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boudoir price list

Why Boudoir? i love boudoir photos! boudoir sessions are great gifts to significant others for anniversaries, valentine’s day, birthdays and even as a wedding gift. trust me, they’ll love it! boudoir sessions aren’t just for your man, though! boudoir can be something you do for yourself - to remind yourself that you are beautiful and sassy. ladies, we all love to treat ourselves once in a while and this is a fun, memorable treat!

What all is in the boudoir session fee?

for $200 you get a preshoot consultation, approximately an hour and a half of shooting at the preferred location of your session, at least 30 40 photos to choose from, a complimentary 5x7, and an in home viewing + ordering session where you will see your photos and make your picks!

Where will the session take place? Usually it is in your home, which is perfect, because it’s “real”, but if you want something extra special, getting a hotel room can be amazing, too. i prefer natural light, so big windows are fantastic, but i have lighting equipment, so i can make anything work.

Will you post the photos anywhere? not without your permission. i’d love to be able to show other potential clients some examples, but if you’d rather it be for you or your significant other’s eyes only, i understand. just let me know which photos are okay to share on facebook, my website, or to other clients.

What do I wear?

Most importantly, wear what you’re comfortable with! you can show as little or as much skin as you want. try everything on before the session and coordinate with accessories to really add that wow factor! shoes, jewelry, garters, make up, his shirts, ties, etc. are great!

Glamourous - 8x8 leather book - 1 11x14 - 4 8x10s - 6 5x7s - all 4x6 proofs - 25 digital FIles


Stunning - 5x5 leather book - 4 8x10s - 5 5x7s - all 4x6 proofs - 12 digital FIles


Beautiful - 2 8x10s - 4 5x7s - 16 diecut wallets - 5 digital FIles


Mounted Prints

Size Lustre Metallic 8x12 $50 $65 10x10 $55 $70 11x14 $65 $80 12x12 $70 $95 12x18 $80 $105 16x16 $90 $115 16x20 $100 $120 16x24 $125 $135 20x20 $150 $180 20x30 $230 $265 24x36 $240 $340 30x30 $250 $345 30x40 $270 $350

Gift Prints Size Lustre 8 wallets $20 4x6 $10 5x7 $20 8x10 $30

Metallic $30 $20 $30 $40

Nightstand Books Size cover 5x5 fabric $125 5x5 leather $150 5x5 photo $175

extra pages $3

8x8 fabric $160 8x8 leather $190 8x8 photo $215

extra pages $5

10x10 fabric $275 10x10 leather $315 10x10 photo $350

extra pages $7

20 page min / 80 page max

Metal Prints Standout Prints Canvas Wraps Size 5x7 8x10 11x14 12x12 12x18 16x20 16x24 20x30

$70 $90 $150 $175 $220 $325 $430 $600

Float Prints

Size 8x10 $90 10x10 $135 11x14 $150 16x16 $180 16x20 $250

Size Lustre Metallic 8x12 $85 $100 11x14 $100 $150 12x12 $125 $175 12x18 $145 $225 16x16 $160 $250 16x20 $175 $275 16x24 $200 $30 20x20 $230 $330 20x30 $350 $450 24x36 $450 $550

Digital Files

1 file $80 10 files $500 25 files $1,000 All files $1,200

Size 8x8 8x10 10x10 11x14 12x18 16x16 16x20 16x24 20x20 20x30 24x36 30x30 30x40

$125 $135 $150 $160 $190 $210 $235 $250 $275 $330 $350 $400 $500

The Fine Print

Payment for all products is expected at the in home viewing and ordering session. Please have all decision makers present.

Please note there is a $100 dollar minimum for product orders. These prices reflect items that are picked up or dropped off. Shipping directly varies on the products bought. I accept cash, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and checks. please Make checks out to “Kirsten Krupps.� Returned checks will be subject to a $50 fee. Additional viewing sessions are $50 each. Skipping the viewing session and having an online gallery has a $50 set up fee. Orders will be finished within 1-3 weeks, but usually sooner. orders may be picked up or dropped off. shipping directly is subject to additonal charges. Due to the nature of the products, all sales are final once the order has been processed.

Boudoir Price List  

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