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Grand Canyon South Rim Helicopter Trips By: Luke Plunket Do you intend to visit the Grand Canyon? Your trip certainly cannot be complete without traveling to the National Park. So what in case you have just a day or two to spare? You are able to still view the gorgeous National Park by opting for the South Rim helicopter excursions. These helicopter tours are available every day of the calendar year via the Grand Canyon National Airport, Arizona. There are three tour operators that run the South Rim flights. However the airspace above the Grand Canyon Park is very much restricted. This tends to make all the trips virtually the same. If you wish to enjoy the best visibility, you ought to select the early morning trip. It's also possible to choose the sunrise and dusk trips. The South Rim helicopter trip starts at a low altitude above Kaibab Plateau. In approximately 10 minutes you will be out from the rim and reach the Dragoon Corridor. This is actually the deepest and widest area of the canyon. If you choose to travel the National Park by ground, you will be able to view only about 30 miles from the total 277 miles. However in the event you select the helicopter excursion you will get to observe 140 miles. This naturally can make the helicopter tours the more opted for method of traveling. Additionally, should you have just a day or two in hand, the South Rim helicopter trips are the best way to see the park. There are two types of helicopter trips you can opt for, the normal helicopter visit or perhaps the deluxe helicopter trip. The basic visit departs everyday. It flies above the Kaibab National Forest after which gets to the Dragoon Corridor before it turns back at the North Rim. The deluxe helicopter tour offers you the identical, the difference being you're able to enjoy it in the modern EcoStar 130. Cabin room is actually much more, the seating is theater-style and also the ride will be a extremely silent one. No matter what your capacity to pay is, you'll be able to enjoy this wonderful helicopter excursion. Specific stuff that you should be careful about before you decide to reserve your journey tend to be as follows. Examine the cancellation agreement which is in fine print. Try and choose the morning hours trip so that you get to get pleasure from smoother traveling as well as most effective visibility. Get your tour reservation verified after you reach Las Vegas. Do take your camera or perhaps video camera to document all the cherished occasions. The trip cost might seem expensive initially. Even so, when you have completed your ride you'll have no such regrets. Rather, you will feel you have paid out a very little sum for the enormous experience you have experienced. You need not pay the entire sum that you are requested while seeking to choose a direct reservation. It will be sensible if you surf the world wide web for the purpose. Several bargains are offered on diverse websites frequently. This assists cut down on the helicopter excursion cost by a lot more than you can imagine. It is only after you have liked your South Rim helicopter excursion will you understand, what you would have in any other case skipped. About The Author: Mr. Plunket is a travel writer who reports on all things Grand Canyon. He recommends readers go to this site for more information about how to get these flights at reduced rates: Article Source:

Grand Canyon South Rim Helicopter Trips  

Helicopter rides over Grand Canyon National Park are an awesome way to see the South Rim. This article explains why.

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