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OFFICERS Herb Guidry Bob Freitas Bob Engelhart Carl Brown Aaron Giffey APPOINTEES Bob Luebbert Terry Sanders Maris Cowgill Micheal Black Bob Luebbert

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UPCOMING EVENTS & MEETINGs Monthly Meeting at the Englander, June 17 June 1, MGs by the Bay in Danville June 22, SF 49 mile drive 1

From the Offside, As I mentioned at the last meeting I am reluctantly giving up the editorship of the WindMachine after so many years. I have developed a condition similar to Parkinsons called essential tremor and I cannot control my finger movements any longer. Thankfully Kirk Prentiss has agreed to take it on. So this will be my last WM. Thank you all for being so supportive over the years. One of our founders, Skip Kelsey has been gone for 10 years now. Hard to believe, Verna sent me the picture of Skip and John Thornley, MG General Manager taken in 1979 GoF. May I recommend for your reading pleasure “Flaming Floors” by Steven Tom. It’s available for the Nook or Kindle.

From the Pres, I heard that the turnout for the North meets South, a great time was had by all with a few minor problems! At the May meeting, Terry Sanders, our beloved News Editor is ready to put the old printing press to rest. I know that SSTS members are so full of gratitude for all the years that Terry has dedicated to the Windmachine. THANK YOU so much Terry for all that you have given to SSTS for so many years. A VERY wonderful job well done. Kirk Prentiss has stepped up as the new Windmachine Editor. Thank you Kirk and Amy too, for volunteering for this job. I hope to see many SSTS members at the MG’s by the Bay in Danville on Sunday June 1st. Be safe and think smart! Herb the III

Octagonally, TA Terry

Club meetings are 3rd Tuesday every month Except Dec. & Jan. & Aug. at the Englander Pub in San Leandro

Richard Sears Lives in Danville and has a TD WELCOME TO OUR SAFARI

Mini Owners of America San Francisco Chapter Presents

24th Annual Hayward Field Meet All British Car Show & Swap Meet Date: Saturday, July 26, 2014

Time: Event starts at 9:00 AM Awards at 2:00 PM Open to: ALL British Cars and Other Cars of Particular Interest






2014 SSTS Activities Schedule (Rev 5/14) June 1, MGs by the Bay – MGOC June 22, SF 49mi Drive w/MGOC July 4, Alameda 4th of July Parade – Luebbert July 19, Tune & Spoon – Cowgill’s August 7-10, Rendezvous – Verna August 25-29, GOF, San Diego – Engelhart August 30-31, Scottish Games – Judy Guidry Sept 13-14, British Fall Classic, Morgan Hill Sept 20, Lenci Tour (no details yet) Oct 17-19, Sierra Tour – Bryant & Lenci Oct 18, Sonoma Tour w/MGOC – Preston Nov 15, Dian's Delightful Drive – Browns Nov ??, Turkey Trot – to be announced Dec 6, Holiday Party, Alameda – Bobbie Dec 26, Boxing Day Tour – Bain Jan 2014, Planning Meeting – Engelhard’s ****************************************************************************************************************

GOF West GOF West 2014 will be held in San Diego, Mon 25 August to Fri 29 August 2014. Bob & Susan Engelhard have offered to organize a caravan to SD, leaving Saturday 23 Aug and arriving Sunday 24 Aug. The primary reason for this schedule is to avoid LA commute traffic on Monday morning, secondarily... extra time in San Diego. Here's a link for GOF and hotel reservations. We haven't picked an overnight stop yet, so if you plan to join and have any ideas, let us know. More to follow.

Auto Jumble: Free: Rubber bumpers from a ’78 B in great shape, in Oakland, Call Mik at 510-552-7272 For Sale: 53 TD gas tank and LH & RH doors Bob Oliver 925 935 5533 or 925 989 1000 For Sale: Moss black TD/TF carpet set (late TD - recessed foot well) for sale, part # 454-478. 40% off the Moss price of $389.95, i.e. $234 for any Sorry Safari member. It's brand new, in the box (yes oops, over the years, I ordered two instead of one and I only have one MG). 510 9170877 Bill Oldham I want to sell my car trailer. It has a 14' deck and is 8' wide. Tandem axle, with brakes, mounted spare tire, mounted tool box, extended ramps. In storage in Livermore. $1800 Also, I have a set of rebuilt inch and a quarter carbs off of my TC. It has the canister and manifold. Gary Kennedy: 1974 MG-B TOURER FOR SALE Mountain View, Ca. JACK FORD (Editor sez: I have pictures if you are interested) For Sale: 1- MG TD Head Light Tie Bracket attaches to radiator Moss Part # 451-100 used -- great shape! Price $20 OBO 2. TWO HEADLIGHT STONE GUARD FOR MG T SERIES. COME WITH ATTACHMENTS. MOSS PART #222-150 $30 obo 3. Gas cap for 1975 MG/Sprite - never used$15 obo thought it would fir on my 69 MGB - but will not 4. MG TD chromed radiator shell, false nose, slates and medallion- total for sale at $1000 USD obo Contact Boob Luebbert

For Sale: 1976 Midget, White Car is completely refurbished and ready to go. Contact For Sale -Tourist Trophy 14" Black Leather Rim Wheel W/3 Matte, Drilled Spokes Moss Part# 489-030, $180.00 Use Tourist Trophy/Moto-Lita adapter hub sold by Moss -Free to a good home - 1 MGB seat frame off a 1967 or 1965 MGB Ken Gittings (510-791-8445) Storage: I have three spaces in my garage to store three classic cars. I am only charging $150. for spaces (normally here in Pleasanton...the price would be $200 and up. As you know the cars would be safe and well cared for. Give my phone number: 925.200.7991 and email if interested parties want to contact me. Verna Rose

For Sale: 1971 MGB New Paint (RED) and body work done by a pro. Runs very well with an overdrive transmission. New carpet, aluminum bonnet, earlier grill. No rust, very original. New tires. Overall condition is very good. I am looking for $6,000.00. Contact MGOC member Robert Manina at 408-772-4354 or (This was Dan Shockey's good-running but battered MGB, now refinished. Dan rebuilt the engine. It was bought new by a Bay Area friend of Dan's.)

Dan Shockey’s move to the Bay Area By Dan Shockey My wife Nancy and I moved to Illinois in July, 2007. I was without a regular job in San Jose, California, and we wanted to be near our aging parents. We moved to the small town where Nancy grew up and opened a book store and art gallery. Wyoming, Illinois is much too small a town to support such a business but we wanted to do something there, thinking we would have the option to move the business later. It was good to reconnect with old friends and extended family, and be able to help out with care for Nancy's parents. I could also spend time with my father, still in Decatur, Illinois. In 2010, Nancy was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. She got great support from her high school and college friends. She passed in October, 2012, a few months after her father and a few months before her mother passed. To keep busy and escape the Illinois winter, I did some travel. In January I visited California. A friend invited me to visit my former employer there (Linear Technology Corp.) A woman I knew resigned that very day, and I was pulled in for an informal interview. Two weeks later, they made me an offer that I didn't feel I could refuse. I loaded up a rental truck with my dog Morgan and enough things to furnish a small apartment, and we headed west over the Rockies in between (mostly) snow storms. I started work in February. I had to leave the house and all your stuff as is, but was able to sell the store building and the buyer unloaded the remaining inventory for me. It was back to Illinois in September to begin to clear the house and move more things to the new house purchased in Scotts Valley, California, near Santa Cruz. Nancy and I were both hobbyists and had lots of stuff and tools. This past month I was able to get back once again to finish clearing the

house and Garage. Heading back to California I drove a large rental truck with both MGs on board (TD and 1935 PA). I didn't have too much of value left, filling perhaps 1/4 of the truck. "No can of oil left behind!" I put the TD inside the truck and towed the PA on a small open trailer. The PA got beat up some. A wind wing blew off (but ended up inside the car). A stud holding the back edge on the top pulled out then beat off some paint on the fender and side of the MG. We (just) escaped the last big snowstorm over the Rockies this time, driving on sunny dry roads all the way. (Thank the Lord.) We had delays getting started, with some truck engine concerns; then they replaced the front tires. My neighbor came out with me, driving my Blazer with my MG-size tow dolly behind. I had to find a way to unload the TD from inside the truck when I got back. I found a small company making electric motorcycles near my home that had a perfect loading dock. My space for cars and parts is tight at the small house I bought here. The MGs are parked outdoors in my back yard right now but I hope to get them indoors this weekend. The PA is to go inside a (permit-free) 120 sq. ft. shed I had built. I really enjoyed being a member in the Vintage MG Car Club of Chicago and we made it to the GOF Central three times, I think. A big highlight was driving the PA to Auburn, Indiana, on the "B" roads. I felt welcomed and I regret that I didn't get to know you folks better. I belong to three MG clubs here, the MG Owners Club (predates and not related to the English club by that name), the Sorry Safari Touring Society started by TD man Skip Kelsey, and the Abingdon Rough Riders. It is specifically a TC club but they allow in the pre-war 2-seaters. It is great to have so many events to choose from. The San Francisco Bay Area has wonderful climate and some great roads and destinations. The club tours manage to find the out-of-the way spots. The traffic on the freeways and bridges is rough in a little MG. But I do it. I remember a special drive across the Golden Gate Bridge and through the Napa/Sonoma wine country ("So-napa-noma") in my TD before we left in 2007. Dan Shockey - email: P.S. I have a 1980 Spitfire still in Illinois that I need to sell. Beautiful red car with new top, seats, and overdrive. $3500

Jan Lenci’s

DUMP CAKE Chef Donna Madrid

1 21 oz. can Cherry Pie Filling 1 20 oz. can Crushed Pineapple, undrained 1 Pkg. Yellow Cake Mix 2 Cubes Butter, melted 1 Cup – Chopped Nuts 1 Cup - Coconut Layer in 13 x 9” pan (rub pan with some butter), the cherry pie filling and crushed pineapple. Carefully spread with a spoon to try and evenly distribute the cherries and the pineapple around the pan. Sprinkle dry cake mix over fruits, then drizzle melted butter over top. Sprinkle with nuts and coconut. Bake at 350 degrees for about 1 hour (check near the end to assure the nuts/coconuts aren’t burning).

Now all I need is a wooden driver! It was just a simple favor: a non-driving friend asked for a ride to Costco which I was happy to give. As we returned to his driveway I said I had to be on my way as I had to go to an MG meeting. “What’s an MG?” he asked. I described our neat little vehicles as best I could. He said, “wait here a minute” , went into his house and returned with a beautiful model of a car…not exactly an MG but close enough for this old gal. Turns out that though he has many medical challenges, he excels at wood craft artistry and creates awesome replicas of cars, trucks, trains etc. strictly as a hobby to “fight boredom”. I did him a very small favor and he rewarded me with a gift I will always treasure. See…it pays to be nice. Pat Davis

Sierra Tour 2014 Lincoln Memorial Highway Tour

NEW DATES October 17, 18, 19 This year’s Sierra Tour will start in Lincoln Park in San Francisco and end in Time Square in New York. Just kidding. We will be touring to Auburn on the nation’s oldest highway, the Lincoln Memorial Highway which is celebrating its 100th year birthday last year. Along with a welcome party, we have planned wine cave dinner. A road rally is scheduled for Saturday ending at a State Historical Park, followed by an afternoon of free time to shop, sightsee, or enjoy the hotel amenities. Our banquet dinner promises to have great food, great wine, and even greater prizes. See you there!

Skip and John Thornley at the 1979 GOF

SSTS May Minutes! There were 32 members in attendance. President: President Herb shared his new Gator Hat. Big chuckle by all. Herb also welcomed everyone to the meeting. Vice-President: Bob shared that a great time was had by all those who attended the North meets South gathering in Pismo Beach. Just a few minor issues and that everyone arrived safe and sound! Great turnout with HOT weather. Bob Luebbert took a 2 nd place in the T series! Great job Bob. Jenifer Oren also won a prize for her Chrome bumper B. Congratulations Jennifer. And, please forgive me that I forgot his first name, but Rossman got a 1st place in MGA’s category! CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU ALL! Secretary: Carl was out of town with his lovely wife in Kentucky visiting with family. Hope he enjoyed the moonshine! You were greatly missed. Dian was too. Treasurer: Bob was away participating in Grampy duties! However, it is noted that the club has $5154.00 in its account! Keep spending your money on Regalia! Thank you Bob and I hope your Grampy Duties were full of lots of fun. Informed Source: Where are you? Web Master: Michael Black reported that all is well. Editor: Terry announced his resignation as Editor of the Windmachine. This was a surprise, but Terry has been the Editor for many, many years. The Windmachine has come a long ways since it’s beginnings. Thank you Terry Sanders for an incredible job well done. Kirk Prentiss stepped up and volunteered to take a stab at being the new Editor. Thank you Kirk! Regalia: Maris placed an order for regalia. There is a lot of regalia now available. PLEASE call Maris to see what she has!!!! Maris is doing one incredible job with all the regalia. Thank you Maris! Old Business: Kirk Prentiss got a Face Book account set up for the SSTS. Take a look at it. Great job! Thanks Kirk! Take note that the Sierra Tour dates have changed to October 17-19, 2014! New Business: Don’t forget about the MG’s by the Bay June 1 st in Danville. This such a fun car show with so many beautiful MG’s and fun people. June 22 the MGOC will be running a 49 mile drive in San Francisco. British Columbia Tour led by Jennifer Orem will be June 30. Please contact her for more information. Fourth of July Parade in the beautiful town of Alameda. Info.? Contact Bob Luebbert. July 19th is the Tune n’ Spoon at the Cowgills in Livermore! Yours, Judy Guidry

TERRY D. SANDERS 499 Embarcadero 1-16 Oakland, CA 94606-5129


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