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About Voltage Voltage started in 2004 as a way to showcase local design talent and promote collaboration in the arts communities in the Twin Cities. Almost a decade later, Voltage is the Midwest’s premier rock and fashion show that fosters collaboration, engenders community, and unites fashion and music fans alike. Behind the scenes, Voltage is produced by MNfashion and is a forum to make quality, local design available to everyone in the Twin Cities – set to a soundtrack from Minnesota’s top local bands.

About MNFashion MNfashion is a nonprofit organization dedicated to nurturing and promoting local apparel and accessories designers as they build their small businesses. We are able to achieve this goal through the support of partners and volunteers who generously donate their time and talents. MNfashion also hosts Minneapolis-St. Paul Fashion Week in the fall and spring seasons. To learn more, visit



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Our Mission MNfashion is a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting and nurturing small business entrepreneurs in the local, independent fashion industry.






d ela n g e


c o u n t e r c o u t u r e Accessories : Objects & Subjects




d a n i elle


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Accessories : Aprilierre

e v e r i n e

h o t t i n g e r

Accessories : Engels by Design



i d le


l i n d s ey


d e s i g n s

Accessories : Larissa Loden




c h i l d

Accessories : Vikse Designs

h o p k i n s

Accessories : Artist Built




Sama n t h a


P u n k k t u al


M N Fa s h i o n

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Accessories : Karen Morris Milliner

Accessories : Made by Liz P.


About the Band At first glance, Bomba de Luz looks like another group of normal teenagers—three guys and a girl, jamming after long high school days. But if you stop and listen, Bomba de Luz reveals something much deeper and more profound than the normal high school experience. Led by folk rock songwriter Lydia Hoglund, accompanied by Gavin Taylor-Stark, Jonas Taghavi, and Evan Slack, the quad creates a mature sound filled with catchy folk-riffs and poetic lyrics. After their 2010 debut in Central High School’s black box theater, the St. Paul-based group has played at multiple festivals, opening for acts including Astronautalis and Chastity Brown. While their influence pulls from an array of folk-rock acts, they resemble the likes of Jeff Buckley, Mumford & Sons and Sharon Van Etten. Bomba de Luz will soon release their third record, not long after each graduate high school.

Bomba de luz 4


deLange Designs

Born from the maiden name of founder and designer Rachel Roff, deLange Designs celebrates all that is feminine. Local fashion designer Roff combines vintage lace and trims with modern patterns and fabrics to create her signature romantic-yet-bold aesthetic. From bridal gowns to ready-to-wear, Roff focuses on designing garments that will flatter the female body and showcase femininity for any occasion. Roff’s vision for the deLange spring/summer collection is to create a line that is unique and visually striking by using a wide variety of prints and layers interspersed with spring colors and soft neutrals. Incorporating her own graphics and screen prints, the garments will be flowing, layered and spring-appropriate.

Accessories By:

Larissa Loden Although designer Larissa Loden now calls Minneapolis home, her experiences across the globe speak through in her line. Loden first gained interest in design at her parents’ store in upstate New York; from there she took to the road, exploring flea markets across the world and establishing her own line. The result of her travels a collection of vintage treasures with a global flair and an eco-friendly mind. Each piece is handcrafted in her home, made from found materials including children’s books, vintage atlases, license plates, vintage lockets from the Sixties, and beads she has gathered at markets. Making her second appearance at Voltage, Loden ensures her collection retains its eco-friendly characteristic with recycled, vintage materials, while still possessing a modern feel.




For Minneapolis-based CounterCouture, “going green” also means “going couture.” Founded in 2009 by Angie Arner, CounterCouture fuses design, ecology, social responsibility and style with the help of a creative collection of local designers, including Allison Danzl. Under the motto, “Fashion must evolve,” Arner created the brand to prove that eco-fashion can be wearable and feminine. The 2013 spring line channels quirky character, Eloise, whose imaginative spirit and disheveled, yet feminine, style guides the aesthetic. The collection incorporates new design techniques that reflects the brand’s vision for a greener future while still retaining its wearability and style.

Accessories By:

Objects & Subjects Scrapping, up-cycling and recreating—three verbs designer Jeri Mack truly understands. Mack created her brand, Objects & Subjects, in 2010 and has since been scrapping metals and seeking out vintage pieces and then creating them into wearable jewelry out of her at-home studio. Mack, intrigued by the clean lines and sharp edges of geometric shapes, creates industrial chic pieces consisting of just that: jewelry with a severe edge balanced alongside lovely lines. The designer looks forward to collaborating with local designers of other mediums to expand others’ ideas about jewelry and fashion.



About the Band For years, the Twin Cities has been home to innovative hip-hop groups that push the boundaries of the genre, blending it with rock and untraditional sounds. Musicians Sean Anonymous and Dreamcrusher embody the epitome of this musical fusion. Local rapper Sean Anonymous and rock band Dreamcrusher joined forces in 2012 to end the divide between what they call the “hip hop kids with polished sneakers” and “rockers with their too tight jeans.” The result of combining shared practice spaces and performing together was electric—a high-energy live show that encompassed the best of both genres and surprising improvisation. After the success of their experimental first show, they decided to continue their musical journey, adding in more scheduled production and live shows. The full member list includes Brian McDunnough (Me and My Arrow), Brock Lammers (Nyteowl), Michael Warren (Humanda), Jared Isabella (Night Moves), Dominic Hanft (Hardcore Crayons), DJ Name (Wide Eyes), Lizzo (the Chalice) and Sean Anonymous.

Outfitted by b. resale Resold but not forgotten, b. resale shop takes used items and finds them a new fashion home. The reseller offers gently used up clothing, shoes, accessories, jewelry, vinyl, music and locally made goods for ladies and fellas in their South Minneapolis store.

Sean Anonymous and Dreamcrusher



Danielle Everine

Designer Danielle Everine believes in a good story, especially if that story can be worn. Working in the hinterlands of Minneapolis, Everine draws inspiration from movies, books, travels and adventures, using the language of fashion to tell stories she brings home with her. Her storyinspired collections have taken her across the country to various fashion shows and as a contestant on Project Runway. Everine designs to “dress modern day heroines,” drawing on muses that embody beauty and grace—Katherine Hepburn, Annie Oakley and Virginia Woolf— and clothing modern women in pieces that stir up their independence and sense of adventure. For her newest collection, Everine pulled inspiration from the scenery on her recent mountain travels in Alaska. The rough terrain combined with the immense mountain beauty translates to layered, printed sheers over rugged fabrics. Everine also created her own screen prints of Norwegian rosemals, a bright mountain flower that will sit atop earthy neutrals like beige and navy. By blending the delicate, such as silks, with the utilitarian, such as heavy wool, Everine combines contrasting elements into a single, cohesive line.

Accessories By:

Aprilierre Actor-turned-artistic entrepreneur, designer April Barnhart created Aprilierre out of her love and appreciation for the arts. Barnhart graduated from the University of Minnesota Duluth with a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre and eventually drifted into jewelry design, pulling inspiration from fashion, music, painting and theater. A self-described “bona fide city chick,” Barnhart developed a unique flair and jewelry style at the Metal Heart Jewelry Studio in Northeast. Her original jewelry designs can be found at local markets and fairs. Barnhart seeks to create timeless pieces of wearable art that speaks to individuals’ personality, style and interest. Her line ranges from leaves and floral inspiration to a raw organic look, thus blending the contemporary


with the vintage to create a soft and feminine look.


Ellie Hottinger

From studying at Accademia Italiana Fashion Institute in Italy to interning at Alice + Olivia in New York, fashion has taken designer Ellie Hottinger across the globe. Locally, Hottinger interned with designer Tara LaTour and has been featured in numerous Twin Cities’ fashion shows. This combination of a well-rounded world view and local experience has no doubt influenced Hottinger’s design aesthetic—blending timeless silhouettes and special attention to textile, the result is everyday couture that speaks to a global audience. Hottinger’s aesthetic is self-described as “uncomplicated intrigue,” textural fabrics and neutral palettes interrupted by the use of unexpected color and spontaneous print. Believing that dressing up should not be reserved just for special occasions, she saw to it that her ready-to-wear collection is equally as special in a casual setting as it is in a grand one.

Accessories By:

Engels by design Engels by design is the brainchild of designer Hannah E. Bartz. Bartz, originally from Marshall, Minnesota, received her Bachelor of Science degree in Textile and Apparel Design from University of Wisconsin - Madison. After her time in the Badger state, she returned to the Twin Cities, making her mark at various fashion and art shows. Engels by design draws on the organic state of materials, allowing leathers to take their natural shape and found artifacts to be repurposed. In addition, Bartz’s signature aesthetic draws on her inspirations including Dadaism, Steam-punk, Industrialism, and science, while maintaining a sense of femininity.



About the Band Singer/songwriter Aby Wolf is no stranger to the Twin Cities music scene. Performing with the likes of Dessa for the past six years and collaborating with Grant Cutler, Wolf is an accomplished artist that has brought her vocal talents to an array of genres and musical acts. Recently, Wolf has branched out as a solo artist, releasing her newest album, “Wolf Lords,” in 2013 under the production of Grant Cutler. With textures that range from spare and atmospheric to stomping electro pop, “Wolf Lords” showcases the artist’s voice in a new light and establishes her as a local musical gem.

Outfitted by Blacklist Vintage At this store, being blacklisted is a good thing. Owner Vanessa Messersmith not only sells high-quality, in-style vintage pieces, but she’ll also personally style your outfit, curating it for special occasions, think “Mad Men” party or your own wardrobe.


Aby Wolf: Wolf Lords 17

Idle Child

Combine the talents of a pattern master/seamstress with the skills of a conceptual designer/photographer and the result is Idle Child—the eccentric, bohemian clothing brand created by Becky Larson and Ellie Niemeyer. Seamstress and patternmaker Larson studied fashion and design in Minneapolis, then joined forces with local photographer and designer Niemeyer to create their bohemian brand. Larson focuses on the construction of the pieces and Neimeyer acts as the media coordinator, photographer and model. Both artists collaborate on design and collection direction. Idle Child’s 2013 Spring/Summer Collection, Gypsy Moon, is ethereal and moody, inspired by the styles of great female musicians from the 70’s and today, including Stevie Nicks, Janice Joplin and Lana Del Rey. This free love-inspired collection is an eccentric mix of one-of-a-kind pieces that speaks to the carefree, bohemian lifestyle of the Gypsy traveler’s closet.

Accessories By:

Vikse Designs Influenced by the beauty of semi-precious stones across the world, Vikse Designs was born by Minnesota-designer Jeannie as a way to showcase nature’s beauty. Vikse Designs is currently featured at local art fairs, bringing bohemian pieces to a wide audience. Found semi-precious stones, such as agates and jasper, as well as shells, pearls and sterling silver from countries including China and Peru are the consistent materials in this line, allowing natural patterns to shine through in every piece.



Lindsey Hopkins

Originally from Atlanta, Georgia, Lindsey Hopkins is a Savannah College of Art and Design graduate whose talents in design first took her to New York in 2011 to work with designer and mentor Christian Cota. This experience resulted in Hopkins’ first collection winning the prestigious Maybelline Design Achievement Award, a feature in Elle magazine and a show during New York Fashion Week. Hopkins has now settled in the Twin Cities, making her mark in the fashion world in numerous shows. In design, Hopkins draws from her conservative southern roots, pushing the boundaries of what is considered appropriate. For her spring/summer collection, Hopkins became infatuated with vintage photographs of subject matter that would have been considered taboo at the time the photo was taken. Pulling from the inspiration, she uses a subtleyet-risqué print blanketed with the image of an early 1900s prostitute throughout her pieces. These types of subtle details embody her feminine, directionally driven work that has touches of self-described “maniacal obsession compulsion.”

Accessories By:

Artist Built The Artist Built line lives by its motto, “Wear More Art.” Theatrical yet wearable, Artist Built features sculpted leather pieces including masks, their trademark cuffs, small accessories and hairpieces. Artist Built masks take on various shapes, forms and colors, making them highly customizable for every designer and fashion show.



About the Band Crashing the “boys’ club,” of hip hop is The Chalice, a powerhouse group of female musicians that includes Lizzo, Claire de Lune and Sophia Eris. The Minneapolis trio brings a unique sound to the table, blending soulful sounds with high-energy beats. Rapper/singer Lizzo brings an electric, kick-you-in-the-face Missy Elliot-like energy to the mic. Spoken-word poet Sophia Eris brings laid-back rhyme schemes and earthy style, reminiscent of Erykah Badu. Claire de Lune, the sultry, smoky-voiced soul singer has old-soul sensibilities that have earned her comparisons to Amy Winehouse and Joss Stone. After spontaneously creating their first single, “Push It,” late one night in a local living room, The Current picked up their sound, pushing the females into a full-fledged group. Their EP “We Are The Chalice” was released September 2012 to critical acclaim.

Outfitted by Primp Cheap-chic boutique Primp is a Twin Cities staple for fashionistas who want to shop guilt-free. The quaint St. Paul shop opened doors in 2010, and has since expanded into St. Louis Park, offering up feminine, in-style dresses, tops, skirts and basic at affordable (under $100!) prices.


The Chalice 23

Samantha Rei Samantha R. Crossland, working name Samantha Rei, is a wearable brand of whimsical separates. Rei, who has been designing since the tender age of 13, is also an illustrator, painter and comic book artist—mediums that continue to influence her fashion design aesthetic. Samantha Rei’s newest collection is described as “Neverland Redux,” filled with whimsical yet rebellious, pieces with touches of Japanese street fashion and pop culture. The line includes airy sundresses, cropped vests and leggings, all ready-to-wear.

Accessories By:

Karen Morris Milliner Milliner and artisan Karen Morris was born in Hong Kong, an international city full of exuberance, gorgeous fashion and a unique character created from the blending of Chinese and British cultures. Although Morris now calls St. Paul home, she still draws inspiration from the elegance of her far-away home for her haute couture milliner line. From accessible, ready-to-wear fedoras and berets, to elegant statement hats and fascinators for cocktail parties and weddings, Morris creates timeless pieces for any occasion. All hats and headpieces are 100% custom designed and hand stitched locally, fashioned from only the finest materials found the world over. Morris’ designs speak to a bygone era, while still retaining a sense of modernism.




With a repertoire that includes more than seven years of commissioned designs and numerous fashion shows, it’s easy to say that designer and artist Lucie Biros has made a dent in the Twin Cities fashion world. Throughout her career, she’s also worked on theater costuming as wardrobe head and is currently finishing her B.S. in Apparel Design at the University of Minnesota. Biros’ says she creates apparel with “timeless details and rich materials for the subversive but sophisticated wearer,” with a heavy focus on knits and corsetry. This dramatic aesthetic carries over to her collection, “Punkktual,” which is aimed toward the consumer who loves heavy, statement pieces no matter the season, but values comfort and wearability.

Accessories By:

Made by Liz P. Inspired by an “honest appreciation for all things handmade,” local designer Liz P. works out of her Minneapolis studio to create handcrafted metal pieces that are up-cycled, yet incredibly wearable. Her appropriately named brand, Made by Liz P, mixes metals and patterns, creating an asymmetrical look for women to wear on the daily. Liz makes resourcefulness a priority, so she takes the old and unwanted, revealing beauty in unexpected ways.



Emma Holcomb Retail Committee Member

Molly Waseka Voltage Program Director Jaclyn Auger Social Media Specialist

Kirsten Berg Creative Director

Melissa David Event Production Manager

Tara Murphy Managing Director

Katie Schutrop Public Relations Manager

Amy Overman Executive Director

Rhea Pappas Photography Manager and Lead Photographer Christy Johnson Art Director

Lisa Solarz Retail Committee Member

Jackie Johnston Voltage Fashion Coordinator Rachel Landwehr Retail Co-director

Crista Bell Voltage Music Coordinator

Sierra Scheet Backstage Coordinator

Josie Pace Event Production Intern

Jonathan Sollie Graphic Designer

Colin Schye Graphic Designer and Photographer





Where to Buy: Punkktual Samantha Rei Counter Couture Idle Child

Cliché and Etsy You and Me and Cliché and B. Resale

Lindsey Hopkins

Commissioned through

Danielle Everine

Cliché and

DeLange designs Ellie Hottinger

You and Me, Etsy and Contact designer directly


Etsy and


Heartfelt, Etsy and

Objects & Subjects Karen Morris Miliner Engels by Design Larissa Loden Artist Built

B. Resale and Drama Boutique Patina, I Like You, Forage Modern Workshop, Hill Valley, Cliché, Wedge Co-Op, Digs, Corazon, Poppy Togs, General Store of Minnetonka, Mill City Museum, Piccadilly Prairie and Electric Fetus Design Collective, I Like You and

Made by Liz P.

Etsy, B. Resale, Bibelot, Electric Fetus, I Like You, Gallery 360, Art Shoppe at Midtown Global Market, Diggs, Quince, The Wedge

Vikse Designs

Etsy and showroom on 615 West Lake Street, Mpls. fashion coverage rocks. Read it to see where to shop—or where to definitely not.











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