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Crisis Centre Public Service Announcement – Youth In BC Multi Voice Dialogue: A mixed blend of voices ranging from boy to girl, all ages fitting the 13-18 age range Concept: A mixed dialogue of insults that focus on bullying and negativity. All the voices blend together over a common dialogue shared between the voices. The voices continue being negative and building in volume and clutter and eventually stop all at once. Silence turns into a single voice speaking a single positive thought. Announcers’ voice comes in. Talking about all the negativity etc… Tag line, contact- end. [SFX- Soft Music, building with anticipation and climax as the voices are added and the script progresses- Music cuts off with the voices] Voice 1:

Look at you, worthless, pathetic, no wonder you don’t have any friends I bet you go around thinking that everyone likes you when in fact they don’t. If you’re thinking it has something to do with how you look you’re probably right.

Voice 2:

Friends? Ya I bet they’d be nice to have. I’m sure if you didn’t go around being yourself you could have some friends and be just like me.

Voice 3:

If you didn’t come from that place you call a home you would be better then you are.

Voice 4:

Pathetic, worthless, invisible, a loser, a loner you matter to know one.

Voice 5:

I better not see you around here again. Otherwise you will have to answer to me.

Voice 6:

Me and you, right here right now.

*Silence* Voice 7: Announcer:

You matter to me. Through all the negativity it’s hard to hear the positive. For more information on where you can get help and be heard visit Call, Chat, And Connect. Be heard. Get Help

Canadian Armed Forces – Seuss [SFX- intense, pump up energetic music] Announcer:

Endurance and stamina What’s your special skill? Do you live for adventure? Do you live for the thrill? Can you duck, dop, and dip any direction you choose? Do you know right from wrong, do you play by the rules? If you answered yes, then prepare for the show. Canadian Armed Forces is where you need to go…

Dave’s Jewelry – Non- Ad


You could have avoided all this…you could be at home, in your 300 square foot apartment. You could be in your man cave eating week old pizza and down flat soda. Xbox…call of duty, 10 th prestige...that’s you!


You could have avoided this whole situation and have been living the life. Showering once a week, a handful of friends. Bachelor status! Married life?

Forget about it. You’re smarter than that. You want to run free, feel the dirt between your fingernails, and the wind thru your greasy, slicked hair. If that sounds like you, here’s your chance,


distracted by our wide selection of engagement rings…shell be here for


you can get a clean head start, she won’t even notice you’re gone. Dave’s’ jewelry

Forensic Sciences Program @ BCIT- Seuss [SFX: eerie, dark mysterious music. Thunder in the background] [Detective = Horatio Caine –CSI Miami] Detective:

It seems that our victim suffered blows to the head.


You’re right! He was sleeping alone in his bed.


But first he was tied, did you notice the scars?


Witnesses found him with rope around his arms! Do you have any idea where the killer has gone?


Not yet, but we’ll solve the crime of that knifty knot nuisance, the day is still young.

SFX [CSI – WEEEOOOOOHHHHH! Music crash (like “The Who”) Announcer Male:

Forensic Sciences at BCIT- It’s your career, solve the mystery.

Clinical Genetics Tech [Background noise = dinner table, family get together] [SFX  Family chatter, clinking cutlery] [Rick Clinks glass, hushes tables quietly, not completely. Very Cocky] Rick:

I have an announcement to make. I sold two Porsches today, AND had them BOTH upgrade to the sport package.

[Rude cut in from Vicky] Vicky:

Well, I sold the Johnsons house in less than a week, which is a new firm record.


What did you do today Eric?

[SFX: background ambience cuts out = dead silence “All eyes on Eric”] [Eric very humble and modestly] Eric:

I detected and diagnosed unborn twins with a rare blood disease and with medical treatment ensured that they will grow up to live a long and healthy life.

[Silent pause] Eric:

Can you pass the potatoes please?

[SFX: Dinner chatter and sounds resume] Announcer:

The clinical Genetics Tech Program at BCIT. It’s your career. Make it count & Get it right.

Carpentry Program @ BCIT- Non Ad Announcer (male):

Let’s be serious, the whole “education” thing has been done before… Am I right? Why further yourself as a member of society when you can take the easy way out? Job security, steady income, hands on training experience with a professional education in one of


most recognizable trades worldwide… Ya, you’re right…living a life unlived is a way better option. Well, hey if your success story doesn’t write it self… you want to get a one way ticket on the train bound

for marked BCIT

reality. Make sure you get off at the station and enroll in the carpentry program. It’s your career, build it right, and get it right.

Amber Alert PSA [Faint background- playground swings, outdoor SFX, boy yelling for moms attention] Young Boy:

Mom. Mom! Can you see me? MOM! You’re not watching!

[Playful mother] Mom:

I’m watching Billy!

[SFX: phone ringing. Mother answers phone. Quick phone call conversation] Mom:

Hey, yep, he’s just outside in the yard now…One sec let me go get him. Billy, daddy wants to say hi!

[Gradual confusion, alarm and screaming] Mom:

Billy?... Billy!...BILLY!

[Cut  female announcer (soft melodic voice) dramatic music in background] Announcer:

The amber alert program provides immediate attention and public awareness through all forms of broadcasting. It is made to ensure the safety and well being of any missing children in Canada. It creates local, provincial, and national awareness so kids like Billy have a future.

[SFX  Rewind] Mom:

Billy dad wants to say hi!



[Slow fade out on word]

Professor Mugs Advertisement [School background music, people talking in the halls, walking by] Student 1:

They weren’t kidding…BCIT’s schedule is hectic!

Student 2:

You must be new, who do you have next?

Student 1:

I’ve got Ribble, Stewart, and Foster all back to back. You?

Student 2:

Stewart, Smith, and Mugs.

Student 1:

Mister Mugs?

Student 2:


[Upbeat music, good beat] [SFX: people having a good time, drinks clinking, laughing] Announcer:

Study, Eat, & Relax in the comfort of your own campus pub. No required Text, no attendance, and NO deadlines. The only exam you’ll have is a taste test. Class is in session on the Burnaby campus, at professor mugs.

[Music outro] Student 2:

I’ll save you a seat.

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