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You have a voice too, here is where you can use it! Cell Phones Students should be allowed to have their cellphones turned on during school, their circumstances at home may be unpredictable and may have to stay in contact with their parents.... (continued pg.

Dress Code Students should be able to wear whatever feels comfortable for them...(continued pg. 1)

Dress code.

Why is the code at Hampton High School so strict? Why is the dress code at Hampton High School so strict, and prejudice towards women. The dress code allows boys to wear whatever they want and females can’t. The only thing the dress code has towards boys is that they can not sag their pants, but the authorities don’t even enforce that rule to it’s full limit. For girls they can’t wear almost everything the market produces for them to wear. No skirts that aren’t finger tip length, some females have long fingers so that rule isn’t fair Why the dress code shouldn’t be so strict at to them. Females aren’t allowed Hampton High School. to wear tights or leggings. Tights and leggings are The dress code shouldn’t be so strict because in high comfortable to females. A girl school teenagers are trying to figure out who they are as could be having a bad day, or a person, and while doing that they figure out what they feeling sad, or sick and since like to wear and how to wear it. they feel this way they will want to be comfortable with tights or A female wearing a short skirt may not in her eyes leggings. They don’t want to have be sexual at all, some females wear them because their to worry about getting sent to hot, it’s comfortable to them or it may help them with SIP’s for wearing their emotion. their self esteem. Not all females when they put on a The dress code is completely bias towards females, boys are allowed to dress how they please and for females it is the complete opposite, seems like we are doing everything in the boys favor. I read in an article that the only reason why the dress code is asking females to cover everything up is because both boys and girls are at a stage in life when they are going through adolescence and that they “I feel like don’t want to distract boys with it is what girls wear, so they can completely prevent sex offenders in the blown out of future. After reading that proportion and article i asked myself why don’t is double we teach the boys how to control standard.” their sexual hormones instead of says Alexis teaching females how not to feel Mitchell comfortable in their own skin.


short skirt, and a crop top are trying to be cute, some are just trying to feel self confidence. When boys sag their pants, I’m more then sure they aren’t trying to just show the whole world their butt, it may be comfortable for them. The way teenagers dress as well as adults express how they feel and who they are. When teenagers get dresses they aren’t trying to harm someone with what they wear, they are just trying to be themselves, this is why the dress code should be less strict. “I think the STUDENTS’ cellphone policy Trevonne Jrett says “I honestly don’t care because they aren’t going to stop it.”

is stupid, becaue of all the bomb threats, we should be able to call our paretns if the school can’t contact them fast enough.” says Jemika Hardy

Cellphone policy

The Cellphone Policy at Hampton High School On page 12 of the Students’ Rights and Responsibilities Code of Student Conduct says that ‘High school students may posses cellular telephones or other portable communications devices. Devices may not be visible and must not interfere with the instructional program or activity.‘ This does not happen with the students so why such cruel punishment. When a student is caught with their phone why immediately take it and give it to the principles office and have their parents come and get it why can’t they just get a warning first. Majority of the time when a child checks their phone, it is because they are checking the time. Most kids either can’t read clocks or struggle to read clocks so therefore when they try to check the time they look at their phone since it is digital and they don’t have to count.

Why students should be able to have their phones on during school. Students should be able to have their phones on during school, because they could benefit from it. Students would be able to use the calculator on their phone so they if they need help with a math problem. Not all calculators usually work during school or they get stolen so therefore a student could use their phone to calculate the problem they are struggling with.


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Rap music, also sometimes known as hip-hop music, is a style of popular music believed to have its beginnings in AfricanAmerican inner-city street culture. Though it has its beginnings in the underground music scene of the 1970s, rap music is today considered a very mainstream music genre, popular amng people of all ages and backgrounds. Unlike many other styles of music, rap music is generally not sung. Lyrics are spoken against a backdrop of music. This music often consists of beats and rhythms borrowed from the soul, funk, or rock genres. Rap musicians typically remix these sounds and rhythmes, adding their own innovations, and often synthesized musical elements. Rap songs are often known for their focus on controversial themes, such as gang violence. Often, however, rap musicians sing about a wide rang of events and themes. These musicians often express their political and social views. They may discuss their own lives, or they may even write love songs. Performers have even been known to write rap songs about fictional events.


R&B came about during a demographic shift in Americca that began just before WWII when large segments of the black population moved from the rural South to cities in the Midwest, Northeast and West Coast. This migration created a young, urban black audience with a growing taste for uptempo dance music. Many in the record industry seized the opportunity by starting independently owned labels and radio stations targeting the black audience. The popularity of R&B music also helped to fuel the appetite of young white audiences for rock ‘n’ roll. Early R&B centered in Atlanta, where live R&B acts were popular. In 1949, one of the first black-owned R&B radio stations, Atlanta’s WERD, found success with area listeners, especially with its late-night R&B show hosted by Zenas “Daddy” Sears. Other radio stations followed suit and soon R&B artists were recording albums on both coasts.


Rhythm & Blues is a term used to descibe the bluesinfluenced form of musci predominantly performed by AfricanAmericans since the late 1930s. The term ‘Rhythm and Blues’ was first introduced into the American lexicon in the late 1940s. The name’s origin was created for use as a musical marketing term by Billboard magazine. In 1949, then Billboard magazine reporter Jerry Wexler created the term for Billboard to designate upbeat popular music performed by African American artists that combined Blues and Jazz.

The “Rhythm & Blues” term was created to replace the designation “race music,” which until then was the stardard catch-all phase used in refercnce to most mucis made by blacks at the time. After the “race music” term was deemed offensive, Billboard began using the Rhythm & Blues name that Wexler created.

Old School Rap

Old school hip hop describes the earliest commercially recorded hip hop music approximately from 1979-1984, and the music in the period preceding it from which it was directly descended. Old school hip hop is said to end around 1983 or 1984 with the emergence of RunD.M.C, the first new school hip hop group. However some old school rap stations cover 1980s hip hop in general, occasionally extending even into the mid 1990s. The image, styles and sounds of the old school were exemplified by figures like Afrika Bambaatoo, The Sugarhill Gang, Spoonie Gee, Treacherous Doug E. Fresh, LL Cool J, The Fat Boys, The Cold Crush Brother and Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five, and

by the simpler rapping technique of the time and the general focus on party related subject matter.



Your Voice  

by Kirah McAllister

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