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Design as lifestyle

Collection of Estonian Design House

This catalogue presents the first collection of interior design

for original Estonian design, with an aim to foster the sale

products and accessories by Estonian designers displayed

of items both in Estonia and abroad, initiate new product

in the Estonian Design House Gallery. The Estonian design

developments by bringing together the designers and

showroom is created and operated by Estonian Association

entrepreneurs, and promote and export high-quality

of Designers and it is situated at Tallinn fishport.

Estonian product design under its trademark. The client

groups we are focusing on include architects and interior

The collection of the gallery includes products designed

architects as well as design galleries reselling small editions

by Estonian designers and mainly manufactured by local

and original design, but also end-users, as we are close to

companies: furniture, lamps, interior textiles and various


interior design accessories. The gallery has developed an

integral visual concept with pure Nordic materials and clear,

The collection of the Estonian Design House Gallery features

human-centered design as common traits. The collection

the work of the following designers: Tarmo Luisk, Tõnis

is dominated by black and white, light and dark items, as

Vellama, Ilona Gurjanova, Monika Järg, Maile Grünberg,

well as the natural colour tones of the materials used. Em-

Toivo Raidmets, Kristi Rinkjob and Anne-Liis Leht, Maria

phasis is placed on quality and workmanship.

Rästa, Igor Volkov, Elmet Treier, Elna Kaasik, Jaanus

Orgusaar, Julia-Maria Künnap, Enn Praks and Katrin Soans.

Estonian Association of Designers has taken up a mission with the Estonian Design House brand to provide a platform


Pillowcases and coverlets FLY FLY is a thoroughly natural interior textile woven from linen and cotton. It is textured, sheer and reversible. In cooperation with a local Estonian textile manufacturer, the fabric has been turned into pillow cases and bedspreads in six different colours and combinations of black, grey and white. Material: 65% cotton, 35% linen Colors: white, white with stripe, cold light grey, warm light grey, brown, dark grey Size: pillow cases: 400x400, 500x500 coverlets: 1300x2400, 1800x2600, 2600x2600 Designer: Monika Järg Producer: OĂœ Tekstiil Ruumis

Sitting ball COSMOS COSMOS was initially designed for kids, but when they grew older, there was a need for larger balls as well. The products that come in various dimensions can be used as sofa cushions, or seats for lower or higher tables. The cover material is waterproof, removable and cleanable. Material: coated polyester, cotton Colors: white, red, black Size: ø 300, ø 400, ø 500

Carpet POHL POHL (cowberry) is a floor carpet from pure wool, inspired by forests and moors in the autumn, the closely observed various details found there. The carpet combines the possibilities of different technologies: soft tufted surface provides the backround for felt balls. What results is a structure which should be felt and touched in order to understand the nature of the carpet. Felt balls form a pattern and massage your toes. The carpet can be ordered in different designs, color variations and dimensions. Custom solutions are also available. Material: wool, woolen felt Colors: Pohl B: natural white, beige, mud, dark grey, black Pohl HD: natural white, light grey, grey medium, dark grey, ocher, blue, brown, purple, dark plum, black Size: 1000x1300, 1500x1500, 1400x2000, 2000x2000, 2000x3000, + custom sizes

Designer: Monika Järg Producer: OÜ Tekstiil Ruumis

Acoustic panels FLY – Sounds of Science FLY – Sounds of Science sound absorbers are all tested and certified with sound absorption class “A“ (the highest) at a leading international research institute in Sweden called SP. They consist of approximately 80 percent totally organic wood fibre and 20 percent pure polyester. No glue is used either in the materials or in the assembly process, which makes the panels very easy to recycle. Keywords in the design of the absorbers are ‘function’, ‘style’ and ‘affordability’. The sound absorbers have no hard frames or backsides, which is an asset because such things effectively prevent sound absorption. The exterior of the panels is made from natural fabric (cotton and linen) which comes in four different colours, and two different designs. Sizes vary from very small to very large, depending on the customer’s need and space. FLY – Sounds of Science was designed by textile designer Monika Järg in collaboration with Sounds of Science. Material: panel: 80% organic wood fibre and 20% polyester; fabric: 65% cotton, 35% linen Colors: combinations of white, white with stripe, cold light grey, warm light Designer: Monika Järg Producer: OÜ Tekstiil Ruumis

Bed linens SHEEP COUNTER / Insomnia Instructions for sound sleep: Take a deep breath and curl up under cosy soft satin sheets. If the Sandman forgets to pay you a visit, start counting sheep that will embrace you with their warmth and calmness right under your nose... The bed linens are made from Tencel micro fibres and will take care of the rest, absorbing any moist and repelling bacteria that might attack your body during the night. In the next morning they will exude natural freshness. Material: 45% cotton, 55% tencel Colors: white/black Size: 1500x2100 duvet cover 500x600 pillowcase

Bed linens Trips-traps-Trull /Insomnia The bed-linen collection Insomnia has been designed for people who have difficulties falling asleep in the evenings and just those with a good sense of humour. Duvet and 6 pillowcases 30x30 Not in production yet, prototype Designer: Ilona Gurjanova Producer: AS Wendre


Tablerunner LETTERS The paper tablerunners are woven from recycled materials: writing paper, newspapers or foil coffee bags. They can be used as table covers, interior design elements or wall covers. ‘Love letters’ woven into the pattern create a special atmosphere and also suggest that this small item could be a nice gift for a friend. Material: cotton, wool; reused newspaper or A4 document paper or foil coffee bags Colors: natural/red wool, natural/black wool, natural/yellow wool Size: 300x310, 300x900, 300x1400

Designer: Elna Kaasik Producer: Elnadisain OÜ

LeArt Collection Ceramic tiles with different sizes. The collection boasts exotic prints, colorful graphic designs and fun ideas for interior decoration or communication signage. M: 15x15, 20x20, 20x25 Different colours Glossy or flat finish

Designer: Ilona Gurjanova Producer: Design Management OĂœ


The vases by Annkris-Glass are inspired by the religious habit of monks. It maintains contact with the ground, whereas wings symbolise freedom, flying, courage and being on your 1. Vase ROBE Material: glass, frosted glass Colors: transparent H ca 270-290 way 3. Tray DOUBLE MEANING, small and large At first sight, the tray DOUBLE MEANING looks like a funky retro item, but looking at it more closely, it reveals motifs of archaic ebroidery that stand for power, protection and harmony. Material: glass, frosted glass Colors: white/red Size: 175x175x45 and 275x275x65 4. Tray MITTENS, small and large Mittens are very typical in Nordic countries, where you need protection from the cold. This time, however, knitting needles are replaced with glass melting and sand etching techniques. “MITTENS” tray conveys a warm message and practicality, but in a totally new way. Material: glass, frosted glass Colors: transparent, transparent/blue, transparent/red Size: 275x110x32 and 275x220x42 5. Vase WINGS, small and large Material: glass Colors: transparent/white, transparent/blue, transparent/ pink Size: ca 190-200 and ca 270-290 Designer: Anne-Liis Leht, Kristi Rinkjob Producer: Annkris-Glass OÜ





1. Clothes rack Z Material: colored steel pipe Colors: RAL colorcard Size: 400x500x1850 2. Clothes rack BRAD Material: colored steel pipe Colors: RAL colorcard Size: 420x420x1850 3. Clothes rack CACTUS Material: colored steel pipe Colors: RAL colorcard Size: Ø 300x1850 4. Clothes rack BERRY Material: polished stainless steel pipe and sheet, solid wood Colors: natural Size: Ø 300x1850 5. Clothes rack CROSS Material: steel pipe and sheet, plastic balls Colors: RAL colorcard Size: 320x320x1850

1 Designer: Toivo Raidmets Producer: OÜ Toivo





Window cover, room separator, shade WOODEN LACE The wooden lace is inspired by extra fine knitted Haapsalu lace shawls: their ethereal leaf patterns, fragility, rhythm and logic. The wooden equivalent is contrasting – its fragility is only visual, amplified through the various ways the light plays on large surfaces. The ornament has its idiosyncratic rhythm, just like its source of inspiration, the lace shawl. The design logic of the pattern panels is limitless; one only has to make sure there are enough joints between the different details on large surface. The panels can be connected by means of various fastening systems. Material: birch plywood, natural and colored Colors: natural, white, black Size: detail 200x327

Designer: Monika Järg Producer: OÜ Tekstiil Ruumis

Waste bins ROLL CUP and ROLL BIN ROLL paper bin is made of a single piece of birch plywood. It provides a stylish way to dispose of waste paper. ROLL is perfect for homes and offices. Material: natural birch airplane plywood Colors: natural Size: heigt 100 or 300

Designer: Igor Volkov Producer: Lum Partner OĂœ

Embroidered wall SUNDAY SUNDAY is an homage to the skills of our grandmothers, their magnificent handicrafts in our memories. The rusticality of the wood contrasts with luxurious silk yarn. The wall comes in two different colour combinations. Material: oiled hardwood (birch or alder), silk Colors: natural white, dark grey Size: ca 700x700x20, custom sizes available on request

Bread basket FLY FLY is a thoroughly natural textile woven from linen and cotton. It is textured, sheer and reversible. Appetizing! Material: 65% cotton, 35% linen Colors: combinations of white, white with stripe, cold light grey, warm light grey, brown, dark grey Size: ca 250x250x350

Designer: Monika Järg Producer: OÜ Tekstiil Ruumis

Embroidered floor FLOOR FLOOR is an embroidered floor cover: carpet and floor combined. The ornament visually originates from the crochet details of colourful Seto lace. Duplicating it by unconventional means and materials, the nature of the ornament has been maintained, although its function and the technique used are different, and at first glance even the link with the traditions has been broken. The module can be used on the floor or hung up on the wall. The ornament can also be “built“ in other sizes and rhythms on custom request for specific rooms. Material: oiled hardwood (pine, birch or oak) or birch plywood or MDF; wool Colors: natural, yarn colors according to order Size: 600x600x20, custom sizes available on request

Clock EMBROIDERED TIME Wall and desk clock EMBROIDERED TIME has recorded meaningful moments into material. It is an eye-catching yet practical accessory. The clock can be hung on the wall or placed on a desk. Available in two different sizes and various color combinations Material: oiled birch plywood, wool or nylon Colors: small (4): white/white-dark brown, white/green-strawberry, black/ white-dark brown, black/green-strawberry, large (5): white/dark grey, white/strawberry, grey/black, grey/turqoise, black/ strawberry Size: 120x120x150, 350x350x250

Clothes rack PLOKK The product consists of stick-shaped coat hangers that lock and pop out with engineered precision. In closed position the functional contents remains hidden inside the smooth wooden plate. Hanger sticks that pop out when pushed gently bring playfulness in everyday life. Just like closing a door or turning of the light when leaving the room, the coat hanger too can be closed. The product is made from wood leftovers in furniture industry, with no metal parts. Material: hardwood (oak, ash, wenge) or MDF (white or black gloss) Colors: natural, white, black Size: 360x160, length from 120 (1 module) to 2400 (18 modules) Designer: Elmet Treier Producer: Z-Module O端

GENUINE MIRROR A witty play with words and materials. Material: plastic Size: A5, A4, A3

Clock YEAR LIKE A DAY A clock that draws attention to the fast passing of time. Material: powder coated metal Colors: white, black Size: ø 500 (black), ø 600 (white)

Clothes rack LOOK Simple solution for small hall Material: colored steel Colors: white, black Size: 490x300x200 Designer: Tarmo Luisk Producer: 2Pea OÜ


Lighting CRANE The idea for the Crane was born out of the desire to create a multifunctional and mobile light. The designs by Tarmo Lusik have always been inspired by industrial aesthetics. The Crane is a good example of how the function can shape the appearance with all the cable frames, pullers and other elements. The Crane can replace any light - it can be used as a ceiling, wall, desk or floor lamp and it can be used both in your office and at home! Material: Steel, fabric Color: Steel/ black, Shade/ wide selection of different fabrics Size: 1200x600mm h-1900mm

Designer: Tarmo Luisk Producer: 4ROOM.OĂœ

Wall lamp BUBBLE The humorous wall lamp “BUBBLE” is inspired by a child blowing a chewing gum bubble. “BUBBLE” stands for a symbiosis of art and design; it creates a positive atmosphere and is opposed to the practical idea of design. Besides, its presence has an illuminating effect. Material: metal, plastic Colors: white, red, black Size: 310x310x150

Lighting system BUTTERFLY This light source is good for specially designed lamps and custom projects. Material: powder coated metal Colors: black Size: different models

Luminaire AERO Description: AERO was initially designed for two ring lamps, which has also dictated its form. Material: aluminum, varnished or colored Colors: alumium, white, black; cabel and ring: blue, red or custom Size: Ø 400x250

Designer: Tõnis Vellama Producer: Seos Valgustuse OÜ

Floor lamp ALBERT A good reading lamp to be placed next to sofa. Material: colored steel, fabric Colors: white, black; other colors available on request Size: Ø 390x1400 Wall lamp ALBERT Simple forms, optimal material use, effective illumination. Material: colored steel, fabric Colors: white, black; other colors available on request Size: Ø 200x120

Designer: Tõnis Vellama Producer: Seos Valgustuse OÜ

Pendant lamp SOLAR SOLAR is inspired by the ancient Flower of Life motive. It completes any interior, casting dramatic shadows over the room and creating a mystical atmosphere. It is made from 6 identical cutouts bent from solid 4mm plywood which together form a perfect sphere. Material: birch plywood, oiled Colors: natural Size: Ă˜ 700

Designer: Jaanus Orgusaar Producer: Borealis OĂœ

For childre Designer: Enn Praks Producer: Hoo OĂœ

CART CART combines clear and simple yet important values which are carried from one generation to the other by the timeless style. Timber, metal and rubber details are easy to assemble and take apart again, if necessary. Our product is assembled by hand. Materials used are safe and eco-friendly. CART is a 100% Estonian product. Material: varnished plywood Colors: natural/red, natural/blue, natural/ black; black or white rubber wheels Patterns: plain, dotted, floral Size: 1000x510x350

Designer: Igor Volkov Producer: Lum Partner OÜ

Collection DIXI table and chair Using the latest panel cutting technology, “DIXI” only takes a couple square cm of plywood. It’s affordable, easy to transport and assemble, ecofriendly and adorably cute and curvy. DIXI ships flat in recyclable packaging. Material: natural birch plywood, water-based Clear Lacquer Colors: natural Size: height: table 460, chair 310, stool 310

Folding toys DIXI miniature, table and chair 1:6 scale models of DIXI furniture, DIXI MINIATURE is an eco-friendly product manufactured from birch airplane plywood. True to the original pieces in structure and materials, they would make a perfect gift for kids. Material: natural birch airplane plywood Colors: natural Size: height: table 76, chair 51

Hanging mobile GEE BEE and GEE BEE mobile Hanging mobiles make a great addition to any child’s room or nursery. Newborn babies will spend many hours in their cradle, sometimes sleeping, sometimes fully awake and a great deal of the time somewhere in between. It’s a good idea, therefore, to have some sort of visual stimulation to keep them calm. Mobiles also help develop the baby’s eye-sight and visual coordination. Eco-friendly products manufactured from birch airplane plywood would make a perfect gift for kids. Material: natural birch airplane plywood Colors: natural Size: 100x90; 100x90 4 airplanes

Designer: Igor Volkov Producer: Lum Partner OÜ

Children’s high chair MARI MARI high chair was born from the designer’s daily need to seat her daughter Mari at the dining table: safely and comfortably, on the right height and without destroying the integrity of the interior design of their home. After a series of experiments and calculations it became clear that a functional high chair doesn’t need to be made of anything else than soft seating material, an upholstered ring for a backrest and four straight legs. MARI is for meant babies from an age where they begin to sit

Designer: Julia-Maria Künnap Producer: Martes Martes OÜ

on their own until the moment they climb onto a normal chair and their nose will be above the surface of the dining table. This will happen much sooner than you might expect. By the time you would need to readjust the back or a footrest of the high chair, your child has already grown out of it. Material: natural leather, chrome-plated steel Colors: vanilla, avocado, wild strawberry, dark chocolate Size: 410x410x720

Furniture Stool CHICK CHICK can be used as a stool or a small table. Material: birch, mahogany, colored metal Colors: natural Size: 405x235x360

Designer: Maria Rästa Producer: Maria Rästa Design OÜ

Designers: Monika Järg , Tarmo Luisk Producer: OÜ Tekstiil Ruumis

Bench DOG DOG is a humorous model inspired by dachshunds, the curious little fellows with a character. The height and position of the bench can be adjusted, so that it can be used both in children’s and living rooms. Several benches combined will create an especially amusing and playful set. The bench was designed by Tarmo Luisk, with the selection of cover textiles by Monika Järg. Material: birch, polyurethane foam, fabric (65% cotton, 35% linen) Colors: black (legs), fabric in natural colors Size: 260x600x400

Chair JOHN The chair was initially designed for the restaurant of Viinistu Art Museum, which were the reasons for using linen rope and merbau wood, materials associated with the sea. The chair was named after a friend, a Swedish-Finnish sailor who passed away too early. Material: galvanized steel pipe, solid wood, linen rope Colors: natural; rope braiding in custom colours Size: 420x480x780

Stool TRIPOD A stool with a twist, where one steel leg goes through the other two, thus forming a chair in a simplest way. It is the most ingenious way of building a seat. It couldn’t get more simple. The seat pad is made from polyurethane foam and covered with natural leather. Material: steel pipe, natural leather Colors: RAL colorcard Size: 380x380x440

Chairs POI and KAI Description: KAI and POI are ‘rational’ chairs – it would be difficult to come up with a chair construction lighter than this. The chairs were initially designed for Kuku Artists’ Club. Because the striped backrest looks a bit like a navigation mark, it was named POI (buoy), and where there are buoys, there are quays too. The back of the other chair, KAI (quay), is made from merbau wood. Polyurethane seat pad attached onto the construction of steel pipes is covered with fabric. Material: steel pipe, solid wood, fabric Colors: natural Size: 380x440x780

Designer: Toivo Raidmets Producer: OÜ Toivo

Armchairs BLACK and WHITE Light summery ecological products. A brief flirtation with Rietveld and Mondrian. Material: colored birch Colors: all color combinations according to order Size: 560x600x900

Designer: Jaanus Orgusaar Producer: Borealis OĂœ

Shelf COMB COMB shelf is a dynamic, fashionable and practical design product. The shelf projects from the wall like a sector from a sphere, creating a fantastical effect in the room. With its lack of sharp projecting corners it is ergonomic and space-saving. Besides its attractive appearance and holding capacity, it is easy to assemble, take apart and clean. No glue or screws are necessary to assemble the shelf. Material: waterproof plywood, multiwall birch plywood Size 1, small: 1320x1320x245 Colors: white, light brown, dark brown(black) Size 2, medium: 1670x1670x315 Colors: white, light brown, dark brown(black) Size 3, large: 2260x2090x420 Colors: dark brown (black) Table NEMO NEMO table is inspired by bionic cell structures. It looks like a coral or some sea animal. Hollow, light-weight legs of the table are bent from thin plywood. Yet, the smart construction of the table guarantees its stability. The large version of NEMO seats up to 10 people. Material: birch plywood, tempered glass Colors: natural Size: Ă˜ 1840x720; Ă˜ 1000x510

Designer: Maile Grünberg Producer: OÜ Aja Nägu

Living room shelf BERK BERK is an eye-catching shelf with curvy design, made from various corner curved plywood parts. Material: whitewashed birch plywood, semi-gloss lacquer Colors: color according to order Size: 1500x2400x250

Collection VENEER MG Bedroom set MIIL: bed, dressing table and cupboard. The furniture is made from curved plywood parts in various dimensions. Material: whitewashed birch plywood, semigloss lacquer; chrome-plated metal details; fabric or leather Colors: fabric and leather colors according to order Size: bed MIIL 1650x2050x470 (with mattress) Headboard 900x1350x150 – 2 pc dressing table MIIL 940x450x740, mirror 320x670 cupboard MIIL 500x470x400

Armchair and sofa FRANK With its clear forms and timeless design, FRANK fits well in many public spaces. The legs of the armchair, small sofa and table are made from natural wood, featuring beautiful finger joints. The same products can also be ordered on elegant metal legs. Material: hardwood (oak) or metal, fabric or leather Colors: fabric colors according to order Size: 780x756x720 and 1420x756x720 Sofa tables Frank Material: hardwood (oak); glass, veneer, melamine Colors: leg: natural Plates: 1) glass: transparent or planibel grey, 2) veneer and melamine: according to office furniture finishing touches Size: ø780x470 and 650x650x470 Designer: Katrin Soans Producer: Standard AS

Estonian Design House is an activity venue established in 2010 by Estonian Association of Designers. The limestone house located in Tallinn, Kalasadama Street hosts the Estonian Design House Gallery, the representation of the Design Night Festival, the office of the Estonian Association of Designers and Café Klaus, which promotes classical design furniture. Estonian Design House was established with an aim to provide an environment where designers could display their products, hold exhibitions and initiate the joint events of the designers’ community. Estonian Design House also functions as an information and competence centre and has taken up a mission to introduce Estonian design to the local people as well as foreign visitors. Photographer: Juta Kübarsepp Graphic designer: Ilona Gurjanova Project manager: Monika Järg

Stand no 7h10, Habitare 2012, Ahead!

ESTONIAN DESIGN HOUSE Estonian Association of Designers Kalasadama 8, Tallinn 10145 ESTONIA