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Travel FAQ - Grand Canyon Skywalk Guided Tours By: Luke Plunket The Grand Canyon Glass Walkway reigns as Vegas' hottest outdoor attraction. For good reason, too: Where else on the planet can you walk 70 feet beyond the edge and be lifted 4,000 feet over the Colorado River? If defying gravity thrills you, here's 7 things you need to know before you go: 1. Where is the Grand Canyon Glass Bridge Located? The Sky Walk is located about 120 miles east of Las Vegas, NV, at Grand Canyon West. Coach, heli and plane tours from Sin City take 2.5 hours, 45 minutes, and 25 minutes respectively. 2. What is the True Price of Admission? There are three packages. You really want the Legacy Gold Package, which costs $87.69 per adult. It includes Sky Walk passes and full access to Grand Canyon West, including cowboy performances, Native American Indian demonstrations, Guano Point, Eagle Point, Hualapai Ranch, the shuttle bus and lunch. 3. How many people are allowed on the Glass Walkway at one time? One hundred and twenty visitors can be on the bridge concurrently. It was designed to hold 800 people or a weight equivalent to71 completely filled Boeing 747 airplanes. 4. Can there be long lines? Yes, there are. The Skywalk is the canyon's most popular destination. Over 200,000 people take a look at it per year. Reservations are available. You can also purchase VIP passes to expedite your wait. Absolutely wear comfy shoes. For people with an iPod, give consideration to bringing it. 5. What should I dress in and what should I bring? Without a doubt bring a water bottle (full) and sunscreen. Dress appropriately: Wind-resistant and cool during summer months and warm layers in the winter months. No outside food or beverages (except water) are allowed. There's a pretty respectable snack bar when you get the munchies. Keep in mind - Legacy Gold Packages include lunch. Bring a digital camera and extra batteries and memory sticks. Regrettably, digital cameras are prohibited from the Skywalk because they may nick the glass deck (each panel supposedly costs $200,000 each) if dropped. Professional photographers are available on the Sky Walk to take the picture, which you can pick up in the gift store. 6. Is there a time limit? At present, there's no time limit, so take your time and enjoy the astounding landscape. The best views can be had on the right side of the bridge. 7. Are there other things to do in addition to the Skywalk? A lot. There is the Indian Village with genuine dwellings, Guano Point, The Hualapai Market, a western town replica called The Hualapai Ranch, and a 250-seat amphitheater. The basic Legacy package ($43.05 per person) gets you unlimited access to all of these points of interest except the Skywalk. Hunting for a fast and simple excursion from Vegas? The Grand Canyon Sky Walk is your ticket. Choose carefully how you visit as the rate can add up. Bus, helicopter, and airplane tours are your most economic route to go, especially if you book on the internet direct with the tour operator. I frequently save up to 35 percent by using this method. So put the Skywalk on your list of things to do. It'll be the highlight of your trip. About The Author: Mr. Plunket is a travel journalist who enjoys writing about all things Grand Canyon. He recommends visiting this page on Grand Canyon Skywalk tours for the best prices on these incredible trips: Article Source:

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The Grand Canyon Skywalk is a great day tour from Las Vegas. This article spotlights the best ones.