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Las Vegas Helicopter Tours to the Grand Canyon By: Luke Plunket Being on vacation will make you want to do everything and see everything you possibly can within the period of time you have away. If you are in the Nevada desert soaking up all the sights and sounds of Las Vegas, you might want to experience the attractions away from the city. Treating yourself and your family to a Vegas chopper tour will allow you to see the West Rim of the Grand Canyon in style and comfort. The pilots that travel through the majestic Grand Canyon are very competent about the areas they are flying over. The majority of the trips you can opt into come with a pre-recorded narration which will point everything out to you. These pilots are very keen about the work they are doing and their goal is to make sure you're having a fun time. The trips that start from Las Vegas are easy to arrange on the streets downtown (though I strongly recommend you RSVP online). There are lots of kiosks throughout the main city area that promote all sorts of choices for these trips. Since a few of the businesses are contending for your business, you'll find that you can get an excellent price just by searching for the best tour prices. A few of the extraordinary services that these companies offer make the trip very convenient for out of town guests. Most will supply round-trip pickup and drop off transportation from the resort-hotel that you are residing at. They'll show up to get you somewhere around 1 hour before your trip is to start. The helis generally hold up to 6 people plus the pilot, so entire families are able to travel together. They are also powered by jet engines, and offer amenities such as air conditioning and luxury seating. These aircraft are regarded as cutting-edge flying machines, so you can be sure you and your family will be secure and safe. Tours usually last approximately 3 hours and fly right into the West Rim Grand Canyon. The views are spectacular and you will have the chance to see all of the sights. Soaring above the Grand Canyon is the best way to take advantage of this amazing attraction. Regardless what time of the year you are on vacation, you can be sure that there's a tour that will suit your wants and needs. Be aware that temperatures in these areas fluctuate, especially when you are in the air. It's a good idea to dress appropriately, just in case the weather brings a bit of a chill to you when you are exploring the beautiful scenery. If you're going on a vacation and you want to make your time away memorable, consider a Las Vegas helicopter trip to the majestic West Rim of the Grand Canyon. You and your family will be in complete awe over its splendor and beauty. As an added bonus, each tour comes with an incredible flyover of the famous Las Vegas strip, complete with all the lights and beauty you have only seen from the ground. About The Author: Mr. Plunket is a world traveler who is passionate about visiting the Grand Canyon. He welcomes readers to check out this Las Vegas helicopter tour website for the best prices on flights to the Grand Canyon: Article Source:

Las Vegas Helicopter Tours to the Grand Canyon  

Best Las Vegas activity? Helicopter tours over the Grand Canyon! This article explains how to get them at the best price.

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