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If you have ever tried to reduce your fat intake in calorie restricted diets you know how tough it is. Do you find that you simply cannot reduce eating fatty meals? The good news is that by supplementing your diet with natural fat binders you can significantly reduce the amount of fat absorbed. A good fat binder can prevent up to 30% of your dietary fat from being absorbed. In a fatty meal this could mean that up to 150kcals can be prevented from reaching your hips! How do Fat Binders Work? Most fat binders work in a similar way - that is to prevent fat molecules from your meal from being absorbed and then stored as fat. To illustrate this process we look at Proactol, a well-known clinically proven fat binder, prevents up to 28% of dietary fat from being absorbed. One of Proactol's fiber molecules attaches to the fat molecules in the gut making it too big for the body to digest. These large undigested fat molecules are then excreted from the body. A great benefit of using these supplements is that you can experience a reduction in the daily calories consumed without any dramatic change in your diet. Naturally, combining a diet pill with regular exercise and you will lose more weight! Are fat binders safe to use? If you choose a 100% natural and clinically proven fat binder then you will unlikely suffer from any serious side-effects. Although recently there have been reports from consumers of Xenical (a prescription only drug) and Alli (a reduced version of Xenical available over the counter) of more serious side effects, such as links to liver cancer and rather embarrassing loose stools etc. Consumers of Proactol though have not reported any side-effects. Recommended Natural Fat Binder The Telegraph newspaper voted Proactol one of five best ways to lose weight in 2008. Proactol is clinically proven with 5 independent clinical trials all showing the benefits of taking this fat binder for weight loss. Proactol offers good customer service, a great number of bonuses and regular promotion codes to help you on your way.

So if you regularly eat high fat content meals and are looking for ways to reduce your fat intake, consider looking for a natural fat binder.

We review the best diet pills on the market and discover the most effective for safe and natural weight loss. Eat fatty meals regularly? A natural fat binder can help you reduce the amount of fat absorbed.

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