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Who we are Hi, I’m Jason and we are Katalyst. We are a pretty diverse company build projects for corporate sector, not for profit, aboriginal communities, startups. We have diverse skills including making games, iPhone and Android apps, software and websites. This is all nice but probably pretty meaningless - lets show some stuff we’ve done.

What we’ve done Figaro Pho

What we’ve done Burn Movie

What we’ve done Language of Belonging ACTFLoB

What we’ve done SA Plan

What we’ve done CMI Toyota

What the industry is like Generally there are a few major roles • Designer • Front end developer • Back end developer • Producer / Project manager • Business development manager • The smaller the business the more hats you may need to wear.

You’re likely to work in one of these places

The industry is good if you like

• Web design company

• an environment that is constantly changing

• Advertising company

• lot of self learning

• Graphic design company

• working as part of a team

• Government / in house web department

• working on a variety of projects

• Development company

• enjoy working within constraints

• Start Ups

What you need to do to get in the industry? • Have some demonstrable skills - that’s it. • You can get these skills either by doing a course or by teaching yourself. • If you are going to do a course at uni, make sure you do stuff outside as things move fast and uni’s don’t. • The exception to this is if you are looking to be more of a designer serious development, in this case then I think uni or tafe is essential. • There are some great resources online if you want to learn yourself. • We have hired a 17 year old straight out of high school and he was a great employee. It’s not about the degree, it’s about what you can do. • A passion for all things digital.

Rostrevor presentation  
Rostrevor presentation