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17 th African Water Association International Congress & Exhibition



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he African Water Association (AfWA) International Congress and Exhibition is a biennial scientific and technical forum to assess status, recent advances, and experiences in water, sanitation and environment sector in Africa. The 17th AfWA Congress is a follow-up to the two

recently and successfully organized Congresses in March 2010 in Kampala, Uganda and February 2012 in Marrakesh, Morocco, that attracted over 1600 and 900 delegates respectively from Africa and other countries outside the continent. The attendees of AfWA Congress are policy makers, donors, academicians, researchers, utility mana-

gers, international development and cooperation agencies, students, young water professionals, NGOs. The 17th AfWA International Congress and Exhibition will be held in Abidjan from 17 to 20 February 2014 under the theme:

We expect over one thousand delegates at this very important Congress held in a country that is on an economic takeoff.

The Congress will involve a number of technical sessions, workshops, side events, B-to-B and one-

on-one meetings, International Exhibition and a host of other networking opportunities.




Message from SODECI Managing Director, Basile Ebah

Message from AfWA President

he Water and Sanitation community and professionals will meet from 17 to 20 February 2014 in Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire to attend the 17th AfWA International Congress and Exhibition. This biennial event will offer us a platform to assess the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and constraints of Water and Sanitation sector in Africaon under the theme “Mobilizing Resources and Governance of Water and Sanitation in Africa” .As I highly recommended in my closing remarks of our 16th Congress in February 2012 in Marrakesh, we need to intensify international partnerships and to focus on accelerating the Millennium Development Goals (MDG), this 17th AfWA International Congress and Exhibition will be a significant milestone in implementing and strengthening a dynamic strategic cooperation. We gladly welcome you with consideration at this continental meeting of “Giving and Receiving” which you must not miss.


Mrs. Duduzile Myeni, AfWA President

he Societe de distribution d’eau de la Cote d’Ivoire (SODECI) and its institutional partners, the ministry of Economical Infrastructures, the ministry of Construction, Housing, Sanitation, and Town Planning, the National Office of Sanitation and Drainage (ONAD), and the National Office of Drinking Water (ONEP) are pleased to organize in February 2014, the 17th AfWA International Congress and Exhibition in our business capital city, Abidjan. The decision to host this 17th Congress aims at stressing that Cote d’Ivoire is in diplomatic and economic normality. SODECI as AfWA’s founding member would like to underline that Cote d’Ivoire remains a hospitable country where the Union of African Water Suppliers (UAWS), now called AfWA was created in February 1980 . All the Local Organizing Committee is ready to organize this great continental event. in a professional scientific, intellectual, and festive manner. Abidjan, the « Perle des lagunes » is ready to warmly welcome all delegates who will attend this 17th AfWA International Congress and Exhibition. We wish you Akwaba.

For more details, visit :

Basile Ebah; SODECI Managing Director.

Dr. Silver Mugisha, Chair of Programme Committee.


A message from the Chair of the Programme Committee

ecuring safe water supplies and sanitation remains a top priority for water and public health professionals. Earlier last year, the UN announced that the drinking water component of MDG Target 7 had been met. However, there remains a significant proportion of the global population, predominantly in Africa, who do not receive safe drinking water and sanitation. The recent recognition of safe drinking water as a fundamental human right gives further impetus for policy makers and utility managers to increase service coverage and ensure equitable provision. Water supply utilities worldwide are currently faced with the challenge of providing adequate water and sanitation in their areas of jurisdiction. Although there has been remarkable technological advancement of tools and methods of water supply management and maintenance there are equally challenging issues especially climate change, low sanitation coverage, population growth leading to unplanned settlement and improper land use practices, among others. These have led to increased water pollution and scarcity in many developing countries. Progress towards addressing the above challenges can be enhanced through partnerships, collaborations and benchmarking best practices. With increased awareness and promotion of institutional and governance reforms, African water utilities will improve the pace of efficiency improvement and better service delivery. Of course, financing of investments and capacity building programmes will remain a constraint to meaningful reform efforts. The 17thAfWA Congress, slated for February 2014 is aimed at presenting the above issues and discussing recent advances and experiences in addressing those issues. The Congress is a follow up on a series of congresses that have been held successfully in the past. The most recent ones were 14th, 15th and 16thAfWA Congresses that were successfully held in Cotonou - Benin; Kampala - Uganda and Marrakesh Morocco, respectively. We have come up with very interesting themes, sub-themes and topical tracks that will stimulate interesting discourses. Our target audience comprises of researchers/academicians, utility managers, policy makers and young professional in the water sector.


Invitation to submit a paper

ou are hereby invited to submit a paper for presentation during the 17th African Water Association Congress scheduled for Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire from 17th to 20th February, 2014. Submitting a paper for this congress provides you an opportunity to present your work to other sector professionals from across the whole Africa region and beyond. The technical program will consist of platform presentations, workshops and panel presentations. Submitted papers will be reviewed by working groups within the Scientific and Technical Council of AFWA, who will assist the Congress Program Committee in their final selection. Considerations for selection will

17th Congress Programme Committee

include: • Relevance to Congress themes, • Clarity of the presentation, • Does paper provide innovative solutions? • Practicality of proposed solutions within the African context. You may submit an outline paper of about 1000 words (2 A4 pages).

• Dr Silver Mugisha, Chair (Uganda),

Please submit an outline of your presentation to following email addresses, no later than May 15, 2013.

• Mr. Jonas Kakariba Jabulo (Ghana),

Deadline to submit an outline

Deadline to submit a full paper

Presenters selected will receive a notification to submit a full paper by October 30, 2013. The official languages are English and French. All papers shall be put in the Congress proceedings and posted on the AfWA website for wider reference after the Congress.

• Mr. Etienne Tchagolé (Togo),

• Mr. Ousmane Ngom (Senegal),

• Mr. Olivier Gosso (Cote d’Ivoire), • Mr. Alain Ayemou (Cote d’Ivoire), • Mr. Jean-Michel Klican (Benin),

• Mrs Aminata Fall Mbaye (Senegal), • Mr. Papa Samba Diop (Senegal), • Mr. Cheick T. Fall (Senegal),

• Mr. Mahmood Lutaaya (Uganda).

The theme and sub-themes of AfWA Congress Abidjan 2014

The theme for the AfWA Abidjan Congress is: “Mobilizing Resources and Governance of Water and sanitation in Africa “. This general theme is particularly pertinent in regard with constraints and challenges related to the water and sanitation sector development. This Congress will be an excellent timeliness for all water and sanitation sector stakeholders to look for adequate ways for access to water and sanitation services for all.


Integrated Water Resources Management and Climate Change

a a a a a a a

Capacity building for improved water and sanitation services

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Advances in water and waste water treatment technologies Pro-poor water and sanitation services

Financing options for water and sanitation services

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Suggested topics

Integrated Water Resources Modelling and Management, Innovative catchment protection practices Flood forecasting and water resourcing protection Environmental management and pollution control Assessing and modelling climate change effects Advances in climate change mitigation Role of Community involvment

Water and sanitation services capacity building strategies Capacity building performance indicators Public-private partnerships in capacity building Partnerships between Water operators Water treatment technologies Water safety plans Waste water treatment technologies Research and Development Untreated water quality monitoring Pro-poor services technologies Assessment of pro-poor services Regulations of pro-poor services Community social marketing Pro-poor sanitation services

Challenges in accessing and managing financing for sanitation infrastructure Sanitation financing mechanisms and tariff structure Financing options for water and sanitation services provision Public-private partnership for financing water and sanitation Economy of water re-uses to enhance customer side demand management.

Head Office : Av. 8 prolongée à la montée du Pont Houphouët-Boigny 05 B.P 1910 Abidjan 05 Côte d’Ivoire Tel. : +225 21 24 04 96 - 21 24 14 43 Fax. : +225 21 24 61 57 - 21 24 26 29 E-mail : Website :

17th AfWA Congress call for papers  

Call for papers

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