthropy:                           Starkey Hearing Foundation National              Philanthropy                           Event:          DZ Dodgeball Campus          Pink Killarney Rose Flower:            Volunteer                  Hours:          791 Hours Spring            GPA:        3.02 Spring         Rose and Green Colors:             Roman Lamp Symbol:            Turtle Mascott:


Follow Them!   @idahodeltazeta Twitter: Instagram:             @idahodeltazeta National         Website:     Local  Website:     Facebook:        @deltazetauniversityofidaho

GAMMA PHI BETA "Founded upon a rock"

           November 11, 1874, at Syracuse University Founded:                Philanthropy:                         Girls on the Run National              Philanthropy                            Event:        Moon Ball Campus          Pink Carnation Flower:             Volunteer                   Hours:           2,045.5 Hours Spring             GPA:        3.53 Spring         Brown and Mode Colors:             Crescent Moon Symbol:      


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KAPPA ALPHA THETA "Leading women"

            January 27, 1870 at DePauw University Founded:               Philanthropy:                           Court Appointed Special Advocates National              Philanthropy                           Event:          Rock the CASA & Color Collision Campus          Black and Gold Pansy Flower:            Volunteer                   Hours:          2,565.5 Hours Spring            GPA:        3.53 Spring         Black and Gold Colors:             Twin Stars            Symbol:            Kite Mascott:


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"Let us strive for that which is honorable, beautiful and highest." Founded:             October 23, 1897 at State Female Normal School National               Philanthropy:                           Girl Scouts of the USA Campus              Philanthropy                           Event:          Shamrock Soccer Flower:          White Rose Spring            Volunteer                  Hours:          791 Hours Spring            GPA:        3.37 Colors:         Olive Green and Pearl White Symbol:             Nautilus Shell and Dagger            Mascott:            Teddy Bear 47

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KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA  "Aspire to be."

            October 13, 1870 at Monmouth College Founded:                Philanthropy:                         Reading is Fundamental National              Philanthropy                            Event:        Kappa and Queso Campus          Fleur-de-lis Flower:             Volunteer                   Hours:          1807 Hours Spring             GPA:        3.47 Spring         Dark Blue and Light Blue Colors:             Golden Key         Symbol:            Owl Mascott:


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PI BETA PHI               April 28, 1867, at Monmouth College Founded:                Philanthropy:                         Read > Lead > Achieve National               Philanthropy                            Event:        Pi a Phi Campus          Wine Carnation Flower:             Volunteer                    Hours:         600 Hours Spring             GPA:         2.92 Spring         Wine and Silver Blue Colors:             Arrow         Symbol:             Angel Wings Mascott:


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DRAFT- Recruitment Lookbook  
DRAFT- Recruitment Lookbook