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KIPP LA SCHOOLS IS COMMITTED to doing whatever it takes to ensure that ALL of our students are firmly on the path to and through college. In neighborhoods where only 4% of students graduate from college, 84% of KIPP LA's alumni are persisting in college.



Dear Friends, Over the past nine years, KIPP LA Schools has grown from two schools serving approximately 150 students to a thriving network of seven schools serving 2,200 students. Throughout this growth, we have never lost sight of our commitment to our core mission: to teach the academic skills, foster the intellectual habits, and cultivate the character traits needed for our students to thrive in high school, college, and the competitive world beyond.

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We are committed to providing world-class academic and character education to our students and to staying with them on the entirety of their journey to and through college. We believe that all children will learn and succeed if given the right educational environment, opportunities, and support. We are committed to the visionary leadership that makes our schools excellent learning environments and to expanding our

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impact in Los Angeles — ensuring more students obtain the high-quality K-8 education that will put them on the path to college. We are committed to evaluating our results and raising the bar for excellent education in Los Angeles. We know that regardless of the energy and resources expended, what matters most is the success of our students. We are committed to constant innovation, exploring blended learning and other new ways to get better as we get bigger. We are

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looking far into the future, meticulously planning our growth, and adapting as needed to ensure that we are ready for whatever the future may hold. And we are committed to you, our community of friends and supporters. We are pleased to share our 2012 Annual Report and invite you to learn more about our schools and organization. We hope you will join us in our commitment to the students of South and East Los Angeles. Sincerely,

Marcia Aaron Executive Director

5 / KIPP LA Schools 2012 Annual Report

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is making the commitment... To our students. To their families. To academics, character, and leadership. Sustaining these commitments requires hard work, dedication, and persistence. But we know the rewards will be immense as our KIPPsters receive their college diplomas and go on to transform our communities and our country.

The stakes are high. Los Angeles...

is the world’s 3rd largest economic center.

In the future... And today...



of all jobs will require a college degree.

670,000 students are relying on LA’s public education system to prepare them for the jobs of tomorrow.

Education In Los Angeles is in Crisis. We’re not investing In our future. California is

dropouts are rampant.




in per-pupil education funding.

schools are under-performing. fewer THAN



of students drop out during high school.

High school graduates are not prepared for college. Only

of High school students are proficient in English and Math.


of graduates are college-ready.

And Students Are Paying the price. A high-quality education, culminating in a college degree, opens up countless opportunities. Yet students from LA—especially from South and East LA—are missing out on the education they deserve and are left with less earning power, decreased job security, and fewer choices for their future. The Real Achievement Gap

Comparison of lifetime earnings

College Graduates

By Education Level

Top Income Quartile

82% US Average

31% South and East Los Angeles





4% It doesn’t have

to be this way.

Building a Better Los Angeles

Committed to...

building a better Los Angeles

For the amount it costs CALIFORNIA

to graduate

KIPP LA Schools is helping to meet the need for high-quality educational options in South and East Los Angeles.

1 student

From a low-income community from college

KIPP LA Schools (KIPP LA) operates free, openenrollment, public charter schools in South and

KIPP graduates

East LA. We seek to provide our students with the

8 Students.

academic skills, personal habits, and character traits necessary to succeed in high school, college, and life.


Since 2003, our schools have been closing the achievement gap in middle school. When we opened our first elementary school in 2008, we

If it were a district, KIPP LA would be the

welcomed a class of kindergartners who will never face that achievement gap. As part of the national

HIGHEST performing

KIPP (Knowledge Is Power Program) network of 125

in Los Angeles County serving a majority of underserved students.

schools in 20 states and DC, we are building a better tomorrow for students in Los Angeles and across the country. KIPP LA is expanding to serve more students in our

Our schools

communities. Over the next five years, we will triple the number of students we serve in Los Angeles.

Our students



KIPP Scholar Academy

2,200 Students



Middle Elementary

African American and Latino students

students eligible for free or Reduced Price Meals




KIPP Philosophers Academy

KIPP LA Schools 2012 Annual Report / 8

World-Class Academics

Committed to...

world-class academics At KIPP LA, we recognize that the first step up the mountain to a college degree is developing a solid academic foundation.

1st KIPP LA Prep is the

highest performing middle school in LAUSD.

Our approach, based on KIPP’s Five Pillars, is not only focused on teaching students the necessary skills but also on developing them into lifelong learners and critical thinkers. By giving excellent educators more time in the classroom, we lay a firm foundation in the core subjects of math, English language arts, science, and social studies; develop

KIPP Raíces Academy

students’ creativity and cultural awareness through

outperforms 98%

art, music, and foreign languages; and offer a wide

of elementary schools in California.

range of extracurricular activities such as lacrosse, mock trial, school newspaper, and band. We use data from assessments and other objective measures to maximize student achievement. At


KIPP LA, we are committed to preparing all of our

of 3rd graders at KIPP Raíces Academy are proficient or advanced in math.

students for college and the world beyond.

KIPP’s Five Pillars

High Expectations

Choice & Commitment

More Time

Power to Lead

Focus on Results

Our schools create a culture of achievement and support that makes no excuses based on a student’s background or prior academic performance.

Parents, teachers, students, and administrators all choose to be a part of the KIPP program and commit to doing whatever it takes to help students succeed.

Our extended school day and year provides roughly 40 percent more time for learning the core subjects as well as for extracurricular programs.

Our leaders are inspirational educators who have control over their school budgets and personnel, allowing them maximum effectiveness in helping students learn.

We are constantly monitoring student achievement on standardized tests and other objective measures to ensure that our students are prepared for high school, college, and life.

9 / KIPP LA Schools 2012 Annual Report

Rosemary B. Class of 2017, KIPP LA Prep In her first few days as a fifth grader at KIPP LA Prep, Rosemary was surprised by the focus on college and the expectations that challenged her at all times. Her teachers, recognizing her potential, required her to strive for “no less than her best” and inspired her to grow and improve. Now in her eighth grade year, Rosemary is president of the student council. Next year, she hopes to attend The Waverly School or Harvard-Westlake and considers herself to have unlimited career options. In her words, “If there aren’t any limits in education at KIPP, why put limits on your life interests?”

KIPP Comienza Community Prep Character Education At KIPP Comienza Community Prep, character education pervades the entire curriculum. From reading to math to science taught in Spanish, the school’s four values — courage, ganas, honor, and reflection — provide the framework. Students show courage when taking risks and asking for help, exhibit ganas by never giving up, honor themselves and their community, and consistently reflect upon their choices; when they make mistakes, they turn their behavior around.

Building Character

Committed to...

Building Character

“KIPP Empower has helped Ashandi grow stronger in mind, body, and spirit. She has learned to be more grateful, content, and virtuous.”

It takes more than academic achievement to fuel a successful climb to and through college.

Melody Moore, Parent KIPP Empower Academy

Students must also develop a core set of character


strengths to persist through any setbacks or challenges they face. KIPP has adopted seven highly predictive character strengths shown to lead to engaged, meaningful, and purposeful lives: grit, zest,

of KIPP LA parents would

self-control, optimism, gratitude, social intelligence,

recommend KIPP LA to their friends and families.

and curiosity. Each KIPP LA school infuses its curriculum with

“The students who persisted in college were not necessarily the ones who had excelled academically at KIPP; they were the ones with exceptional character strengths, like optimism and persistence and social intelligence.”

character education and seeks to provide students with opportunities to develop themselves into confident self-advocates who know what it will take to achieve their goals.

Dave Levin, KIPP Co-Founder, from the New York Times Magazine, “What if the Secret to Success Is Failure?”

KIPP’s Highly Predictive Character Strengths



• Tries very hard even after experiencing failure • Works independently with focus

• Actively participates • Shows enthusiasm • Invigorates others



• Comes to class prepared • Allows others to speak without interruption

• Gets over frustrations and setbacks quickly • Believes that effort will improve his/her future

GRATITUDE • Recognizes and shows appreciation for others and for his/her opportunities

SOCIAL INTELLIGENCE • Finds solutions during conflicts with others • Demonstrates respect for others’ feelings

CURIOSITY • Is eager to explore new things • Asks and answers questions to deepen understanding

KIPP LA Schools 2012 Annual Report / 12

Staying with Our Students

Committed to...

staying with our students

Finding the right match KTC seeks to place each matriculating KIPPster into the high school and college that best fit his or her needs. Among others, KIPP LA alumni have matriculated to the following schools:

For our students, the road to college completion is full of obstacles. As a result, our commitment to them does not end when they leave our middle schools in eighth grade. KIPP LA’s KIPP Through College (KTC) team stays with our students even after they leave our schools, providing a wide array of support and services to

High School


• Dunn School • Stevenson School • Harvard-Westlake School • St. Mary’s Academy • Environmental Science and Technology High School

• University of California, Berkeley • Howard University • Kalamazoo College • Boston University • Georgetown University

alumni as they climb to and through college. KTC assists our exiting eighth graders in matriculating to college-preparatory high schools and supports them with high school course selection and applications


for college, financial aid, and scholarships. We stay with our students throughout their college careers, providing advice, counseling, and added support to

of KIPP LA’s alumni are persisting in college.

ensure our KIPPsters not only matriculate to college but are also on track to graduate. Currently, 84 percent of KIPP LA’s alumni are persisting in college, compared to 11 percent of lowincome students from South and East Los Angeles. Throughout the KIPP network, KIPP alumni graduate college at a rate higher than the national average.

Five factors of college readiness KIPP Through College has leveraged respected national research and the program’s own experience to identify five key factors that are instrumental in helping KIPP students graduate from college.


Academic readiness

The right college match

13 / KIPP LA Schools 2012 Annual Report

$ College affordability and financial understanding

A powerful set of character strengths

Social and academic integration

Ian O. Class of 2011, KIPP Academy of Opportunity Sophomore, Cal State Monterey Bay When Ian started as a fifth grader at KIPP Academy of Opportunity, he was performing far below grade level in all subjects. But after four years with the “outstanding teachers” he found at KIPP, he matriculated to high school proficient in all subjects. His time at KIPP taught him the value of education and always striving for his best. Now he is a sophomore at Cal State Monterey Bay, plans to double major in government and education, and leads his school’s chapter of Strive for College, a college-access mentoring group. Ultimately, Ian aspires to teach at KIPP before eventually founding a KIPP school through the Fisher Fellowship.

Developing and Supporting Leaders

Committed to...

developing and supporting leaders Great schools don’t just happen. It takes excellent leaders to create high-quality, college-preparatory schools that also build character and make learning fun. Power to Lead, one of KIPP’s Five Pillars, highlights our focus on identifying the right leaders for our schools and empowering them to make the

Instructional Leader

decisions that are best for our schools, students, and communities. Our school leaders are skilled educators who build excellent teaching teams and create environments that foster academic achievement, personal and professional growth, and joyful learning. In turn, great teachers build relationships with students and families, create inspirational classroom cultures, and

Elements of a great KIPP LA School Leader

use student data effectively to customize instruction.

Emerging leaders program KIPP LA will only open a school once the right leader has been identified, and we are committed to investing in the development of our current and rising leaders. Our Emerging Leaders Program develops leaders at each stage of the teaching career, culminating in the school leaderpreparatory Miles Family and Fisher Fellowships facilitated by the KIPP Foundation. Mara Bond started her career with KIPP LA as a founding kindergarten teacher at KIPP Raíces Academy and quickly grew into a position on the school’s leadership team. Now a Fisher Fellow, Mara is spending the year developing her vision for KIPP Iluminar Academy, a KIPP LA elementary school that will open in 2013. 15 / KIPP LA Schools 2012 Annual Report

Stages of KIPP’s Leadership Pathways Program






Miles Family Fellow

4 Fisher Fellow

Tiffany Moore Founding School Leader KIPP Scholar Academy Tiffany’s passion for equitable education grew from her own personal experience. As a child, her parents moved her from the struggling schools of South Central to the high-performing schools in the suburbs. This changed the trajectory of her life, a fact reinforced by the vastly different experiences of her cousins, who remained in South LA. In 2011, through the prestigious Fisher Fellowship, Tiffany completed a yearlong leadership training program as preparation for opening a new KIPP school. This fall, she founded KIPP Scholar Academy in South LA. Tiffany is determined that her students’ futures will not be dictated by the demographics of their neighborhood, but rather that they are given every opportunity to lead meaningful, fulfilling lives.

Finding a Way or Making One

Committed to...

finding a way or making one In the challenging fiscal climate that Los Angeles and California present to charter schools, KIPP LA is innovating and doing more with less.




One of KIPP LA’s core values is constant learning.


We relentlessly pursue ways to improve, from the educational experience in our classrooms to our operational practices to our real estate strategy. Teachers innovate in creating their curriculum, and an




Los Angeles

Per-Pupil Funding Comparison

entrepreneurial spirit permeates the classrooms and operations at KIPP LA. In the past year, we employed a technological solution, HireVue, to manage the initial stage of the hiring process, freeing up personnel and allowing us to


strategically target our resources in areas where they



will have the most impact. In addition, we retrofitted a former retail store into a thriving elementary school, KIPP Raíces Academy’s Otis Booth Campus, saving over $3.5 million in new construction costs.




California Per-Pupil Funding Decreasing Over Time

Solutions like these helped us reduce our cost per student while maintaining the high quality of education we promise to each student and family.

innovation in the Classroom KIPP Empower Academy is the first KIPP school to operate a blended learning model, which integrates technology into the classroom in a meaningful, productive way. Results are proving that with the right educators in the classroom, technology can be strategically utilized to increase student achievement and significantly reduce costs. Building on KIPP Empower’s success, we have implemented blended learning at KIPP Comienza Community Prep and are working to utilize computer-assisted learning at all of our schools. Through this and other innovative technology practices, we are able to decrease our operational costs while also providing our students the 21st century skills needed to excel in tomorrow’s economy.

17 / KIPP LA Schools 2012 Annual Report

KIPP Empower Academy Blended Learning Rotational Model At KIPP Empower, 15 computers are integrated into each classroom, with students rotating on and off throughout the day. While one group of students works independently on adaptive software programs, teachers provide differentiated, individualized, small-group instruction to another group. All this results in students getting further, faster. Originally necessitated by a drastic state funding cut of $200,000, KIPP Empower’s blended learning model is projected to save close to $1,000 per pupil in 2012-13 alone.

KIPP LA Schools 2012 Annual Report / 18

Raising the Bar

Committed to...

raising the bar Through a combination of academic rigor, character education, and inspirational leadership, KIPP LA is redefining the meaning of excellent education. Over the past nine years, KIPP LA’s schools have

KIPP LA SCHOOLs 2012 API Comparison Neighborhood




proven what is possible in closing the achievement


gap in South and East Los Angeles. We know that

KIPP LA Schools

788 892

our students will need to exhibit skills on par with students from more affluent communities in order to be competitive in the professional world. While many of KIPP LA’s students enter middle school two to three years below grade level, by the time

*The API is a single number (ranging from a low of 200 to a high of 1,000) that reflects a school’s performance level based on the results of statewide testing in a given school year. Its purpose is to measure the academic performance and progress of schools. California’s established target is 800.

our students leave eighth grade, the vast majority perform at or above grade level. Students who begin with us in kindergarten will never face the achievement gap.

Elementary School results

2012 California Standards Test 2nd and 3rd Grade





National Average

English Language Arts Kindergarten


First Grade

% of Students Proficient/Advanced

KIPP Raíces Academy Outperforms Benchmarks

2012 National Norm-Referenced SAT-10 Test Kindergarten and 1st Grade % of Students At/above grade level

KIPP LA Elementary Students Exceed National Average


89 49



English Language Arts


KIPP Raíces Academy




KIPP Raíces Academy is KIPP LA’s only elementary school with students old enough and therefore eligible to take the California Standards Test (CST).

19 / KIPP LA Schools 2012 Annual Report

Raising the Bar

Middle School results

KIPP LA Middle Schools Outperform Benchmarks 2012 California Standards Test | 7th and 8th grade









52 42


English Language Arts







of KIPP LA 8th Graders Proficient/Advanced in Algebra & Geometry




of KIPP LA’s 3rd Graders Proficient/Advanced in Math 51 % of Students

At/above grade level

2011-12 National Norm-Referenced MAP Test

Below grade level

% of Students Proficient/Advanced









English Language Arts Entering 5th Graders



of KIPP LA 8th Graders Proficient/Advanced in Science

After One Year at KIPP LA

KIPP LA Schools 2012 Annual Report / 20


The Long Term

Committed to...

the long term Despite facing considerable challenges brought about by the California budget crisis, we are dedicated to building a better tomorrow for students in South and East Los Angeles.

KIPP LA SCHOOLS 2011-12 Revenue $20,230,350*

State and Local Funding $12,092,103

By 2018, KIPP LA will triple the number of

Federal Funding $2,372,932

students in our schools. Maximizing operational efficiency is key to sustaining our rapid growth, and we intend to further reduce our costs through innovative practices. In the meantime, our extended school day and year, student enrichment opportunities, and

Private Funding $5,553,785

Other $211,530

KIPP LA SCHOOLS 2011-12 ExpenDITUREs $19,187,760*

rent for facilities require us to fundraise to fill

Instructional Expenses $2,305,611

our operating gap. We estimate that our return on investment per college graduate from a lowincome community will be eight times that of the state of California.

Support Center Personnel $2,283,488

School-Based Personnel $9,489,987

Operational Expenses $3,127,229

With the support of our community and philanthropic partners, we can continue to change the odds for increasing numbers of

Facilities $1,184,842

students. Join us and make the commitment to improving educational opportunities for students in South and East Los Angeles.

Other $796,603

*FY 2012 unaudited financials.

a strong investment in our future For the cost California requires

to graduate

1 student

from a low-income community from college 21 / KIPP LA Schools 2012 Annual Report

KIPP is able to

graduate 8 students.

Our Supporters

Committed to...

our supporters $1,000,000 or more The Eli & Edythe Broad Foundation Bruce & Martha Karsh

$100,000 or more Otis Booth Foundation CEDAR Foundation Charter School Growth Fund Michael & Susan Dell Foundation Doris & Donald Fisher Fund Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation The Goldhirsh Foundation The KIPP Foundation Howard & Nancy Marks The Ralph M. Parsons Foundation

$50,000 or more Anonymous Steve & Leslie Carlson The Mayer & Morris Kaplan Foundation Marc & Cathy Lasry The Morgridge Family Foundation Lew & Jean Wolff

$25,000 or more Marcia Aaron Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld, LLP Disruption Entertainment, Inc. Brad & Cassandra Grey McCammack Family Foundation Paramount Pictures Stewart & Lynda Resnick RGK Foundation Tacori Wells Fargo Foundation

$10,000 or more Anonymous K&F Baxter Family Foundation Robert Barnes & Dr. Ilana Cass CityBridge Foundation | Katherine Bradley Canyon Partners | Josh & Beth Friedman The Carol & James Collins Foundation Josh Donfeld John Frank & Diann Kim Davis Guggenheim & Elisabeth Shue Lynn & Craig Jacobson Jean & Stephen Kaplan Scott & Susan Lord Julie & Ken Moelis NBC Universal Eileen Harris Norton Foundation Pipkin Charitable Foundation Frank Reddick & Julie Kaufer In Honor of Martha Karsh | Jay & Wendy Wintrob

$5,000 or more Atlanthub LP Beny & Adele Alagem Debbie & Mark Attanasio Jacob Bryant The California Endowment John W. Carson Foundation Kelvin Davis

John B. Hess Richard Kayne Lamonica’s Pizza Dough Company, Inc. | John Lamonica Ashley McDermott In Honor of Brad & Cassandra Grey | Judy McGrath Kathleen McGrath & J.J. Abrams Alicia Miñana & Robert Lovelace | Vistamar School Bruce & Nancy Newberg The Kenneth T. & Eileen L. Norris Foundation Participant Media Renaissance Charitable Foundation, Inc. | Marca & Al Kaufer Jeanne & Harry Robinson Stewart R. Smith & Robin A. Ferracone Carl E. Wynn Foundation

$1,000 or more In Memory of Muhammad Saiyiduz-Zafar | Anonymous Ares Capital Corporation Loren & Kristen Bendele In Honor of Bruce & Martha Karsh | Iris Busch Joe Cilic In Honor of KIPP LA Prep’s 2011 Mock Trial Team | Dan Clivner Christine Cronin & Mark Hurst Marcus & Mimi Everard Fake Empire Productions Fendi, Inc. Hillary & Russell Fogarty Tom & Kathy Freston Jonathan & Nancy Glaser Greenberg Traurig LLP Mr. & Mrs. Richard Hofmann Andrew Kin Joel Kozberg & Joan Velasquez Jonathan & Sheryl Layne Lippman Family Foundation | James & Linda Lippman Jon Liebman Mr. & Mrs. William S. Louchheim Crystal Lourd Magic Johnson Foundation Tom and Mary Jo Mathis Daniel Michaels O’Melveny and Myers Jan Nash In Honor of Brad & Cassandra Grey | NBC Universal Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas In Honor of Julian Bittiner & Stefanie Victor | Robert Ronus Jeffrey & Gayle Rosenthal Alex Rubalcava Mark Rutstein Chris & Crystal Sacca Barry & Frankie Sholem In Honor of Brad & Cassandra Grey | Martin Short Mia & Mark Silverman Jeff Strnad Nate Walton Bruce & Lisa Wasson In Honor of Brad & Cassandra Grey | Jerry Weintraub Mindy Weiss

23 / KIPP LA Schools 2012 Annual Report

Rebecca Wolf DiBiase Edward Woods WSS

$500 or more Anonymous (2) Asplundh Foundation AXA Advisors In Memory of Mary Blechman | Jim Blechman Lynn Booth Kecia Boulware In Honor of Martha Karsh | Susan Brauneiss Jonathan Donfeld Karen Eshoo & James Hughes Alexa Faigen James M. Filar, Jr. Chris & Dawn Fleischner In Honor of Brad & Cassandra Grey | Eve & Bill Gerber Bob & Linda Gersh Reggie Gilyard Lee Hutter Kirk & Pam Jensen Chi Kim Mr. & Mrs. Darell L. Krasnoff In Honor of Bruce & Martha Karsh | Jonathan & Sheryl Layne Sierra/Affinity | Nick Meyer Loretta Mockler John & Jaye Rogovin Bill Rothbard Sarina Simon Michael Trigg Tycho Services, Inc. | Raj Chhina Michael & Julie Wright

Up to $499 Anonymous (3) On Behalf of Kristen Brown | Anonymous On Behalf of Maria Estela Hernan | Anonymous Pedrom Adeli Andrea Akens Georgina Alaniz Allison Bajracharya Bank of America Isela Barrios Angela Beattie Randy Bishop Blackwell Construction | Gary Blackwell Aldo Bobadilla James Booth Samantha Booth Boston Consulting Group | Bonnie Krenz Lisa & David Boyle Gabriel Brakin Pam Brice William Browning Kimberly Buresh Marc Castellani Roger Chen Karen Chu Karla Cienfuegos Robert F. Cipriano Peter Clapp & Nancy Barrett Geraldine Clark Jessica Cohn Jackie Conedy

Ann Marie Coppen Bruce Corwin Kim Dammann Michelle Daley Eric DeSobe Daniel R. DiBiase Jelena Dobic Sylvia Dunbar Mr. & Mrs. Bill Durling Edison International In Honor of Stacey Staples | Debra & Michael Faigen Joseph Farrell Patti Felker Stuart Felkner Glenn Files Eva Fleischner Joe Friedman Mike Gaines & Margaret Guglielmo Leslie Garcia Brenda Gomez Maryrose Gray Amy Green Judith Green Jennifer Goldstein Brandon Gross Christopher J. Grubb Kathleen Hartry Gary & Katherine Hoffman Ingram Micro, Inc. J.P. Morgan Chase Anna Johnson Tiffani Joseph Amyn Kaderali In Honor of Martha Karsh | Wendy Kaplan Suzanne Karnatz Mark E. Kearny Paul Kellogg Elizabeth Kenney & Janet Jordan Brad Kettelle Karen Kiebfaber & RJ Simenson Maggie Killacky Jamie Kim Josh Kinoshita Geoffrey Koide Stephen Kulczycki Mary & Thomas Lappan Susan Leader In Honor of Brad & Cassandra Grey | Tatia Lee Jennifer Levitt Annie Lin In Honor of Martha Karsh | Sybil & Donald Lubin In Honor of Brad & Cassandra Grey | Carolyn Lucento Chelsea Lucktenberg Sarah Luppen & Tom DuHamel Casey Lynch Ron & Susan Maehl Alexandria Magiera Roberto Manzano Melanie Marconi Jessica Marek Jeana Marinelli Angella Martinez Wendy Martino Mary Jo Mathis Betsy McLaughlin James McKone Gloria Medina

Jose Medina Huey B. Merchant Sarah Merrie Rachelle Minix Dawn Mora Frank Morales In Memory of Alice Kapp | David Mossler Erendira Munoz Justin Myles Karen Nakashima Sabina Netto Quoc Ngo Arthur & Susan Nissman Alba Ochoa Kelly O’Donnell Alice Oh On-Camera Audiences Kate O’Neal Anthony Oronoz Anita Ortiz Christina M. Padien Ronald Jason Palmieri Para Los Niños Neela Parasnis Archana Patel Stanley Penner Matthew Peskay Monica & Maarten Peters Nickole Petersen Ethan Pines In Honor of Bruce & Martha Karsh | Dr. Barbara Polland Sydney Quon Justin Radell Natalia Ramirez Lily Reyes Tito Rivas Oscar Rodriguez D’anza & Oscar Rodriguez Ellen Roebeck Daniel Ross Tina Sachs Sophia Sanchez Claudia Sandoval Sara Schulman Megan Scott-Kakures Rachael Shrout Ann Sorgen Annie Sornprasitti Isela Sotelo Philip Spalding Stacey & Will Staples Rick Stoeker Ryan Stybel Paul Taylor Vikas Thakur TOMS In Honor of Ann Whitford Paul | Margaret Triche Hoa Truong Michael Urban George Varghese Omar Vergara Tiffany Vergara Allison Wachtel Susan Wachtel David Weiner Chelsea Wiener David Woodard Suiping Yeung Micah Zimmermaker Sigal Zoldan

BOARD OF DIRECTORS Frank Reddick, Board Chair

Marc Castellani

Partner, Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld, LLP

Executive Director, JP Morgan Private Bank

Joe Cilic, Board Secretary

Daniel Michaels

Vice President, Sotheby’s International Realty

Founder & Managing Partner, Mission Asset Management, LP

Marcia Aaron, Ex-Officio Member

Alex Rubalcava

Executive Director, KIPP LA Schools

President, Rubalcava Capital Management

Loren Bendele

Jeffrey Strnad


Founder & Principal, Beach House Design & Development

Randy Bishop

Rebecca Wolf DiBiase

CEO, Verengo Solar

Managing Director of Programs, The Broad Foundation

ADVISORY BOARD Martha Karsh, Advisory Board Chair

Richard Lovett

Attorney; Founder, Clark & Karsh and Karsh Family Foundation

President, Creative Artists Agency

Marcus Allen

Portrait Artist & Author

NFL Hall-of-Famer

Nancy Marks Don McCammack

Maria Casillas

Retired; Former President, Avis Rent a Car

Chief of School, Family & Parent/Community Services, Los Angeles Unified School District

Palmer Murray

Beth Friedman Philanthropist

Erika Glazer Activist & Philanthropist

Cassandra Grey Brand Consultant & Entrepreneur

Claire Hoffman Freelance Magazine Writer Assistant Professor of Journalism, UC Riverside

Lynn Jacobson Former Chair of the Board, Brentwood School

Making the commitment

President and co-managing partner, Lourd Capital Management

Judge William A. Norris Senior Counsel, Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld, LLP

Chet Pipkin President & CEO, Belkin International, Inc.

Jeanne Robinson Moira Shourie Former Board Member, Marquez Charter School

Blair H. Taylor Chief Community Officer, Starbucks

The mission of KIPP LA Schools KIPP Academy of Opportunity KIPP Comienza Community Prep KIPP Empower Academy KIPP Iluminar Academy (anticipated to open in fall 2013) KIPP Los Angeles College Preparatory School KIPP Philosophers Academy KIPP RaĂ­ces Academy KIPP Scholar Academy KIPP Sol Academy (anticipated to open in fall 2013)

4545 Dozier Avenue | Los Angeles, CA 90022 213-489-4461 P | 213-489-4471 F |

is to teach the academic skills, foster the intellectual habits, and cultivate the character traits needed for our students to thrive in high school, college, and life. Through the success of our students, the KIPP LA team and family will serve as a model of excellence and collaborate with others to raise the quality of education in Los Angeles.

KIPP LA Schools Annual Report (2012)  

KIPP LA Annual Report

KIPP LA Schools Annual Report (2012)  

KIPP LA Annual Report