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The F Series From the Tour de France to your weekly criterium, mountaintop finishes to mass sprints, Felt’s F Series bikes are all about winning. Whether it’s the top-of-the-line F1— the carbon fiber rocketship ridden to so many ProTour and other major international wins—or a quick, agile aluminum model, F promises speed and performance. With the F Series, Felt blends no-nonsense racing geometry and the world’s most advanced materials for a full line of crisp-handling bikes made to rip through corners, fly up climbs and accelerate in an instant. The horizontal top tube, shorter head tube, sharp trail and tight wheelbase—all aimed at producing full-performance body positioning on the bike—make it the best choice to meet your competitive goals. All of the F bikes have been redesigned for 2011. The F1 SL was created with input from our ProTour team riders who, like all Felt athletes, are instrumental in the feedback process. The bike shaves an incredible 100 grams off the 2010 F1 SL while improving pedaling stiffness by 35 percent. With those stats, Felt-sponsored pros couldn’t wait to get their hands on the new F1, and they wasted no time putting the new bikes to

the test at the 2010 Tour of Romandie and Tour of Switzerland. The improvements to the F1 SL are made possible by radical engineering and cutting-edge manufacturing techniques. And the technology trickles down through the entire line, with every F model benefitting from the development of the top professional race bikes. One of the hallmarks of F bikes is consistent handling and stiffness throughout the series. Whether you’re riding the F1 or the F95, the largest frame or the smallest, frame stiffness and handling feel quite similar. So every F Series rider, no matter their budget, can enjoy the same responsiveness in and out of the saddle, sprinting, climbing or cornering. Each F Series bike comes equipped with components designed to optimize that particular model. Felt’s product development team pores over the details to build an entire line that offers a perfect road bike for any budget. . Each component has been chosen to provide the best possible combination of performance and value. Get more acquainted with the podium this year. Get an F Series bike.

The F Series



No. 04



The F Series


F5 No. 05

Inside Felt At Felt, our mission is simple: To design, develop and deliver the best bicycles in the world. Period. Our roots go back more than 20 years, to the man whose name appears on the downtube. It all started in the late 1980s when Jim Felt, an ace motocross mechanic at the time, designed and built a triathlon bike for motocross star Johnny O’Mara. Johnny was competing in triathlons for training and he asked Jim to build him a new tri bike. The first Felt bike was a revelation. A competitive age group triathlete himself, Jim had a distinct vision of how he could improve on the current designs. He took great care to optimize the rider’s position for aerodynamics. Johnny started winning, and before long Jim was building bikes for many of the world’s top triathletes. Since then, the Felt brand has grown well beyond its racing roots, but the guiding principle remains the same. Every Felt bike—road or off-road, highend performance to entry-level recreation—is meant to make the cycling experience the best it can be. Whether climbing the steepest peaks of the Tour de France, bombing singletrack trails, racing a first triathlon or commuting to work, each promises uncompromised performance, comfort and efficiency. Ten years after he built that first triathlon bike, Jim wanted to expand and make his bikes available to more riders. Enter Bill Duehring and Michael Muellmann. Bill, a bike industry veteran, wanted to be part of a company that could capitalize on his years of product development experience and strong relationships with suppliers all over the world. Michael owned a successful distribution company in Europe. It was easy for the three to agree on a direction because they had the same goal: a bicycle brand dedicated to quality and technology. Jim brought a name, design experience and athlete relationships. Bill had broad-based product development knowledge and vendor connections. Michael had the experience in distribution. A bicycle company had never been established with so much experience from day one. The day Felt incorporated, it had more than 70 years combined experience developing, manufacturing and selling high-quality bicycles. “We don’t want to be the biggest bike company in the world, just the best,” is a maxim often uttered by Jim, Bill and Michael.

Over the last decade, Felt has grown into one of the world’s most respected cycling brands by staying true to its principles. In engineering, product development, sales, marketing and customer service, the same underlying values that sparked the start of the company drive every Felt employee, every day. However you measure success—product development, milestones or race wins—Felt has experienced it. The products speak for themselves. This year the all-new DA, the world’s fastest UCI-legal time trial bike, is just one of a handful of exciting new 2011 models. The F Series, the bike that has delivered Garmin-Transitions pros to countless wins in the world’s biggest road races, has also been redesigned and is now lighter and stiffer. There’s also an allnew World Cup-worthy full-suspension XC bike called the Edict and a new series of fun, versatile bikes called Verza City. As you’d expect, Felt continues to push the technology envelope with breakthrough developments including an all-new suspension system called FAST, the Bayonet 3 Steering System, UHC Ultimate+Nano carbon fiber material and some innovative manufacturing processes including InsideOut Internally Optimized Molding and Dynamic Monocoque Construction. On the competition front, the Garmin-Transitions team grew from a fledgling road team to an international powerhouse after partnering with Felt. And Feltsponsored track racers like Sarah Hammer have ridden the TK1 to World Championships and world records. In multi-sport, Felt won both Olympic triathlon gold medals at the 2008 Beijing Games, and has racked up dozens of 2010 wins with its all-star lineup including Ironman competitor Terenzo Bozzone. Of course, competition is just part of the story. Felt’s iconic cruiser lineup continues to expand, and the Café series offers a modern, stylish solution for anyone wishing to make cycling part of a healthy, responsible lifestyle. Felt Fixies and the new Verza City are two more examples of how Felt is changing the way people think about bikes. With so many new products and technologies, 2011 is a big year for Felt. We’re confident that every bike and product you see with the Felt name on it honestly represents our goal of making your cycling experience more enjoyable. We hope you agree.

2011 twothousandeleven No. 02

The AR Series

Blending the lightweight, stiff and quick-handling performance of a professional-grade carbon fiber road racing bike with the aerodynamic advantages of a time trial bike, the AR has redefined what a road bike is capable of accomplishing. Three years ago pro racers challenged Felt to put its aerodynamic expertise toward designing a new road bike. The racers asked Felt, makers of the world’s fastest time trial and track bikes (the DA and the TK1), to help them improve their performance and efficiency in the road races they compete in day in and day out. A collaborative development effort between Felt engineers and athletes, the AR was officially unveiled at the 2008 Tour de France. The competition immediately took notice. The pros know that at the speeds they race, aerodynamic efficiency matters. It can be the difference between winning and losing. Following cues from the DA time trial bike, the AR is designed with a purpose-built down tube, head tube, chainstays, seatstays, fork blades and a wheelwell-conforming seat tube. It also features the shielded internal cable routing found in the DA to maximize its aerodynamic advantage. The result of this design is clear. Against its true adversary—the wind—the AR gives racers a tangible advantage. Testing sessions at the San Diego Low Speed Wind Tunnel facility have proven that, depending on speed and wind conditions, a rider can reasonably expect to save from 58 to 75 seconds over the course of an hour when compared to a bike with round frame tubes in similar conditions. The AR is the bike a great number of Felt’s ProTour riders use any time they put a nose in the wind. It’s the perfect machine for making a successful breakaway, or bringing one back. It has been become a critical part of the team’s stable of race bikes. Like all Felt road bikes, the AR is characterized by crisp handling. The proprietary blend of carbon fiber materials used to construct the frame gives it the stiffness and ride quality for which Felt is known. Beyond the frame, each AR is outfitted with a full complement of race-ready parts. From aerodynamic wheels to flawless drivetrains and gearing that’s suited to racing speeds, the AR Series is designed and built to deliver you to your best performance ever.

The AR Series





No. 03

our values | Celebrate the Journey

CELEBRATE THE JOURNEY The simple act of riding a bike can mean different things to different people. Cycling can be high-stakes sport—think of the Olympics or Tour de France—or it can be an efficient mobility solution. Riding a bike can be both an indelible childhood memory and a healthy activity to last a lifetime. Giant Chairman King Liu believes that one of the core values of cycling, in any form, is an appreciation of the journey. This isn’t some slogan invented in a boardroom, it’s a value that helps define the essence of Giant. It’s something King, and the entire global Giant family, live every day. In May 2009, King took this message to China, where he embarked on an epic three-week cycling tour from Beijing to Shanghai. At age 75, King—along with a group of

supporters—rode 1,688 kilometers, facing rough roads, grueling hills and inclement weather. Why did he do it? For starters, because he could. Riding up to 80 kilometers per day was no small feat, but King wanted to send a message that cycling can be a healthy activity for anyone, anywhere in the world. Along the route, there was plenty to celebrate. Townships displayed local attractions and honored King’s journey. King, in turn, spoke of the benefits of a cycling lifestyle.

world’s largest manufacturer of quality bicycles. But for King and Giant, the journey to bring the best bicycles to life is a never-ending one. This approach has dramatically changed the way we ride, with groundbreaking innovations that have made cycling more accessible to more people. Join King and start your cycling journey today.

“When you’re riding a bike, you notice all of the details of a journey,” King said. “It’s one of the fundamental joys of cycling.” King’s journey really began in 1972, when he co-founded Giant. Since then, Giant has become the

“I have spent 37 years at Giant building the best-quality bicycles in the world, and now I would like to spend my next 37 years sharing the joy of the ride with all the people in the world.” King Liu, Giant Chairman

Ride Life. Ride Giant.


RIDE LIFE PROFILE | Rabobank-Giant Off-Road Team

TRAIL BLAZER Swiss rid S Sw rider e Fabian er ian Gi Giger er compe er pe etes sa again ag ain i st the wo world rld’s bes bestt at at a 20 2 10 0 World Wor orld d Cup u ra r ce e in n Off Offenb enb burg urg,, Germ ur Ge many a .



A grue ruelin ueling lin ng offofff roa road stag ge rra ace ac a ce across South Af South Sou Africa Afr ica ca. A fo f rest res st of craz cra ed d fa fan a s at at a classic Belgiian n Wor World ld Cup C . The Cu h 201 012 2 London Olympic c s. cs. cs These are e ju just stt som om me of the he e ven venues ues where the Ra abob bo ank nk-Gi nk -G ant ntt Of O f-R -Road oad T m goes Tea g to ba to battl ttl tle. e. The 20 2 10 se eason s so marked mar ked th t e llaun au aun a unc ch h of o this part art r ne nershi shi hip p bet e wee we ee e en n Gian Gia iant—m tt— —make make a rs of legend leg egendary aryy off-road ad d inn in ova vatio va tio ons, inclu inc din i g Mae estro es ro o Sus u pen pensio sion, lightw htw ht weight ei ALU UXX X SL framesets ets t an and d the th Ant An hem h X cro crosscrossss c ntr cou ntryy bike bik —a and Rabo an boban ba ank, k one ne of the h world he wo orld rld’s ’s ste s ad adi d est e backe c ers cke ers of competitive v cyc clin ling. g. The resul Th su t iss a globa al team e th hat a rea reache ches f and far d wide in the worl o d of off-roa oad oa d endurance racing. Ble endi n ng veterans and rising sttars ar , the team takes Raboban nk’s k pedigr pe ped ig ee of roa igr ro d-raci a ng excell e ence and infuse inf usess it w with ith th Gi Giant a ’ss long ant g hist is ory of mounta mou ntain in bik biking ing g ch champ am ions and amp tec echno h log gica call brea breakth kthrou o ghs ghs. The tteam iss le led ed by four u rid r ers off diff fer fe ent n n nt natio i nalities, e all all focused sed on o th he W ld Wor d Cup XC Se S rie r s, Wor W ld d Championships and oth Cha o er maj major or eve v nts ts: U.S S. Olym mpia p n Adam am mC Craig aig; 2009 European Cha hampi mp on Fab Fabia ian G Giger g o of Sw tzerland; 20 Swi 0 08 08 Eur Eu o ope pean n C mpionship Cha p bronz br n e meda dalis ist Emil mi Lindgren n of Swe Sweden n; and and 200 009 Dutc utch h J XC Champ Jr. Champion n He H nk Jaa Ja p M Moor oorlag o lag lag. Par of ever Part Pa eve y ride ider’s r s mi missi ssion on iss to o hel elp p G nt dev Gia develo elop elo p comp comp om eti etitiv tive e moun m untai ta n bikes bik e tha thatt exce excel unde n r the the rig rigors ors off o -ro of off oad rid r ing ing. It’s t’s a gro group up efffort or to make mak e every ver er y bike bike, ever veryy seas season, on, ev every e ery la a lit lap little tlle bit bit fast asterr tha than n the the las lastt one. e

Our Values | Giant Is Cycling

Giant is Cycling Eve Ev very er y prrod duc ct yo you se you ee in G Gia iant nt’s ’s 201 11 lilne rep epresentts a comm comm mitme ment nt. It’ss a c It com ommi om mmi mitm mitm t en nt to to not nott o onl nlyy pr prod oduc uc ce th t e be best bicycle es and and ge an gearr in tth he wo worl rlld, rld, d butt to als also promo mote the id dea of o cyc yclilin yc ng itssel e f. f You Yo u se see e it it in ou o r athl athlet at etes es a and nd ttea eams mss. In the eve ents we e sup ppo p rt rt. Yo ou see itt in ou se ourr ffo oun unde der, r Kin ng Li Liu, u, w who ho o red edis isco is c ve vere ere red d th t e si simp mp ple le joy joy o off rriid diing g a bik ke in n his i 70s 0s. “W Whe en yo you u’re u’ re rid iding g a bi bike bike ke, yo y u no noti t ce all the ti ed det etai ails ls s of a jo jour ou ne ney,” King Kin ng rem emiinds inds u us. “It It’s ’s one o off lilife fe’s ’s fu funda und mental al joy joy oys. s” King Ki n , an and d th the e th t ou ousa sand nd n ds arou arou ar ound nd the nd the e wor o ld d wh who mak ake up the Gia iant fami fa mily mi ly be ly, ly beliliev bel lieve e cy cycl clin i g ma mak kes the wo worl rld a better er pla lace c . To help sp ce spread this bel elie ieff, we live by thes ese five cor ore e valu l es: Cor Vos photo.



We believe in enjoying the moment, and that the ride matters as much as the destination.

PUSH THE BOUNDARIES We are constantly innovating. We create products to help riders reach new levels of performance and fun.

Cor Vos photo.

EXPAND THE EXPERIENCE We encourage people to seek fresh perspectives and new experiences through cycling.

KEEP IT REAL We believe in being as honest and uncomplicated as the idea of cycling itself.

RESPECT THE PLANET We are committed to reducing our impact and promoting cycling as a responsible activity.

Giant Cycling World | Men | X-Road

What is X-Road? It’ss vver ersa sati tilility ty,, ad adve vent ntur ure, e a willliling ng-ness to veer off the beaten pa ath th. It’s pav avement, it’ss dirt, it’s wherever you wantt to go.. Fr From om engin nee eeri ring ng marvels like the cyclocros osss bi bike kess ra race c d by Rabobank pros to adaptable neighborhood trailil b bla laze zerrs that go from road to dirt and back, there’ss an X-Road d bi bike ke for every adventure. e.

your desired X-ROAD What’s riding level?

I ride for speed, in all conditions.

Performance 44 CycloCross

I ride for adventure. Adventure

I ride for recreation.



Sport 46

Accend Roam

46 47

Lifestyle 48




T-800 raw carbon fiber is used to weave a special composite material at Giant’s renowned C-Tech composite engineering facility. The composite is laid-up by hand to achieve exactly the ride Rabobank pros asked for.



3 2


Finite Element Analysis (FEA) was used to create tube shapes that enhance the performance and ride quality for cyclocross racing. Most tube diameters are smaller, creating a more compliant, ride-tuned bike that “flows” through tight corners and constantly changing terrain. Other touches include a flattened and smoothed toptube shape for easier shouldering.

3 INTEGRATED SEATPOST The TCX Advanced SL’s Integrated Seatpost, a signature feature of Giant’s pro-level road bikes, is engineered with a bit more compliance than on Giant road bikes. There’s less emphasis on aerodynamics, more on comfort.



Helps shed dirt and mud so the goop remains on the trail, not on your bike. In addition, internal cable routing ensures crisp, precise shifts no matter how bad the conditions.

6 5 OVERDRIVE Pic P Pictur ict e tth his: A sn his: nowoww co co ered cycl cov cllocr oc cross cross os o ss s s cours rse e in in the southe sou he so h ast a ern N h Net her errla rlan lla a ds.. Fa Fan ns cla ns clanging cowbel cl bells bel ls sb ben en ne eat ea ath ceme cement--gray gray skie skies. The 20 2 2010 010 Dut Dut u ch ch National Cyclocross Championships ps were re ab about abo ut to ut to start. Up rolled led ed d two tw wo Rabo bobank pros—Lars Boom and Gerben b n De e Kn negt egt—w —with stealth black —w protot pro rotot otyp ot typ y Gi ype Giant bikes. The competition noticed. Boo Boom m won the title, De Knegt finish fin niish shed d second. It was a successful debut for the he Gi Gia ant TCX TC CX Advanced SL.

The oversize, tapered headtube and fork steerer, with 1-1/8-inch top and 1-1/4-inch bottom bearings, are super-stiff for razorsharp handling; when paired with a composite fork, they produce a stiff but compliant feel on rough surfaces and harsh transitions.

Or so o itt seemed. In reality, this st s ory began a yea yearr earl earl rlie rl ierr, when ier n Giant engin neer ee s and nd product manage a rs sat down with Raboban ban a k ank k’s ’s s cy cyclo clo locross pros to o build uild a uil bettter t bike. k The T h riders had opi op nions. A rep epurposed road ad fframe ad am me wi me with th mod mod odifi dif ified d ge geomet etry et ry wouldn’tt cut it. They didn’t care much abo bo bout ou utt th the h bi bike’ bike’ e s appe ppea arance; to really gain gai n an an edge edge g , they had specific demands nds. d Wit ith h Giant’s highe est-level Adv Advanc anc ced e SLS gra grad de compo osite ma ater t iall, theyy alre eady kne ew the bik bike e woul o d be be ligh ligh g t. gh t Equ E ally Eq y im importa ant, pe perhaps more e so,, th he bike had to o have e a ce erta rtain in n rid de qual ua ity. Thi T h s iss one e of o th the mo most st difficult ult th t ing gs to achiev ve—ho how do ho o you u me eassure e ride qualit qualit qu qua ity? it y y? y?— and d th there’s onl only y one wa ay to gett it righ ht: triial and d erro or. Even ventually ven lly, ly through th thr h a series s off pro pro rototypes, an nd lots of testin ng, the he e dev velop pmen nt team nail ai ed ail ed it. Be Beh hold, the he 2011 20 TCX Ad Advan v ce ed SL. Cor Vos photo.

6 POWERCORE The massively oversize bottom-bracket/ chainstay area produces a super-stiff pedaling platform that puts every ounce of your energy straight into the pedals. Sprint, climb and accelerate faster than ever. Compatible with all major 86mm integrated bottom brackets.


Technology | TCX Advanced SL


Rabobank-Gia ant pro Gerben De Knegt at the 2010 10 0 Wor World Wo ld d Cha C mpi m onships in Tab bor, or, C Czzec ech ch hR Rep pu pub ublic ub ic ic.



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