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Blog Conference Packing List

Apparel Undergarments Socks Bathing Suit (if near a beach or pool) Flip Flops Day Outfit, 1 per day Day Shoes, comfortable Evening Clothing, 1 per day Evening Shoes, Light Sweater Accessories - jewelry & belts Pjs _______________________

Courtesy of Southern Spark & A Daily Pinch

Toiletries Toothbrush & paste Hair Brush Razor/Shaving Cream Contact Lens Kit Deodorant Facial Wash Make-Up & Remover Sunscreen Wet Wipes Hand Sanitizer Band-Aids Tampons Shampoo/Conditioner* Soap/Body Wash* Lotion* Mini-Sewing Kit* ___________________

Toiletry Tip! : * Pack lighter! If you can suck it up for a few days, use the toiletries your hotel provides.

Medications Prescriptions Pain Relievers Cold/Allergy Meds Throat Lozenges _______________

Apps to Download Maps & Travel Guides of your location Taxi App: i.e. Call a Taci, Whacksy Taxi, Taxi Magic Yelp & Trip Advisor Blog Conference Apps _________________________________

Business Essentials

Business Cards Cash & Credit/Debit Cards Envelopes for Receipts Conference Ticket /Intinerary Driver's License Map/GPS/Directions (if driving) Hotel Reservation Confirmation Car Rental Confirmation (if applicable) Airline Boarding Pass (if flying) ____________________________

Miscellaneous Lara/Snack Bars Book Magazines Sunglasses Laundry Stick Stain Stick Ziploc Bag (wet/stained items) Prescription Glasses Room Deodorizer First Aid Kit Cooler, small collapsible/portable Water _________________________

Tech Essentials Music Bullet (or small portable speaker) Phone & Charger Laptop/Tablet & Charger(s) iPod & Charger Notebook & Pen Camera, SD Cards, Lenses & Charger Video Camera & Charger ______________________________

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Blog Confrence Packing List  

Save time and print out this packing list brought to you by A Daily Pinch, Southern Spark, and kippy p. designs

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