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Visual Inventory for The Bike Works Community “Bike Works Community provides inner-city children living in at-risk situations with meaningful work-ethic alternatives to gangs, drugs and the streets. We use bicycles, peer role models and adult mentors to develop and nurture relationships and to engage youth; and once engaged, influence their behavior and their outlook about school and life.�

Concept Community Bike Works is about KIDS, not just bikes. The organiaiton uses bike and bike mechanics as a hook to engage youth. Once engaged, influence their behaivor and their outlook on school and life. This program helps build confidence. This website also needs to tell a story.

Huge blown up photograph of theme of organization can help hook people into the website and get an idea of what is it about.

Elevator pitch or tagline that quickly represents what the organizaiton is about.

Photographs add human touch and lifestyle. Of what goes on in organization. Appealing to have people engage or participate.

Speaking in facts and actual evidence of either help or progress is important.

Using icons or visual representations for ideas is a great way to help summarize ideas.

Nav bar tells story by simple phrase under the title of each sub page.

Color Comunity Bike Works currently has extremely bright colors on their website. All the colors have a a punch to them and are hard on the eyes. The website is targeting for adults. This website wants the adults to feel like this is a place that I can send my kids to a place that is fun and is a learning environment. I still want to use fun playful colors but mute them and tone them done so they aren’t too over bearing.

Whimsical illustrations and colors add an inviting feeling to this website for audience members to participate in events and even tells a story.

The environment created in the background seems to be a community based them. The use of bright muted colors bring an happy feel to this website.

This website does have a nice color pallet of many muted colors of the rainbow but with the tan background it still gives the website a sense of maturity and balance. This tan color helps the bright colors not over power the website and not make it too kiddish. The bright colors are repeated from the banner at the top of the page. It creates a nice flow down the page and the colors aren’t too bright and not overpowering.

Tone The Comunity Bike Works needs to create a website that shows a playful, fun, and interactive environment. This is a program that is helping the community. I think a strong tone and idea that needs to be met is a sense of community, help one another and growth. This needs to appeal to parents who will be sending their children to this program.

There is a nice use of typography. Giving a playful tone with just using a hand written font.

The use of a warm color scheme and the illustrations of the buildings creates a setting. This is an inviting setting and sense of a community or belonging to a place.

Illustration and action again creates a ton of belonging and being part of something. This illustration style explains an idea without even having to use words.

Youth organizations having either learning or physical activities are huge. I think having an illustration of activities to do sets a ton of involvement and learning.

Summary Concept



Using photographs that represent the organization through human interaction, providing facts adds trust and research, and use of icons helps tell a story. Using these tools to help tell a story and to show involvement will help encourage participation in program.

Broad color pallet with bright muted colors. Possibly other natural/ dull colors to help create balance with bright colors. This needs to be colorful but still professional and appeal to adults and children.

The tone does need to be playful and whimsicial but like I said before since parents are visiting the website it still needs to be professional, tell a story and have a sense of belonging.

Visual inventory  
Visual inventory