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HENRY'S TRAVEL STORY By: Ejovi Oghor & Henry Masaviru The town of Southbury, Connecticut was one of several towns formed out of a parcel of land purchased from the Paugussett Indians in 1659. Southbury was originally a small town, engaging in small trade. However, in 1987, when IBM built an extensive office and research building in Southbury, it provided employment for over 2,500 workers. Southbury was no longer a small, rural town. Today, Southbury is a thriving town attracting a lot of people who work in New York to reside in Southbury.

While on the Blue Harmony project, Ejovi and I had the privilege of traveling to Southbury and neighboring towns to experience the New England culture coupled with Indian culture. (You read that right, Indian culture). You see, a lot of the tech workers who live in the Southbury area are of Indian descent. Along with a great environment to thrive, IBM has given us the opportunity to interact with different cultures. It was therefore imperative for us to visit at least one Indian restaurant and sample the sumptuous Indian cuisine. Ejovi’s guide on this trip was his project manager and fellow IBMer, on the Blue Harmony SAP CHM O2O project, Kiran Maddineni. Kiran is an SAP guru with over 12 years of experience. His attention to detail in his own work and in his projects carried over even when searching for the finest Indian cuisine to dine. One restaurant stood out from the rest, “Sitar Restaurant” – An exquisite Indian restaurant located on Yale University campus in New Haven, Connecticut. I had the opportunity to enjoy the ambience at the “Taj Palace Restaurant” in Danbury, CT. Both restaurants offer appetizing choices of vegetable, Chicken, Lamb and Tandoori (clay oven baked) entrées, and give you the option of having any entrée prepared for either take out or eat-in dining. We learned that the Cuisine of India is very diverse and is a result of India's diverse population. Over the centuries, each new wave of settlers brought with them their own culinary practices which, over time, blended into the Indian cuisine as it is known today. Besides settlers from outside, Indian cuisine has also been influenced by environmental, social, religious and political factors from within. Most Indian cuisines are related by significant usage of spices, and by the use of a larger variety of vegetables than many other culinary traditions. The menus selected those dishes which truly reflect the culinary heritage of India. For those of you unfamiliar with Indian cuisine, all of the items on the menus of both restaurants were described in plain English, and when further assistance was needed in making a decision, the managers were very helpful. It might be helpful to note that each dish in those restaurants was individually prepared to ensure freshness and quality. We truly enjoyed our time in beautiful Southbury and the unique dining experiences. PS: This was Henry Masaviru’s last column for MDC Today. Henry has since taken up a new position with another company in Dallas, TX. The MDC Today team thank him for his dedication, loyalty and hard work.

07/11/11 6:20 PM

Experience in Southbury, CT  

Experience in Southbury, CT

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