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The Home Collection Home Office


The nature of work has undergone profound changes since the beginning of the twenty-first century. In many cases, we no longer have to leave our homes to pursue an occupation. Today the home is not simply a place of refuge and the focal point of family life, but has been transformed through electronic networking into a fully equipped workplace. This allows many professions to be practised in the comfortable context of one’s personal environment. Thanks to mobile computers and telephones, we can communicate with one another virtually anywhere on the planet. Even the videophone, once reserved as a gadget for science-fiction heroes, has become a reality. And the Internet makes it possible to send vast amounts of data from one end of the earth to the other within seconds. As a result, we can carry out projects with participants scattered across various continents, who gather in front of their laptop screens for video conferences to discuss issues and make decisions. The story of such a project is presented in this catalogue, which recounts the cinematic production of a fairytale: ‘The Mermaid and the Frog’. We are able to look behind the scenes and observe people working at home. In the quiet of his apartment, an actor records his lines for a scene after coordinating his wardrobe with the costume designer over the phone. The producer rearranges the shooting schedule in his library while considering a new face for the casting of the lead actor. The set designer uses materials collected in the woods to design background scenery and e-mails an image of it to the audio engineer, who then puts together the corresponding sound effects from his archive. And as the scriptwriter gazes out into her garden, she has a sudden flash of inspiration for a key twist in the plot, which she immediately discusses with the director.

When the daily newspaper still reigned as the chief link to the outside world: Pamela Colin, London editor of ‘Vogue’, was a pioneer of working at home. She wrote her best articles on a typewriter in bed, warmed by a soft vicuna blanket and inspired by French press coffee and a copy of ‘The Times’.

Every scene contains subtly hidden clues, symbolic elements of the story waiting to be discovered by the viewer: a film poster here, a magic hat there, frog eyes here and there. What is immediately evident is the pleasant work atmosphere in the familiar surroundings of the home – simultaneously relaxed and focused. The classic office ensemble – the chair drawn up to a table for working – creates a connection between two places that were completely separate in the minds of the previous generation: once Home and Office, now Home Office.


Fauteuil Direction, Compas Direction Jean ProuvĂŠ, Wire Chair Charles & Ray Eames


Physix Alberto Meda, U-TURN* Michel Charlot


Fauteuil Direction, Compas Direction Jean ProuvĂŠ, Physix Alberto Meda, Wire Chair Charles & Ray Eames, U-TURN* Michel Charlot


Aluminium Chair EA 117, Segmented Table Charles & Ray Eames, Nelson Table, Sunburst Clock George Nelson, Tabouret Solvay Jean ProuvĂŠ


Aluminium Chair EA 119 Charles & Ray Eames


Softshell Chair Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec


Organic Chair Charles Eames & Eero Saarinen, Dining Table, Akari 1AD Isamu Noguchi, Aluminium Chair Miniature Vitra Design Museum


Tip Ton Edward Barber & Jay Osgerby, Compas Direction Jean ProuvĂŠ


Tip Ton Edward Barber & Jay Osgerby


Tip Ton Edward Barber & Jay Osgerby, Sphere Table, Elephant Pad Hella Jongerius


.04 Maarten Van Severen, Map Table Edward Barber & Jay Osgerby, Toolbox Arik Levy


Map Table Edward Barber & Jay Osgerby


Standard, EM Table Jean ProuvĂŠ


HAL Ply Wood Jasper Morrison


Eames Plastic Armchair PACC, Eames Desk Unit (EDU), Eames Storage Unit (ESU) Charles & Ray Eames, Pillows Maharam various designers


Eames Plastic Armchair PACC Charles & Ray Eames


Eames Storage Unit (ESU), Hang it All Charles & Ray Eames, Organic Chair Charles Eames & Eero Saarinen, Pillows Maharam various designers, Wooden Dolls Alexander Girard


Jill Fourstar Alfredo H채berli, Home Desk George Nelson


Physix Alberto Meda, Tyde Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec, U-TURN* Michel Charlot


AC 4, Ad Hoc Executive Table Antonio Citterio, Tabouret Solvay Jean ProuvĂŠ, U-TURN* Michel Charlot


U-TURN* Michel Charlot


Soft Pad Chair EA 217 Charles & Ray Eames, Compas Direction Jean ProuvĂŠ, Akari UF4-L8 Isamu Noguchi


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Photography: Florian Böhm Set Design: Paolo Bonfini

All the designs shown here are protected under law. Vitra and Vitra Design Museum have been awarded the intangible property rights to manufacture and sell these products by the owners in question and hold the exclusive manufacturing and distribution rights worldwide. However, the following restrictions apply:

Design: Florian Böhm Office Creative & Art Direction: Florian Böhm, Annahita Kamali Text: Eckhart Nickel Thanks to all actors: Hubert von Hayek, Johanna von Halem, Mirko Hektor, Nadja & Sami Tadjali, Milen & Wolfgang Till, Tim Yilmaz Thanks to the location providers: Danilo & Gabriela Silvestrin, Edith & Otward Buchner, Johanna von Halem, Nadja Tadjali, Amédée, Milen & Wolfgang Till Thanks to the crew: Anna & Fridolin Kerner, Dominik Atabay, Dominique Beolet, Fabian Frinzel, Georg Englbrecht, Hubert von Hayek, Max Kratzer, Saskia Groneberg Translations: Wordinc GmbH, Hamburg Lithography: GZD Media, Renningen Print: Designpress, Renningen Production: Netzwerk P, Stuttgart 2013, art. no. 09155602 Vitra Campus Charles-Eames-Str. 2 D-79576 Weil am Rhein 0049 (0) 7621 702 3500

Charles & Ray Eames → Worldwide distribution rights for „Organic Chair“, „La Chaise“, „Eames Elephant“ and for the Miniatures Collection. Otherwise, distribution rights for furniture in Europe and the Middle East only. For territories outside please contact Herman Miller Inc. Eames House Bird → Worldwide distribution rights. George Nelson → Worldwide distribution rights for all clocks and for the Miniatures Collection. Otherwise, distribution rights for furniture in Europe and the Middle East only. For territories outside please contact Herman Miller Inc. Isamu Noguchi → Distribution rights for Akari Light Sculptures are restricted to Europe (apart from France) and Australia. The Coffee Table distribution rights for North America are held by Herman Miller Inc., the Dining Table distribution rights for North America are held by Knoll Inc. Sori Yanagi → Worldwide distribution rights for Elephant Stool, distribution rights for Butterfly Stool are restricted to Europe, Africa, North and South America. Classic Pillows & Repeat Pillows → Distribution rights for Europe and Japan. For other regions please contact Maharam Inc., New York. The design of the Eames Aluminium Chair and the Eames name are registered trademarks. The design of the Eames Lounge Chair and the Eames name are registered trademarks. The design of the Panton Chair and the Panton name are registered trademarks. v® All intellectual property rights, such as trademarks, patents and copyrights are reserved. Nothing contained in this brochure may be reproduced without written permission.

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