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Asset Evaluation Model Vendor or Partner

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99% Excellence Extra Mile

Saves Time Gives Time

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√ (2)

√ (Bonus 1) (Available Points 2 +1 Bonus)

(Available Points 4 2 for each section)

Saves Me $ Earns Me $ (Available Points 4 2 for each section)

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How? Specifically… Provides strategies that save time posting to Social Median and provides proven Lead Gen strategies that turn into paying clients.

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(Does this vendor provide excellent service 99% of the time and go the extra mile)

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TEN = Excellent Eight = Good Six = Barely Acceptable Five or Less = FAIL

Asset Evaluation Model

ŠModern Business Builder 2011

Asset Evaluation Model  

This is a tool for framing one of the more important conversations real estate agents and lenders should be having right now.

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