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How To Choose The Right Homemade Barbecue Sauce For You Barbecue is already one of the most common foods prepared in every home whenever there are occasions. Nevertheless, it gained its popularity because of its satisfaction value as well as it is definitely easy to prepare and cook. However, the flavor of your barbecue really depends on the sauce that you are using. This is the reason why there are already many brands of barbecue sauces available elsewhere. Because of this, it has been very difficult for consumers to choose which one is the best sauce that will suit their palates. So, here is a short guide for you to be able to find the best sauce for your next barbeque recipe.

1. Know what type of barbecue you will cook.

The first thing that you have to determine is what type of barbecue you will be cooking. If you will use beef, pork, poultry or fish, you have to clearly differentiate one type of meat from another because sauces have various effects on them. You should also identify whether you will be using vegetables. Most of the time, barbecue sauces work well with them so you don’t have to worry about that. For example, tomato-based sauces like the Fletchers original and spicy sauces are used at heightening the flavors of red meat such as beef and pork. This will make a more flavorful delicacy. On the other hand, honey based or sweetened sauce also out the good flavor of pork.


When you are using poultry, you may want to use spicy sauces. Fletchers has a wide variety of spicy sauces to choose from such as their Bourbon Habanero. Lastly, if you are grilling seafoods, you can choose lemon or other fruit-based sauces.

2. You can opt for a regional sauce.

These are barbecue sauces coming from a certain area of the nation. The main types of American barbecue sauces are coming from Carolina, Texas and Kansas City. Fletchers has a very regional taste for its sauces. Most of the sauces are done with homemade recipes wherein the consistency is thick, sticky and tomato based. For example the BBQ smokehouse sauce which is perfect for chops and chicken has a moderately thick consistency but is guaranteed to have a homemade smokehouse taste.

Well, this is a very important step. You need to know if you will be using it as a marinade, just a mop, a cooking sauce or just a condiment. Fletchers’ tomato based sauces easily gets burned. So, you must only use this in the last part of grilling if you don’t want it to lose its taste. Its hot sauces can also be used as condiments since they have a thin consistency. You must also check the ingredients. At some time, you may add some homemade recipes to the Flecthers sauce like natural sweeteners to make your barbecue more endearing.

3. Be creative

Though the Fletchers sauces are already perfect for your barbecue, you can actually experiment on it. Like what I’ve said, you can add other seasonings and even herbs to make your barbecue more flavorful. More so, you can also add vinegar, fruit, peppers or smoke sauce to have a more personalized touch.

How To Choose The Right Homemade Barbecue Sauce  

Choose a barbeque sauce that would surely exceed your taste at

How To Choose The Right Homemade Barbecue Sauce  

Choose a barbeque sauce that would surely exceed your taste at