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DO YOU WANT TO: Sleep easier, get relief from sore joints, lose weight, have radiant skin, improve cardio fitness, reduce wrinkles and release stress in only 30 minutes? Introducing the Physiotherm Infrared Sauna - So what else can this sauna do for my health?

Benefits include: • • • • • • • • • • •

reduced signs of aging improvement of your skin’s texture depression lifted strengths in your immune system faster repaired soft-tissue injuries reduced pain from sore joints and muscles beautiful skin eased pain for arthritis sufferers improvement in your cardiovasular system weight loss detoxification of your body

Interested? See the gym reception for trial bookings and sales.Try the Physiotherm Infrared Sauna today – you will notice the difference.

Magmed Physiotherm Infrared Sauna  

Banner ad for magazines and newspapers Introducing the Physiotherm Infrared Sauna by Magmed. Created by Holloways Advertising. Copywriter &...

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