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TRIANGULAR STOOL A prototype built using 5 different joineries, where various production techniques and possibilities in wood were explored.

As a part of the Project Workshop Skills, the final assignment was to make a stool with 5 different joineries. This was the first project where a 1:1 prototype was made. The stool is in triangular shape from top and bottom which makes it steady, stable & strong enough. • Materials Teak wood Acrylic Iron rod (dowel) MS clamps Dome screws • Joineries Half lap Box joint Dowel joint Slotted tenon & mortise Mitre joint

MATERIAL & PROCESSES Exploring the material FRP (Fiber Reinforced Plastic)




BEACH FURNITURE DESIGN A recliner for people at the beach (Digital Prototyping)

Since people go to the beach for relaxing, they end up spending an entire day, especially the foreigners. This beach furniture allows the users to relax in a reclining posture for a long time, without causing any discomfort to the body. Considering the user’s health and comfort; the researches, the data regarding Zero-Gravity Position and other ergonomic data related to reclining postures were done accordingly in this project. This outdoor furniture has been designed considering the environment, its users, activities, durability etc. Properties of materials like Aluminium, Steel, Stainless Steel, Teak wood, Tin & Copper, Rexine and Corian were considered. Aluminium, Stainless Steel and Teak wood were found to be more durable for a seashore environment as they are rust and corrosion free. This project confronts all the issues affecting a furniture on a beach; including the user’s aspiration and also taking into account a company or person who provides these furnitures.

• One side armrest in which food, drinks and other items can be kept. • The position of the armrest does not disrupt the user while sitting in the reclining position for a longer period of time. • One side of this recliner has been left open so that users of any age can come back to a standing posture without any difficulty.

• Space has been provided under the armrest for personal belongings such as bags or other accessories that can be placed or hung. • Small openings are left between each block of wood which ensures easy removal of the sand and proper air circulation while seated. • Extra support is given on the seat pan, to avoid any bends or irregularities in the structure adding to its strength.

• The legs are designed in such a way that the furniture will stay steady on the beach sand without any disbalancing.

SIMPLE FURNITURE DESIGN Low floor seating for Charkha users (The Spinning Wheel users)

As a part of Simple Furniture Design project, the chosen topic was to design a furniture for people who works on Charkha (The Spinning Wheel). A study was conducted on the Charkha, its history and the various kinds of work done with it. The study also included the time taken by the users. The target users of this project (male and female) were not only the Charkha users, but also others who work seated on the floor, indoors. Considering the target users, the furniture is made portable, light weight, easy-to-store and low cost. An ergonomic study was done through questionnaires, studying various human postures, time period, types of work and different human percentiles. The project is divided into three parts. Stage 1,2 and 3 which consist of the Research & Study, Furniture Development and the Manufacturing Process.


ERGONOMICS After sitting for a long period, the major pain and discomfort occurs in the buttock region. The reason being weight of the human body. Even if the user changes his posture in regular intervals while seated, because of the weight, pressure and improper blood flow in the buttock region, the discomfort keeps recurring. Pain on the shoulders occur due to the hand movement while working on the charkha. The workers try to avoid this pain by changing their sitting posture.

After 10 to 15 minutes every person changes their sitting position. The ergonomics study became interesting when a small height was provided from the floor. It was more comfortable and the users could work from 15 to 20 minutes without changing their posture. The small rise in height distributes the weight and pressure to an extent and helps in a comfortable blood flow. The diagram in this page represents the ergonomic research on different percentiles of people.

An outline drawing of body regions in contact with the floor with respect to different percentiles of people, the outlines of buttock area, knee and foot.

RESTAURANT CHAIR DESIGN Restaurant chair designed for beach cafes and shacks

The restaurant chair is designed targeting the beach cafes and shacks. This chair is inspired from a commonly found crustacean on the beach, Crab.The form has been an integral part of the chair’s design to assign itself to a specific geography. To maintain a fluid crowd flow, as the chair provides a beautiful view of the seashore; the design incorporates a disable factor which makes visitors uneasy after a point of time.The back rest which is supposed to be having a curvy form is made straight here. This is because, giving a curvy form as back rest makes the user comfortable and relax for a longer time period. To avoid this issue in a crowded restaurant, the backrest is purposely made straight, which satisfies both point of views. From the business side as well as manufacturing. The chair uses rubber wood in order to achieve portability and low manufacturing cost. The joinery used is tenon & mortise.

FOLDING FURNITURE DESIGN Folding Cradle for children to be used in small living spaces.

The Foldable Cradle is meant for 3 months to 2 year old children, to be used in cramped small living spaces like flats and apartments. The Cradle pays attention to the mobility and folding nature which helps in conserving space. Various aspects like moving the furniture from one room to another or to outdoors, transporting via vehicles, easy storage with less amount of space etc. will be the advantages of the Folding Cradle. Aspects like balance, strength, agility, weight, size and how people can interact with it ergonomically in a conductive manner are taken care of in this Folding Furniture Project.


The cradle can take over 30 kg. A provision for hanging toys is also provided. Pivots of the cradle also act as a holder for the cloth.

After usage, the cradle can be folded and stored.

Pivot of the cradle

An additional MS pipe is attached to the radius of the form. Thus adding weight, strengthening and avoiding vibration.

The ‘S’ shaped hook that holds the cloth, as well as provides support in cradling.

Showing the user interaction and folding mechanism process.

ACCESSORY DESIGN Veena miniature model for car dashboards

Screen shot from the short-film ‘SPARSHAM‘ (malayalam)

VIDEO CONFERENCE ROOM DESIGN Video Conference Room for the corporate ‘Cisco’ (hypothetical project)

In this project, the Video Conference Room interiors are designed in such a way that the interior design and furnitures also go along with the theme of Cisco. To ensure the comfort level of the employees, making sure that the conference room design does not allow any external sound to interfere with the internal interaction was important. Considering the users, the facilities required for a video conference room are furnitures, overhead projectors / LCD monitors, stage lighting, air conditioners, phone system, Wi-Fi internet connections, sound system, a small editing lab with a washroom beside it.

Video Conference Room

The conference room should accommodate maximum 4 to 6 people. The total area of the room is 5m x 8m including the washroom and the editing lab. There will be a good amount of space for the staff & guests which allows them to move around freely, so the furnitures included in the conference room is also considered. Wash Room

Editing Lab


The Video Conference Room

Editing Lab - Roof with Troffer Lighting

False Ceiling Design

False Ceiling Design - Exploded View

Washroom Design

Conference Table Design




Elevation - d 1.50

3.98 Title : Conference Table Orthographic

0.76 0.80




Drawing Designed By : Kiran Prasanth. R Drawn By : Kiran Prasanth. R Guide :

Nandita Mehrotra Design Project III - INTERIORS

Course :


Front Elevation


Side Elevation

Discipline :

Scale :

6th Semester Furniture & Interior Design

1:1 * All Dimensions are in Meters

Conference Table Power Outlet Conference table power outlets/desk outlets provide the ultimate in convenient connectivity for the office workstation, conference tables, or even the uncompromising home user. The purpose of a desk outlet is to bring data, power, and A/V signals from your wall outlets and raceway systems to our desktop without an unsightly or hazardous cable installation. Most desk outlets are considered “permanent�. This means a hole must be cut out of the desk in order to install the unit. Other styles may be clamped to the edge, screwed onto the underside, or simply placed on top of the desk. The conference table is designed with the connections needed and then selecting one with the best look and most convenient installation.

GARDEN FURNITURE DESIGN An outdoor furniture designed for gardens following the theme of Stone Age

This garden furniture has been designed on the theme ‘Stone Age’. When this furniture is kept at any garden or a park, it is not just to sit on. It also acts as an installation. It merges well with the exterior space and atmosphere without any visual distractions. Studying the target users and the context, a proper ergonomic sudy was done and then the outer form of the whole furniture was fixed. People can sit and relax for a longer period of time. The garden furniture is strong and steady because of its weight. As this is an outdoor furniture, also to avoid using more amount of cement and other materials while manufacturing and to reduce the cost, a metal frame was made and over that a metal grid, cement and black oxide was put. So, there is a hollow space inside this garden furniture.

p h c s d

r o j e c t e a l t h a r e y s t e m e s i g n

The furniture set is designed for taking care of Storage & Transportation System in any hospital around the country.This indoor Furniture set contains four component furnitures which are having various uses and its own functionality. In this Furniture set 3 box furnitures are used for storage and the 4th one is used for storage as well as transporting which acts like a trolley.This specific component furniture is used to transport the other 3 box furnitures and also other equipments in the hospital. Each component furnitures in this furniture set is designed looking at all kind of People, Space and Equipments in Hospitals. The 3 box furnitures can be stacked one up on the other. If there is more than one furniture set, the user can exchange box furnitures from one set to the other according to the requirements. After stacking the box furniture one up on the other, they can be placed the 4th furniture and can be transported.


Acts as Handle to move the entire structure. Can hang cloth or other accesories. Helps in stacking. Helps the user in lifting the box components easily. Provides a small height from the floor. Form provides a very saftey stacking system. Rubber grip is placed beneath the leg. Caster wheels for transportation Strong enough to hold more than 70Kg.

• People

• Space

• Equipments

• • • • • • •

• • • • • • • •

• • • • • • • •

Doctors Attenders Lab Assistance Administration Staffs Receptionist Staff at Enquiry Dentist

Operation Theatre Doctors Cabin Reception Enquiry Pharmacy Administration X-Ray Unit Sonography Unit

• Component 1

Stetoscope Foot Wears Files Folders Surgical Equipments Cloths Accessories Utensils • Component 2

• • • • • •

Lab Employes Receptionist Dentist Doctors Administration Staffs Temporary Staffs

• • • • • •

Pharmacy Eye Unit Laboratory Sonography Unit Dental Clinic Wards

• • • • • • •

Medicines Surgical Equipments Food Items Accesories Bags Liquids Cloth • Component 3

• • • • • • •

Doctors Nurse Sequrity Attenders Permanent Staffs Temporary Staffs Administration Staffs

• • • • • • •

Dental Clinic Reception Laboratory Enquiry Doctors Cabin Pharmacy Operation Theatre

• • • • • • • • •

Medicines Cloths Electronic Equipments Surgical Equipments Utensils Files & Folders Accessories Bags Food Items

• Component 4

• People

• Space

• Equipments

• • • • • • • •

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Doctors Patients Nurse Attender’s Security Permanent Staff Temporary Staff Children

Laparoscopic Surgery Unit Sonography Unit Gynac Department Cancer Department Orthopedic Department Pharmacy Doctors Cabin Pathology Lab Eye Department X-Ray Unit Dental Clinic Nephrology Cardiology Department Ayurvedic Department Pain Clinic ENT Department Child Disease Department

Medicines Waste Materials Files & Folders Small Furnitures Surgical Equipments Electronic Equipments Cloths Cleaning Equipments Gas Cylinders Food Items Foot Wears Stretchers Oxygen Cylinders Bags Accessories Utenzils Fluids & Liquida Machines

Demonstration of Component Furnitures used in Different work spaces such as reception area, Administration area, Enquiry, Lab etc.

Component 1 Used in Laboratory


Seating Furniture for kids with Cerebral Palsy

What is Cerebral Palsy ( CP ) A kid with Cerebral Palsy (CP) has trouble controlling the muscles of the body. Normally, the brain tells the rest of the body exactly what to do and when to do it. But because CP affects the brain, depending on what part of the brain is affected, a kid might not be able to walk, talk, eat, or play the way most kids do.

There is good amount of scope for improving and designing adaptive equipment for kids with cerebral palsy. There are very few adaptive equipment available in India for CP kids and most of them are not economical to user group .even the no of institute and NGO’s working in this areas are very few .like polio foundation is one of its kind in western zone of India patients from Gujarat other state comes there for treatment.

Mokeup model of the seating Furniture.

Flexi Ply was used for making the BackRest and Seat Pan. Plywood was used for Foot Rest and writing Tablet.Upholstery was put over the flexiply structure and the frame is made using MS pipe. The frame structure can be dismantled because Allen Bolt joinery is used to join the whole frame.

Rough Sketch

3d Model

The Prototype

The writing tablet can be easily removed or placed

Quick Release is used for adjusting the BackRest towards front or backwards.Quick Release is also used at the FootRest.

Adjustable Backrest

Adjustable Footrest

Allen Bolt Joinery

Kiran Prasanth R. Furniture & Interior Design National Institute of Design Paldi, Ahmedabad Ph 09974762449

Portfolio furniture & interior design  

Portfolio - Furniture & Interior Design 2013

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