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Two BIG discounts for TrustPower Friends in Rotorua T 4% OFF

rustPower rewards its valued customers through the Friends programme by giving a price discount. A TrustPower Friend saves $5 every month or about 4% off your power bill.

T 15% OFF

rustPower Rotorua Friends who pay their power bill by the due date, get a big 15% discount worth around $285 each year. If you pay all 12 bills on time in the next year, your discount will add up to a massive 7.8 weeks FREE power! * Figures based on TrustPower residential Friends customer using 8000 units per year on our ALL Inclusive pricing options.

If another power company calls you, think carefully before you agree to anything.

Chris O’Hara, Manager, Energy Sales Division

TrustPower Friends have Make Big Savings on Your Power Use Do You Know saved over $330 since the Only TrustPower keeps showing Your Rights as you how to use less power. beginning!

 This is what your Energy Saver Pack will look like.

o us a complete service is not just about lower prices but about the service we offer, which is why we have created the Energy Savers Pack to give you the information you need. It provides quick answers to reducing your energy consumption and ultimately your power bill costs. To get your own FREE PACK and learn ways of becoming more energy efficient call us now on 0800 10 31 31.

When you see this logo on your power bill you know you’re getting your Friends discount!

a Consumer?


hen a power company quotes you a price, ask if it includes GST, and remember to take into account the discounts you already get. And then get their quote in writing. TrustPower’s Know Your Rights brochure has important information that as a consumer you need to know.




rustPower Friends customers in Rotorua made the largest saving last year of $102.84! As a Friend you get a discounted power price PLUS a range of other benefits. Each month a TrustPower FRIENDS customer wins $1000 FREE Power – on top of the special discounts that Friends already get. We’ve also created a special discount coupons brochure for well-known national retailers helping Fiona Smith, Service Operations Manager you to make savings elsewhere!

Call 0800 10 31 31 for your FREE copy.


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