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“In His Name” A training course for Healing Prayer Teams Kirby Muxloe Free Church Jan 2012

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Please don’t climb on the scaffolding! Clipboard: your contact details ReSource: Badges! Seeking to arrange a Healing Prayer Service Fun night out: March 23rd, Folk Night at Quorn Village Hall – from 7pm, £7 incl. food. Great for those who don’t yet believe.

Where we’ve been: 1 Corinthians 12 Faith






Word of Knowledge





Where we’ve been: 1 Thess 5:23 • A Mental Framework • Spirit • Soul – Mind – Will – Emotions

• Body

Where we’ve been: John 14:6 • Does this person have life? – A functional daily relationship with God

• Does this person have the truth? – Believing the truth

• Does this person follow the way? – Taking good decisions

Dangers to look for: Pull • • • •

“I am so damaged that you must…” “Mummy, make it go away…” “This is how it is. Don’t argue.” “It’s your job. Fix it!”

Dangers to look for: Defence • • • • •

Repression Projection Sublimation Displacement Reaction Formation – (First described by Freud – there are plenty more!)

Dangers to look for: Shopping • • • •

Same setting, same people Same setting, different people Different setting, same people Different setting, different people

Difficult Pastoral Issues: Forgiveness • In Scripture • Helping someone forgive – Name the hurt – Working on the will – Finding the next step

• Abuse • Celebrating forgiveness

Difficult Pastoral Issues: Sexuality • • • •

Some are defensive Some are seeking conflict Some are seeking support Some are seeking change

Difficult Pastoral Issues: Depression • A Mind / Body / Spirit issue • Knowing when to stop… • Why do healed people leave?

Other approaches to healing • Conventional Medicine • Alternative medicine: Categories – Clearly beneficial – Mostly harmless – Mostly doubtful – Clearly unhelpful

• Context and Environment

Stepping out in faith • Confidence • Acceptance

Stepping out in faith

Structure • Accountability • Support • Procedures

Calling • The call of God • The support of the body

Equipping • Open to God • Open to further training • Open to each other

"In His Name" Healing Prayer course week 8  

Healing Prayer course PowerPoint presentation