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Appendix to the 2012 General Catalogue

teuco takes you by surprise


once again, new wishes come true


Hydroline on acrylic tubs


Suit, new custom-made shapes


teuco takes you by surprise 1974: the round shower made of coloured methacrylate is exhibited at the New York MOMA. 1980: steam is brought into a shower enclosure for the first time ever. 1995: the year of the Hydrosonic速, the first ever ultrasound whirlpool. 1997: Duralight速, the exclusive composite material, revolutionises the world of interior design. 2006: the whirlpool truly becomes silent thanks to Hydrosilence速. 2011: Hydroline, the invisible whirlpool, is available on Duralight速 bathtubs. 2013: yet another unexpected novelty.


once again, new wishes come true

World exclusives, revolutionary patents, cutting-edge technology, astounding styling. Every day, we share projects and know-how with a host of talented experts. This is an intensive and stimulating collaboration which gives rise to innovative creations, year after year. An example of this is Hydroline, where the classic nozzles have been replaced by minimalist slits, for a highly efficient whirlpool featuring a unique design. Its success on the Duralight® bathtubs is now established, but its application to acrylic bathtubs is the true revolution today. Teuco's “total look” concept also perfectly expresses the company's ongoing research activities. Entire collections complete the bathroom with an unprecedented sense of harmony. Now, alongside Nauha, Kinea, Wilmotte, Outline and Paper, Teuco offers you Suit.


Hydroline on acrylic tubs: a double world exclusive


teuco surpasses itself

Teuco invented Hydroline, the invisible whirlpool. Today, this world exclusive offers a surprising new feature: it can now be applied to acrylic bathtubs. Having so far only been available on products made of DuralightÂŽ, the innovative composite material produced entirely by Teuco, Hydroline can now also be applied to the romantic charm of the Nauha bathtub and to the simple appeal of Wilmotte.

The nozzles can swivel to direct the massage towards speciďŹ c parts of the body.

Finally, on acrylic tubs too, classic jets have been substituted by flush-fit nozzles: elegant minimalist slits, for superior performance. the hydroline whirlpool stands out for: - 400 grams of pressure per nozzle, which is tantamount to a professional hand massage. - Hydro Clean System, in other words the hermetic sealing of suction and jets when the whirlpool is not in operation. The cleanliness of the circuit is also ensured when the bathtub is used without the whirlpool. It is patented by Teuco. - Automatic sanitising, the system which introduces a sanitising solution into the system and disinfects the pump, the jets and the surface of the bathtub. Supplied as standard on all whirlpool systems.

Hydroline is a styling intuition that affords maximum whirlpool efficiency thanks to Teuco's experience and research expertise.


a host of solutions, all featuring hydroline Hydroline allows you to pick your favourite massage owing

hydroline hydrosonic®

to the wide choice of configurations available,

8 whirlpool jets + 6 ultrasound jets, all flush-fit. Hydrosonic® makes the massage penetrate beneath the skin, so your whole body can benefit from it. Thanks to the effect of ultrasound

which can all be combined with Cromoexperience.

teamed with the whirlpool, it encourages lymphatic drainage, to reduce the unsightly appearance of cellulite, and helps muscles recover after exercise, while improving cellular metabolism. Intense and profound benefits for the body and total relaxation for the mind: with built-in Cromoexperience, the bathtub's 14 jets light up in your favourite colour, for an

hydroline Basic

experience that involves all your senses. Hydroline Hydrosonic® is always Hydrosilence®.

6 flush-fit jets that guarantee the beneficial effects of the best Teuco whirlpool. Styling and functionality have reached the best partnership ever.

32 dbA, like the rustling of paper: Teuco's silence is certified by the FRAUNHOFER INSTITUT in Stuttgart.

Above: bathtub with Hydroline Hydrosonic® whirlpool jets.

hydroline hydrosilence® 8 flush-fit jets providing the pleasure of a whirlpool with only the sound of flowing water. Noise emissions are reduced by 70%, for total relaxation.


Hydrosilence® eliminates all artificial noise generated by the system along with all vibrations,

Hydroline is particularly appealing for its exceptional combination of innovation and design.

so you can even pamper yourselves in the evening or at night, without worrying about

This harmony is expressed at its very best in the innovative Cromoexperience system.

disturbing your neighbours.

The ultra-thin slits in the whirlpool bath light up with beams of light which can be adjusted

Silent does not mean less powerful. On the contrary, Hydrosilence® is even more efficient

in eight different colours. The bright colours of the rainbow therefore afford moments

thanks to “myhydro”, a function that allows you to control the intensity of the massage by

of relaxation while you re-discover your inner self.

adjusting the quantity of water in the jet, and the quantity of air in proportion. All this also makes for lower energy consumption.

hydroline BASiC

hydroline hydroSilenCe®

hydroline hydroSoniC®










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Hydroline is Hydrosonic


Hydroline on acrylic bathtubs is a revolution, but it's not the only one.

Thanks to the effect of ultrasound, Hydrosonic® makes the massage penetrate beneath

Hydroline is now also Hydrosonic : the minimalist design of the flush-fit nozzles

the skin, affecting your whole body. A deep and intense treatment, which reaches far beyond

is completed by all the efficiency of an ultrasound whirlpool.

traditional whirlpools and stimulates every single cell.

Hydrosonic is a project by Teuco which is unique across the globe, ensuing from years

This sophisticated technology guarantees:

of studies and research, ongoing honing and scrupulous testing.

> depth: it penetrates approximately 2/3 cm beneath the epidermis,



right down to the surface muscle tissue; > cellular action: it triggers a compression-decompression and separation action on the cells, affecting each one individually as well as any clusters; Hydrosonic® offers 4 massage programmes, to meet your every need:

> frequency: cells are massaged 3 million times per second; > treatment measurability: size of treated parts, depth and speed are all elements which can be measured.

> beauty, as an anti-cellulite treatment

More than a normal whirlpool, Hydrosonic® is a genuine home spa to enjoy any time you want.

> after-sport, to stretch your muscles > anti-stress, for moments of pure relaxation > tone-up, to boost your metabolism

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angeletti - ruzza




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Harmony and balance form the soft outlines of the Nauha bathtub.

Above: Nauha bathtub with

Now with the addition of the new Hydroline whirlpool, the tub turns into

Hydroline Basic (6 jets)

a haven dedicated entirely to your well-being.

and Cromoexperience.

In addition to the version measuring 170x75 cm, it is also available in the 170x70 cm and 180x80 cm sizes.

angeletti - ruzza DESIGN

Hydroline Basic

Hydroline Hydrosilence速

Hydroline on acrylic tubs

Hydroline Hydrosonic速

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Left: Wilmotte bathtub with Hydroline Hydrosilence速 8 jets and Cromoexperience.

Left: Wilmotte bathtub with Hydroline Hydrosonic速, 8 jets + 6 ultrasound jets.


The star of a collection offering endless configuration possibilities and optionals, the Wilmotte bathtub stands out for its pureness and elegance. The chromed plaque - the distinguishing trait of the entire collection - makes for immediate recognition. The clean-cut and geometrical outline of Wilmotte is completed to perfection with the new Hydroline whirlpool.

Hydroline Basic

Hydroline Hydrosilence速

Hydroline Hydrosonic速

160x70 cm / 170x70 cm / 170x75 cm / 180x80 cm / 190x90 cm J.M. WILMOTTE DESIGN

Hydroline on acrylic tubs

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Suit, new custom-made shapes

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suit The overall effect: pure elegance. Teuco's collections give every bathroom an unmistakable stylistic identity, turning them into a welcoming, matching setting. A range designed to make profound wishes come true, which is now extended with a brand new line. Resulting from an innovative project by Matteo Nunziati, Suit is deeply rooted in the great tradition of Italian design, and it provides stylish, flexible and trendy solutions for the modern bathroom. The collection comprises wash basins and shower trays, which blend in with any bathroom décor because they are made entirely in Duralight®, the 100% pliable composite material affording ample flexibility of sizes, patented and produced exclusively by Teuco. And that's not all. Suit is completed by a vanity cabinet featuring edges cut at 45°, to enhance and embellish the appeal of the collection's wash basins, as well as a mirror, which is available in various sizes.

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Left: Suit wash basin - size: 120 cm on anthracite oak cabinet.

The squared shapes of the exterior of the basin soften towards the inside, which is embellished by a drain that runs along the entire base of the basin. Made of Duralight速, the wash basin is enhanced by a Vanity Top which can be used as a practical extra surface to store soap and toiletries. 60x50 cm / 80x50 cm / 100x50 cm / 120x50 cm / 140x50 cm

wash basins Suit, new custom-made shapes

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The shower tray, with its minimalist design and clean-cut geometries, affords unexpected sensations to the touch. Thanks to the exclusive Unlimited service and to Duralight速, the material used to make it, it can be customised

shower trays

to the nearest centimetre, including out-of-square. from 90x70 to 200x100 cm

Suit, new custom-made shapes

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Suit furniture accommodates the styling and functionality requirements of the contemporary

Left: Suit cabinet - size: 80 cm in Hickory walnut

Above: Suit cabinet - size: 140 cm

bathroom. It is available in several colours, and it stands out for its beguiling appeal and

with Wilmotte ceramic wash basin.

in Hickory walnut. Twin size, with 2 drawers.

elegance in the wood finishes (the new Hickory walnut and the 3 shades of oak). The 45° cut edges enhance the appeal of its design, making the Suit cabinet a unique piece of furniture. Practical and sturdy, it comprises drawers fitted with a soft-closing mechanism and built-in high-quality shock absorber. The cabinet was designed to house the Suit wash basin, but it is also perfect for all the other DuralightŽ and ceramic wash basins in Teuco's collections.


60x50 cm / 80x50 cm / 100x50 cm / 120x50 cm / 140x50 cm

Suit, new custom-made shapes

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The information and characteristics specified in this catalogue are not binding. Teuco Guzzini S.p.A. reserves the right to make any modifications deemed necessary without prior notice or any obligation to update.

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