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Ski Packing List Courtesy of Southern Spark Carry On Packing (Infants-Preschoolers) 10-12 diapers 4 Pull-Ups per child (This should get you there, even if you have an unexpected layover. The rest can be purchase upon arrival.) Wipes Changing pad Bottles Milk/Formula Purchase bottled water once past security for formula mixing. 1 full juice cup per child (These will be “scanned” at security. Purchase more once you’ve passed security.) Snacks (Goldfish, pretzels, fresh and dried fruit, etc.) Entertainment (Books, crayons, coloring books, DVD player, DVDs, earphones, small toys.)

Health Medications (Pain reliever, fever reducer, allergy reliever, sleep aids.) Nebulizer First Aid Kit (Include thermometer, Neosporin, Band-Aids.) Ear plugs Pre-trip Planning Tips: Outlet Covers * When booking lodging for ski EpiPen trips, find one that is child-friendly. Sunscreen

Kitchen Sippy cups (One extra per child, labeled with name.) Snack cups (One extra per child, labeled with name.) Bottles Bottle brush Formula Nursing supplies (Pump, bags, etc.) Kid sized utensils Basket for dishwasher Booster seat/Travel high chair Cooler for lunches at Ski School per child Cold packs (I don’t use ice in coolers. It’s messy and heavy.) Shar pie (You can always use a Sharpie.) Spices for planned dishes

Some include cribs, gates, pools and even toys. * When packing, think "less is more". You will not need 20 extra outfits to sea, so bring the essentials and leave the "maybes" at home. * If flying, bring one carry on that includes your ski clothing along with other necessities. Even if your luggage is lost, you can ski that day. * Determine is online grocery shopping and/or delivery is available at your destination. Utilize those service if possible.

Childrens’ Bedding Blow up mattress(es)/fitted sheet(s) (If utilizing for extra bedding.) Pack and Play (If crib is not provided.) Sheets for Pack and Play Nightlight Noise machine (Helpful if traveling with other kids or your lodgings have thin walls.) Monitor

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Ski Packing List Courtesy of Southern Spark Childrens Luggage

Ski jacket and pants Snow boots Ski goggles Sunglasses Gloves Hat/Ear Warmers Long Johns Thermal Socks Hand/Foot Warmers Helmet (Unless renting) Outfit per day of trip 3 pair of pajamas Underwear per day of trip One pair extra shoes Bathing suit (for pool/hot tub) Pull-Ups Diapers Wipes Security blanket/animal/pacifers/lovey Small Toys Toiletry bag (Including: toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, soap, shampoo, conditioner, nail clippers, diaper cream)

Travel Entertainmnet Basketball/Hoop that can hook on door (hours of entertainment in a condo) Football (To play in the snow) Sleds (There are some types that are flat enough to pack in a suitcase.)

Apps to Download My Tracks (Tracks your runs and speeds for the day.) A Ski Resort App for the slopes you will on that day.

Electronics Camera + memory cards Video camera + memory cards Phone Laptop iPod Chargers for all gadgets


App Tip! : * Most ski resorts now have apps that let you know the lift wait times, what runs are closed and of course a the resort's map. Very handy when hitting the trails for the day.

Stroller Chargers for all gadgets

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Ski Packing List  

Hitting the slopes? Then it's time to pack!

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