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DEC 2013





What wonderful beaches Costa Ri ca

has :)

They all are very different, almost all

the beaches are so close. They hav

are so clean, and all

e three places to visit

March 31,te,2012 Puntarenas and

the beaches. They are Guanacas

Limon. It's so, so hot in there, you

can see a lot of nature, Lorem ipsum dolor:

and places to stay like hotels .

What a wonderful place to visit!

Costa Rica Fashions

Fashion Boots, flats, shorts, T-shirts Dresses strapless, poofy Hats.

Sweaters, Scarf

Cold fashions here Sunny fashion in Costa Rica

Dancing dress or clothes.

Quincea単era long and poofy dress

Summer outfit.

Costa Rican Foods

Some common foods:

Tortillas: You can eat

Gallo Pinto is a traditional food of Costa Rica this food has rice and beans.You also eat it for breakfast. You can eat with eggs, sour cream and salsa Lizano.

them at breakfast, lunch and dinner. You can eat them with cheese. You can eat them all day. You can make them for Christmas. They're filled with a lot thing such as rice,

vegetables and pork. A lot families make them.

Arroz con leche It's a dessert. It's made out of wheat, rice and milk.

Casado It's made of beans, any type of meat, rice and different kinds of vegetables.

Costa Rican games Trompos, jacks, cromos

This is a picture of some kids playing trompos. In the game of trompos you use a rope to spin a top. In the picture to kids are competing, seeing how long their top will spin.

This is jacks. In the game of jacks you have to bounce a ball, pick up as many jacks as you can, then catch the ball. Just like jacks in America

The last game is cromos. To play cromos all you need is a piece of paper. The object of the games is to flip the paper over by hitting the paper with our hand.

Costa Rican Literature Many Costa Rican people read foreign books like Harry Potter, Sherlock Holmes, and The Hunger Games. Costa Rican writing is influenced by European literature and usually includes stories, novels, historical chronicles, and essays. A few popular Costa Rican authors: Fabián Dobles. Books: El Violín y la Chatarra and Cuentos de Fabián Dobles Carlos Luis Fallas. Books: Mi Madrina and Marcos Ramírez (famous book)

Emmett,Juan,Gracie,and True

Songs and dances in Costa Rica Songs: Guaria Morada, torito, cana dulce, caballito nicoyano, puerto limon, Luna liberiana, el punto guamacasteco. Popular Instruments: Marimba


Popular Dances: Punto Guamacasteco

El Tambito


Costa Rica (SPORTS) Costa Rican soccer team,

2013 WITH THE 6TH GRADE Popular sport: soccer, cycling Other sports: basketball, volleyball, cycling, swimming.

Not popular Tennis Football Baseball Golf



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