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Main theme: collaborative mechanisms and innovations for sustainable development of water and sanitation sector in Africa. Invitation from Managing Director of AMEPA About AfWA

16th African Water Association International Congress and Exhibition Ali FASSI FIHRI, Managing Director of AMEPA

Message from AfWA President The African Water Association (AfWA) is pleased to announce its 16th International Water and Sanitation Congress that is slated to take place in Marrakech, Morocco, 20th-23rd February 2012. The theme of this congress is: collaborative mechanisms and innovations for sustainable development of water and sanitation sector in Africa. The theme was developed, as a logical follow up of the 15thAfWA Congress that took place

Invitation from Chair of Program Committee

in Kampala, Uganda in March 2010. The congress will involve a number of technical sessions, workshops, posters, side events, exhibitions and a host of other networking possibilities. We expect participants from all parts of the world, who are involved in development issues relating to the water and sanitation sector, mostly in developing countries. The planning of the congress is good and will result into great value to all congress delegates. In addition, the congress venue is a renowned tourist destination, offering a variety of recreational and sight-seeing possibilities. You are all welcome to contribute to the preparation of a successful 16thAfWA Congress.

The 16thAfWA Congress in Marrakech, Morocco presents yet another opportunity for policy makers, practitioners, donors, researchers, academicians and other stakeholders to come together and discuss the scientific and technical aspects of improving service delivery in the water and saniDr. Silver tation sector (WSS). The congress themes and topics have Mugisha, Chair been selected to address the current key challenges facing Programme the water and sanitation sector in Africa. The design of the Committee, technical sessions is a follow up of the outcomes of the 15thAfWA Congress that took place in Kampala, Uganda, in

Mamadou Dia, AfWA President



Palais des Congres Marrakech 20 - 23 February 2012

On behalf of the Moroccan Association of Potable Water and Sanitation (AMEPA) and the organizing committee of the 16th AfWA International Congress , I wish all participants a warm welcome to Marrakech, which is particularly proud to be once again the host city of a large gathering of water and sanitation professionals, having hosted already the 1st World Water Forum in 1977 and the 4th International Water Association Congress (IWA) in 2004. THE AMEPA, which counts among its members, the producers, the suppliers, public as well as private, and industries and the Engineering companies, has as such, a very rich experience on a national level that it will use in the organization of this event. Among the key successful events organized by AMEPA is the 8th Congress of AfWA in Casablanca in 1998. AMEPA will mobilize all its partners from Africa and from the rest of the world, to guarantee the largest number of exchanges on the occasion of this 16th international Water Congress. We deeply wish that the debates during the congress will end up proposing suitable solutions to meet the immense challenges of our continent in the water and sanitation sector and invite you to participate in it massively.

March 2010, which focussed on water efficiency enhancement in the wake of climatic change, environment and energy challenges. The congress Programme Committee (PC) is now seeking for relevant papers and materials that will be used to expound on the congress themes and topics as a basis for high-impact discussions during the congress. All papers shall be put in the congress proceedings and posted on the AfWA Web-Site for wider reference after the Congress. Selected papers shall be considered for publication in peer-reviewed journals. We call upon policy makers, utility managers, researchers and practitioners who are involved in WSS enhancement initiatives to take up this call and send us quality papers.

African Water Association (-AfWA) is a professional (notfor-profit) association of establishments, enterprises or utilities operating in the areas of drinking water, sanitation and environment, in the whole of Africa. It was formed in 1980 (when it was originally known as Union of Africa Water Suppliers-UAWS). It was later transformed to AfWA in April 2003 to better position it to accommodate regulatory, operating and asset holding companies created in the 1990s as part of sector institutional reforms, private service providers, NGOs, researchers and individual sector professionals spanning across academia, research and policy. AfWA currently has over 100 institutional members from some 40 countries across Africa. A core mandate of AfWA is to develop professional capacity of its members in water and sanitation utilities management to significantly contribute to improved access to service across the continent. This is achieved through technical workshops, peer-to-peer learning partnerships, scientific and technical council meetings and congresses. The Marrakech congress is the 16th in the series of biennial congresses conducted since the inception of the association.

Collaborative mechanisms and innovations for sustainable development of water and sanitation sector in Africa. AfWA /AAE

The themes of AfWA Congress Marrakech 2010 The theme for the AFWA Marrakech congress is: Collaborative mechanisms and innovations for sustainable development of water and sanitation sector in Africa. Over the years, considerable efforts have been made to address the challenges facing the water and sanitation sector in Africa. Though some progress has been made, there is yet much left to be done. The financing gaps are still very wide, coverage is still

very low in most countries in Africa, overall sector management is still an issue in most countries in spite of all the reform efforts since the early 90s etc. The question is how do we speed up the resolution of all these challenges and sustain sector development in a manner that will keep pace with demand? It is obvious that a business-as-usual approach is completely out of the question. Sector stakeholders will need to collaborate, focusing on a

common agenda. Professionals and sector institutions will have to produce more innovative solutions if we really want to move the sector forward. The overall congress theme for Marrakech 2012, seeks to encapsulate these concerns. Sub themes and topics have been carefully selected to fit, not only bringing out the issues but also providing working solutions

Sub-themes and suggested topics # Sub-themes Water and Sanitation systems Operations and Asset Management

Suggested Topics o o o o o o o o

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Best practices in assets management (Training workshop / plenary section) Enhancing operational efficiency for African water utilities Water utility assets mobilisation and management Industrial and operational solution for non revenue water The use of IT application to enhance effective asset management The use of alternative and innovative water and sanitation technology options. Innovative approaches to peri-urban sanitation The role of water utilities in implementing adaptation measures to climate change and environmental challenges integrated water resource management Energy optimization towards reduced water and sanitation services provision costs Carbon Trading and its application in planning, implementing and operation of water and sanitation systems Development and implementation of effective demand management strategy(plenary and workshops) Meter management policy and its application towards optimisation of water accountability Appropriate Pro-poor technology to enhance access to safe water

o o o o o

Challenge in accessing and managing financing for sanitation infrastructure development program Sanitation tariff structure and financing mechanism Financing options for water and sanitation service provision Public Private partnership for financing water and sanitation Economy of water re-use to enhance consumer side demand management

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Financing of Water and Sanitation Services

Performance Management

Institutional arrangements and Capacity building

Water Safety Plan and Water Quality Management

We invite you to submit a paper

Paper and poster presentations

You are hereby invited to submit a paper for presentation during the 16th African Water Association congress scheduled for Marrakech, Morocco from 20th to 23rd February, 2012. Submitting a paper for this congress provides you an opportunity to present your work to other sector professionals from across the whole Africa region and beyond. The technical program will consist of platform presentations, workshops and panel presentations. Submitted papers will be reviewed by working groups within the Scientific and Technical Council of AFWA, who will assist the congress program committee in their final selection. Considerations for selection will include: o Relevance to congress themes o Clarity of the presentation o Does paper provide innovative solutions? o Practicality of proposed solutions within the African context

All submissions and presentations should be in English or French.

Regulatory performance management (Government & Regulatory Authority) Enhancing Utility Performance management through benchmarking Innovative approaches for effective performance management The significance of regional water and sanitation performance standards to strengthen utility manage ment(Workshop) o Using Research and Development to strengthen utility performance (Workshop)

You will then be required to submit a full paper by 15th September 2011.

How to submit your presentation Please submit your presentation to following email addresses:

30 April 2011

. Presenters notified of selection 15 June 2011 . Submit full paper 15 September 2011 . Presenting author register 15 November 2011

Programme Committee Silver MUGISHA (Chair) Etienne Erolakaza Ousmane NGOM Jean Michel KLICAN Mawuvi Koué KOUEVI Jackson MIDALA Johnson AMAYO Darren SAYWELL George ACOLOR Nabil MOSLEH Mahmoud HAFSI

(Uganda) (Togo) (Senegal) (Benin) (Togo) (Tanzania) (Uganda) (Netherlands) (Côte d’Ivoire) (Morocco) (Morocco)

Enquiries Technical and scientific program 1. George Acolor Tel. +225 21 24 04 96 +225 21 24 14 43 Email:

General Contact African Water Association Avenue 8 prolongée - à la montée du Pont Houphouet-Boigny Abidjan -Treichville

o Experience of effective coordination and stakeholder involvement in planning and implementation of water and sanitation programmeso o Political economy of water and sanitation service delivery: the Operators challenge o Perspectives of Utility Regulation: challenges and lessons for African water and sanitation operators o The roles of public and private sector in water and sanitation services provision Innovation in education and training approaches of water and sanitation sector professionals o Leadership role and capacity towards increased productivity o The role of human resources management in organizations services success o Innovative approaches for building institutional capacity of water and sanitation operators in Africa. o Trends and/or experiences in Legal,Institutional and structural reforms in the water and sanitation sector in Africa

E-mail :

Progress in the implementation of water safety plan: Successes, challenges and lessons learnt(case studies) Innovations in optimization of treatment processes towards improved water quality The use of telemetric systems in real time quality surveillance and monitoring Industrial effluent monitoring and regulation

16 th African Water Association Congress and Exhibition

If you submit an outline paper and it is selected for presentation you will be notified by 15th June 2011.

. Submit paper

2. Mahmood Lutaaya Tel : + 256 414 315 100 Email:

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You may submit by 30th April 2011 an outline of about 1000 words (2 A4 pages)



16 th African Water Association Congress and Exhibition

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