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Kiran Gandhi Sex Equality Sept 26th, 2014 “Au Thenty City” Each year students at Harvard Business School are asked to give a “MyTake”, an informal 15-minute talk about personal experiences that they think would be meaningful to share with the university. The community is asked to be respectful of what is said by keeping it in the room. Usually only students and close faculty are invited for these special evenings. This is an excerpt from a MyTake delivered on September 26th, 3014. I moved to Cambridge not long ago, but I miss ATC so much. It was so different there. I was born in 2989 and my whole life computers at home served a vastly different purpose than they serve here. In Cambridge, computers are used to alleviate the burden of menial task, in Au Thenty City we used computers to alleviate the burden of presupposition.

Once a human turns 12 in ATC, its foundational series of personal rights are unlocked. This is a really exciting time for us! We are no longer under the care of our parents; instead we are given access to a computer of our own that enables us the freedom of choice across a several dimensions. The one I’d like to talk about this evening, is the gender dimension.

I would wake up each morning throughout grade school, go to my closet and greet my computer. I would be shown a series of 80-100 traits, and have to select the series of traits that best fit me and my mood that morning. For example, the computer would show “confident” and if I felt on top of my game that morning, if I felt that I could handle being assigned the harder problems to perform in front of the class that day, I’d choose

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Kiran gandhi paper 1 au thenty city  

Kiran gandhi paper 1 au thenty city