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“I don’t remember a single day in my life when I haven’t made something.”

Kirsten Lewis has been working as a professional photographer since 2001, beginning her career as a photojournalist for Chew on This Magazine in RIchmond, Va. Since then she has built a highly respected wedding and portrait business, as well as continuing to work with magazines , musicians, non profit organizations and producing personal work several times a year.

Ranked as one of the top photographers in the world by FEARless photographers in 2011 and 2012 Kirsten has

been paving her way through the photography industry as a consistent award winner with the ISPWP, WPJA, FEARless & The Virginia Press Awards, a sought after speaker and influential educator. Since the launch of her business, her work has brought her throughout the US and internationally, including Mexico, Cuba, Barbados, Jamaica, London, Paris and Eleuthera, just to name a few. In 2012, Kirsten was officially asked to become a member of the Foundation Workshop Staff, an intense week-long photojournalism workshop for wedding photographers. In 2013, she will not only be mentoring alongside Tyler Wirken and Erwin Darmali for one session, but she was invited to be the staff photographer during the second session, a huge honor. And while she finds herself exceptionally busy with business, she still donates any spare time to programs in need.


Kirsten’s work has been most recognized for her ability to capture real moments, both touching and

humorous alike. Drawing upon her education not only in the arts, but a degree in Psychology with a concentration in Child Development, she relates very well with her subjects both big and small. She has been credited for gaining trust and access very quickly with just a small window of time. She believes that it’s because of this ability that she can capture life moments with much more ease and candidness. In most recent years she has been flying coast to coast, commissioned by top photographers in the industry for her Day in the Life family sessions. She does not describe her style as “unobtrusive” but rather personal and intimate, two approaches to documentation that require a calm, approachable, trusting demeanor. Patience plays one of the most essential roles when working with children in any capacity and Kirsten, after being a kindergarten teacher, has mastered this.


For those families who just want to make some great pictures on location, 1 and 2 hr sessions are great. Because I am a documentary family photographer, only 15 minutes is alloted to relaxed portraits, the rest of the time is for your family to just have fun!

Giclee prints, canvas prints and standout mounts are all available for purchase. To view the pricing please visit pages 22 and 23 for more information.


delivered digitally via a download link that can be shared

artisan edit - $400

photographer’s favorites with the highest quality toning by Kirsten (approx 35 photos)

artisan edit with the extended collection in color - $750 The entire collection lightly toned in house by staff (approx 100 photos)

INVESTMENT $350/hr includes:

-travel to your home or preferred location -unlimited images -all uploading, editing and processing -online slideshow -online gallery to proof, share and order prints from -$150 print credit

the Canselors I Golden, CO

DAY IN THE LIF From the moment the kids wipe the sleepy sand away from their eyes until they’ve convinced Mom to read Goodnight Moon for the 84th time that week, I am there to ultimately show you just how much you love one another by documenting all the in between moments you never get to see.


the Meffords I Dallas, TX


the Meffords I Dallas, TX

24 hr sessions





WHY ay in the life


I’m gonna No need to worry become a part about what you are of your family! going to wear!

One of the things I love most about Day in The Life sessions is that I get to know my families very well in a short period of time. I’m going to spend as much time talking, laughing, learning and hugging as I am shooting. That is the wonderful thing about this time I spend with my families. I have been known to put down the camera to read a book to the kids or put my hair in pigtails to match the 3 year old fashionista staring me back in the face. I don’t want to be the weird stranger with the camera hiding in the corner, but rather fun Miss Kirsten who also loves licking the inside of the frosting bowl when no one else is looking! This makes sleeping over the night before that much more important, so that in the morning the children are 100% comfortable with me stumbling through the dark to get to their room the moment I hear giggling coming from down the hallway.

The whole idea behind these sessions is to document your family exactly the way you are on a daily basis. That means, wear whatever it is you would normally wear on any given Tuesday! These sessions are not about looking perfect, they are about looking your best and you will look your best when you are surrounded with your favorite people in the whole wide world, snuggling, laughing, playing and hugging. So just let your guard down and come as you are. Exactly as you are!

Face your camera shy self in the face!

Some of the best compliments I have received over the years are, “I really don’t like having my picture taken but that was really fun,” & “These are the very first pictures where I actually like what I look like in them.” I believe that has to do with how I approach relating to and working with clients. There will be NO posing, just a great day all hanging out together. 8

You’re creating a visual diary for your children.

The thing I love most about these sessions, for my families, is that we are isolating one day in time where years and years down the road their children can look back and remember just how their kitchen smelled on Friday mornings, the three little holes in the left sleeve of their favorite Mickey sweatshirt or how Dad used to always flip them upside down to walk on the ceiling. The idea is that families book one Day In The Life a year, have the images printed in an album and then keep those albums on the shelf in chronological order. Quite possibly, the best future wedding gift a parent could give their child.

You become witness to the love you have for one another. We often times forget, or fail to see, how unique our families are when we are trying to juggle work, school, extra curricular activities and play dates. For my parents, their favorite part of looking at their pictures is seeing how much their children love them. Sometimes it takes slowing down a moment to a single frame, to be reminded.


INCLUDED: Kirsten with your family for 24hrs unlimited images all editing and post production online slideshow online gallery to view, share and order prints from $250 credit towards an album lots of laughs

vacations In the past couple of years I have begun accompanying families on vacation to document this special time away from the stresses of daily life and routine. The results have been truly amazing because of just how much fun we all have throughout the week.

the Espositos I Orlando, FL

I the Espositos I Orlando, FL

vacation coverage I SERVICES




WHY acation sessions


You get to be IN your pictures.

We won’t be strangers!

One of the great things about taking me on vacation with is all the time we will spend together, getting to know one another. I will be a proactive member of the family from the moment everyone climbs out of their beds until the last tooth is brushed. I will spend as much time playing with the kids, talking about my favorite Disney movie and sharing a glass of wine in the evening as I will documenting every moment in between. The advantage? The more you know me, your children trust me and everyone gets comfortable with me in their space, the more everyone’s guards are let down. I can’t get the kind of pictures in an hour session as I do in a 24hr one. I definitely can’t get the kind of pictures in 24hrs as I can in a multi-day shoot. The longer I am with a family, the more emotionally intimate the pictures become. The more the kids trust me, the more activities they will let me photograph, the closer they will allow me to be within their personal space and this provides the kind of imagery you rarely ever see..

We’re all together and it’s NOT our wedding.

There are very few times in life when multiple family members are together. Weddings, graduations, holidays and funerals are the most common. Well, and vacations. The best part about large family vacations is that everyone is feeling their best, enjoying each other and the time off and there is very little stress and conflict. This makes for the BEST time to be photographed, when everyone is happy and enjoying each other’s company.

Face your camera shy self in the face!

Some of the best compliments I have received over the years are, “I really don’t like having my picture taken but that was really fun,” & “These are the very first pictures where I actually like what I look like in them.” I believe that has to do with how I approach relating to and working with clients. There will be NO posing, just an awesome few days hanging out together! 14

Most times, parents bring their cameras to document all of the fun activities they experience with their families on vacation. The bummer? They are never IN the photos with their families enjoying all the fun activities. Having me there relieves you of this. I find it very important, as a photographer, to make as many pictures as I can of ALL of the members in the family in the same picture. Not only that, I want to make sure that I capture each parent’s relationship with each child as well as their spouse. A lot of times, the only way to be 100% success in this is to spend multiple days documenting my families.

You have PROFESSIONAL photos from your vacation!

Not only do I document your family, I also make sure to make beautiful images of your destination as well. Say goodbye to postcards and posters, you will have your very own, original pictures to enlarge and hang on every wall of your house!

VACATION SESSIONS 3 day minimum $1500 / day

INCLUDED: Kirsten with your family on vacation unlimited images all editing and post production online slideshow online gallery to view, share and order prints from high res files of the artisan edit (approx 250 pictures)







sizing guide & pricing

luster prints


bamboo mounts

5X7 -$8-

11X14 -$200-

8X8 -$120-

8X10 -$24-

16X20 -$350-

11X14 -$300-

11X14 -$56-

20X30 -$500-

12X12 -$275-

16X20 -$90-

24X36 -$650-

16X20 -$450-

20X30 -$180-

30X40 -$800-

20X20 -$475-

30X40 -$280-

40X60 -$1100-

20X30 -$600-

standout mounts 11X14






Canvas, Mounts & Prints Being an all-green photographer I do not provide physical proofs, all proofing is Basic enlargements can be ordered online directly through your proof gallery. S mounted on an inch thick bamboo slab. They are a great, frameless option to h and light as a feather. Finally, canvas prints are images printed on canvas wrap





s done online. That being said I encourage only printing photos that you are going to hang on the walls and enjoy on a daily basis. Specialized printing, including bamboo mounts, canvas prints and giclee’ prints are ordered through my office. Bamboo mounts are images hanging your photos. Standout mounts are images printed on a condensed, inch thick, black, foam core-like material. They are sleek, frameless pped around a wooden frame.






in my personal option, albums are the very best wa tion sessions. these sessions are about telling th keeping them safe in a book to share with all of yo shortly after your shoot by 10 years later, they w eyes that want to take a peek. Especially In todays digital, there is something to be said for the nosta sofa, feeling the pages between your fingertips.

My albums are ECO-friendly, simple and beautiful. Spreads are printed in full sheets so that there is no loss between pages, then creased and mounted to a rigid black board tha leaves each page extra thick. Printing is done on a Smooth Matte and the basic albums come with a luscious silk cover having the option to upgrade to a photo or faux leather cover if preferred.





ay to preserve your day in the life and vacahe story of your family. by our friends and family not only will always be protected yet available to any s age, the age of everything algia and simplicity of sitting quietly on the

s n at h

base price basic album 10X10 book 30 images $1000

upgrades 12X12 book $200 addition photos $50/each Faux Leather $65 Photo Cover $125

Basic albums come with the high res files of the images found in the album.





digital files

ten years ago, the most important product from a shoot wa They aren’t just “the files”, they are the result of a lifetime photographers who have been the greatest influence in my thousands of hours of trying and failing, frustration and d forcing myself to work harder than I ever have to make the the mentoring from some of the most talented photographe from. Most importantly, they are the collection of a short

COLLECTIONS Artisan Edit Collection

~ $1000 ~ (These are my favorite images from the day with your family. They are personally toned by with a special attention to detail. The amount of pictures varies but is always at least 75 im in total. All of the images seen you slideshows, on my blog and website, as well as Facebook from the Artisan Edit Collection.)

Artisan Edit + The Extended Collection in Color

~ $1600 ~ (The Extended Collection in Color is a much larger gallery of photographs from our tim together. In addition to the 75+ pictures in the Artisan Edit, the Extended Collection ha minimum of 300 pictures of the day. These photographs are lightly toned by someone in studio and reviewed by me personally before delivery.)

Artisan Edit + Basic Album

~ $1850 ~ ( The $250 album credit included with 24hr sessions may be applied to this package. This is a $400 savings! )

Artisan Edit, Extended Collection and Basic Album with 40 pictures

~ $2500 ~ (Because my preferred way of preserving our time together is through an album I want to m it affordable to own all of the files as well as an album. The $250 album credit included w 24hr sessions may be applied to this package. This is an $850 savings!)





as the collection of negatives. now, it’s the digital files. e of learning from my parents, both professional professional and personal life. They are the product of determination, pushing myself out of my comfort zone and next picture better. they would not be possible without ers in the industry who i have been so fortunate to learn t moment in time, encapsulated and preserved.

by me mages k, are

me as a my


make with

the Schneiders I Disneyland, CA


the wirkens I kansas city, mo

ntly Asked Questions After being a professional photographer for the past 12 years, I have definitely found that there are some questions that come up regularly from my clients. Take a peek, you might find that someone has already asked the same exact question that you want to ask! If you don’t find an answer here, PLEASE feel free to contact me via email or phone.





i was just wondering:


random fact 27:

50% of my portrait clients rehire me within 2 years of our initial shoot together. This is even clients that live over 2000 miles away from me.

How long have you been shooting families?

I photographed my very first family in 2001. Since then I have photographed over 500 families in 3 different countries!

I would really love to meet you but I don’t live in Colorado. What can we do?

I am really used to not being able to meet my clients when being considered to fly out to photograph their family. I am a big fan of Skype and Google Hangout. We can also just chat on the phone if you prefer.

random fact 4:

Babies and animals are strangely drawn to me. I think it might just be a the pheromones I omit.

What about food, I mean, do we need to feed you?

random fact 56:

Although I don’t have any children of my own yet, I have had a lot of experience with kids. I was a nanny for 5 years while I was attending University. I have a degree in Child Psychology with a concentration in learning and development. I have a minor in education and was a kindergarten and first grade teacher at in inner city school in Richmond, Virginia.

Yes, my clients are responsible for my meals. The good news is I pretty much eat ANYTHING and prefer to join the family for meals when they are eating as well. My only dietary restrictions are that I am allergic to tropical fruit (banana, mango, kiwi, papaya, star fruit, passion fruit, pomegranate) and pancakes are my least favorite food in the whole entire world! I know, this is so strange, but it’s really true. I don’t mind photographing the eating of pancakes, I just wish not to partake in the consuming of them.


What do we need to do to book you? What is your deposit policy?

All I need to do is send you the ECO-Friendly proposal and contract, you sign it electronically and can pay the deposit right online. My non refundable deposit is 25% of the total and is used to secure your wedding date. The next 50% is due the day of your shoot. The last 25% is not due until your photos have been posted online.


We don’t live in Central Colorado, is travel included?

Do we need to get you a hotel room?

Nope! Actually, I prefer to sleep at your house the night before the shoot through the last night of shooting. This is all part of the experience, the more time I spend with you the more opportunity I have for making amazing pictures. I do not need my own room, I have crashed on many a couch!

Actually, the majority of my Day In The Life and Vacation work are out of State and Country. Travel is NOT included but only the flight to you needs to be purchased. Because I sleep at my family’s home, there is no need for hotel accommodations. I do ask that someone is able to provide me with transportation to and from the airport if possible, otherwise a means to get to and from will need to be provided as well.




random fact 111:

I traveled to a foreign country without my parents for the very first time when I was 16 to work for Habitat for Humanity in Tijuana, Mexico. That following June I assisted Marine Biologists in Belize conducting dolphin and reef research.

random fact 19:

What is print permission?

If you opt to purchase the high resolution files, I am giving you permission to make any sized pints you would like for personal use. Sometimes, printers require proof of this and will not make enlargements without my written consent. If that is the case, just let me know and I can send something over to you.

I do not like posing for pictures, will we have to do this?

Nope! Not at all. That is the pure beauty of these types of shoots, no posing what so ever. Everything is candid, documentary style so the only thing you have to worry about is enjoying your time with your family.


I don’t like the word “style” to describe my photography. I like to say that my work is a reflection of personality combined with how I watch others relate to one another. The most important thing for me is that people feel something from looking at the pictures I make.

random fact 31:

I did not start dating the now love of my life until I was 36 years old. I am the last of my close girlfriends to get married and have children and I wouldn’t change it for the world.





i was just wondering: faq continued did you know:

On average, a 4-yearold child asks 437 questions a day..

did you know:

The first toilet ever seen on television was on “Leave It To Beaver”. Wally and Beaver had a baby alligator which they kept in the toilet.

How long does it take to receive my photos?

My wait time, on average, is 8 to 12 weeks. All photos are edited in-house. My philosophy is that the post processing is just as important as the actual documentation and would never jeopardize the integrity and quality of the final image. I also believe that every client deserves the same amount of care and attention so i always edit in order of the event date.

Can we take a few posed portraits during our time with you?

Yes, we can, however I only allow 30 minutes max for posed portraits. I will also document everyone getting ready for the portrait session.

did you know:

the largest baby to be born in the world was in Juarez, Mexico in August of 2013 weighing 14lb 8oz!

did you know:

If you stretch a standard Slinky out flat it measures 87 feet long.

We want to bring you on vacation with us. Do we need to pay for you to join us on excursions / pay park fees / etc? Yes, you will have to do that. If you contract me far enough in advance, you can sometimes get discounted rates to add me, i.e Disney World or Disneyland.

did you know:

Mark Twain, one of America’s best-loved authors, dropped out of school when he was 12 years old, after his father died.


We have pets, are you allergic?

Nope, I LOVE pets and can snuggle with them all day long. I have a little trouble with long haired kitties but all I need to do is pop a Claritin once a day and I’m totally fine. Pets are important parts of the family so I always try to include them in my coverage.


Can I upload my pictures to Facebook?

Of course you can. If you have purchased one of the high resolution collections, you are more than welcome to add them to your Facebook page. My only requestion is that you credit the photos with my name and link to my website. I will also upload my favorites and tag you in them on my professional page.




did you know:

Can we just get the RAW files and edit them ourselves? Nope. Sorry but the only people that have access to the RAW files are myself and my staff. 3/4 of my work as a photographer is execution however the last 1/4 is processing and toning. It all part of the art form. Trust me, it’s super boring anyway. ;)

101 Dalmatians and Peter Pan (Wendy) are the only two Disney cartoon features with both parents that are present and don’t die throughout the movie.

did you know:

In Disney’s “Fantasia”, the Sorcerer’s name is “Yensid” (Disney backwards.)

did you know:

A 3-year old boy’s voice is louder than 200 adults in a crowded restaurant.

I’m a public figure / celebrity. Do you offer a non-disclosure agreement?

I do. I have begun working with more and more people of special interest. It is very important to me that your private life, especially with you family, remains private. My non disclosures are very simple, 3 times the contract rate and you are given exclusivity rights to your images.

Our vacation is out of the country, do you have an active passport?

YUP! And I love to travel, eat new foods and explore new places with my clients.

did you know:

A 3-year old boy’s voice is louder than 200 adults in a crowded restaurant.

did you know:

Mr. Snuffleupagas’ first name was Alyoisus.






Take It From Them

My absolute favorite part of this job as a photographer is sending my clients the email that has a link to their slideshow included. I love imagining what their faces look like as they get to relive their day all over again, right in the comfort of their home. Included are some emails I have received that remind me why I do what I do.

“The shots are amazing! We really love how the individual photos and the slideshow you put together turned out. Thank you so much!!.� the Carpenters I Duck, NC






No words are enough to express my gratitude for the pictures that you captured with your camera. They are full of love and I believe that photography is a reflection of the photographer so If you captured the love and the intimacy in our family is only because you have all of that in you. Dany forgot to mention in his email to you that after watching the slideshow we stood quiet with our faces wet from all the tears we cried. Dany actually started crying at picture #2 I think. Thanks again dear Kirsten, you will have always have such a special place in our lives and Isaac will be so happy and grateful too when he understands someday, the meaning of those images.

the Aguilars I McAllen, TX

Oh my..... I have no words. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for capturing my family just as we are. I feel so fortunate that I was able to have the opportunity to have such a talented artist and photographer spend the day with us so we could have such an amazing treasure. You are incredibly talented and I feel so honored to have met you. Your lighthearted personality, honesty and humor made me feel like I’ve known you for made my boys comfortable and resulted in for such precious images. the Mitsakos I Cape May, NJ Kirsten, The slideshow is wonderful. Its makes me cry every time i watch it. maybe i should stop looking at in the library. Thank you so so much. It is a wonderful gift, they’re so very cool! Finn is growing up so fast. Come visit us soon. holla. chris the McNews I Richmond, Va


WHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU GET I’m myself 100% of the time whether I’m out with my friends, posting on FACEbook, getting dinner with clients or spending 24 hours with a family during a Day In The Life session. PHOTO BY: Elizabeth Lloyd Fladung



kirsten lewis


i am an ALL GREEN photographer ............

my favorite show on television is ............

i’m a ............

i am fascinated with

paranormal activity ............

i have held an authentic Oscar in my hands before 33

i forced myself to like



i irrationally love my dog Mingus he is my favorite thing ............


We might have a lot more in common than you might think! ............


I’ve been studying Latin Ballroom Dance for the last 13 years. One of my favorite things to do in the world is cook, including experimenting with my own recipes. I really love traveling, in fact I made my first International trip without my parents when I was 16 years old when I went to study dolphins and coral reefs in Belize. Since then, I have tried to travel out of the country once a year. I have to admit that I am really good Mortal Combat, shooting pool and skeet ball. I love to ski, watch live music, drink cold wheat beer in the summer and warm Red Zinfendel in the winter. My friends are just as important in my life as my family is. I have a potty mouth yet used to teach Kindergarten and 1st grade years ago.




and a


i am


at water skiing, wake boarding and snow boarding ............

i recycle everything in my home and office ............

i have three reoccurring dreams all my teeth falling out

my mouth filling up with gum

in the summer i ride my Aprilia scooter, i even have a special compartment

i’m back in University but haven’t gone to class all semester so i am not going to graduate ............

Fatty Tuna is my favorite thing to eat.

(from top to bottom, left to right) With good friends Elizabeth Lloyd and Anna Kuperberg in Scottsdale at the FC2012 photo by Olivia Vale, Self portrait with the love of my life Greg, Self Portrait with Mingus, Wedding in Seattle photo by Olivia Vale, Boot Scoot boogie in Dallas photo by Ed Atrero, WPPI 2012 in Las Vegas with best friends Elizabeth Lloyd, Kathryn Kreuger, Jenny Jimenez and Olivia Vale photo by Smile Booth


beautiful funny clever brave artist spirited enthusiastic kind original fun loyal playful warm curious witty passionate authentic generous intense humble thoughtful wacky trailblazer charismatic giving honest determined creative


Just recently, I was asked to conduct a Webinar entitled FINDING YOUR OWN VOICE. I am a strong believer that a successful artist is one that allows themselves to be vulnerable enough to let their personalities shine through their work. I decided to ask my friends, those that know me best, to describe ME in 3 words. It was really interesting to read the responses, noting that there were several words that came up over and over again. The words in bold were the most common and I think best describe myself as a person as well as the pictures I make.

GIVING BACK TO THOSE IN NEED In December of 2012 I traveled to Kenya and Tanzania with photographer friend Elizabeth Lloyd to work on 4 different multimedia projects for 3 separate NGOs whose efforts increase the quality of life for the people and animals of Africa.

From the time I was young, I recognized that I was a very fortunate individual and felt a significant amount of empathy for those in need. I have continued, for the past 21 years, to give back to my community in one way or another whether it be my time, energy or talents. I would not be who I was without these experiences.

Interacting with Massai children in the Maasai Mara, Kenya, Africa photo by Elizabeth Lloyd



kirsten lewis


A little down time with the residents at Rehem

In February of 2012, my good friend and fellow photographer and I decided we wanted to go to Africa to don few non-profit organizations whose causes we were extremely interested in supporting. It took a whole lot of networking but we identified a few that really sparked out interests and desire to aide them in their efforts. N organizations via email, explaining who we were and what are intentions were. Our objective, which each of t stronger photographic library that best represented their work as well as put together a fusion multimedia film and interviews that could be used in social media campaigns to help raise awareness, educate the public and r work. We were so incredibly fortunate to find 3 non profits who welcomed us.

ma House photo by Elizabeth Lloyd

nate our time and talent to a research and online Next, we reached out to the the 3 NGOs was to build a m that combined still, video raise funds to continue their


kirsten lewis



photographing kids on the street in Lamu, Kenya photo by Elizabeth Lloyd

We worked and traveled predominately within 3 hrs of Nairobi, the capital of Kenya. Each experience was completely different and equally fulfilling. The first organization we worked with was the Rehema House right in downtown Nairobi. It is an orphanage for unwanted and displaced children, most testing positive for HIV. The majority of the children there are boys, because single adoptive parents are welcome in Kenya, however they must be same sex adoptions, meaning single women can only adopt girls, single men only boys. Our second NGO we worked with was the infamous Daphne Sheldrick Elephant Orphanage. This, by far, was the single most incredible experience on my life. I’m still not sure how to describe how I felt being surrounded by baby elephants all day long. Poaching rates are higher now than they have been in the past 20 years due to a booming economy in Asia. The Asian ivory market is incredbily large and unfortunately in high demand. As a result Kenya’s elephant population is quickly diminishing. Lastly, we traveled 4 hours north west to the town of Nanuki where we worked one on one with the amazing staff at Ol Pejeta Conservancy. We completed 2 separate project for them; a fusion film of the overall work and experience at the conservancy for guests of the part. Our second project involved documenting the Chimpanzee Sanctuary.

One of the really fun things we brought with us to the orphanage was an art project. An art tea handmade photo albums. We helped the children design and assemble their albums and then to eras we brought with us. Much thanks goes out to all of the frien

acher friend of ours from the States packed enough supplies for 50 students to make their own, ook them one by one and allowed them to make pictures of each other with the Fuji Instax Camnds and family who donated more than 50 packs of Polaroid film.

“It is estima elep year for their I this the Afr for e

ated that 30,000 to 38,000 phants are poached every Ivory. With statistics like rican elephant is doomed extinction in 15-20 years.� ~ SOS Elephants

“Chimpanzees have already disappeared from 4 African countries, and are nearing extinction in many others. Deforestation and commercial hunting for bush meat are taking a terrible toll on most populations.� ~ WWF Global instagram user name: kirstenLphotog

Doc family photo2 pricing  
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