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Community Development Plan A 3 year local community plan for the village and surrounding area of Kirknewton, West Lothian Kirknewton Community Development Trust in association with Kirknewton Community Council

2012-2014 1

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Introduction: Why produce a Community Development Plan? Summary Objectives Background of the Plan The Community Today The Children of Kirknewton – what they like and would like to see The Adults of Kirknewton – what they like and would like to see Land Use map, Dog Issues map Traffic Management map, Paths & Cycle routes map Site Specific comments map Community Profile The Development Trust Development Plan Vision, Mission and Values Development Plan Key Themes Action Plan – Next Steps Action Plan Theme One: Community Development and volunteering Action Plan Theme Two: Community Facilities and Services Action Plan Theme Three: Local Environment and Green Space Action Plan Theme Four: Planning and Strategic Development Action Plan Theme Five: Local Economy and training Action Plan Key


Kirknewton, West Lothian Introduction Why produce a Community Development Plan? Kirknewton is not one of the readily identifiable and dramatic places. It is the kind of place all too easy to travel past without noticing its existence, but for 2000 people it is their chosen home. Kirknewton is a defined community, which was once vibrant, but has had its sense of coherence diluted. It is long settled, in the lee of two ancient hill forts, with the land held for centuries as part of large estates. The village has seen things come and go: it has experienced rural decline, the shale mining industry, then the military who built a WW2 airfield, then married quarters, and then left (but is speculating about returning in greater numbers). The community has a mix of young families, commuters, longer established families and older folk, and is somewhat fragmented. This lack of community cohesion has been exacerbated by being cut-off from its historically close relationships to East Calder and Mid Calder by the A71 By-Pass. As one villager described it during the community consultation, “Kirknewton is a forgotten village”. In 2008 the Kirknewton Community Development Trust (KCDT) applied to the Big Lottery fund for £1,000,000 to help provide funds for a community asset project. The lottery recommended Kirknewton produce a Community Development Plan to determine the needs of the village and what the profits from a community asset (or any other funding streams) would go towards. To do this, they provided the Development Trust with a technical assistance grant of £87,000 to help put that plan together. The outcome of that work can be found within this document. The local community strongly supports becoming more able to take control of their future. Kirknewton is investigating opportunities to invest in renewable energy projects. These projects could provide financial resources that can enable sustainable community-led local initiatives to regenerate the area for the long term future. Kirknewton is a village fighting to maintain the beginnings of a positive community spirit. It is a village in transition and is painfully aware it has no defined plan, infrastructure or facilities that other communities take for granted. Kirknewton is deprived of everyday community resources and this Development Plan will provide a road map for the community to follow to help change that. No longer do the community wish to be part of a forgotten village. They wish to be a vibrant community that provides an improved quality of life for everyone that lives and works in Kirknewton. Tony Foster Development Officer, September 2011 Thanks go to the following for their support in the production of this Plan The residents and businesses of Kirknewton for their participation and all the community groups who gave us time at their meetings Vikki Hilton, Hilton Associates, Tony Foster, Development Officer, Members of the Kirknewton Development Trust, Lisa Morton and the Powerdown Team and related projects, Konect and the West Lothian Courier, West Lothian Council, particularly the Communications team, Carl John, Dave King and Angela Constance MSP, Jean Fleming, Rory Mackenzie, Andre Groenewald and all at the church


Kirknewton, West Lothian Summary objectives This document explains the community consultation process and presents the action plan for 2011-2014. By the end of 2014 Kirknewton hope to; Increase and support volunteer groups in the village. Increase and support the number of regular and annual events in the village, particularly for young people. Improve the park, green space and sporting facilities in the village. Improve our current facilities, build a new resource centre and make recommendations for health provision in the village. Establish a daytime social space for everyone to use. Improve paths and cycle paths in and around the village. Introduce and support local food initiatives. Support local business and establish an online directory and improved broadband/mobile reception Invest in renewable energy projects for long term community benefit. Improve road safety, public transport services and links to Balerno and East Calder. Find out how we hope to achieve these objectives from page 19 of the Development Plan.


Kirknewton, West Lothian Background of the Plan The Content of the Plan The Kirknewton Community Development Plan (KCDP) summarises community views about: Kirknewton today The community vision for the next three years The issues that matter to the community The themes, priorities and actions for the next three years. The Plan provides a statement about the type of place Kirknewton aims to be, what the community see as their priority projects – and what needs to be achieved to meet these aspirations. The Plan will be used to determine the community’s needs in discussion with public agencies, partners, funders and with any profits from community assets. The Plan has been prepared by the Kirknewton Community Development Trust (KCDT), with community consultation provided by Vikki Hilton Associates, Tony Foster (Development Officer) and supported by Big Lottery funding. The 2011 consultation took on board information from previous consultations in 2007 and 2009. Summary of Consultations in 2007 & 2009 KCDT (then Kirknewton Community Renewables Ltd) commissioned a participatory appraisal in 2007. This participatory appraisal was focused on opportunities for community renewable energy schemes, improving energy efficiency and tackling fuel poverty. The suggestions for investing in local renewable energy projects to provide community benefit was supported by over 80% of the Kirknewton community who participated. Local people who participated in the study also commented on the lack of community facilities in the village e.g “Am thinking of moving because of this (because of the lack of facilities/amenities)” and “ Not enough facilities – especially with more houses being built”. They said what they thought was needed and what improvements they would like to see “ Improving community spirit – only pub, PO, shop – that’s it”, Something to draw the community together – “Tea/sandwich and dance and meals – no restaurant” and “A few places are derelict that could be used to benefit general wellbeing, a place to stop and sit and socialize – build community”. The outcomes of the study can be seen at http://www.issuu.com/isihamba/docs/microsoft_word__kirknewton_newsletter_report KCDT also held a community consultation event at Kirknewton Primary School in 2009. This was a fun community event featuring craft activities for kids using recycled materials and information on KCDT projects. Local people were asked what they like and disliked about Kirknewton, how it could be improved and how it could be made more eco-friendly. Local people who participated commented on the lack of community facilities and the improvements they would like to see e.g. “no real community centre”, “build community spirit with tangible projects”, “baby/child friendly café” “better community facilities for all ages 5 to 95” and “an integrated community centre, GP's surgery, health centre and library”. 5

Kirknewton, West Lothian Background of the Plan ‘I Love Kirknewton’ and ‘Community Big Ideas’ campaigns The community of Kirknewton has prepared the Development Plan with the assistance of the KCDT and Tony Foster (Development Officer). The Plan was prepared following the extensive consultation with the community during early 2011 and has since been developed by a local steering group and Development Trust officers. The Community Consultation included: Meeting or contacting stakeholder groups in the village. An ‘I Love Kirknewton’ community consultation. A ‘Your Big idea’ presentation, drop in event and ‘Meals and Wheels’ event stall. A KCDP Steering Group and feedback sessions. Over 495 members of the community participated in the ‘I Love Kirknewton’ community consultation, including 198 primary school children, 26 Balerno High School Children, 120 at a drop in event and the rest via in street, doorstep or stakeholder group meetings. Over 70 members of the community provided feedback on the findings at a ‘Your Big Ideas’ presentation and event. The community were informed at all stages by the use of a local free magazine, leaflets, posters, local press, e mail membership list/s, facebook, twitter, blog, stalls at village events and the Kirknewton website. The full community participation exercise can be seen at http://www.issuu.com/kirknewton/docs/kirknewton_final_report2011.1 and that document compliments the actions of this Development Plan.


Kirknewton, West Lothian The Community Today During the 2011 consultation KCDT gathered an extensive range of views, facts and figures about the community today. Below are the summarised findings.

The above map tracks where people, over the age of 16 who took part in the consultation, lived in the village. The largest age range of participants was between 25-44 and their numbers matched the age population profile of the area. More females participated in the consultation than men. When asked “What’s it like living / working in Kirknewton?� (1 being not good, 10 being very good) the largest number was 8 (just over 60 participants), then 7 (40 participants), then 9 (just under 30 participants) then 10 (just over 25 participants). The lowest number scored on this question was a 3.


Kirknewton, West Lothian The Children of Kirknewton The Primary School pupils On Friday 4th February, Primary School pupils at their assembly and then in their classes chose their likes, dislikes and what they liked to see in Kirknewton. These ideas were fed back to the pupils on the Pupil Council who gave us the school priorities for the village at a meeting on Friday 11th February. 198 pupils participated in total. The school pupils would like 1 2 3 4 5

Café (with burgers). Ice Cream cones or ice cream van in summer Bus Timetables so buses don’t cross in village and create traffic jam Dog Bins all over, especially Main Street, Kaimes, Park Joint 4th – Trees/More Activities ie Football Team, BMX Trax, Skate Park Youth Group (meeting place).

The nursery kids in the school would like 1 2 3 4 5 6

Ice Cream Shop Book shop or library Stop dogs going into the swing park Another crossing by the shop A new duck pond A bigger community centre.

The Balerno High School Pupils On Wednesday 2nd March, Balerno High School pupils who live in Kirknewton contributed their views. This event took place at a drama studio in the school. 26 pupils participated. Children under 15 at the Village Hall Kosy Kafe views were also captured. Their top priorities are listed below 1 2 3 4 5 6

Skate Park – because of transport to other venues, lack of things to do, opportunity to ‘design’ it Improve bus service (with suggestions made), particularly to Balerno Park Improvements (ie skate park, lights on football pitch, rugby posts/football goals etc.) Flowers in areas Cleaning up areas – graffiti, poor tarmac Older students were interested in the community, being involved in change & interested in helping people.


Kirknewton, West Lothian The Adults of Kirknewton The views of the adults in Kirknewton are listed below. What do you like about Kirknewton? 1 2 3 4 5

Location – access to Edinburgh, Glasgow, Livingston, rural, sense of community, friendly and safe was the biggest reason Facilities – shop and Post Office Public Transport links Schools Having the Kirknewton Community Development Trust.

What do you not like about Kirknewton? 1 2 3 4 5

Lack of facilities – things to do for all ages Public Transport – cost and unreliability School too small Danger of overdevelopment Lack of recycling.

What changes would you like to see in Kirknewton? 1 2 3 4 5

More facilities for youth Doctors Improving the community centre Traffic Management Public Transport – improve reliability.

Maps were provided for the community to make comments on. This allowed participants to suggest further ideas and solutions by geographical area. The following three pages include the maps and suggestions that were received.





Kirknewton, West Lothian Community Profile The history of Kirknewton Kirknewton is a village located in West Lothian. It lies south of the A71 from Edinburgh to Livingston, and north of the A70, the high-level road that runs along the north side of the Pentland Hills from Edinburgh to Carnwath and Lanark. Kirknewton's Main Street has a very enclosed feel. Stretching from the junction with the B7031 to the old kirkyard in the centre of the village, it consists of a collection of one and two storey buildings. The kirkyard itself is home to a number of headstones dating back to the 18th century, and a burial enclosure for the Campbell Maconachies of Meadowbank House that dates back to 1662. The other burial enclosure was constructed by the Royal Society of Physicians as a memorial for an important founding member, William Cullen. Professor Cullen was a significant figure in 18th century medicine, chemistry, agriculture and practiced the application of science to agriculture at a nearby farm acquired by him in the 1870s. The earliest signs of settlement in the area are the remains of Iron Age forts on Kaimes Hill and Dalmahoy Hill, craggy summits about a mile east of Kirknewton. In slightly more recent times, Kirknewton House, which lies just to the south of the village, had its origins (as Meadowbank House) in the 17th century. The current house is a reworking of the original by the architect William Playfair for Alexander Maconochie, Lord Meadowbank in 1835. Kirknewton stood at the south eastern corner of the large area of West Lothian which was transformed from the 1860s by the oil shale industry, with the nearest shale mine lying just to the north west of the village, between it and East Calder. Shale from here was taken to the huge oil shale works at Pumpherston for processing. During World War II, the Royal Air Force built a military airfield at Whitemoss, a mile south east of Kirknewton. RAF Kirknewton, as it was known, was home to a variety of units during the war and, like many other military airfields, fell quiet afterwards. In 1952, it became home to a number of small United States Air Force units tasked with providing mobile radio facilities to the USAF in Britain. The USAF left in 1966, and today Kirknewton airfield is home to a RAF(V) Gliding Unit. Between 1973 and 1985 the airfield and associated barracks and family housing were occupied on a two year rotation by the reserve battalion for Northern Ireland, generally one of those Regiments, now amalgamated into the Royal Regiment of Scotland. Of all those external influences, none has been more dramatic than the Kaimes landfill, which for 15 years handled much of Edinburgh’s waste in an unregulated manner, causing great nuisance – noise, dust, flies and rats – to the villagers. Local people, through the Community Council, fought a long campaign which ended up with an acknowledgement that the tip was illegal and a compensation payment of £300,000.


Kirknewton, West Lothian Community Profile Population Kirknewton is a village in transition. The exact population figure is unknown but is estimated to be around 2267 (it was 1363 according to the 2001 GRO/Census figures) and around 500 after the military left in 1989. 20% of the village are 0-15 years. Nearly 70% are between working and pensionable age. 10% are of pensionable age. The primary school has approximately 200 pupils and many of the high school pupils attend Balerno High School. At the Primary School there are just over 11 full time teachers and 4% of pupils are registered for free school meals (source www.scottishschoolonline.gov.uk). There is an after school club, Playgroup and a Baby & Toddler group. No wraparound care is provided by the Council for the Primary School. The Primary School underwent considerable change and enhancement during the period of the presence of the Army, given the arrival of major cohorts of young children every two years, who previously had been educated by the military. It is now a major resource for the community. Just under 50% of the village are in employment. Over 65% of people who work rely on a car to get to work (Scotland’s Census 2001) travelling, on average, over 18 miles. Transport At the west end of the village is Kirknewton railway station, officially known as Mid Calder Railway Station until the 1980s. Where the B7031 crosses the railway line at the west end of the station is a level crossing that in recent years has seen a series of small commuter accidents and collisions between cars and trains. Kirknewton is approximately 1 hour to Glasgow and 20 minutes to Edinburgh by train. There is a bus service, currently operated by First Bus, approximately every half hour to Edinburgh/Livingston and a limited service to Balerno. Facilities & Services Not only is Kirknewton poorly resourced compared to similar communities in the area, the village had more community facilities in 1910 when it was a fraction of its current size. In the last two decades several substantial housing developments have increased the size of the village significantly but no new community facilities have been added! There is a modest and ill equipped village hall but no community centre. The Village Hall historically provided a range of entertainments from drama and musical, through film screenings and bingo to food and beverage provision. These are no longer feasible under current legislation. Other spaces utilised for clubs and activities are the school and church halls, but there is no cohesive policy on pricing and booking these areas. 14

There is no health service provision – the nearest health centre is at East Calder. There is no public transport that connects the infirm and unwell to the East Calder Health Centre. According to the 2001 census 114 people were unpaid carers within the village. There is a shop, post office, bar, chip shop, garage, park, church and a new pottery business in the village. There is no sports centre – the closest being again at East Calder. Connection to East Calder involves crossing the A71, Scotland’s busiest single carriageway ‘A’ road. In the West Lothian Council’s summary Locality Plan (2008-2011) one of the main youth issues was to tackle underage drinking in Kirknewton. The action proposed included a Friday afternoon sports based project at East Calder Sports Centre. Again there is a reliance on a scheme and facilities outwith the village. There is no youth centre in Kirknewton.


Kirknewton, West Lothian The Development Trust Who are the Development Trust? Kirknewton Community Development Trust (KCDT) is a registered charity and a company limited by guarantee. It was set up by a group of local people to take forward community renewable energy projects in Kirknewton in May 2009. KCDT is a member of The Development Trust Association Scotland. It has a strong ethos of self-help and of empowering local people to tackle local issues themselves. Its Board is made up of eight people from the local community who are all active in furthering the interests of their local community and undertake these roles on a voluntary basis. KCDT has a rapidly growing membership within the local community with over 150 members. The aims of KCDT focus on the key areas of sustainability and carbon reduction and social aims for the regeneration of the area. Sustainability and Carbon Reduction  Taking forward community renewable energy projects and promoting the use of renewable technologies for domestic energy generation and heating.  Developing a strategy for promoting local, seasonal food.  Promoting energy efficiency in homes and community buildings and raising public awareness of energy efficiency and carbon reduction.  Developing a strategy for promoting sustainable transport in the area.  Protecting enhancing the environment and public open spaces in the local area. Regeneration of the area  Promoting educational and employment opportunities for adults and young people in the local area.  Encouraging new social enterprises in the area especially those that develop local resources sustainably.  Developing practical initiatives for the alleviation of fuel poverty within the local area. KCDT has made significant achievements in all the above areas in the relatively short time it has been in existence. With the establishment and recognition in the village of the Development Trust, including support by the Community Council, it is felt that they are the most suitable body to take forward a Development Plan for Kirknewton.


Kirknewton, West Lothian The Development Trust KCDT Directors Stewart McKenna Former owner of Forest Fire Ltd which sold wood fired equipment for biomass heating. Stewart has a good knowledge of renewables technologies. Hugh Hunter-Gordon Former Industrialist and Managing Director Dan Shearer Open source IT specialist Vic Garrad Former construction manager Brian Harding Production manager, for a workshop for disabled ex-forces personnel, now working for Heriot Watt University Julia Bracewell Former Sport Scotland Corporate Manager, a qualified lawyer specializing in mergers and acquisitions Caroline Garrad Development Officer (Full time staff) – Tony Foster Communication and consultation with members KCDT engages with the community using the following methods of communciation:               

Development Trust e mail membership list (150 members) The Kirknewton website (www.kirknewton.org) The Kirknewton facebook group/s (Kirknewton Community Group and KirknewtonEH27) Kirknewton Facebook e mail (200 members) Twitter (KirknewtonEH27) Wordpress blog (Kirknewton.wordpress.com) Publications available via issuu.com (Kirknewton) Posters/Flyers/Newsletters School bag drop Konect magazine (distributed to 850 homes) West Lothian Courier (Kirknewton section) West Lothian Council facebook and twitter pages Contact and presentations to stakeholder groups Word of mouth Central Office at 24 Main Street open to answer any queries til september 2012 (however this has to be rented at full commercial value of £4500 pa from West Lothian Council and is unaffordable in the long term). 17

Kirknewton, West Lothian Development Plan Vision, Mission and Values Vision To provide a sustainable and improved quality of life for everyone that lives and works in Kirknewton.

Mission To engage everyone who lives and works in the village and be an inclusive and vibrant community that invests in the future of the village.

Values Work together as a local community. Enhance community spirit, belonging and ownership. Have proactive engagement with all stakeholders. Provide a sustainable future for the community. Improve the community’s economic, environmental and social future. Invest and support good ideas. Develop skills, training, volunteering and employment. Provide a healthy environment to live. Share ideas for the benefit of other communities.

Village Stakeholders The plan will support Early years School age Young people in transition Adults of working age Older people. 18

Kirknewton, West Lothian Development Plan Key Themes It is proposed that there are five key themes to help meet the village aspirations over the next three years. The priorities for the themes have been established using the work from the community consultation. 1

Community Development and Volunteering

There is a need to support, encourage and maintain groups and volunteers in the village. Kirknewton depends very heavily on the participation of others for annual events and regular clubs, but developing and funding that support is key to the Development Plan. 2

Community Facilities and Services

In the next three years the community has to develop the facilities they have and improve on current services before developing a larger project for the village (such as a community centre). Strengthening volunteer groups and developing activities will provide invaluable information for the development of such a project in the long term. 3

Local Environment and Green Space

The rural location of Kirknewton is a plus for many of the residents who live here and maintaining and improving that is a focus for this development plan. Continuing the good work of KCDT and supporting the aims of the Trust is also a priority. 4

Planning and Strategic Development

There is a clear need to be more proactive about the external decisions that affect people living in the village and to provide income streams to invest or support village activity. 5

Local Economy and Training

With many people working out with the village it is believed investing in local business, childcare and providing qualification, training and volunteer support will help begin and maintain a continued sustainable future for Kirknewton. The proposed five key themes and the priorities for the next three years are presented in the Action Plan at the end of this document.


Kirknewton, West Lothian Action Plan – Next steps The Action Plan The Action Plan suggests each theme, key priorities (*and how they link in with the objectives of the Development Trust), actions required to meet the priorities, by when, by whom and key performance indicators. The Development Trust will work with the Community Council, local stakeholder groups, residents of Kirknewton and other interested parties and progress with this Action Plan over the next 3 years. The Development Trust can help raise funds, distribute community benefit, purchase land on the community’s behalf and employ staff. The Trust is a member led organisation and you can become a member of the Trust of you live in Kirknewton and are over the age of 18. Full details can be found at http://www.kirknewton.org/community_groups/community_development_trust/join_us The Plan meets key objectives for the lottery, West Lothian Council and the Kirknewton Development Trust and can be used by stakeholders to focus activity in the village and to apply for further funding. A number of actions that are not in the plan itself are being taken forward by KCDT by proactive dialogue with local bodies. The actions in the plan will be supported by working groups (following the five themes), project groups, and established community groups in the village. Local residents are encouraged to participate in any of the projects they feel they can contribute to. E mail infokirknewton@gmail.com if you wish to help. If any community benefit funding is made available to Kirknewton, any grants made available to local groups will be supported in the first instance if they meet the themes and priorities of the village Development Plan. The Development Plan will be used by the Development Trust to monitor achievements over the next three years. The Plan will be reviewed during that time on a yearly basis to determine what has been achieved and the inevitable updates that will be required for action. This will be presented to the local community. It is expected after the three year period another community consultation will take place in early 2014 to benchmark success and inform a new Development Plan. A key focus of this 2011-2014 plan is to develop skills, activities, participation and funds that will help take forward projects for an ambitious five year 2015-2020 plan. *Aims of the KCDT are 1: Promote Opportunities for learning, 2: Encourage Community led development, 3: Help and encourage local people to develop relevant new skills, 4: Promote protection and enhancement of the local environment, 5: Promote energy efficiency in the home, 6: Promote the use of renewable technology for generating electricity and heat, 7: Relieve fuel poverty. 20

Kirknewton, West Lothian Action Plan – Theme One THEME 1 - Community development and volunteering Priority 1 Increase the support and number of volunteers in the village (1,2,3) Actions Audit the number of volunteers in the village Identify group needs for volunteer/admin/finance support Develop recruiting, training & volunteer support policy Introduce annual volunteer awards

Priority 2 Identify and promote groups/events (1,2,3) Actions Audit current events and event calendar Provide training for Kirknewton website Provide a marketing guide for Kirknewton events Provide timetable of events 2011, supporting current and new events for 2012 onwards, and an annual Guide to Kirknewton for current and new residents.

Priority 3 Target young people for participation in youth projects (1,2,3,4) Actions Assist with the Park Action Group Bike/Skate consultation Investigate need and funding for village Youth Worker

By when Nov 2011 Jan 2012 Aug 2012 Sep 2012


KPI Increase number of volunteers & support by 2014

By when Nov 2011 Feb 2012 Feb 2012 Jan 2012


KPI Increase the number of successful annual events by 2013

By when Spring 2012 Sep 2012

By whom KPI Park Action Gr Increase the KCDT number of youth volunteers by 2013

Priority 4 Co-ordinate fundraising and financial support for new and established groups (1,2) Actions By when Investigate sources of funding Dependent on funding deadlines Meet with all stakeholder groups to establish strategy Feb 2012 Launch strategy April 2012


KPI Provide grants to local organisations 21

Kirknewton, West Lothian Action Plan – Theme Two THEME 2 - Community facilities and services Priority 1 Ensure adequate facilities for current activities in the village (2,3,4,6) Actions Audit the facilities in the village Identify common needs & booking structures Support & build the resource centre Review activities & make recommendations for new community centre Review & make recommendations for new health provision & sheltered housing

By when Jan 2012 Mar 2012 By Dec 2012 May 2014 May 2014

Priority 2 Identify and improve on a broad range of activities for the village (1,2,3) Actions By when Identify gaps in provision June 2012 Provide guidance for new groups Dec 2012 Support development of activities May 2013

By whom KCDT/CommAssoc/School/Church KCDT/CA/S/C KCDT KCDT KCDT

KPI Complete new resource centre by 2013


KPI Increase the number of clubs and activities by 2014

Priority 3 Assist the development of park, green space & ‘sports centre without roof’ concept (1,2,4,6) Actions By when By whom Open new play park and review May 11 – Dec 11 PAG Investigate options, funding & design for play park, including bike/skate park, woodland development, park lighting and school sports facilities Spring 2012 PAG/School

KPI Complete Park redevelopment by 2014

Priority 4 Establish a social space, particularly for daytime (2) Actions Provide community consultation document to local businesses Begin dialogue with current businesses to improve & help support local social space, particularly for daytime

KPI Create a local daytime social space by 2013

By when Aug 2011 Mar 2012



Kirknewton, West Lothian Action Plan – Theme Three THEME 3 – Local Environment and Green Space Priority 1 Improve the paths and cycle paths around the village (1,2,3,4) Actions Audit paths and cycle paths Identify paths/cycle paths to be upgraded and developed and access to Pentland Park (as a proposed village ‘Gateway to the Pentland Park’) Work with external bodies & volunteers on upgrading paths and improving signage

Priority 2 Improve the look and external surroundings of Kirknewton (1,2,7) Actions Identify village needs Provide actions for issues relating to grass cutting, dog fouling, litter, broken glass, graffiti, recycling facilities and declining housing stock/car parks, particularly in Kaimes Action and support development of activities

By when Aug 2011 Nov 2011 May 2012/2013

By whom KCDT/WestLothianCouncil KCDT/PAG/WLC KCDT/PAG/WLC

KPI Increase the number of walking and cycling routes around village

By when Feb 2012

By whom KCDT/CommCouncil/WLC

Mar 2012


KPI Monitor results in next community consultation re these issues

May 2013

Priority 3 Assist the development of park, green space & ‘sports centre without roof’ concept Actions By when Investigate options, funding & design for play park, including bike/skate park, Spring 2012 woodland development, park lighting and school sports facilities / outdoor classroom

Priority 4 Promote local food initiatives (1,2,3,4,6) Actions Support land acquisition for growing local food Promote outlets for local food Support work of Allotment Association, Cyrenians & possible polytunnels at AD plant Introduce access for food co-op

By when May 2011 onwards Mar 2012 Current Apr 2012

By whom PAG/S

KPI Complete Park redevelopment by 2014

By whom KCDT/AllotmentAssociation KCDT KCDT/WLC KCDT

KPI Open 50 allotment spaces by 2013


Kirknewton, West Lothian Action Plan – Theme Four THEME 4 – Planning and Strategic Development Priority 1 Creating a better balance of community facilities and active dialogue on village development (2,4) Actions By when Submit Kirknewton Development Plan to council and integrate with West Lothian Council planning Ongoing / funding streams.

Priority 2 Improve the general surrounds of the station (2,4) Actions Identify Council/Network rail proposals for station Ensure proposals avoid high impact on environment and provide suitable traffic flow and station development for the village Explore rail/bus links meet the needs of village following changes to station Priority 3 Improve public transport networks and car issues/parking in village (1,2,4) Actions Begin dialogue with council/traffic operators for Balerno/East Calder service Introduce mobile timetable for buses Explore speeding options, car share and parking issues from consultation for implementation

By when



By when Mar 2012 May 2012 May 2012

Priority 4 Support renewable energy projects that bring community benefit to village (1,2,3,4,5,6,7) Actions By when Establish which renewable energy projects to progress Jan 2012 Community benefit monies to be available from Late 2013/14 Share information and review action for food waste trial Sep 2011 Support development and share information to other local bodies re renewable energy projects Ongoing

KPI Monitor by results of next consultation


KPI Monitor by results of next consultation


KPI Community monies payment by 2014


Kirknewton, West Lothian Action Plan – Theme Five THEME 5 – Local Economy and Training Priority 1 Develop and support enterprise and business locally (1,2,3,7) Actions Develop online business directory Provide hot desk space, internet access, conference, meeting and business support (with local agencies) in new resource centre Lobby for improved broadband & mobile reception in the local area

By when Aug 2011

By whom KCDT

Jan 2013 May 2013


By when Aug 2012


KPI Increase number of training opportunities

Priority 3 Support renewable energy projects & initiatives that bring community benefit to village Actions By when Establish which renewable energy projects to progress Jan 2012 Establish links with Pentland Park for employment and tourism in village Jan 2012 – 2014 Provide employment opportunities for projects Jan 2012- 2014 Community benefit monies to be available from Late 2013/2014


KPI Increase new employment opportunities in village by 2014

Priority 4 Improve public transport networks to improve job prospects of those in village (1,4) Actions By when Begin dialogue with council/traffic operators for Balerno/East Calder service Mar 2012 Promote public transport timetables, cycling to work and car share Jan 2012 Introduce mobile timetable for buses May 2012


KPI Open at least one more bus service from village by 2014

Priority 2 Provide training and support for activity in the village (1,2,3) Actions Develop recruit, training & volunteer support policy Investigate volunteer or employer accreditation with local college, SCVO, Business Gateway & Chamber of Commerce Provide support grants for those wishing to enter FE/HE

Aug 2013 Sep 2014

KPI An increase in new business enterprises by 2014


Kirknewton, West Lothian Action Plan - Key KCDT – Kirknewton Community Development Trust PAG – Kirknewton Park Action Group CA – Kirknewton Community Association (responsible for hall bookings) S – Kirknewton Primary School C – Kirknewton Church WLC – West Lothian Council CC – Kirknewton Community Council AA – Kirknewton Allotment Association KPI – Key Performance Indicators Each Action Plan Priority is cross referenced ( in brackets) with the relevant aim/s of the Development Trust.


Profile for Tony Foster

Kirknewton Community Development Plan 2012-2014  

To engage everyone who lives and works in Kirknewton and be an inclusive and vibrant community that invests in the future of the village.

Kirknewton Community Development Plan 2012-2014  

To engage everyone who lives and works in Kirknewton and be an inclusive and vibrant community that invests in the future of the village.


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